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We – in the thrall of their disease from birth until the last minute. A health and remains an illusion – almost unattainable, as an absolute fortune. Children are born with a bouquet of hereditary diseases. Young constantly complain of feeling unwell. Gary Kelly : the source for more info. The older generation is gradually getting used to live with the disease, trying to have less access to doctors and treated with its own methods. It is becoming increasingly clear that pills and surgery – only drive the process inside. The growing list of diagnoses over the years, causing continuous stress and fear of new diseases. Gary Kelly helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

And that did not take people for their own health: health food and starvation, physiotherapy and massage, vitamins and herbal medicine, sports, yoga, or an appeal to psychics, health is not becoming stronger, and disease – is less. Baby clothes may help you with your research. And the medicine just stubbornly records the fact, becoming a service industry. There is a demand – and will offer! So where come of the disease? Is it even possible absolute health? These questions are totally unexpected response gives information medicine – a new scientific direction. It tells about the material published in the May issue magazine "Egoist generation. This conversation with the head of a new scientific field, MD, PhD, professor emeritus physician Russia Alexei Bessonov Yefimovich, who is CEO of "Information of medicine." He spent 50 years in medicine and was engaged in diagnosing the state of people when I was a surgeon who headed the hospital, the military-medical commission in the north-east, organism capable of generating radio waves and receive them.

Cells and tissues communicate information signals between itself and the outside world. And any disruption in the reception-signal transmission affect health. The reason for failure there may be internal changes in the body and the external impacts – environmental, emotional climate. To assess the state of the body were taken radiophysical parameters, but rather millimeter waves. Carried out the development of a fundamentally new set of highly sensitive instrumentation for the study of biological objects. An information radio-electronic medical diagnostic system (later called it exchange information on the two parameters. The first – the frequency, millimeter – is a carrier modulated information signal with a frequency of 0.03 Hz. The second – the amplitude – the situation for stages of lesion depth look at the body, learn its cause. A therapy is to apply the "healthy signal" in the same range of the damaged tissue with the help of specially designed instruments. More about this read in a magazine "Egoist generation Natalia Zhebit article.

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