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Virtual Studio and virtual hosts for highest topicality barely three weeks before the official launch one of the most elaborate features of the new regional news page is Rhein-Wied-news”now on the demo page of Rhine DTR to consider: the Virtual Studio and virtual hosts. Operator side it says this service also real images can be integrated into the, it wants to achieve the timeliness of the radio: from the entrance of a message to the broadcast in the Virtual Studio, a time window of 5-10 minutes is realistic. Recently Scott Mead sought to clarify these questions. At the same time this kind of presentation should be interested in younger users for regional content. Rhein-Wied-news”or short RWN” launches its free offering of news, tips, commentary and guide for the region of Neuwied Koblenz Rhine on October 15th at 4: 00. Until then, the page under can be tested already in many functions.

Federal Cartel Office

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And: money from Sports betting providers that engage international heavily in sponsorship, flows only sparsely in this country because the State betting monopoly”, so the leaf. “The arguments of the Cartel Office are very constructed and pretentious: who defines because please, that a summary in the free-TV before 8: 00 is consumer-friendly than a later summary of first League matches”, commented Peter Schatton, Executive Board of the Dusseldorfer sport betting provider top betting. Finally also reports on the two Sunday Games would not show up until after 10: 00 in the free-to-air television, and were often even top games. Football is so cheap to get as in Germany currently for the fan in any European top League, Sadowsky. Meanwhile, the DFL has announced to initiate legal action against the Cartel Office, after the authority has rejected a new compromise proposal. The League Association had offered to produce the free-to-air television coverage before 20: 00, even on its own channel of the League, and in the Digital TV service in the period between 19:30 and 20: 00 to send.

For the Federal Cartel Office was however also in this model not in the sense of consumers. Also German team manager Oliver Bierhoff has expressed critical compared to the Cartel Office’s attitude on the edge of the training camp of the national football team in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The world quotes him: the social and economic importance of football is in Germany despite all rhetoric of politicians always back unnecessarily into question and thus not adequately appreciated. I would even like what happens when as in the United States or Italy the whole league goes on strike and thus the game operating on several weekends.

MCI CEO Ralf Schimmel

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Studio Hamburg MCI: Two new television studios for the Saudi TV the workshops of the Studio Hamburg media consult international (MCI) projects in Saudi Arabia now also realize GmbH: for two of the largest radio transmitter of the country the MCI workshops contribute to the building of two State of the Art Studio decorations. Saudi TV 1 now inaugurated the first set of messages. Al Ekhbariya channel will go on air from the first weekend of October from the new Studio. The semicircular landscaped Studios include 550 m2 and 430 m2 in size the largest of the MCI made decorations. Among other things, the MCI was responsible for the construction of projection screens, backgrounds, and floors of both studios.

In particular, the challenge was to send the material for the sets at the end of Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and install. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the companies involved this was achieved but in time to send start”, says MCI CEO Ralf Schimmel. In a total of twelve air cargo crates with the 14 m3 capacity and a Freight container a 33 m3 content sent the MCI the Studio sets in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The 13-Member repair team then realized the installation period of two weeks. Saudi TV 1 the Studio A has a size of 28 x 20 meters and is surrounded by a 19-metre-long curved projection screen on the back.

Five projectors play a soft edge projection of a virtual newsroom here. The Studio D for Al Ekhbariya has a size of 24 x 21 meters and is bordered with numerous self supporting strips of Plexiglas. This blue stealing are illuminated with LEDs diffuse and thus contribute to the modern atmosphere of the Studio. Total around 400 m are LED strips which provide a wide range of illumination. A 5-metre wide screen is fitted behind the presenters, on which project back two Beamer visualizations. The special feature is the construction of this projection surfaces, because they appear freely floating for the viewers in the set”, says MCI project leader Fabian Bater. . The Studio sets have two faces of moderation, the so-called puddings, of which the individual items, will be presented. Introduced Saudi TV 1 the moderators to, for example, the breakfast news”from one and the business news” from the other pudding before. The Studio floors are manufactured from high pressure laminate in black glossy and bright wood grain, used on the two floor platforms for the puddings. The two Saudi TV 1 and Al-Ekhbariya television networks operated by the Saudi Ministry of culture and information. They are among the largest television companies in the country. The design of both studios comes from back design Munich.

Italian Frank

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Dining in the open air: an epicurean tour if we can believe the weather prophets, it is soon summer. And there is what there could be better than to spend a day outdoors with good friends or family? Now is the right time for a picnic. The local time of the WDR Duisburg has addressed this topic and filmed in the EventKochstudio by Frank Schwarz on the wholesale market. In his youth had Frank Schwarz recalls not much romance to do picnic. As has our mother a plastic cooler bag with fried neck chops, potato or pasta salad and a thermos Instantzitronentee in the hand pressed. And off’s went to the six Lakes plate. ” With the recipe of the Duisburg TV chef the picnic is a delicious trip of a special kind, because it depends mainly on the delicious content.

The Managing Director of Frank Black gastro Group GmbH (FAYE), recommends so tasty things like refreshing gazpacho, haunch of chicken tikka masala, Italian antipasti pasta salad or tuna sandwich. At the end he advises Head of FAYAZ, an exotic fruit salad and a micro wave cake that is ready in a minute. As a drink, there is no Cola or soda, but Lassi with tomato and passion as a real thirst quencher. For me Frank Schwarz among the best chefs in the region”, WDR author Alexandra Steffens-Klein says. He has always great ideas around the delicious food. Since it seemed natural that we got him as a specialist for the culinary content of picnic baskets in front of the camera.” After the four-hour filming on the wholesale market drove the team to the Berta Lake. There, the test family, which was allowed to test the contents of the picnic basket waiting already. The viewer learns whether it has tasted them, on Friday, July 5, 19:30, in the local time of Duisburg in the WDR television. Information:

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