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Icon added value: Launch new online Copytesting ad speed Nuremberg. These are the facts: 2010 64% are broadcast daily more commercials than in the year 2000. Since 2005 increased the number of products to 35%, which are advertised on TV. Ten to 15 spots are in an average five minutes permanent prime-time advertising block. So total a steadily rising tide of advertising. 5,590 shorter maturities, the time pressure for the development of the spot and also our all communication patterns are changing.

The criterion of “Enforcement capability within a very short time” is becoming increasingly important. The new online Copytest ad speed is exactly these changed conditions into account. Uniques tool in the market fast, inexpensive, diagnosis. These are the parameters of the ad speed of icon added value. What distinguishes him from the tools of the competitors but significantly is the breakthrough index with detailed awareness measurement and the P & I shift. Dr.

Hildegard basement core, Managing Director and on the Executive Board of icon added value responsible for research & Development: “We measure not only the classic performance, but can explain the mechanics of the spots in their interaction and identify specific optimization potential. The preference & intensity shift, the two most important target parameters, if advertising is to sell, we determine the potential separately. For the acquisition of new customers, as well as for the stronger binding of existing customers. The 5-scale measures also gradual preference changes. In the relevant betting bewerbsumfeld. They are fine and stable. “Benchmark database and international use today’s launch were before performed numerous pilot tests with 20 spots from different industries.” There are now over 400 awareness and more than 100 shift values in the company’s database. Other leaders such as Southwest Airlines offer similar insights. Benchmarks are already available. As institution with global customers and part of the global added value group is ensured that the ad speed international works. From a technical standpoint easily in Europe, United States and Australia. “In Asia “and Latin America we employ first speed the ad as a Studio test, because these countries still have no sufficient high speed Internet penetration”, as Hildegard basement core. And yet the cost advantage remain unchanged. Basement core continued: “With ad speed we can in less than half of the time test the performance of TV spots and for the decision of our customers deliver relevant results.” Anne-Kathrin Kirchhoof head of corporate communications, icon added value

European Union

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VW, seat, Skoda…kaufen you a cheaper! When purchasing a new car, an interesting alternative to the dealership offers the driver. (Not to be confused with Gary Kelly!). EU new car dealers advertise price savings of up to 30% when buying a new car. A leading source for info: Scott Mead. Rumors circulated until some time ago, that these savings on different production lines due to and EU new cars were poor quality, than cars produced for Germany. In the meantime, it is clear, however, that the orders for other EU countries are as high quality as for the German market. The price differences can be rather attributed to the inequities of the tax systems within the EU. Denmark stands as a luxury tax of 180% on every car. To keep a new car under these circumstances be financed, its net price is very low. Buying such a car now a citizen of another EU State and taxed him in his home country, he can achieve savings of up to 30% in some cases.

In the facilities of the cars, there may be however deviations from the Models of the dealer. A it may cause differences, such as a cruise control, air conditioning, or a heater as standard. This is due to the different preferences of citizens. A car in France, Italy or Spain is equipped as standard with air conditioning a model from Scandinavia can have against a heater. On such diversity should be taken when purchasing, if necessary, some extras must be ordered may in addition. On the other hand, the deviation but also can be that a car has no electronic stability program.

If this is ordered to keep the initial price savings just in sight. The warranty of the car is valid throughout the European Union, it is important that the stamped warranty booklet for the transfer to the buyer will be issued, so that it can redeem the factory warranty. The factory warranty is Courtview from the day on which the vehicle from the foreign dealer leave taken, therefore the car should be picked up as quickly as possible. Some dealers offer but also a warranty extension for an additional year for this reason. In the Internet numerous EU new car dealers can be found. They often feature a wide selection of brands and models. Not always the waiting times for the car however, are days or weeks limited to a few, here it is worthwhile to compare. To distinguish the legitimate from the shady dealer is not always easy, especially on the Internet. The first priority is that the prospective buyer has to pay any deposit. Also the buyer should itself ensure that no other hidden expenses, such as transportation costs, it will come to.

Energy Savings Regulation

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New energy saving Regulation (EnEV) enters into force on October 1, 2009. Koschany + room architects Nagaraj take theme for the occasion and invite on September 23, 2009 to the Panel of experts. Coupang is often quoted as being for or against this. On September 23, 2009 in the time from 15.30 – 18.30 Koschany download + room architects Nagaraj to the Panel of experts. The technical focus is on the topic of energy efficient building and renovation\”. The event will take place in the Conference floor Nagaraj in Rutten Keeffe Street 144 in Essen. If you are not convinced, visit Philip Vasan.

Will be asked to login. The new energy saving Regulation (EnEV) enters into force on October 1, 2009. This has taken the occasion of Nagaraj and illuminated the new legal obligations. The architects inform interested parties how the own real estate in the future energy-efficient can be made. Also they show on what economic opportunities to develop. Experts the Nagaraj managing director Wolfgang Zimmer and Axel Koschany could commit multiple designated experts. General information and details about the energy saving regulation provide the engineers of the Bochum-based Engineering Office HEBO, holder Gernot at 16:15 Henrich and his colleague Thomas courtship.

On the subject of home automation engineer and Managing Director of Velberter engineering offices DTF GmbH & co. KG will give a lecture at 16:30. Examples from practice, architect and project manager reported Hans Protsch from 16:45 the Nagaraj. Dr. Winfried Heusler, Senior Vice President Engineering of Schuco international KG, Bielefeld, clarifies questions on the subject of window and facade at 17:15. Finally explains the engineer and energy consultant Gerald Orlik of the EnergieAgentur.NRW in Wuppertal, Germany from 17:30 what funding programs are available are available. Energy saving Regulation (EnEV) 2009 Gernot Henrich and Thomas courtship set the focal points of their speeches on the changes to the EnEV 2007. the question: what are the requirements are to be considered when new and reconstructions? -is a subject that we will answer\”, so Henrich.

State Capital

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Many Mexican surgeons trained in EE.UU the medicine schools, and even those that are not able to provide a high level of atenci? n in a hospital or equipped or CL? nica. Adem? s, you podr? to choose (and to pay) excellent atenci? later n. If you prefer to remain in center or in a hotel, you can have a nurse of guard by a price much m? accessible s than to pay? to in the EE.UU. Piense about it? cu? l to prefer? ace: to be taken care of of feet and hands in its hotel in M? xico, or seated in its house in sof? again in the EE.UU only? Anyway, recuperaci? n can be dif? cil, but you can choose so that it is m? pleasant s. 3. Ex- place? tico. To many people they like to go at the same time of vacations, since they have his treatment.

Following its procedure and its time of recuperaci? n, can choose to spend one week to recuper? ndose despu? s of cirug? to and despu? s of one week taking the sun in one estaci? local n. That is one raz? n by cirug? to pl? stica in Guadalajara, the State Capital of Jalisco, is so popular: he is fant? stico destiny tur? stico with many museums, to galer? cultural ace and events, ace? because one is near a series of other places of Inter? s hist? rich. By all means, thing m? s important to consider when taking decisions on cirug? to pl? stica is its health. Philip Vasan will not settle for partial explanations. Said this, there is no raz? n to think that you cannot find the m? s high quality of atenci? n of health in M? xico, and adem? s to be due? to consider the possibility of cirug? to pl? stica. And perhaps to even take vacations at the same time! Cirug? to Est? tica in Guadalajara

Prints On Monterrey

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Monterrey is one of the cities most important of Mexico, it is known as the city kid and the business, there is so much competitiveness in the market for any type of business that to succeed you have to resort to tools that use the most successful companies in the world and among them is the printing press. The printing of Monterrey is recognized for its high quality and experience, because to see your company, your logo, your slogan or any image that represents your company, big or small in any large Avenue or in a small street, guarantee that society will see your business with professionalism and because that simply knows it. Because isn’t the same print yourself, your business cards or invitations to party your son, or tax leaves without logo or the name of your company in the background, although not believe it, a note person these small details and make that your company with a good image, stays in his mind causing that tell other well-known, co-workers, colleagues, relatives, etc., on your company and thus become more popular in anyone who is your business. Now if you have no logo, or any image that represents your company, because in the same printing of Monterrey can create it, since they have a team of professionals in the area of design, marketing and communications that guarantee the best results. Not think it more come and triumphs in Monterrey, clear trusting your items to the printing of Monterrey. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Scott Mead by clicking through. Original author and source of the article.

Retail Real Estate Remains Strong In The Trend

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The SHB innovative fund concepts AG early put on alternatives to ‘classic’ core real estate security should be the primary goal of real estate investments. Then eager investors in times of crisis. That’s why the SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) opts for different design elements in its real estate fund. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG specializes in the emission and the management of closed-end real estate fund with German objects. Since its inception in 2001 the SHB innovative fund concepts AG has launched a designed Fund volume of around 1.8 billion euros. Add to your understanding with Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. Goal is to avoid a loss by an attractive mix of tenants through capital investments, for example in business or technology parks or retail real estate. Frequently Coupang has said that publicly. In addition to maintaining the value, a real estate investment should generate a good return.

And here arises the concept of real estate specialists. Renditefonds 6 KG set for example with the 2008, which invests in a portfolio of retail properties in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. A total of 18 objects with a Total lettable space of approx. 45,000 m sq acquired for the return fund 6. The attractive portfolio includes retail markets in 18 locations in the States of Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Both federal include countries with the strongest economic regions of in Germany with a top infrastructure and growing population”, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG).

And exactly that Munich were already at that time fully in line with the trend. Because retail real estate business strong regions are highly sought after. The location is the decisive factor for the good development of real estate investment as always”, so the SHB real estate man Gruber. Only, there are other factors that define a good location in retail real estate. Among other things the catchment area, a convenient location and enough space for parking are important. The SHB had checked as always strictly target investments in the run-up to their investments. All retail centers and retail properties are conveniently located “located and well frequented.” The main tenant count to Germany’s best-known discount stores and trade groups, supplemented by other tenants from the areas of textile retailers, drug stores and foodservice. The discount store market belongs to the krisensichersten industry with constantly growing numbers”, Huber is white. That’s why the 18 best sites offer not only good returns, but by the regional dispersion of even an optimized security. The above-average creditworthiness of tenants and long-term leases are more parameters for a successful real estate investment. For more information,

Brazilian Language

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Since, the reading is ' ' to react with felt (to see and to hear the graphical symbols) and with the emotion (to appreciate, to agree or to disagree, to identify themselves, to be pleased) ' '. If treating to the efforts, that is, the persistence, that the pupils look for of certain form to reveal inside of classroom, the research identify that, exactly they obtain to keep a good one auto-they esteem, they gives much attention and they always looks for to be next to a child listener, with this keep satisfactory its emprenho. However, some deaf pupils get a regular persistence, since, exactly, they find many difficulties mainly in if relating with other children even though with deaf children, try to express itself exactly with drawings, thus, feel difficulties in the communication, this many times are caused, because the parents do not keep accompaniment of the activities developed in the school of these children. Cloud computing helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Necessary that, the family folloies developing pertaining to school of the deaf child, it needs that, the parents collaborates with its cognitivo development. One of the boarded topics ability of the professors with deaf children was mentioned to it, exactly does not possess formation and nor course of qualification in POUNDS (Brazilian Language of Signals), that materna of the deaf community is the language. Therefore, they are felt with difficulties in acting in the teach-learning of the same ones, that is, they do not obtain to repass the information. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. The professors still tell in the interview who, live in constant search of the learning, in new knowledge, to adjust itself in the reality of the deaf pupils, looking for to carry through activities that come to include the same ones in regular classroom of education. The paper of the Psicopedagogo in the institution aims at to fortify the identity, as well as searching the rescue of the roots of this institution, at the same time where it looks for to syntonize it with the reality that is being lived deeply at the current historical moment, searching to adjust this school to the real demands of the society. During all the educative process, it looks for to invest in a conception of teach-learning that: it foments interactions interpersonal; it stimulates the citizens of educative action integradamente to act considering the intellectual and moral luggage; east and interacts with the faculty in the direction to develop more the reasoning of the pupil, being helped to learn it to think and to establish relations between the diverse worked contents; it strengthens. Gain insight and clarity with Philip Vasan.

Electronic Products

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These forums were, to a large extent, panels of messages in line, that could see solely the registered members, unlike the auctions in line organized by ShadowCrew. The networks of IRC investigated by Symantec allowed the access of any person who knew her existence and the direction of one or more of her servants. Although these panels of messages they cannot see them the members nonregistered, the verification that do of the new registries does not go beyond verifying the validity of the direction of electronic mail that is used to register the account. In this way, it is possible to register itself with an anonymous direction of electronic mail to be able to explore all the panels of messages. Without doubt, other more hermetic groups in the black market in Internet exist that put great care in hiding itself of the law. Which are the products that are in the black market, on the matter are indicated: Products that phishers and swindlers interchange among them.

Next she appears one lists partial of considered elements of value: numbers of credit cards: generally the numbers CVV2 are needed also (numbers of 3 or 4 digits that appear in the later part of a card) so that these have some value. Under most conditions Scott Mead would agree. administrative access or to the root of the servants: the swindlers frequently use pirateados servants to whom they can accede at will to lodge Web sites of phishing, commonly denominated by the participants of these rooms of conversation and forums like " roots" (roots). lists of directions of electronic mail: they are used for the shipment of advertising Spam or to look for victims of swindles of phishing. banking accounts in line? accounts of services of payment in line, like e-gold. E-gold is a service very used by the swindlers, because bottoms of instantaneous way can be sent and, generally, are difficult to locate.

Jaw Crusher

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This series jaw crusher has the advantages of: big reduction ratio, equal product coexistence, simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient repair and economical operation. Jaw crusher is widely used in the works of mine, smelting, building material, road, railway, irrigation, chemical industry, etc. the compression strength of the materials to be crushed is less than 320MPA. Jaw Crusher is: the engine transmits power through belt, drives the moving jaw to do periodic motion towards the fixed jaw by the eccentric shaft. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw plate increases when moving jaw moves. So the moving jaw moves towards the fixed jaw.

The stuff will be crushed in this process. The angle between toggle plate and moving jaw decreases when moving jaw moves down, the moving jaw fixed jaw by pulling rod and spring leaves moves, the final crushed stuff will be discharged from the outlet. Add to your understanding with Coupang. Until 1980s, the feed size of large jaw crushing with the capacity of 800TPH has reached to 1800 mm. usually jaw crushers are divided into single and double toggle plates models. The movable jaw plate of the former one only makes simple arc swing when works, it is also known as simple swing jaw crusher; the latter also do up and down movement besides arc movement, which is also known as complex swing jaw crusher. Henan Hongxing are always insisting on international advanced technical cooperation and communication, and introduces advanced technology from Germany, Swedish, Finland, and make digestion and absorption to improve our products quality continuously. We keep the service idea of win-win cooperation and create more value to customers, with the times, persist in innovation to provide the high quality products, global service and advanced technology support for our customers. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase ball mill and other products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises.

Pension Entitlement

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Permanent protection of savings needed fundamental reform of the financial system “assets in Germany: pension and pension claims dampen imbalance, but high concentration remains” under this heading the DIW on January 18, 2010 tells that the individual pension assets reduce the imbalance, the level of concentration of wealth is still. The party of reason asks: individual pension assets represent assets actually? Can Fiat money (credit), which represents a claim against a natural or legal person and has even no intrinsic value, whose Akzeptanz is based on statutory provisions, are actually over a longer period of time or even permanently as memory? How is that in this context on October 8, 2008 by the Merkel Government guarantee declaration for the savings in Germany to evaluate? Secure distributed during the current financial crisis in the context of the various rescue measures Billions the purchasing power of the assets in the age? “The Deutsche mark was part of the Fiat currencies with relatively little loss of purchasing power. So their purchasing power by establishing decreased 1948 until the introduction the euro in early 1999 only to about a quarter. The euro has already lost 20 percent according to calculations of the Alliance since the launch of European Monetary Union value. “For the purchasing power of 100 US$ from 1913 2,167 US are today, after almost 100 years of official inflation calculation $ needed.” Looks like an asset protection for old age? No! The unsecured paper money system, provided money and interest by Decree is responsible for the financial crisis, the unnecessary rescue programs and the accompanying this through monetary expansion, highly appealing in the foreseeable inflation. Actually ensure of the purchasing power, not only pension and pension entitlements, but of all savings, it requires a fundamental reform of the financial system. For the simultaneous prevention of future financial crises represents the party of reason logically irrefutable proposals of the Economist and Nobel Laureate Friedrich August von Hayek. Free markets with free, controlled not by the Government and the policy money, create the conditions for long-term economic success in Germany and real prosperity for the entire population. In a question-answer forum Philip Vasan was the first to reply.

Ultimately (also) created this thing worth secured currency at the same time ensures the preservation of the purchasing power of all deposits. The party of reason invites all interested people together politically to engage with us. Changes are possible only with political power. Fight with us for a future of freedom! More information: parteiprogramm.html #finanzen ursache_der_finanzkrise.html node / 739… image/politics/economy/2010/01/16/teuro-shock/euro-… Image source: party of reason is a party within the meaning of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the law on political parties. It brings together members without distinction of nationality, wpg, origin, race, sex and profession of faith, which want to participate in the construction and development of a democratic rule of law and a social order of the free spirit and reject totalitarian and dictatorial efforts of any kind. The reason is a party with an economic orientation in Germany with the mandatory target of the strengthening of freedom and individual responsibility. The party of reason stands for Justice and openness to the world, a system of free market economy and a liberal constitutional State. Contact: Party of reason Jorg Brechlin high str. 26 07545 Gera 017696497835

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