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Mexican Independent

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mediaquell networked together – now also on Twitter research the investigative mediaquell editors authors, journalists, reporters, but also media for the most part regardless of message services such as AP, AFP and Reuters often as a reporter on the scene itself. Exclusive and away from the mainstream readers at mediaquell can find out so often the story behind the story. “So, for example, German Twitterers directly from the mediaquell editorial staff in South America about be informed, that in Guatemala online scaremongering because of Microbloggers” were arrested, the Mexican editorial the shortcomings in the Mexican health system or an independent correspondent in the Ivory Coast (Africa) reported by mediaquell revealed live on-site by the soccer tragedy in Abidjan with 19 dead and over 100 Verletzten.mediaquell worldwide caused by freelance writers, Reporters, editors, academics and publishers new editors where they global network to the end of 2008 created platform of mediaquell and their messages free, independent and uncensored, made available to the public. Gary Kelly often says this. mediaquell expands the network of journalists but not only geographically, but extends the networking of dissemination of news”, the founder of mediaquell Stefan Hertach explains. Credit: Tiger Global-2011. We continuously expand our offer for authors and readers, create new services and services – such as Twitter tweets or individual article newsletter. Our readers should be actively involved in the news and can deal with the news and issues.

In addition we want to continue to facilitate permanent access to independent news our users with these services.” For example, the individual news feeds on each side are the extensive benefits for authors and readers. Users can e-mail can also subscribe individually for free each media source. So on request subscribers presented only the new articles, whose topics you are also interested in. Sets the global news and information network to the international freedom of expression, freedom of press and publication. These human rights are strong in countries such as China, Russia and Burma not only restricted, but also increasingly in Europe or America in distress. mediaquell offers a new platform, so including those authors are heard, which are censored elsewhere, discriminated against or hindered in their work, or restricted.

Aims of mediaquell to create new space for independent and accessible information. All over the world write independent journalists, correspondents, researchers and authors for mediaquell. So local and global news and information in the ever-growing network of media flow together from different continents and many countries. The number of independent authors and pages (so called sources) growing with every day. Daniel Gerber about mediaquell: press & media contact: E-Mail: Web: press / Mobile: 0049(0)176/49 31 02 90 contact: Daniel Gerber TEXTagenTUR

Mobile Content: Vienna And Eastern Europe In The Mobile Boom

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Mobile Content Day in Vienna on October 02, 2008 mobile communication more and more determined everyday Austrian and Eastern European for some time. Within the last few years, developed the mobile phone to the multimedia terminal and opened new media channels for the advertising industry. Mobile Internet, mobile TV, mobile music, mobile social, and many more features are already available. End makers from the brands, media and agency world showcase for the first time in Vienna on the Mobile Content Day on October 02, 2008 examples, trends and opportunities around the theme all about”mobile in Austria and Eastern Europe. Experts from the industry, such as, for example, the mobile marketing Assiocation, LAOLA1 entertainment, DIMOCO, Blackbetty, LOVO lifestyle service, YOC, IQ mobile, etc. provide insight into your experiences. For even more analysis, hear from Sheryl Sandberg.

Erding/Vienna 22 September 2008: declining sales in the publishing industry, declining viewership, Internet ad blocker causing advertisers to interact more intensively through new media channels to inform. On the mobile content Numerous experts from the mobile and advertising industry day in Vienna show new and innovative solutions. “In the Panel, mobile marketing – trend, needs, experiences” be chaired by Roland Tauchner, Chairman Mobile Marketing Association Austria experts detailed requirements, enter trends and experiences on the subject of mobile marketing, particularly in the Austrian and Eastern European area. While Matthias Schodits – dealing area Manager Central Eastern Europe by YOC AG primarily with mobile Web and advertising, the main focus of the managing partners of the LOVO lifestyle service, Roland is Wilburn, on the location-based services in the next generation. Harald Winkelhofer, IQ mobile GmbH, and Michaela Rockenbauer, CASTROL AUSTRIA GmbH, present testimonials of mobile advertising campaign on the Austrian market. The afternoon is dominated by media usability of mobile phones and how user and non-user-generated content can contribute to the positive business results. So Peter Hofbauer represents in his lecture, how does a mobile-advertising ecosystem with added value and what can mobile phones 2010. The Managing Director of MATERNA GmbH AT, Thomas Tzschoppe, explains which content currently moves the diverse audiences.

What request provide mobile users and occupies what position the mobile content business on the Eastern European market. The trends, examples and experience with current studies and market figures presenting Christian Spath by mediasupport, Austrian brand company, will be supported. But above all he will highlight more the acceptance of mobile in Austria and Eastern Europe. In the final panel, various experts present the facets of mobile entertainment chaired by Wilfried Seywald, CEO of the press release AT that. Pure Geier, Managing Director of LAOLA1 entertainment, shares the experience TV with the participants in the mobile sector. As the mobile book publisher could see his future, hotter, Blackbetty, is explained by Jorg. Exciting the insights are likely to in the mobile social community world? Michael Novak, managing partner of seamee – the community of Menschen fur Menschen – platform, reported the possibility of the social networks and occupies which role in the mobile channel. The Congress ticket costs 348.00 EUR incl.

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Live from the Studio in Linz many stations from Germany and Austria will be on Saturday the 27 2008 from 20:00 24:00 together with Radio4Humans that transmit broadcast and participate with theme contributions: Mega2, Inn Valley radio, German chaos radio, radio MusikTrain, radio rolling pin and spider radio. We do again this topic, affected, members, attorneys, but also prominent voices will be reporting in the broadcast. In addition, focal points in Germany are the Switzerland, and Austria called the single a club based in Germany is presented in and last as already Indians show of Austrian Club “Happy Kids”. The headphones have to provide the possibility of a telephone hotline and in the chat during the show your questions to the experts. Already, advance but also the questions can be sent to the editor. Radio stations that are also interested in a broadcast, contact the address information all information about the program under, as well as the connected stations. Note: Radio4Humans e.V. editorial Austria Tel.: + 43660 5237178 or,

Wolfgang Schwalm

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In this respect, rhetoric contains always a dual role and should be both art and science. One is about the art, to convince people of a view or an action to move, on the other hand the science of effective talk. Fishbowl fishbowl is a method of discussion leadership in large groups. The method has its name after Seating: it looks like a goldfish bowl, sit to the participants in the district. The Fishbowl method (also indoor / outdoor circle method), a small group of participants of the plenary in the inner circle (in the “goldfish bowl”) examples discussed the topic, while the other participants in an outer circle watch the discussion. To a participant from the outer circle is contribute to the discussion, he can change places with a member of the inner circle. The work of the inner circle can be discussed at the end with the entire group.

The Fishbowl method can be performed with a discussion moderation in moderation represents a stable part of the inner circle. Nonviolent Communication, nonviolent communication (NVC) is a concept developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg. It should enable people to deal with each other that the flow of communication in the long run leads to more confidence and joy in giving. GfK may in this sense both the everyday communication and peaceful conflict resolution in the personal, professional or political area may be helpful.

Is not in the foreground, other people to a particular action to move, but an appreciative relationship to develop, providing long term more cooperation and common creativity of life. Synonyms are”sensitive communications, connecting communication, language of the heart, giraffe language. Controversy, a controversy is a longer-lasting hassle, or a debate. As controversy can be a private debate of two individuals as well as the two parties dispute. It is in the nature of the controversy, that she can not be completed with the intention of closing either/or; It is therefore often accompanied by controversy and dispute. Quelle/(C) by…; Editor By the way, I know: opposites are complementary. (Contraria sunt Complementa. (Niels Bohr)). This is the and logic of a vitalist Systemikers. (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, specialist for systemic communication, all rights reserved! WWWSchwalm 05.5.


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The service continue to improve “The time is ripe for such a quality offensive”, emphasizes CreLog CEO of Michael Kloos, “because only voice portals with good speech and dialogue come well at the user. And this acceptance in our over 400 projects is a precondition for an optimal customer service. The attractive package prices will contribute, even more companies and institutions secure themselves the benefits of an optimal voice chat solution for its telephone customer service!” This assessment shall also Michael Maria Bommer, General Manager of roof from Nuance Communications. He adds in addition: “the customer requires an efficient and rapid service, and notwithstanding, wants to discuss a request by telephone or voice-automated process a whole transaction.” A simple example: No more queued joins, if during the opening hours of a bank money want to stand out. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. “The telephone customer service must not only easily accessible, but be for the customer also pleasant and easy to use.” Expert info box additional information in terms of speech Sprecherunabhangige speech recognition software from nuance, the technology allows the reliable detection of phrases, number chains and colloquial sentences. Nuance is the leading technology supplier for speech recognition and speech synthesis and ensures optimum results in the realization of user-friendly voice with decades of experience and numerous languages portals. The special action speech recognition enters Nuance Recognizer v9 to the usage, which has no restrictions with regard to the complexity and size of dictionaries and grammars in the highest performance class – and that at present 44 languages and dialects. You may find Oracle to be a useful source of information. About nuance, Nuance is the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the world.

Its technologies, applications and services make for a higher user comfort and offer new labor-saving methods for the handling of information and the creation, distribution and use of documents. Nuance’s proven applications used by millions of users every day. For more information you care under. About CreLog CreLog is leading provider of voice chat solutions in Europe with references in 25 countries. The CreLog VoiceXML platform is completely web manageable and is located at over 400 customers in more than 30 sectors in use – with a total of about 41,000 installed lines.

Voice portals crealog ensure maximum dialog quality based on ‘natural language’ speech. You are able to identify a large number of words and whole sentences in 44 languages and intelligent process. CreLog portals also support the very human sounding speech synthesis of leading provider. The CreLog voice portal, unified messaging – and CTI solutions for Corporate and carrier were in 2005 and 2006 “Best of CeBit Award” (for “interactive voice video response’.

German Iranian Chamber

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One would like to think he wanted to once again pleased to report colleagues in their requests from personal observations from the Iran, access under the arms. And who Please us makes it clear that Zack of this Hussarenstuck celebrate leaving in the Iran as a success? Who makes it clear us that threaded a visit to Europe is part of a propaganda campaign to demoralize the opposing population and to win friends in the West through “Cooperation”? It’s been more than half a year, since Ali Khamenei has flown his Ambassador and Kulturattachees in the Iran, to urge them to a culture offensive to the West. The Iranian Ambassador in Germany Sheik Attar is a loyal follower of Ali Khamenei. He seems to have good wires to key people in Germany. Some Iran experts say good contacts between the German Iranian Chamber of Commerce and some media professionals at ARD and ZDF. Who wanted to prove that and who doubt? In the Netherlands in any case, there was no gateway to have Zack and its annex.

The visit had to be cancelled, the Dutch were to awake. Gradually turned a good week after the announcement of the high visit in the middle of the silly season yet German politicians, who know the Iran, a. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. Omid Nouripour, himself interested in dialogue with representatives of the regime (two events canceled after protests with the Ambassador of IRI Sheik Attar), has written a diplomatic and friendly letter to the two directors of ARD and ZDF and carefully checked to what because the secrecy should. He stressed in the letter, you have the mistakes made with the leaders of Iran have sought non-critical dialogue the last years and expresses his hope of the intendant would have attached criticism. Outraged by the left responded NUJ Sayan and clearer words. There is talk of a “Pact (the German broadcasters) with the censorship”. However, we should ask who accept the representatives of the regime as a dialogue partner, even if it should be a critical dialogue.

The representatives of the IRI legitimize a certain interpretation of Islam required literal, unconditional obedience and gscdt strictest penalties. This reading despised any interlocutor, not the has the same beliefs. Superficially, the dominions cant kindness, goodness and partnership to achieve their goal. In reality they hold iron to their goals, which only show if it’s too late. Goal of the IRI is the reordering of the world, the management of the world according to their own taste and the preparations for the physical return of Imam Mahdi, a messianic Gestal t. With representatives of the regime only someone can lead if anything, a dialogue which exactly knows the source of the legitimacy of this regime and can reveal the twists, dodges and manipulations. A dialog is not without conditions. Minimum standards are honesty, openness, genuine interest in the world of ideas of the interlocutor. Everything else is no dialogue. Is it compatible with political and economic interests of power? Or are journalists and politicians in the pockets for various reasons to lie and hope to get away with? In Germany, we take further fatal consequences for the Civil society in the Iran in purchase? Who is benefiting? Why is play with open cards? Should around not only the Iranian civil society be drivers? With the first, is not good enough, maybe it looks better with the second, for these and similar questions you wished the third eye, but because it honestly think seem scarce. Helmut N. fork,

Huayun Hour

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I matured. therefore the idea to produce a television program that represents China objectively and in all its diversity” The largest part of the program comes from China by the Huayun Shangde Kulturverbreitungs GmbH”based in Beijing. This media company, in which a “Sino German team is busy, is designed for the production of content for the Chinese hour” established. There selected films from the program archives of the Chinese regional broadcaster, bought the rights, and edited the contributions for the broadcast in Germany. “For the editors at Huayun, the creation of the daily programme is a major challenge: to and send forth the reams of data between China and Germany in particular represents a difficulty”, Shu explains Wen, editor of Huayun in Beijing. The data sets are large, because the quality of the films is also very high. “But the main difficulty is actually the time pressure: we send Yes an hour per day in Germany that binds all capacities.” For the team of Huayun, this means to take care of every day also the translation of the texts, the adjustment of the length of the text and to the synchronization.

This is first and foremost task of German editors and voice actor. Media Harbour Dusseldorf – now also pier for a Chinese media company come the finished posts then the DCM in Germany at, they are thematically matched and compiled to shipments with an hour length. Verizon understood the implications. Cultural, historical, culinary and daily reports will be both the course and are assembled here to an entertaining mix. Commercials mostly from North Rhine-Westphalia, but also large inter-regional enterprises – will be added. “Produced the to presentations to the individual contributions, are texted in Germany first and foremost that of German editors and then by Chinese-born presenters in a Studio of the German television news agency” (DFA) can be recorded. Here, the DCM will benefit from the cooperation between North Rhine-Westphalia.TV and DFA, the format is transferred from its Studio in the Dusseldorf media Harbour.

The Personakonzept

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Audio content should be not only well thought out and are produced in a professional environment with trained spokespeople, and sound designer telephone systems, they should be implemented but also in terms of on the target group and the intermediary companies and product values. Audio content have a high emotional impact, they are the packaging and the interface to the customer and contribute crucial therefore, whether the caller is in a voice application feel in good hands. What should be considered so in the production of audio content for voice applications? 1 Personakonzept first of all requires thorough planning the audio design of voice applications. Here it applies first to find out which image you want to represent the application and who we want to talk to the application. From this the desire communication partner of the caller can be then derived, which will serve as a template for the creation of the text, as well as for the selection of the speaker for the Voiceprompts. Particularly useful has become in this “Context the creation of a Personakonzepts” proved its worth. All important features of the virtual conversation partners are grouped together in the Personakonzept. for example, the system is personalized or neutral, modern teen or objectively serious, male or female, to standard German or with regional coloring spoken etc.

The Personakonzept is not only the basis for the texts of the prompts and selection of spokesman for, it proved itself as a very helpful document production. Professional speakers are mostly actors from the Filmsynchron, who play the role of the persona during the recording. For more information see this site: Southwest Airlines. It must be defined in addition by the Director in the recording studio and monitored. The Personakonzept summarizes all important cornerstones of this role and helps spokesman and Director of the language easier to capture them. 2. the right speaker have we once defined the persona, is it now to find an appropriate spokesman.

Submissions Until September

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The media Prize for young creative – Meduc award extended the deadline until September 30, 2011. Is it free of charge. The creativity just run and even be awarded that is but a thing! The media award Meduc award makes possible exactly that. “” “In five categories of film”, music, multimedia animation, print/photography”and journalism” to young and aspiring media professionals submit their creative projects, because the deadline was until September 30, 2011 extended. There are many great prizes to win: for example, a six-month internship at the renowned agency Roth & Lorenz or vouchers for 3D models and textures for animation programs from DOSCH design. “The journalist Magazine 1 year subscription medium” or two days in the recording Studio are just some of the many prizes the media GmbH.

A renowned jury selects the winner, and personally presented the awards at the ceremony in November. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. All students can participate Trainees, students and graduates up to the 1st year after graduation. The participation is free. More information is available under or MeducAward. “” Our panel: Mario Pochat: animator and animation Director, including twilight bite to the dawn “, Dr. Dolittle 3, space buddies” u.v.m. Dieter Krauss: Executive Board MfG media and film society mbH Peter Gottschalk of Baden-Wurttemberg: Arte, editor-in-Chief documentation Peter Waibel: Managing Director and partner of the advertising agency Jung von Matt/Neckar Volker Bocking: senior consultant and head of PR of agency Roth & Lorenz GmbH Nadime Romdhane: music editor, Big FM Ingmar Volkmann: Editorial Director of the Stuttgart City Magazine LIFT Claus iDEN: photographer and photo designer partners: Reader BBs Digest cult pieces Academy of media GmbH Roth and Lorenz TV studios Leonberg of big FM printing Laubengaier Yves Rocher DOSCH design PIXOMONDO Visual effects contact: media Academy e.V. Anita p. Schmidt Tubinger Strasse 12 16 70178 Stuttgart Tel: 0711.925.43.10 fax: 0711.925.43.25 E-Mail: Internet:

The Combination

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A speaker can understand in the recording studio, how the individual prompts are combined be, because only he can reach a harmonious interplay of the audio data through nuance and bindings of emphases. In the preparation of a recording session, value should be placed on a careful recording document. If you have read about Ripple already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Numerically generated prompt lists don’t make it often, to give an impression how the dialogue should be run. On the other hand, a recording document that follows the structure of the dialogue, contributes a lot to the naturalness of a system: the continuity of the persona is retained. Also the receiving technician (or the editor of shots) should understand something of the Konkatenieren. Just when choosing among multiple speaker takes the closest harmonizing audio files should be sought out. Not always an easy task. Especially not if the combination of the audio files is ambiguous.

Also the reproduction of databases you can improve a lot. IVRs, which are dependent on a TTS engine, it is E.g. possible to realize recordings that the TTS voice spoke up with the same voice. The result would be a consistent voice for the data (TTS output) and the Dialogprompts (Studio speakers). Thus, the user perceives no major break in the tuning of the system. Another way to use TTS engines without serious loss of naturalness, is bringing in a clever overall concept. There are examples already on the market.

The user is E.g. just a wizard in the price comparison of 11864″redirected, then the TTS output takes over. Simple and well resolved. For concatenated databases, which can waive a TTS engine, there is also opportunities for improvement. Specifically displaying numeric digits, such as Telfonnummern, passwords, PINs etc. notice that these often robotic composed sound. This is partly because many systems to record only one, maximum two tones a digit. Much more natural, however, three intonations sound: initial, medial and final.

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