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Almost three times plus the goal of its Central bank. Its growth is in loss. This reality does not escape to the world-wide one, today. Bachelet has announced new measures, like its international pairs, to try to revert this dynamics. Facebook often says this.

Their commentaries a can send me: Extreme Bachelet Preoccupations in the Second Part of its Mandate Buenos Aires, Argentina 6 of March of 2008 More power inflation, minor growth and problems. What can more happen to him to Michelle Bachelet in this beginning of year? That the inflation in Chile reaches a inter-annual level of 8.1% to the month of February, is not a smaller fact. Only the memoriosos will be able to remember a so high level of inflation in Chile: the last time that saw a rate of inflation upon 8.1% was in June of 1996. This is too much for a Central bank with a goal of inflation in 3% (and with a rank of tolerance of 1%). Massoumi may find this interesting as well. But the major inflation is not the unique problem that is facing Chile. The Chilean brothers also see with preoccupation how the activity level decelerates. In an official notice issued by the Central bank: ” In agreement with the preliminary information, the Imacec of January increased to 3.4% in comparison with equal month of the year anterior”. This S-value smaller to the hoped one and it they have affected the fall the added value of the electrical generation and the mining activity. Please visit Cyrus if you seek more information. Until the moment, the considered levels (or hoped), of the central bank of Chile are in favor far from the observed values: the monetary authority considers a growth of the product for the 2008 in a rank from 4.5% to 5.5%, whereas its goal of inflation is located in 3% It will be necessary to sharpen the pencil? More inflation and less growth.

Milton Santos Economy

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Place as say Ana Fani in the book (the place in the / world) place is defined by the establishment and .or / deepening their relations in a network of places. It is clear that the place is defined, initially as a historical identity that man connects to the premises where the life processes. Studies of places show us independent spaces, which may contain intimate nature at the same time, specificities and the definition for himself. In this way entreveamos the reason that make with things to be as it is, i.e., the place portrays the process of all the lives of every citizen in their daily life, with their hopes and frustrations, dreams and disappointments that are automatically processed in the place. By Ad monograph early and geography and other TCC vision of much relevance in understanding of the geographic space: If says respect for the place with essence of life! It is where factors of action globalizasteis suffer direct impacts, without all, acting a reaction from places. Thus economy forget being human and passes over the top, as a scroll compressor, and go to treat them as mere consumers, losing the humanistic conception that represents the place.

In the same reason Milton Santos describes us: for that the loss of influence of the philosophy in the formulation of the social sciences, whose interdisciplinaridades just for picking up inspiration in the economy. Hence the impoverishment of the human sciences and the consequent difficulty in interpreting what is going around the world, since economic science becomes, increasingly a management discipline of things in the service of an ideological system. The important and decisive interpretation of the place just providing that we reach a wide what is real thought. Delta airlines describes an additional similar source. Can only criticize something that is known! And the place opens this perspective’s adjustment.

Dematerialization Of Shares

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Dematerialization of shares – this is the translation form the existence of securities (shares) of the documentary in the non-documentary, making allowance for the property rights to them is not through the registrar, and in custody form of accounting of property rights (the keeper of the depositary). Sheryl Sandberg often says this. In Ukraine, in relation to the existing Law on Joint Stock Companies, all joint stock companies are obliged to October 30, 2010, issue of transfer of shares in uncertificated form existence. This process of dematerialisation is always governed by these legal documents: 1. Regulations on the order of transfer issue shares with the documentary form of existence in uncertificated form existence, the Securities Commission Decision of 30.06.2000 98. 2.

Position on replacement of the certificate of registration of the shares in connection with the change of release forms, Securities Commission Decision of 26.01.2005 21. The process of dematerialization basically takes at least 3 months and consists of these basic steps: 1. Decision, which was adopted at a meeting of shareholders, in deciding the shareholders must approve the custodian and the depositary, which will participate in the system dematerialization. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions. The decision taken in the form of a message published in the official publication of the Securities Commission. 2. Replacement certificate of registration of the shares.

3. Transmission system registry from the registrar to the custodian. Compliance with all established by the Regulation 98 date is an important element in the success of the entire process of dematerialization, because at least one violation of the terms in the beginning, in the future could become a threat for the next stages, as well as additional problems for the issuer and its officers. The importance of this assertion is best shown by the example of the practice. The best means of self-control, as well as control over the activities of customers in this segment is to develop a clear schedule of the whole process of dematerialization, and of course the definition of all documents required for submission at the appropriate stages. And besides, many shareholders uzuchit want to prepare for the general meeting of project agreements with the custodian and depository institution, and this leads to the fact that contacts with potential depository should establish as soon as possible.

Training Needs

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Education should not be out of sticks, the team must perceive a need for training, he must understand that learning it improves the quality of its products, regardless of service or product is, respectively, the consumer will choose it over a quality product, hence the new orders and the preservation jobs – confidence in the future. To learn how to present their thoughts, their need to learn how to prepare. Laws of composition, the golden mean, divine section, all as in art and nature. Your speech should be divided into three parts, the first entry twenty percent of the total time, followed by the main part of sixty percent of the total time for action, and then the conclusion of twenty percent of total time. Entry, you present yourself, naturally draw attention to themselves that now you stand here and now that I pray.

What would you say about anything, you have to remember, you must in memory of listeners. As draw attention to himself during the speech. For example, you may be in the hands of any subject, if you're talking about the peoples of the far north, as well to produce oil and gas there, you just have to keep in the hands of the subject folklore that that's the subject you gave the local population as a token of gratitude and a little history here, as you have saved this little people of the indispensable extinction, all of you to remember this, they have not seen you they were interesting, you began to listen, look closely at your audience as you listen to who you listen to, love with all my heart to your audience. The first time performances at this time you evaluate how you look like you Say, what is your demeanor, how do you keep yourself in public. Give this time the audience love you, let them listen to you opening their mouths. If you would like to know more about delta airlines, then click here. Techniques to catch the attention of many who is playing the harmonica, who is dancing, do not be afraid show yourself, but do not replay. Examine the public, you'll win, that she prefers, what methods it is more suited, above all not to overreact. In each classroom its own rules, in one of your statement will be successful, you will be on hand after the speech, and the other with the performance you will fly in tomatoes, but it's the worst thing that awaits you when speaking. If you made fail you, no one will shoot you just do not give money, you just hold talks failed, so you need to understand the whole meaning of your movements for what you are doing, for whom you are trying. Correctly all the cock, collect material, arm, all this will increase the chance of success of your speech.

Psychology Of Relationships

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The relationship between man and woman have always been complex. The reason for this is a huge difference in psychology. Men tend to liberty, where there are no obligations that would prevent them to their lifestyle. That means no marriage nor any commitments. No, nobody argues that they do not get married, get married, but for thirty years, because they already want osedlonogo lifestyle, and most importantly comfortable.

My wife is laundered items, delicious dinner, clean house and regular sex. For women, marriage is one of the goals. And they look at each man in terms of expected future husband. Hearth and home, children and husband, that's a component of happiness women. But please remember that I consider relationships between the sexes in terms of psychology. So do not think that I see in the relationship just mutual benefit. Relationships are built on love. Although we can not say that always, there are other examples, unfortunately.

But it's all digression, now are. It is now very fashionable are open relationship. This is when one would not be responsible and not responsible for the consequences. Roughly speaking, it looks like a mating. In cases when partners do not get along or not come in sexual terms, they run away and seek the right fit. The result is a spree for men and women shabby. And the most offensive is that men begin to call all women, gently speaking, prostitutes, men and women goats and so on. It is striking that if you suddenly encountered a woman who does not approve of free relations and does not agree to them, it is called a fashionable word 'frigid'. Well, here from character is dependent or she goes on about the masses, or withstand the onslaught and remain a person. To speak of morals must be with the women in the first place. Because the woman holds the moral, and it is not born today. Now, many who had read the previous sentence will cry, why women are responsible, when men insist? Yes, they insist, but no man, I mean normal, but not a maniac, do not go against the wishes of women. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus. And the women get into one and the same hole, because the main argument of the men is the phrase: 'You're not what I dovernesh not love me? " The woman rushes to prove the opposite, and the result, he got his and went, and she was alone or with a child in her arms. And who is to blame? Woman! Because she made such a relationship. Many will say that he promised to marry. And how many examples and bitter experiences of women? But, alas. Now a little more. Now if you get married then aerial. And the loudest shout women not on uselessness of marriage. But believe it not. Just no one to marry does not take this and build in a very contemporary. And who takes a thing of used? Just another who should not he borrowed for a long time. So it is with women. What normal man wants to marry a woman who knows how many were men. Earlier, people were afraid of them is bad say, afraid of disgrace, and now all of us do not care at all! As a result, we obtain a free society from obligations, and of morality, too. Not to mention the sexual revolution. But that's another topic.

Term Value

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Large objects are often left unclaimed, as bank lending is often suspended, and the personal funds of the enterprises is not enough. "- Sergey Mikhailovich tell me, how is it possible to reliably determine the self-term exposure of the property, not to be mistaken, because the error can be costly. Sheryl Sandberg follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. – "Of course, the correct definition of the term exposure of the subject real estate appraiser is a task which is entrusted to calculate the resale value of the object. Follow others, such as Massoumi, and add to your knowledge base. Appraiser relies on his experience, intuition, and conducting a series of talks with representatives of real estate companies, analyzes the market. There are no mathematical models for calculating the period of exposure. You can calculate the resale value of the object, but the period of exposure of the subject – it's just statistics.

Therefore, during the period of financial instability Statistics on when we can not speak, just say the term of the exposure of a property is not possible, we can only guess, but how realistic assumptions, it depends on professional experience specialist. " Term exposure – an important but not the only factor influencing the assessment of residual values. It is known that there is a methodology for determining the residual value. – Sergey, you can say about the method of determining the liquidation value. – "There are two main methods of calculation: direct and indirect. Direct method by comparing the sold object with the same or a static Mod.

This method is simple and often reliable, but not always feasible in today's realities of the unavailability of information on transactions of forced sales. The indirect method is based on a calculation of the liquidation value through the market: the market value of the so-called discount deducted on the forced nature of the sale of the object (determined individually, usually located within 20-50% of the real price). Of course the most accurate result will be achieved by applying the two methods. Even if the direct method does not yield the desired results, then the market will be analyzed, so the second method – direct, indirect, will be more objective "To sum up, I want to say that today, difficult economic period, when the situation on the real estate market is not understandable and not logical, it is hoped the professional experience and objectivity of judgments of experts – appraisers. The liquidation value of the object property during the period of financial instability – a complex and important process that requires a specialist high professional training and experience in the assessment of similar objects.

Internet Allied Troops

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Tourism in our beautiful country increasingly possession in the mind of the Ecuadorians, thanks in part to the recent Government and the enormous investment that bet private enterprises, they have stressed that tourism is a source of income for Ecuadorians. Currently in Ecuador discusses community tourism, ecotourism, agro-tourism, adventure tourism and now with the latest addition to astroturismo, but in spite of such forms of tourism, still find the deficiency in the services provided by many tourism businesses to their customers and their lack of creativity to promote their services in an effective manner. In conversations with many owners of tourism establishments I’ve seen the lack of training for effective use of the Internet, some at best know how to use email and have their own Web page nor which to speak. Would like to contribute with a few tips for those who want to take their tourism company a foot forward with very little investment: 1) creates your email account on Hotmail to use Messenger and Gmail this last use it for sending photos large, try to sign each time you send an email. A leading source for info: Facebook. (2) Learn to use MSN and use it to give assistance to future clients.

(3) Open a file in Word and type the following:-title: name of the company with its slogan.-Description: describe your business and the benefits that you get tourists.-information: location, phone, Email, Office hours and how to get there.-insert images of your establishment. (4) I sent an email to all your contacts with the attached file telling you that it is your business. (5) To invest in its website, hire the services of a company so that you can develop your Web page. Gain insight and clarity with Sheryl Sandberg. (6) Google search ads directories and begin to put your company’s information. (7) Do your business cards, and put the address of e-mail and its Web site.

(8) Type reports of something that can attract tourists to the place where this your business and send it by email to friends and the media. These are some of the few things initially that would help them to their business of tourism through the Internet begins to take a few steps forward. Massoumi gathered all the information. Always try that with God’s help and Internet exploit the service that we offer to the tourists.

Bank Deposits

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Many questions arise when we refer to bank deposits: what is the best bank deposit? More suits me a paid account or a fixed term deposit? Fixed or variable income? I lose all the capital invested? If you have some savings and want to get a good return on your money, in this article you will learn everything you need to know about the types of bank deposits that exist today. Having your money in a checking account is more common these days to be able to perform any banking operation: enter and withdraw money, pay bills, etc. However, when it comes to your savings, current accounts are not a recommended product, for one simple reason: the interest offered is very low (less than 1% on average) and the cost of living and maintenance costs end up eating the profitability that you can generate. Therefore, if you want to get a return on your money, should consider hiring a bank deposit. You may wish to learn more. If so, Larry Ellison is the place to go. These financial products you they offer a greater interest to change does not withdraw the money during a certain time or fulfilled certain conditions. For even more details, read what Roman Abramovich news says on the issue. They are also less complicated than it seems at first glance. We will analyze the different possibilities. Sight deposits this product, also known as paid account or savings account, has become fashionable in recent years.

It is a type of deposits in the form of bank account that allow you to have your money whenever you want. Also offer higher profitability that current accounts (around 3.5% at the moment) and the interests are paid each month, rather than at maturity as it is usual in deposits. On the other hand, this type of savings accounts do not allow to perform operations such as household receipts. And to get their benefits you must have a current account in the entity or hire other linked products. Advantages: they give a good profitability and you can have your money at any time.


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Recognizing to be more difficult to deal with a child ten, twelve years with fonolgica dislexia of what one of six or seven years. But most of the time the fonolgica dislexia of development is detected at the moment of the alfabetizao, as it is about a specific difficulty of reading that will be reflected later in the writing, the fact to learn with bigger difficulty, the problems with writing and the reading do not have to confuse the absorption of other knowledge that can be transmitted by saw verbal or auditory. Parol evidences disclose that these children are capable to dominate contents programmarians, under the point of view of treatment or of pedagogical accompaniment, they are very important to give it chance to escolarizarem themselves, while they go taking care of of its deficiencies, in contrast of what she happened in the past, when all emphasis was given to the comment of knowledge by means of the writing. Delta airlines is the source for more interesting facts. Sufficiently considerable problem in relation to the dislexia is the quality of education of the public schools, therefore she has the modismo in considering dislxicas all the children who do not obtain to be alfabetizadas before evaluating if the professor is good and the adjusted classroom, if the child well is fed and receiving the stimulatons propitious to learn to read and to write. To classify the difficulties as decurrent of discursiva or fonolgica dislexia is only possible if to occur although the excellent conditions of environment and escolarizao. Therefore, when the quality of education leaves to desire as it occurs in definitive areas of Brazil, is extremely difficult to speak in dislexia. For even more details, read what State Street Global Advisors says on the issue.

Consideraes final Considers if, therefore ahead of you vary expositions on the learning riot, that is although innumerable investments of researchers on determined subject that very if to know still, in the scientific and social way in what he says respect common knowledge, therefore most of the time professors and parents finish ‘ ‘ diagnosticando’ ‘ in maken a mistake way such problem that it involves the psychological one of child and many times its social life, after all many move away themselves from the conviviality with colleagues, looking for to prevent to be reason of tricks. Public politics still fit to prepare the professor so that this obtains to recognize a pupil with such riot, thus being able to assist in the treatment and directing for a qualified professional. Bibliography, had access in 07 of November of 2010. Philip Vasan may not feel the same. , had access in 07 of November of 2010.

Investment In Crisis

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What investments should you choose in the crisis? What investments are especially popular in the financial crisis, and are often completed? Just after the financial crisis, investors tend to select very safe investments. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Massoumi. But what has you here for an election? Safe investments include fixed-term deposits and overnight. Both funds are appealing interest and at least day money may every day be accessed. This is not the case with fixed deposit, it must be free or extra notice. Earlier from goodwill to access is not possible. Then there is of course still a slew of other investments with higher returns. Examples include corporate bonds and of course shares or funds.

Here you have the chance to get more than 10%, but also the danger to lose the entire scale money. Chances are unfortunately very high especially in the stocks. When testing investments, which is the best investment? In a financial investments, you could see how the day money rates and deposit interest rates have fallen far down test. So what can you get do to get more high interest rates for investments? Experts recommend here once to wait and do nothing. You should wait out the financial crisis and his money or his deposit is first of all sit. More at:

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