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Training Needs

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Education should not be out of sticks, the team must perceive a need for training, he must understand that learning it improves the quality of its products, regardless of service or product is, respectively, the consumer will choose it over a quality product, hence the new orders and the preservation jobs – confidence in the future. To learn how to present their thoughts, their need to learn how to prepare. Laws of composition, the golden mean, divine section, all as in art and nature. Your speech should be divided into three parts, the first entry twenty percent of the total time, followed by the main part of sixty percent of the total time for action, and then the conclusion of twenty percent of total time. Entry, you present yourself, naturally draw attention to themselves that now you stand here and now that I pray.

What would you say about anything, you have to remember, you must in memory of listeners. As draw attention to himself during the speech. For example, you may be in the hands of any subject, if you're talking about the peoples of the far north, as well to produce oil and gas there, you just have to keep in the hands of the subject folklore that that's the subject you gave the local population as a token of gratitude and a little history here, as you have saved this little people of the indispensable extinction, all of you to remember this, they have not seen you they were interesting, you began to listen, look closely at your audience as you listen to who you listen to, love with all my heart to your audience. The first time performances at this time you evaluate how you look like you Say, what is your demeanor, how do you keep yourself in public. Give this time the audience love you, let them listen to you opening their mouths. If you would like to know more about delta airlines, then click here. Techniques to catch the attention of many who is playing the harmonica, who is dancing, do not be afraid show yourself, but do not replay. Examine the public, you'll win, that she prefers, what methods it is more suited, above all not to overreact. In each classroom its own rules, in one of your statement will be successful, you will be on hand after the speech, and the other with the performance you will fly in tomatoes, but it's the worst thing that awaits you when speaking. If you made fail you, no one will shoot you just do not give money, you just hold talks failed, so you need to understand the whole meaning of your movements for what you are doing, for whom you are trying. Correctly all the cock, collect material, arm, all this will increase the chance of success of your speech.

Russian Equipment

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Determined the optimal solution, based on anticipated production and nomenclature. Work with suppliers to review the requirements for infrastructure and utilities. At our practice was not the case when the lending institutions were interested in the choice of equipment. This question is to rely experience of the Borrower. But to us quite often turn units to implement collateral. For various reasons, or equipment, or a ready-made production becomes the property of the lender.

And here is question of liquidity equipment / production. Scott M. Kahan CFP is the source for more interesting facts. At our practice have been cases, when it became clear that manufactured products does not pass under the Russian construction standards. Can not be used in Russia. This meant that the plant, which came as collateral to a lender, nor should penny. Now on the various customs and industrial sites is a huge amount of equipment that lenders can not sell for several years. Liquidity of the project, and the more liquidity is different components of the project in case of unsuccessful implementation was not considered. Relevance of the analysis equipment is not determined solely by its liquidity.

Size of error associated with inadequate equipment selection, may have critical to the success of the business project during implementation. Third, it is the only actual supply on three areas of preparation of investment projects in industry – market research, analysis and selection of equipment, analysis of financial performance. Fourth, well-established for many years, the system can work to reduce the cost of works associated with the preparation of investment project.

Business Ideas In Crisis

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Sometimes these small business ideas were developed into large successful companies, which may further control the second and third generations in seme. nowadays find money to start their own business can seem very difficult. To overcome the current financial crisis, spreading rapidly around the world, offered several conflicting strategies, which many raise questions. Congratulations! If you will come to mind, new business ideas, you were among those elected 6% of all humanity, which in general is capable of. Now, being practical people, try to sell your idea. At the initial stage of the value it represents.

But for those who want to profit at the expense of others is your idea becomes a subject of interest and profit. The risk of some foreign companies are seeking in various educational institutions 'bright minds' to use their raw business ideas for their own selfish interests. With the same purpose to work and so-called 'contests of ideas' that are in the early stages ascertain the details of your business idea, and then disappear in an unknown direction. And then your the idea of 'pops' somewhere in a converted, possibly amended version. In the best case, you will pay tiny percentage, but usually nothing at all. Therefore, their business idea should always be made public, preferably in many publications to defend their prava. paradox: on the one hand, the idea has value, but on the other – the author can not sell it. Sell the idea, neraskryv its essence, it is impossible. And at the same time, revealing its essence, it is possible lose the idea There is in this area, of course, and professionals who can assist you in this 'slippery' path. However, their services will cost you dearly – between 30 and 90% of the total value of ideas as such.

Anticrisis Strategy

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We present an interview with the director of Constantine akpr Koblova. – What is anti-crisis? – "Crisis", as you say, searching for new methods of work in new conditions. We believe that now, these services should be in demand as never before. First, the crisis requires a restructuring of the organizational structure of the work on financing of investment projects. Secondly, the crisis should be a catalyst for a culture of training investment projects. Credit institutions here have become a conduit for this culture.

In most cases, business planning is perceived by potential investors just as the burden to establish of a formal document required to obtain credit. At the same time in real life, this document can not be applied. Such a formalism is generated primarily by credit institutions. Established practice – business plan for the business and the business plan for the bank. The second format indicates some extremely simplified quasi-document bears a formal nature. This situation is understandable. For a critical assessment of mortgage lender to the Borrower.

Himself business project, in fact, goes into the background. The crisis changed the situation. Production facilities, which are exhibited as collateral, is rapidly depreciating. Increasingly, the transition in ownership of productive assets is only one loss. Therefore, in these conditions becomes relevant not only the availability of collateral, but also the analysis of viability of the business project. This requires the search for new forms of work. It is clear that credit institution is unable to independently analyze the entire mass of incoming requests.

Employee Center

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Centre for certification, where you have to ask, or should be required to provide the actual tenancy agreement. Therefore, even by this time you need to get a life office. Employee Center necessarily come back in to visit you and personally assess the conditions under which you accept clients. In addition, it is necessary to prepare a lot of different instruments, and in the first place – a copy of the work record of at least one employee your newborn company with experience in tourism for more than three years. Although, in principle, about a month you can work out without a certificate of conformity. Some firms are working even longer, and provide inspection documents proving that he is being prepared. The third compulsory paper, which should hang in a frame on the wall – a health certificate.

Have to spend a day to listen to lectures on infectious diseases in tropical countries. If you have time to solve all these problems by February, then we can start negotiations with tour operators. Incidentally, in Moscow twice a year, fall and spring, usually in the Expocentre at is the main tourist exhibition – mitt. It is worth a visit. Perhaps it is her you enclose your first contract with the tour operator. And if not – then at least know who is who in the travel market, type in the directory and souvenirs, which must necessarily be in the office (for example, detailed map of the Turkish coast). It is worth to take the exhibition of all their employees.

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