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His works are characterized by a performative character and appear often in the form of photography, video and sculptural installations. WHITECONCEPTS is pleased to present the work of the Chinese artist Michael Zheng for the first time in Berlin in a solo exhibition. “From June 24th July 27, 2011 will be in the exhibition I sky to the look and the miss ceiling” shown next to videos of new photographic works and sculptures. The performance artist who moved to his computer science studies at Tsinghua University in China to San Francisco, worked more than 10 years as a software designer in Bay area / Silicon Valley. After he left his job and took the study at the San Francisco Art Institute at Paul Kos, Tony Labat and John Roloff on then studied, he in Nari Ward and Patty Chang at the Skowhegan School of painting and sculpture.

His work shows traces of interventionist thinking and strategies that explore cultural and social dependencies on institutional and existential level. With its conceptual approach, the seriousness, absurdity and humor permeated is that he creates situations that challenge established positions, so that new perspectives will be experienced. His works are characterized by a performative character and appear often in the form of photography, video and sculptural installations. Exhibitions already led the artists throughout the world. He followed an invitation to the Marina Abramovic Institute in San Francisco, which is dedicated to the profiling and documentation of performance art in 2010.

2009 Michael Zheng participated in the Vancouver Biennale in Canada. 2 July-28 August 2011 work by Michael Zheng in the group exhibition of nomadic settlers settled nomads will be”in the KunstRaum Kreuzberg / Bethanien Berlin can be seen. -WHITECONCEPTS is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Chinese artist Michael Zheng in Berlin. From 24 June – 27 July 2011 new photographic works and sculptures next to videos will be exposed in the exhibition “I LOOK TO THE SKY AND MISS THE CEILING”. The performance and conceptual artist studied first computer science at Tsinghua University in China, then moved to San Francisco, where he worked more than 10 years as a software designer in Bay area / Silicon Valley. After that he decided to study at the San Francisco Art Institute with Paul Kos, Tony Labat and John Roloff. Morris Invest can provide more clarity in the matter. He therefore studied with Nari Ward and Patty Chang at Skowhegan School of painting and sculpture. His work shows traces of interventionist thinking studying cultural and social dependence on institutional and existential levels. With his conceptual approach, which is steeped in sincerity, absurdity and humor, he creates situations, questioning the established positions so that new perspectives can be experienced. His works form of photographs, video and sculptural installations are characterized by a performative character and are often shown in the. Exhibitions led the artist already all over the world. In 2010 he had on exhibition at the Marina Abramovic Institute in San Francisco, which is dedicated to profiling and documentation of performance art. In 2009 Michael Zheng what a participant in the Vancouver Biennale in Canada. From 2 July – 28 August 2011 works by Michael Zheng are to be lakes in the group exhibition “Nomadic Settlers – Nomads Settled” in the artspace Kreuzberg /. Bethanien Berlin. OPENING/opening: 24.06.2011, 7-9 pm Exhibition/Exhibition: 25.06.2011 27.07.2011, MO – FR 10:00 17:00 h Nicole Lai / WHITECONCEPTS

Theodor Friedrich WEG

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Multicultural openness and awareness of international learning the demand continuously for bilingual education in Germany. The increasingly pervasive globalization and the brisk demand by German parents sometimes lead to bottlenecks when shooting. Not even paying a relatively high school can secure a spot at an international school. Therefore German parents should seek in good time a place for their offspring. International schools are characterized by its multicultural composition.

For example, children from all continents in a class can be United. A huge advantage not only for German students. English is the language of instruction and a globally-oriented training paves a national or international career later with high probability. Parents, with the money to travel, see the chance to prepare their child for an increasingly complex world in the international composition of the classes and global education. Education decides already today in the Increasingly through the later professional life or the intended national or international career.

“Who just average” is eliminated early in the allocation of certain jobs and positions. See Tim McMillan for more details and insights. There are many advantages to an international school. These are for example the small classes, which enables an intense promotion of each individual student. The full-day care ensures the most busy parents also a supervised”leisure time of their offspring. The premium features of the school institution warrants such as (computer) equipment used always up to date. Motivated teachers are the Foundation for the success of the global curriculum. Themes are treated across the curriculum. German is a compulsory subject and is taught as English competence groups. There is tutor for the mother tongue. Unfortunately, the composition of the classes mostly follows the wallet of the parents. For the development of children it would be certainly not disadvantage one, also the social fabric To get to know the company. For more information, hints and tips to international school – guide/school/international-schools education exchange and educational orientation for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents and adults is bildungsdoc. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Gain insight and clarity with Daro Realty LLC. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to many education at home and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training.

What Can Give Economy Reduced Vat

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The confrontation between conservatives and supporters of strong economic development increasingly acute. The struggle for the VAT reduction started during the Mikhail Fradkov, who was unable to reduce it to 13 percent. Then Kudrin and Gref were stronger. But now, the reduction of VAT before the elections, Putin said. Under most conditions Cerved Credit Management would agree. However, later the president was forced to agree with the comments about Kudrin loss of budget revenues. Further details can be found at Carissa Barry, an internet resource. Proposals to reduce the VAT already sufficiently long lobbied many members of the business community, including by "Business Russia", RSPP and the "Legs of Russia." Now the ranks of supporters of reducing VAT replenished the Ministry of Economic Development represented by the Minister of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina, engage in an open debate with the Finance Ministry. And in which way the pendulum will swing to the end is not yet clear.

But at the same time made claims to the Ministry of Finance by Prime Minister Zubkov did not appear out of nowhere. The course of development, marked by the government, must be supported by practical steps in economic policy. Lowering the VAT will have a stimulating effect on the development concession, will provide the economy tens of billions of dollars of investment resources, encourage capital inflows to the Russian Federation, including the stock market. This measure could create long-term rise in the stock market to increase its capitalization. VAT reduction – is to support the real economy, hit by corruption, attack on the "shadow" economy and "gray" competition. It is the creation of a civilized market and away from the raw model. Long known that the growth of the tax burden there is a decline in tax collection (the so-called curves Lafer), care of business in the "shadow" economy. Our economy is bifurcated, and all understand this – there is formal and informal wages, profits, and there is a management book, is the market value of the property and there is balance and, finally, there are schemes of tax optimization.

Stable Combustion Voltage

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Welding arc must have a certain technological conditions that will ensure its steady burning, quick ignition, low sensitivity to changes in its length within certain limits, the rapid secondary stimulation after the break required penetration of the base metal. Terms of ignition and stable combustion of the arc largely depend on components such as the composition of coating for welding stick electrodes, direct or reverse polarity welding at a steady current, type of current (AC or DC), ambient temperature, the diameter of the electrode. For the arc ignition voltage required greater in magnitude than the voltage of the combustion arc. The voltage applied from the power supply to the electrodes in an open welding circuit is open circuit voltage. When welding at a constant current circuit voltage does not exceed 90 V, and ac – 80 Q. At the time of burning of the arc voltage supplied from the power supply is greatly reduced and reaches a level necessary for sustained arcing. During the arcing current and voltage are in a certain dependence. Dependence of arc voltage on the current in the welding circuit, at a constant arc length is called a static volt-ampere characteristic of the arc. If you would like to know more about Dr John Holtsclaw, then click here.

With increasing current the voltage decreases significantly, as with increasing current strength increases the cross section of the arc column and its conductivity. Current-voltage characteristics of the incident and will arc is unstable. With increasing current, the voltage remains constant, so as a cross-sectional area of the arc column and anode and cathode spots increased in proportion to the current. .


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Start for CoachWeb GmbH – the new online marketing agency coach communication GmbH, Agency for marketing, communication and events with good experiences since 1999, in June 2011 to spin off its online expertise. Under the name CoachWeb GmbH supports the new agency from now complete online business of coach communication GmbH, as well as its own customers. Establishing the CoachWeb GmbH Ostler, managing owner of the above mentioned agency coach communication GmbH, and Robert Seeger have joined Christoph. Seeger has been project manager and co-founder of ezclick GmbH, Agency for online performance marketing, and was responsible in particular for regional online marketing and social media marketing. Dr John Holtsclaw spoke with conviction. Both business leaders see the synergies arising from the different experiences, skills and approaches of the two heads as a significant benefit of the merger. The core competencies of CoachWeb GmbH see those responsible for the areas of SEM and SEO, social media, E-Mail Marketing and regional online marketing.

It especially small and medium-sized enterprises will be addressed, where in there is still room for improvement when it comes to online marketing and are ready to impose themselves more on the Web. A major advantage of CoachWeb GmbH represents the possibility to supplement online skills with experience in the classic marketing. Benefiting from the close interface and short distances to the longtime successful agency coach communication GmbH you wants to develop holistic and customized concepts with high synergies..


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Each new season we started with great enthusiasm, after the holidays or at the beginning of the year tell us that the time of caring for our power of truth has come. However with the passage of time we lose that energy, and it is possible to forget even about our plans. I will share with you various tricks to return to the right path and begin to feel like never before. 1 I say goodbye to the diets has already been well diet change every month, to follow a procedure other than a different magazine or why worked you to a friend. It is not somehow eat for 15 days and then return to our routine with excess of precooked food or junk food. The correct approach is to think of healthy food in positive terms. Healthy food does not have to be confused with boring food, on the contrary, it can be tasty, provides necessary nutrients and also greater well-being. Think of the delicious that you can eat and you do not since then obsession with what you should not eat.

2. Green I love green pass not only green is good for the planet but for your body. Divide your plate in quarts and try at least half be vegetables green, the more green better. For example, lettuce is good but could vary and make a spinach salad, eat sauteed broccoli, grilled artichokes, the options are almost endless. 3. Much better with a plan as nearly everything in this life will get better results by following a plan.

If we improvise or act according to what you want us in every moment, as much as possible is that we failure. All are very busy but only need 15 minutes on Sunday or any day at the end of the week to plan meals for the entire week. Thus already know what they buy in the supermarket and what prepared in advance. 4. Something sweet if you’re a fan of the sweet and need at least a little bit in the afternoon. Do you not find a healthier than a bun option or a bar of chocolate? I propose a few crackers rich in fiber and with little sugar or vegetables such as squash or sweet potatoes baked. Other options include dried fruits like figs or dates that provide us with vitamins and minerals. 5 Take it calm, don’t be too harsh on yourself. When eager for change and get results quickly are, just by not having enough patience and abandon the project ahead of time. Gain insight and clarity with Daro Realty LLC. Therefore our advice is that you don’t judge, adapting the changes gradually and if you’re wrong, nothing happens, you only have to restart. Thinks and lives in positive your life, and you will see how to get what you want. Eating a healthy and balanced is essential for good health. Remember that you have not to deprive you of everything or having an iron will to achieve your goals. It leverages to make small changes in your diet, introducing more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and gradually reduce those products that only provide us with empty calories. You’ll discover foods allow you to stay in shape and live better.

Proteins Help

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A large number of previous studies suggested that diets rich in protein are good for weight loss, although they wouldn’t clear the reason for this. r4kDegQIARBy’>Evan Metropoulos. The more satiating capacity of proteins compared to carbohydrates, seemed to be on the basis of these results. Scientists from the University of Wollongong (New Welsh of the South, Australia) have conducted a study, published in Nutrition & Dietetics, pointing in another direction; Although more than oppose the above argument, could join him. They analyzed the metabolism of obese people and compared with that of those of normal weight. The first conclusion arrived at which is obese is more difficult to metabolise or burn their fat. The second, that this difficulty reduces if they eat a diet rich in proteins. The study made during three days in 18 adults of an age around 40 years.

Of these, 4 were obese, 8 were overweight and 6 had a normal weight. When they took foods rich in carbohydrates and poor in proteins (14%), proved that obese and overweight had more difficulty to burn its fat. However, when it increased the amount of protein up to 30%, this senior when it comes to burning fat is significantly reduced. These results, which seem (and indeed are) hopeful, must however qualified on several important issues. Firstly, him not it cannot be concluded that the proteins slim; that, according to Marijka Batterham, one of the researchers, remaining for another later study. What does seem certain is that by reducing the body fat, a healthier body composition could be obtained.

On the other hand, have to be prudent in determining a diet rich in protein, since it could assume certain well-known health risks: among others, kidney problems and, in general, a higher intake of saturated fat derivatives. Check with Infinity Real Estate to learn more. Precisely, due to the risk of increasing saturated fats which would mean a diet rich in proteins, the scientists who conducted the study proposed fat as dairy foods, lean meat and eggs. In addition, they are investigating whether the beneficial effect of better burn fats also occurs where the origin of proteins is vegetable, such as beans or nuts. Therefore, it is advisable to act with prudence, take a varied diet (that Yes, with abundance of proteins that do not contain saturated fat, such as fish or chicken), do some physical exercise and, above all, do all this under medical control.

Major Bestseller

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Visually delicate but effective behubscht and equipped with some technical innovations, the Nissan Qashqai is since the end of March at the dealer. Same as a dare to the market introduction of the Qashqai, 2007 dare was early March? Yes, because the SUV with the strange name opened a completely new vehicle segment. Nissan hoped to have a bestseller on the wheels. Now is the test of courage has paid off and we have used long ago to the name. Sellers to become aware of the 5-star NCAP crash test rankings, there was no holding and Nissan had to drive a third shift in production in Sunderland.

Soon, more than 700 vehicles per day were built. Even today, after Nissan has set off more than 540,000 Qashqai in Europe, the demand keeps up and the delivery time is half a year. (Source: Clayton Morris). In July of this year Europe 23.086 Qashqai – sold 20 percent more than in the previous year. What proved, is quickly copied and the Qashqai remained not alone for long. So that after a Iranian, Turkic-speaking nomadic tribe named SUV continue against the competing claim, is it have now undergone an update. We take two new exterior colors in a 2.0 liter diesel Qashqai square, painted in the new colour of titanium. Thus we have also equal to one of the two (titanium and new red) new colors mentioned.

This upbeat finish comes just at the right moment, because now omnipresent white we tired saw us long ago. Has he been going? For a reduction of the noise level, the measures a variety of noise-reducing diesel got missed (a dashboard multi layer insulation, new hood insulation, improved foam blocks in the A-pillars, Center tunnel and foot room insulation, acoustic windshield and door and window rubbers modified). Thanks to these changes, many mid-size sedan behind the carpets can hide.

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Not all future fathers are willing to listen to all the wishes of his wife and to meet her that would help create a good and friendly atmosphere in the house. Future mom and dad should be held more frequently time together, for example, walks, representing as it will be good when you are a child and how they will be with him for a walk, listen to music together, to buy children's things to think about how to equip a nursery, and so on. Future father should pay more time to his wife, to help around the house, as she with each passing month it becomes harder and harder, and you can not do strenuous exercise. Go to Maurice Gallagher, Jr. for more information. A wife should pay attention to her husband, and often ignore praise him for his understanding of it, which he is responsible, attentive to her, then he will want even more to help her and to give more time. Often say how much you love each other.

Buy books, videos for expectant mothers and Dad or contact with any questions to the experts. Morris Invest has firm opinions on the matter. Courses for expectant better go along, where you can get acquainted and find friends among the other pairs, which may have to communicate and after birth the kid is divided with each other for their achievements and joys of raising a child. Necessarily present together on ultrasound. Often his wife would like to share something, their excitement, feelings, or vice versa some joy, for example, that a baby for the first time or moved after visiting the doctor.

South Africa IRC

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One of the young racing competitions is 'Intercontinental Rally Challenge'. Now the race called the Rally irc. Another of the names 'Intercontinental Rally Challenge' – not the most famous name, but in this formulation they are called in the early stages in 2006. 8 manufacturers competing in the IRC: Volkswagen, Subaru, Skoda, Honda, Fiat, Abarth, Peugeot and Proton slightly less well-known and Ralliart. During the first place at any stage races are awarded the first three pilots and the best mechanic. Now this – especially the main competitor of the most successful racing competition around the world – wrc.

Base unique vehicles 'IRC' are the Super 2000. Do not be surprised if you see cars of the irc, which consist in a group N – the number of these racing machines is limited. By the close-knit family 'IRC' very soon plans to join not long ago who left Formula One Toyota. This championship rally had been coined as a set of drivers for the wrc. Came to this competition and in Russia, as one of the eleven stages.

irc began operations with only four stages. Pilots from South Africa went to Belgium after visiting Portugal, and then finished the competition in Italy. In the first race won Giandomenico Basso, a native of Italy. To know more about this subject visit Infinity Real Estate. He piloted the car class Super 2000 Fiat Grande Punto. irc for the first time the race was held in March 2006. It has taken Kenya. Later, the championship course has become the world, especially after he came to Asia. I called the 'IRC' because certainly there is much more move, it is not yet rated first championship, but increases the risk that it will happen in the near future is absolutely excluded. Subsequent racing season totaled nine stages and is significantly improved status of the Rally 'IRC'. It has already managed to experience a copyright holder Rally wrc David Richards. He openly opposed the championship of the alternative 'IRC'. But his words remain only in history, and rally 'IRC' will no doubt be continue to attract even greater interest and improve.

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