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Significant cost benefits in the separation between the services to production control and the operation of the applications of C & P AG estimates the savings on 30% Munich/Graz, 02.02.2009 – the international systems integrator focused on banking services C & P AG recommends credit institutions with external service providers to operate IT, to give up their traditional organization of IT for cost reasons. It estimates the savings to 30%. Currently, a separation between application management on the one hand, and data center operations including work preparation and production monitoring on the other side is normally. By insourcing or concentration of application management, production planning and production monitoring for Bank applications credit institutions can take advantage of falling prices in the hosting market. Responsible for the technical operation does not necessarily requires that the question IT provider at the same time for the preparation of the work must be responsible”, Kurt Glabischnig, judge Board of Directors of C & P AG.

On the contrary, a separation would establish for this reason alone, because in one case human activity and in the other machine services in the Centre. “From the perspective of cost management both areas are completely different and must not be mixed” problematizes it, justified: the cost of computer services go through the ongoing use of innovative technologies and economies of scale continuously downward, while personnel costs offer hardly any such savings potentials. ” A separation effect therefore the advantage to be able to participate on the lower hosting prices of the market: will the operation of banking applications is advertised regardless by the services for the production control, lower costs would can be due to the high intensity of competition between the various providers of IT achieved. IT operations together with the service production planning and monitoring, however, be ‘ advertised, there are significantly fewer suppliers, the at the same time can perform both tasks. And experience, this means higher prices”, so the C & P Committee.

Glabischnig regards qualitative effects a such modularization of functions as an additional benefit, because in this way, a greater specialisation can be carried out. She increase the level of performance not only his opinion, but offer again additional possibilities of improving economic efficiency, because specialists could achieve the same quality of service with little effort. An IT provider has classically his strengths elsewhere as a service provider with a focus on the application of management and production planning”, he says. The banks should take so advantage of the present structures in the market with its highly differentiated performance portfolio. About C & P AG: The C & P AG in Munich and Graz (Austria) offers highly qualified employees of consulting and development services for the IT and organisation sector by financial and other industries. The Performance portfolio ranges from the design of the IT landscape (or parts thereof) on the monitoring of operational processes of change to the productive use of standard or custom software. Agency think tank Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

GeoTrust True BusinessID

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Increase consumer confidence and conversions to the diverse range of SSL certificate vendor Trustico includes the GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV and VeriSign secure site and secure site Pro with EV SSL certificates. But what exactly is an EV certificate and which advantages arise through the use of a such a SSL certificate? EV stands for extended validation”and offers in high-security browsers information to uniquely identify of the company behind the site, i.e. Learn more at: State Street Global Advisors. verify the identity of the Organization of the certificate subject in addition to the verification of the Domaininhaberschaft. This ensures that it is a legitimate company. Access a Web site that is protected with an EV certificate, then the URL address bar will be green and a display alternates between the name of the organization that is listed in the certificate, and the CA. People such as Phil Vasan would likely agree. For consumers, this means that you fast and absolute easily can recognize that it is a trusted, secure site, this you can safely transmit their data. The benefits of using an EV Certificate demonstrate the results of a study carried out by VeriSign: 93% of surveyed online customers feel safe when making their purchases of online, if the site has the green address bar. 67% would not an unknown page without green address bar buy companies that secure your site with an EV Certificate recorded a transaction increase of over 20% on average.

Without EV certificate, to lose up to 20,000 potential new customers on the basis of lack of confidence risk for a site with 100,000 online customers. h listens, a sympathetic response will follow. To learn more about how you can build a high degree of confidence and turn potential customers into buyers, visit the website of Trustico, where you can find top brands in the field of Internet safety at reasonable prices. In addition, is Them the friendly and extremely competent Trustico team at any time with questions about EV certificates available. Trustico Trustico was founded in 2006 in Australia and maintains offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. The expert in the field of Internet security has established itself as one of the world’s largest traders of SSL certificate. SSL certificates, including EV certificates, manufacturers include the range: RapidSSL, Thawte, GeoTrust, and VeriSign .

Visual Studio

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 already supports parallel development by using the normal method calls. Multi-core Intel Developer Toolkit is for companies as an ideal complement to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 interesting, who want to make the leap to multi/many-core processors. The toolkit helps the developers to deal with the low-level details of thread programming and simplified this to write faster parallel executable applications. In addition, half automatic debugging can find tools Threadfehler to ensure the quality of the code and the tuning can find the last performance issues and eliminate. To know more about this subject visit Confluence Investment Mgt. The full potential of multi/many-core can be realised only then architectures, if we allow the widespread use of parallelizing software developers. SOS software service offers us this webcast series exclusively in German language in order to present a technically profound software solutions. “explains Mr Phil De La Zerda, business Development Director of Intel Developer products division. We want to give our customers particularly value the information density. Contact information is here: Philip Vasan.

Intel and Microsoft offer excellent software solutions in the area of parallel development. Companies need to understand but where is the added value. The webcast series will examine exactly this issue more closely. “supplemented Mr Joaquim dos Santos, CEO of SOS software service GmbH. From 01.11.2008: Bundle Intel Developer Toolkit and Microsoft Visual Studio, up to 20% cheaper Intel, Developer Toolkit is the perfect introduction for multi-core if you want to implement the benefits of parallel software architecture on Microsoft Windows, such as with multi-threading, with Microsoft Visual Studio and C++. The Intel Developer Toolkit provides the solution to the scalability today and in the future to use successfully and to stay productive at all stages of development: analysis, code generation, debugging, and tuning. The Intel Developer Toolkit integrates easily with Microsoft Visual Studio and can be pre-ordered now exclusively at SOS software service bundled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Iron Mountain And SAP Decide Cooperation

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Information management specialist accepts source code deposit for SAP small business applications Hamburg and Walldorf – September 24, 2012. Many companies have developed their business software from external service providers. Hedge in it not the source code, risk losing their intellectual property in addition to the financial losses. A leading source for info: Stuart McClure. SAP, the market leader in enterprise software, and Iron Mountain have recognized this problem and decided to enter into a strategic partnership. The specialist for the protection of intellectual property will assume Add-ons the deposit of source code for SAP business one. In the framework of the new partnership, certified SAP software solutions partner deposit, the add-on solutions for end users, the corresponding source code in the future at Iron Mountain. “The source deposit is a legal agreement between software developers, licensees, and a third party, which kept the code. So the financial risk is reduced for the licensee. Because he has often a lot in business-critical software and technology invested”, white Patrick Keddy, Senior Vice President Western Europe at Iron Mountain. “We store the source code of the developer in one of our high security archives. This arrangement ensures the licensee in several ways: as the source will get, for example, if the developers terminated its business activities or can no longer guarantee support and further development of the application. “But even the developers themselves benefit: they offer deposit of the source text, they create trust with their customers because the code remains available for subsequent updates.” The enterprise software company SAP business one designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. It enables, all important business functions within an application to integrate including accounting, sales, customer care, warehousing, and other business processes. To approximately 350 individual add-on solutions have been programmed by certified SAP software solution partners. So can customize to their specific business needs and challenges the business software users. “The source code protected by Iron Mountain one customers can SAP be sure business that their add-on solutions are protected”, says Patrick Carpreau, senior software solution partner Manager at SAP EMEA and India. “The deposit of source code allows us to strengthen the confidence of the SAP business one customers. Therefore we offer the software escrow service as a value added service all our customers, who want to let individual business one add-ons develop the SAP software solution partners.” Company contact: Iron Mountain Germany GmbH Mrs Verena Garske Hindenburg Street 162 22297 Hamburg Germany fon..: + 49 (0) 40 52108-182 web..: email: press contact: essential media GmbH Mr. Michael Huth Landwehrstrasse 61 80336 Munich fon..: + 49 (0) 89 747262-41 web..: email:

Developer Studio

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It offers iPhone users the way to copy data back with ALCOHOL for iPhone as application for iTunes, unless external backup, Exchange with other iPhone or iPod devices or to copy data or create videos and presentations. Music from one iPhone to another or transfer iTunes music and videos on PC or NetBook secure at the same time, allows multiple connected iPhone compatible with all iPhone models even more features selection of individual securities, group of songs or complete transfer of all music and video files highlights ALCOHOL support ALCOHOL for iPod all audio and video formats, extensive search by title, genre, artist and playlist for iPod offers the user additional software, the multimedia world to enjoy, because the way the iPod back is no longer blocked on the PC. Transfer music and videos from iPod to PC/notebook, and secure Music from an iPod to another transfer files from iPod to iTunes transfer supports all iPod models several at the same time connected supports iPods all audio and video formats, extensive search by title, genre, artist and playlist selection of individual securities, group of songs or complete transfer of all music and video files with the new ALCOHOL applications the full potential of iPod users can now, iPhone and iTunes use. Prices and availability from mid April 2010 as a box version in stores or as a download from are: ALCOHOL for iTunes for euro 19.95: ISBN: 978-3-645-70054-2 ALCOHOL for iPhone for Euro 39.95: ISBN: 978-3-645-70055-9 ALCOHOL for iPod for euro 19.95: ISBN: 978-3-645-70056-6 available. Copyright notice: Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc.

Other names include may be trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple in the United States and in other countries.” About Franzis Verlag GmbH: The Franzis book and software publishing is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography, and Advisor for everyday. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are ideally suited as problem solutions, based on information and education claims. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. The market segment photography the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio and plugins for Photoshop and Photomatix Pro are an integral part for working with photos in addition to the numerous professional publications. Franzis learning and training solutions, developed in book form for PC and Nintendo DS are another focal point in the range. The Internet platform for the topics of copy, backup and backup and around the theme of digital photography offers Franzis comprehensive information and solutions. The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich.

Merchandise ManagementERP

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Proper handling saves time and resources in ERP and Warenirtschaft must for all companies that run and manage recurring orders (standing orders, subscription orders, maintenance orders and call-off orders, etc.) or fixed quantities at fixed prices must get through framework contracts, is an optimal automated management and support needed. To present highly automated to such orders and efficient and to complete an inventory management with functions such as management of contracts, orders and standing orders is essential. How to save time and resources. The VARIO 7 ERP combines a merchandise management system with exactly these features and creates the basis for highly automated work. The VARIO 7 program is a modular, i.e. You can go with a basic program into the ERP and further gradually expand your system with the required individual components depending on the needs. Also to set up special marketplaces and E-shop (E-Commerce) partner systems are available, such as for example the opensource-Internet-shop of xt: Commerce or Gambio with interface available. The software VARIO 7 provides you with valuable planning and decision support for an economic management and backs up that competitive advantage prior to your colleague.

The solution VARIO 7 has all the features to best depict all processes, from ordering the goods receipt and warehousing through to shipping. Moreover, convinced the client-capable ERP system due to its modular design, its flexibility and its high Parametrisierungsgrad. VARIO 7 is industry-neutral and can therefore from the retailer about the wholesaler and to the shipping and merchant also be used, such as chain stores and franchises. Schedule a live demonstration (online demonstration) with us directly on your monitor, or simply send us a short message to E-Mail:

Merchandise Management

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To eliminate inefficiency and resulting costs from the merchandise management system a breakthrough technology for the future, was one of the most important efforts in the industrialized world in the last 50 years. Even if the goods management thanks to increasingly powerful software always has been improved, it still pushed to limits. The bar code dominant even today in the commercial makes it possible to link articles about the EAN-Code information in a database, this code, the possibilities are limited, however. For this reason, the bar code for a product on all individual articles is always the same. The dream of every dealer is however, to be able to track each individual, individual articles in the merchandise management system from production to disposal. The RFID technology makes this possible. The abbreviation RFID stands for radio frequency identification.

The base of this technology is a tiny chip, on which not only the EAN-Code of an article, can be particularly in addition to save a serial number. By in principle infinite number possible are the extension, enabling an individual number assign each individual article. The chip is embedded with a spiral antenna in a label or integrated directly into the product packaging. RFID be read chips without contact via radio. Different wholesalers and retailers such as, for example, the Metro Group or Wal-Mart began over 10 years ago to experiment with this new technology. Today used RFID tags to optimize inventory management in the logistics pallet and carton level.

If the RFID tag however will replace the bar code in the future also at article level, remains open. So far this was realized only at certain articles for testing purposes in some companies for cost reasons. The problems which occurred during the test phases were mined continuously in the last stages of development. Just another cost factor prevents use even on very cheap goods. On all regular goods is however suitable insert and each case and is within the next few years this technology belong to the standard in the merchandise management.

New CodeGear RAD Studio

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The new CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 brings together proven technologies and offers developers and ISVs rapid application development. Munich, December 2008 with the new CodeGear wheel Studio 2009 Embarcadero provides a new solution for rapid application development (RAD) before. Independent software vendors (ISVs), developers of business and engineering software you have Studio 2009 with CodeGear RAD everything what it for the development of native Windows.NET or Web applications need, regardless of the database, which will be integrated. CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 combines the rapid application development features of Delphi 2009 and C ++ Builder 2009 with the functions of the new Delphi Prism for.NET development. The combination of these products makes it possible to work the developers in a flexible environment, the both supports as well the more complex low-level Windows development.NET code. The new RAD Studio Architect Edition includes even the Embarcadero ER/Studio Developer Edition: this edition is rapid application development possible including database modeling and design capabilities.

Michael Swindell, Vice President of Embarcadero Technologies stressed: it is becoming increasingly important, with less resources to do more, and that in less time. With the development of cycling Studio 2009 we respond quickly to needs of all kinds, be it by developers in companies or independent software vendors. WHEEL Studio 2009 is the only wheel tool, which allows native Windows development, supports both .NET and Mono. With Mono now even Mac OS X and Linux programs can be developed.\” Key features of RAD Studio 2009 Overview: complete new Delphi Prism development environment, supported by the RemObjects Oxygene compiler. .NET technologies such as WinForms, WPF, ADO.NET ASP.NET and LINQ MONO platform for software development for Mac OS X and Linux development of database applications using known dbExpress functions, as well as by.NET clients that connect to DatSnap servers can use native Windows applications WHEEL Studio 2009 be developed quickly and easily.

Euro Photo

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The alternative digital photo development for RAW photo data for PC and Mac Poing, Munich – Franzis Verlag announces the new German version of RAW photo editing- and digital photo development software SILKYPIX Developer Studio 4.0 on. The ergonomically optimised Panel with eleven preset development settings how fine, neutral, portrait, is much easier and faster to edit the RAW image data and thus opens up new ambitious photographers. In addition to the manually adjustable finest interpretation opportunities, analyzes the software now also designs and offers automatic adjustments of parameters of exposure, white balance, color saturation and sharpness. The light table feature, however, offers the ideal overview of many recordings, which can be provided using brands, such as copy, move, delete, and developing, moved directly into special development directories. Intermediate settings of development parameters and complete parameter sets stored and so on entire image series can use same Shooting conditions are applied. The new print management allows the output as a contact sheet up to the poster at free choice of aspect ratios and takeover of the color settings of the printer or freely definable settings of the working color space, printing color space and composition proceedings. In SILKYPIX Developer Studio will always get 4.0 the original RAW data. The data in the TIFF with LZW and without stored compression or JPEG format.

So, any new settings can be tried out. What else special, costly hardware and software was necessary, provides SILKYPIX Developer Studio 4.0 in this price-performance ratio all photographers to set up a private, professional digital photo lab. At a price of euro 139,00 for box version and Euro 119.00 for the download version is the Windows XP, Vista and 7 compatible SILKYPIX Developer Studio 4.0 from MitteDezember in 2009, and for the Mac OS X operating system mid-January 2010 in the trading available. An update from the previous version will be available for euro 79.95.

Intel Parallel Studio And Microsoft Visual Studio Bundle

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With the bundle 20 customers achieve savings over purchasing individual Feldkirchen – Augsburg, 23.06.09 – to 30.06.09, SOS offers software service the new parallel Studio Intel bundled with Microsoft Visual Studio with 20% discount on. Intel parallel Studio is the new Add-On for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. It makes it easier for software developers the parallelization of applications. The bundle is the perfect introduction for multi-core, if software developers with Visual Studio and C++ to implement the benefits of parallel software architecture on Microsoft Windows, such as with multi-threading,. The Intel Developer Toolkit provides the solution to the scalability today and in the future to use successfully and to stay productive at all stages of development: analysis, code generation, debugging, and tuning. Intel parallel Studio a comprehensive set of tools for parallelization, created for Microsoft Visual Studio c/c++ developers. Parallel Studio is fully compatible with the widely used Microsoft Visual Studio that supports high level parallelization To simplify the development and to accelerate, so MP know abstractions, like the driving of Intel Threading Building blocks and open. Intel parallel Studio offers the unique opportunity to realize the benefits of multicore platforms.

The tools were developed so that newcomers understand as quickly as possible to professional developers more easily parallelize their applications in ongoing and new projects. Create optimized, innovative parallel applications and compete in the multicore industry. Intel Corporation with the Intel products for software development can the full power of multi core processors are used efficiently. Intel tools are an excellent addition to multicore platforms such as Intel ViiV and Intel Core Duo platform. Intel, Intel logo, Intel Core, Intel Viiv, and VTune are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. 22 years successfully working on the market, cared about 3,500 dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics but also comprehensive and current product? knowledge of licensing, as well as regular certification by manufacturers. For more information press at.

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