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Metal Church Heavy Metal

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In 1980, Kurt Vanderhoof assembled a team of 'Metal Church', became known by the nickname of his apartment in San Francisco, where he and his friends worshiped heavy metal. The group, in addition it includes: Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich) – drums, Mick Murphy (Mick Murphy) – vocals, Craig Wells (Craig Wells) – guitar, Duke Errikson (Duke Erricson) – bass. Soon, Lars Ulrich moved to Los Angeles and became one of the founders of the group Metallica, and his place was filled with shock Errington Kirk (Kirk Arrington). Nothing special guys do not able to do, and Kurt returned to his native Aberdeen. There, in 1981 organized the project Vanderhoof 'Shrapnel', which included his high school friends Kirk Arrington (drums), Mike Murphy (vocals) and Craig Wells (guitar). Completed the formation of each team of Kirk, bassist Duke Erikson. Murphy also soon escaped from the 'Shrapnel' and amassed a gang of 'Rogues Gallery', and the microphone went to his friend Craig, David Wayne.

During the formation of a group engaged in the execution of the main metal covers and performed where necessary: in the local bars, at school parties and even weddings. The group sang too heavy and fast for its time the music on the text of the concept falls under the category of 'black metal'. Musicians sifted through several names and finally settled in 1983 by Metal Church. President of Metal Blade noticed a group and incorporated their song Merciless Onslaught a collection of Metal Massacre 1" – from that moment began a rapid ascent to Olympus Metal Church of heavy rock.

The Process

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Almost all of them are working on – the same principle, “stuffed” track, for example, “barrel” (who does not know – boo-o-olshoy a drum, which beat the foot), replaced the MIDI to Wave, retained. Or put in the editor window for the subsequent assembly. Try to avoid the temptation to write down immediately all the drums in one track. This is the theme for the lazy. In the process of assembling all the tracks in one sample, you may need, such as: pause the game to “work” drum, four bars.

Or make a fraction longer than the transition to “the fact – viola.” If you every “Tambourine” is written on a separate track, it’s simple: he measured – cut or added a couple of punches. This is usually done with a metronome, there is almost any program. It is better to get when you go to next track bass: bass and drums – this is a classic rhythm – section. After repeated listening, and separate pieces of track as a whole, or normalize the volume of each set the volume manually, if you like, what, eg plates sounded louder than other instruments. “Stuff” can be an entire song as a whole, or separately verse – chorus alone. (Does not apply to the “acid” music direction) and there is a rhythm only change color depending on the arrangements. For the current trends in the “prog FL Studio already have a bunch of ready-made rhythms: selected, set the pace to continue. In the various collections of samples of this stuff, too short, by the way, Wave – format, mode of operation is the same.

The programs of Band-in-a-Box, GP – is the “voice” that is, real drums practically “live” performance. True, it may not always coincide with your requirements to the sound of drums in a particular song. In the process of your creation work with format Wave. Despite the great “weight.” Sound better and more realistic. Convert to MP-3 always have time. If your demands to the sound of the drums are quite high. Have to be patient and almost by hand, “put” on place every hit. If you are on – drum, feel free to take the rhythm and make ready for him, the other instruments. If you’ve never held in their hands, “the stick” is also not a problem, modern tools allow you not to bother on this about. The main thing is not to be afraid to try. Suddenly happen. Well, if you want to know more details and little secrets, and get ready to track: a look at: Tell us what you are interested and concerned.

Eminem Interview

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DEBBIE NELSON: He was 14 years old. He loved to write. He was very artistic. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. He could write, he could draw, he could do anything. BILL O'REILLY: He was talented by nature? NELSON: Right. Marshall breykdens danced in 11 years. He loved to dance.

He was always talented. O'REILLY: But Millions of children are talented. What happened to him? You said it was positive in his songs, and then just changed it so wrong? NELSON: He was not violent and negative in my home, where practiced, he and a lot of children. They made a lot of little notes and then left them in the studio. But nobody listened, says Nelson, until he began to scold her. O'REILLY: He said you were addicted to drugs and hurt him. NELSON: I am an alcoholic and drug addict, and whatever he says about me – it is only for the public. I looked at it – not to go mad – I mean, I have to be funny.

It's funny in some way. O'REILLY: I do not think it's funny anyway. I've never seen his son, attacking his mother so wildly as Your in my songs. How did you react to this? NELSON: At first it was hard, but then I just have to understand – it's all to the public. It's part of his image. O'REILLY: You think he wanted to shock everyone, to get attention? NELSON: I think when He was positive and good, it was not for sale.

Alexander Balunovym Schigolevym

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The group was founded in Leningrad in 1988 by Michael Gorshenevym classmates, Alexander and Alexander Balunovym Schigolevym entitled "Office." In 1990 Gorshenev met Andrei Knyazev at the Leningrad School restorers, and invited him to the group. But when I started the group developed a new concept and a fabulous texts, it became clear that you need a new name. There were options such as "slaughtered dandelion", "Apocalypse", but it was decided to stay at "The King and the Clown." All around saying that name – stupid. A Pot of Duke were confident, "You'll find out what" The King and the Clown "!" Knyazev was the main songwriter of "King and the Clown," begun to use their songs, folk tales and stories "horrors" by entering text in the images of fairy tale characters: the trolls, vampires, etc. Because of this code group in the beginning were very different from traditional social-protest themes text-punk groups. Since 1991, the band first started recording some songs on a semi-studio ("The Dead Woman," "Hunter," "The King and the Clown," "In the Valley of wetlands").

At the same time, the first broadcast on the radio program Anatoly Gunitskii. Of small circulation non-album, "Be at home, the traveler," was released on magnetic tape in a limited edition of 1994 and has long been considered a real rarity among fans. This version of the album license plate is not. The first group performed in public was held in 1992, the school beat Igor Golubev in the old rock club on Rubinstein, 13.

Modern Japanese Movie

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Only about Japanese films can be said thin film as silk and strong as sake. Cherry blossoms, samurai, attention to detail – this is part of the multi-faceted fabric of Japan. Japanese films have collected a sensuality and beauty, but also time depth, magnificent nature, though created by the most in love of the gods. As an art form Japanese cinema came of the nineteenth century. And in 1908 he opened in Japan, opened the first studio. But the whole movie industry developed according to the laws of the theater, all roles were played by men. 'Golden Age' of Japanese cinema has a 50-60s of last century. In the film industry of any country has its own heroes which equals, in which the study.

Japan Movies securely fastened talent Takeshi Kitano. Continue to learn more with: Larry Ellison. To some they may seem tragic and cruel to someone, and comic krasivymii. But all of the palette combines music, love, and landscapes Brother yakuza, Sonatine, Zatoichi … All movies Kitano independent. But at the same time, they clearly reflect the nature of its rights and modernity. Japanese producers continue to love the bold outline image of the samurai. Among a number of films with such a moral idea Vasumitra stand. This film is about two friends who dream of leaving home.

Money girls earn trade my body. Heard a story about a prostitute Vasumitre conquering men, they seem fun. And this leads to a child does not end. Vasumitra – is incomparable Japanese autumn, which smells of coffee strength. It is the soul and the demons are wide open – so that it is possible to touch them. Of course, we can not forget about the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. The film full of myths about Japan. But no matter how critical of this picture, she is extremely beautiful fairy tale. Cinema of Japan – it's aesthetic beauty and depth. High-quality Japanese film is good because it is inexhaustible.

Andrew Kirgizov Website

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But not terrible, it's like a Russian fairy tales, dead water at first, to gain the flesh, then living, and the world continues in all its diversity. Now, there is a finding of spiritual flesh for creativity and new incarnations. Bernard Golden has many thoughts on the issue. Story truly becomes a true story! And this is the work of artists! But what do the artist, if he has passed this way, and it is open to living the life he sees and expresses it through his art, and around the "zombie" not understanding. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. Here's a boys his cross! So what if they do not understand, it is better to keep quiet, come, and you will find time from his labors. Today, many paintings are like a well-cleaned, decorated and painted body, ready for burial.

Everything is done to last act, everything is predictable. In a live picture of the same can not be predictable, because in life you do not know what will happen in an instant. So in the true art can not speak about the finished and accomplished, but may feel the flight of the creative genius of the author making the work available is not the time! And it is at all times! Life is always individual, the death of the same faceless, but ambitious. It is on the scale of death is based the current mass "Culture" and other similar ones leapfrog. You have to understand that life in the picture, is not life all around us, but life is better on the individual opinion of the author. Believe it or not. I want to say here is about.

The ancient Greeks said, "When we were poorer than the paint, we were richer than art." In my opinion, and this is at all times! Now, when the "superstructure" in the form of countless artistic materials, displays, flickering in every way, movies and photos, promising easy consumption seems to be buried under a recent shoots of human individualism, as opposed to an artist just need to limit yourself in everything but art. This is the only way to perfection, to preserve their own unique personality. His word can tell, working for an ideal, almost without noticing it himself, mixing the paints on the palette is not, and the very nature of things and events, creating his own unique world, becoming associate God! They say he needed only one material for the creation of the world! The current time display, the glamorous "academies" only ties the legs of the artist, if he notices this. And, the last to the audience. All strongly I recommend going to the museums and exhibitions, as well as artists' studios, where personally created new worlds full of life and hope, which is not a sin, and take a look. Artist Andrew Kirgizov Website: / /

Martin Nichols Black

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August 28, 1990 Ronnie James Dio invited to a concert in Minneapolis Dio Geezer Butler with a group of (At Anchor) performed the Neon Knights. There was a reunion (Dio, Butler, Iommi, Powell, Nicholls), but soon gave way to the Powell Appice Vinny (among the possible reasons cited two: a fall from a horse and a drummer of his quarrel with Dio). New up recorded Dehumanizer (1992); version album tracks Time Machine became the movie "Wayne's World." Album for the first time in nine years back a group of American Top 50, the British hit was the single TV Crimes. Cloud computing has compatible beliefs. Then Ozzy Osbourne announced his intention to renounce forever concert activity and Black Sabbath asked him to open two shows in Costa Mesa. Dio refused, believing that Black Sabbath could not be a support band, especially for Ozzy, who spoke disrespectfully of the group in his interviews. But Iommi, Butler and Appice accepted the invitation at the last moment by inviting to the microphone Rob Halford of Judas Priest.

Once signed up to that of Bill Ward (on stage they performed November 15, 1992, performing four songs), began preparations for a joint studio work and tour. But now, refused to participate Ozzy. Followed by a new reshuffle in the composition: Appice replaced by Bobby Rondinelli, and Martin Nichols and Black Sabbath recorded Cross Purposes (1994). In the midst of the tour Rondinelli left the band and was replaced by Bill Ward returned. Album Forbidden, recorded producer Ernie C of Body Count, to this day remains the last studio album, Black Sabbath.

Art Pictures Studio Duration

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Information Title: Inhabited Island: Real Original title: Inhabited Island: Real Year: 2009 Genre: Science Fiction, Action Director: Fyodor Bondarchuk Cast: Gosha Kutsenko, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Aleksei Serebryakov, Sergei Garmash, Petr Fedorov, Vasily Stepanov, Mikhail Evlanov About the film: 2157. Humanity creates space group called GSP – a group of free search. Now, any Earthling, getting the spacecraft and registering your trip, free travel to the stars. So come and Maxim Kammerer, unaware that he was to be wrecked on a distant planet, to be captured and be alone with a stranger hostile world. Humanity creates space group called GSP – a group of free search. Now, any Earthling, getting the spacecraft and registering your trip, free travel to the stars. So come Maxim Kammerer, unaware that he was to be wrecked on a distant planet, to be captured and be alone with a stranger hostile mirom.Teper any Earthling, getting the spacecraft and registering your trip, free to go to the stars. So come and Maxim Kammerer, unaware that he was to be wrecked on a distant planet, to be captured and be alone with a stranger hostile world. Issued: Russia, Art Pictures Studio Duration: 1:38:53 Sound: Original File Format: AVI (XviD) Quality: CAMRip Video: 860 kb / s, 608×352 Audio: MP3, 112 kb / s (2 ch) Size: 694 MB

Egyptian Spiritual

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Arcane major IX of the tarot, the Hermitage or Hermit, encausa the highest spiritual energy. Their lessons speak of the necessity to cultivate the inner life, to move away of the noise and to take care of only the essential. But what it is understood by reflection and spiritual evolution has been changing with running of the centuries, reason why he is interesting to examine the differences in the interpretation of this arcane one that mediate between the Egyptian tarot and the gypsy tarot. The Egyptian tarot was a tarot, essentially, for initiates in hermetic the philosophical tradition. The present tarot, in fact, conserves numerous symbols that send her, symbols that add wealth of meaning to the interpretation as it is realised in our days. In order to include/understand it, no longer it is necessary to be an initiate in philosophical current determining: the gypsy tarot offers to guide and advice to all those need that it.

Each arcane one, in the Egyptian tarot, keeps a particular message for each one of the 3 planes from the existence: the spiritual, the physicist and the mental one. In this tarot, the Hermitage or Hermit is that one that has obtained an intense elevation in the spiritual plane, being able to move away of the temptations of the world. This wisdom acquired at spiritual level also allows a great evolution him to mental level, an absolute communion that allows him to only become one with its ideas. In this way, it obtains that thought and action become the same thing. The majority of the people does not have the objective, in spite of being interested in their evolution and spiritual growth of this state of the being, the ideal and highest to the one than could be inhaled within the hermtical tradition. The Hermit acquires then in the gypsy tarot different connotations.

The material progress has gone in reduction, mainly in the developed nations more, of the spiritual life. By this many people they feel an emptiness in its interior and look for something different, without knowing what is. The Hermit in the gypsy tarot teaches to us that the answer is inside ours. But that we must dive deeply in our interior to find it, coming off to us all superfluous. Who moves away of the noise it only manages to listen to its own voice. And only who discovers his own voice, and he is able to speak with her, finds the way of the true happiness.

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