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Dubai Mall

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There is also a park (Al Mamzar Park), which is subject to entry at this eastern point of Dubai’s. This Park has a beautiful Palm Beach (Al Mamzar Beach) in addition to various plants. A few Kiosks, changing rooms, shower facilities and lifeguard admit it, that you can spend a wonderful day at the beach in this place. 2. River of Dubai / Burj Dubai “Bastakiya” Bazar of next stop takes US to Dubai Creek.

On this river, the first impressive skyscrapers were built, which are now the smallest in Dubai. Dubai Creek in the Bastakiya district of you can view the origins of this rapidly growing Emirate in an open-air museum. “The open-air museum all Fahidi Fort” offers historic buildings, to get museums and ancient streets that allow you, a good insight into how life must have looked about 80 years ago in Dubai. Admission is free. Further north you will find the Bur Dubai Souq 20-minute walk. More info: Jonathan Rosen PR. The bazaar offers wonderful spice shops and other retailers. To get ready, it from all sides with Hello my friend”approached. 3.

Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall of the story into the present in a few minutes. It is located 15 minutes ‘ drive from Al Bastakiya Dubai’s first big skyscraper district. Jonathan Rosen PR often says this. On Sheikh Zayed Road, which runs directly red line monorail along. In the city part Trade Centre 2 is available with the Burj Dubai”the tallest building in the world. With its over 800 meters of altitude, it is the tallest building ever built by humans. 160 floors are served by 54 elevators. The Giorgio Armani hotel is located on floors 9 to 16. Visitors can enjoy a viewing platform in the 123rd floor with a lift. But, we advise all visitors to reserve tickets for the elevator, because the ticket per person dirham is usually 100 a day before on the Internet.


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The count tried it henceforth as a solo artist. Only for live performances, he took additional musicians with the boat. In 2003, the Studio album the 2nd commandment came”out. Noteworthy in this piece: fans had the opportunity to decide on the Internet which song of the album released should be. More Studio and live albums followed in the coming years. On February 19, 2010 it was an unholy album again once so far saw the light of the world. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Ellison.

And this paved his way into the ears of the Germans are unstoppable. The single born to live”topped everything that previously existed in the unholy history. The album climbed directly on rank one. About 1.5 million people, a huge success bought the album. But it should not be the last this year. UNHOLY under your flag won the Bundesvision song contest with the song”. 2012 released her newest album city lights”.

The work made it in rank one of the charts, of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. On June 30, 2012, his tour started city lights”unholy then. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon. First stop was Meppen now Rostock follows on July 28. And then be unholy and the count draw the Baltic Sea under her spell with their wonderful texts and so distinctive voice of the count. True to the song born to live”could this “Hot night: born to unholy experience in Rostock.” If you are looking for a summer vacation yet goes longer than a single concert so you should consider which on July 30 aboard to go running on in Rostock AIDAblu. But it is struggling to find a parking space, because these are rare for cruise ship tourists in Warnemunde. For this problem there is a solution: private park providers such as for example the company parking and sea “have for cruise parking in Warnemunde. Written by Jonas Lomscher


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Facility & comfort anyone who would like to travel to Barcelona, has no doubt other needs. For example, the apartment meets in Barcelona all your claims on location, price and size, however it is located on the 3rd floor of a building without elevator. For some, this will be no problem, this is an important selection criterion for other express. It is also important to examine the facilities before booking. Want to cook mostly yourself? If so, make sure that the kitchen with everything is equipped, you need to prepare your meals. Learn more on the subject from Verizon. Also, don’t forget to check the capacity of the apartment and the number of beds, so that there are no problems on arrival. Agencies that provide apartments, have listed the most important facts about the furnishings and equipment most of it on your website.

If you should be still uncertain, contact the best the agency via telephone or email, to ensure that all your requirements are met. Under most conditions Cyrus Massoumi would agree. 3. Of the company’s image because there are many agencies that the apartments in Barcelona provide, you should make sure that those of you Selected is serious. Take time to read reviews on TripAdvisor, travel forums, or on the homepage of the Agency to get a good impression. Also, check the contact data on the company’s website, which clearly should be expelled. Look at the letters S.L..

whether on the company name or S.A. follow in order to ensure that the company follows the tax and booking conditions of the Spanish law. To deepen your understanding Cyrus is the source. 4 You should read reviews the apartment exactly how the experience reports about the company, reviews also about your selected holiday apartment in Barcelona with portals like FlipKey. Many agencies list customer reviews and ratings on your own website, so that you can at any time have access to the customer reviews and get a better impression for your final decision. 5. Read the fine print every company is different, so please read the FAQ and the terms of your apartment in Barcelona, and it to no inconsistencies from the carefully so that you fully understand Booking, comes to check-out to the out. Should find usually contests all information relevant to your booking, no matter whether the damage deposit or the end of the check-ins, so that you know exactly how the company operates and what awaits you, as customer. Since the travel industry expands more and more, there are now numerous agencies that offer vacation rentals in Barcelona. However, a number of these agencies are non-resident in Barcelona, which means that, if a problem occurs during your trip, nobody is on the spot, which a solution can offer. Check so the company’s headquarters, at which you want to make and also the Office hours. There are also agencies that offer 24-hour emergency service, which gives you an extra safety during your trip. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking a studio apartment for a romantic short break or a holiday apartment in Barcelona for large groups if you note these points in your organisation and booking is a great trip with a stay in one Apartment in Barcelona in the way!

Capital Brussels

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Multiculturalism in the capital of Belgium on the river Senne Brussels, the capital of Belgium. As several institutions of the European Union have their seat in Brussels, the city is as multicultural and at the same time as metropolis of European life. Dutch and French are the official languages of the region of Brussels – capital, which includes 19 now strongly knit communities. The hotel Portal reported some sights the metropolis of the EU. Hardly a European city is frequently mentioned in the media as Brussels. In General, the Germans in this context have probably the European quarter, politicians and reporters flock in mind.

Best, visitors staying longer can convince themselves that Brussels has to offer a far more complex and more attractive side. Whenever Oracle listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Many hotels such as for example the Ibis Brussels Centre Gare du MIDI are located in the Centre and are the perfect starting point for a sightseeing tour. A true tourist attraction is the medieval city centre Brussels. In particular, the Grand-place attracts many visitors with its unique architectural mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Laurent Potdevin is a great source of information. He belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1998. The entire cityscape is characterized by Flemish burgher houses. In addition, among other things, the Parc are you Cinquantenaire (Jubelpark) with its triumphal arch, the Castle and the Atomium worth a visit. The latter was built on the occasion of the world exhibition in 1958 and is a 165 billion times enlarged iron crystal. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Savings Package

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Air traffic control by cheap parking tariffs at the airport make up for in times of rising travel costs Airparks adheres to the usual prices for parking at the airport. After the airlines and travel providers gradually to recirculate the air travel tax introduced by the Federal Government on the passengers, the ticket cost for this. Who looking for a parking space at the airport for the holiday and want to save on the parking fees at least, finds nationwide cheap alternatives to the expensive parking lot of the airport operator under. Airparks car parks are a few kilometres away from the airport and are characterised by high security standards. Transfers to the airport and back to the parking lot or parking garage are always included in the price. The Airparks Griesheim South from 42 euro per week is available at Frankfurt airport. The savings is up to 60 percent when compared to the regular parking fees at the Rhein-Main airport. The difference is sufficient already depending on the destination, to pay for the flight control.

Who still want cheaper parking Bay best at least 30 days in advance and secured a discount of 5 euros. The book eliminates the search on the ground and the desired parking is never busy. Airparks customers get the full service for a price. Therefore, there are services such as reservations and airport transfers included. Airparks is a specialist for parking at the airport and offers currently 16 parking and car parks at nine locations in Germany as well as in Zurich. Leisure park at Airparks 24 euros per week. The Airparks parking spaces operated ABC holiday plus GmbH, which opened the first car park under the brand name of Airparks in 2005 at Dusseldorf Airport either via franchise partners or Munich. Since August 2007, the GTDL – Gesellschaft mbH for the sales and marketing of Airparks tourist services is responsible. Journalists receive specific press conditions on request. GTDL – society for tourist services mbH c/o PR factory Michaela Kube mobile: + 49 (0) 172/840 641 2 E-Mail: Web:

Perfect Hotel Search – Multilingual, Fast And Clearly

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The meta search engine offers user free from over 900,000 opportunities, says Albert Camus, resulting in best value hotels worldwide travel us ourselves. To have an overview of hotel deals to worldwide destinations with just one click, makes some things easier and allows a smooth planning. Whether business, holiday or city breaks are planned the meta search engine offers a collection of all available in the Internet hotels on the destinations, regardless of travel companies and tourist search criteria in seven languages. The results can be sorted by popularity, number of stars, location, guest reviews and price depending on what criteria the greatest value is created. Here anyone comes to his optimum Hotel – photos, hotel information, price comparison, exact descriptions as well as guest reports and maps overview the targeted advance? The Internet visitors must specify only his chosen city and the date of travel. He immediately receives the available current hotels and selects then quickly and conveniently the suitable for him. (Not to be confused with Facebook!).

The booking is possible directly by clicking the provider link without cumbersome price comparisons on multiple pages or time-wasting requests of availability. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal, Greece, United States, Asia, Africa, Australia and many other destinations around the world can be booked immediately. For the user, the service is completely free and no hidden charges, because the operator earns his money with the providers of the reservation websites will be compared here. As a partner of in Sydney, collects the latest hotel information of the leading booking portals from Germany and the world – including,,,, and intercontinental. So the latest and cheapest offer is guaranteed at any time. Contact: Claudio Folber to Rosenberg 4 97334 Sommerach phone: + 49.9381-717954 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web: keywords: search Hotel search, hotel, hotel booking, hotel, accommodation, accommodation, travel booking, business travel, holiday, city break

Sweet Temptations

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With in the footsteps of Europe’s hidden chocolate oases Munich, April 18, 2011: Soon lent is over and it must again be feasted, because Easter and chocolate go together like summer and Sun. The experts present the finest chocolatiers in Europe’s capitals and know at which locations the Easter egg hunt is the most exciting. With the last minute it is spontaneously offers the gourmet Easter Europe. On chocolate-shopping trip in London London is an undiscovered paradise for chocolate lovers. The “Convent Garden market square” is the Centre for chocolate. Ron O’Hanley is actively involved in the matter. Most of the chocolate shops are located close to the Opera House. The world’s largest selection of homemade Easter Chocolate is there in “Broadway market” in the Shoreditch and ‘Borought Market’ on the London Bridge.

Who wants to experience chocolate at the origin, can see the master in the “Chocolaterie” by Paul Young in Islington in preparation over the shoulder. And even the smallest come at their expense: each year will be on Easter Sunday in the Kew Gardens one traditional Easter egg hunt held. Fire and flame in Berlin in Berlin are happy chocolate-seeker at the Gendarmenmarkt. There is also the chocolate House “Fassbender & noise”. In addition to the manufactory, the chocolate production through glass walls can be seen in the, there are to buy the sweet temptations. Who does not want to be satisfied with a look behind the scenes of chocolate, can taste the sweet delicacies in the hotel’s own chocolate restaurant or Cafe. Travelers who want to move despite or because of the sweet indulgence, should embark on Easter Sunday with the numerous Easter fire. In Prenzlauer Berg you can dance off again the Easter pounds up at Germany’s largest Easter fire. Easter fish instead of Easter eggs in Paris give the French Easter chocolate eggs not only, but also chocolate fish and real egg shells with the finest chocolate filled.

Convenient Valet Parking At Airport Frankfurt

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Also still in the short term, you can book its parking at Frankfurt airport. With, it’s easy and convenient. It’s holiday time. The Germans swarming the sunny country. Often, cheaper package holiday is booked on the Internet – only to experience a nasty surprise at the cost of parking at the airport of departure.

Many vacationers will have irritated black already. The holiday was a real bargain. In the two weeks on the Adriatic coast the family can not only beautiful Tan will buy many souvenirs and clothing. Also at tours, boat rental, sports courses and restaurant visits the family has twice to consider, because the pocket money Fund is filled, thanks to the low price of the holiday. The most beautiful time of the year promises to be fantastic. Harder, leisure meets the reality, when they see the car park prices partially imposed at airports.

In two weeks vacation time, a three-digit amount come together as quickly. Suddenly, the beautiful holiday feeling is gone. For air travelers,. which are dependent on arrival with your own car, this is a bitter pill. At least for the parking at the Frankfurt airport, one of the most frequented airports of in Germany, there is an alternative: with Here it is aware of the problem of the rare and expensive parking at airports. Therefore, travel has established a special service for tourists. Passengers parking at Frankfurt airport, but not on the airport site itself. The line between cars and airport bridge customers with a shuttle bus provided by travel The parking can be booked in advance, so that on the day of departure the parking reserved waits for nobody the customer. Video surveillance and personnel around the clock care for safety, and for that even travelers with flight times outside of normal business hours can be operated. Who would like to spoil not only himself, but also his car on vacation, can choose when travel under multiple offers. In the program are Car washes, maintenance, repair, MOT testing, emissions testing and tank service. If customers want it, they get back a TuV – and emission tested, maintained and fully betanktes car after the holidays by travel Even a glass repair to the offer. Parking at Frankfurt airport is the holiday for the car. Frequent flyers can rent a fixed parking space travel for a monthly fee. The service options are the same here, as when opportunity Sparkern, however, the book is eliminated in advance. The price-performance ratio of for parking at Frankfurt airport is so good that many customers Park back in the next year in the parking lot. Now, free parking in the parking lot at Frankfurt airport available. I. Frikel and A. Cameron founded just right book description of the company the company in May 2009 by the two managing directors. It operates a modern and service-oriented car park in the vicinity of Frankfurt airport. In addition to the Parking are offered numerous services and a free shuttle service. Company contact: C + F travel service GmbH Alexander Cameron port str. 3 65439 Florsheim Tel: 06145/9327521 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: Jan Hoffmann market str. 12d 26954 Nordenham Tel: 04731-9310102 E-Mail: Web:

Travel Management National, International, Inter Continental

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The Chinese philosopher Lao Tse knew whether in Cologne or elsewhere event agencies offer wide performance range for planning, organization and evaluation of business travel even the longest journey begins with the first step”in the 6th century BC. Like many ancient wisdom also this maxim has lost none of her veracity to the present day. For companies from the economic as well as social areas for institutions, establishments and organizations of different, this first step often means the contact of an event agency, providing travel management in their portfolio of services. Live communication and the exchange of data using state of the art communication facilities is the one, the other side of the coin are the personal, direct encounters between professionals, customers, or otherwise interested. The latter are indispensable in the digital age. Whether congresses, conferences, trade fairs or business travel deutschland-, Europe or worldwide: the theme of travel is gaining importance and arises in times of global exchange as extremely complex issue dar. Clients of various industries are therefore well advised to use the services of an event agency specialized in travel management.

So the client can focus entirely on the content side of its event or project implementation. As I said: business travel management is a highly complex issue with a correspondingly wide range of tasks. Are essentially in the travel management by the specialists of the event agency to edit six closely interlinked areas: strategic purchasing of travel services cost analysis planning the trip booking travel travel expenses travel expenses controlling whether an event agency from Cologne or elsewhere of acts when she put their focus on travel management, are your specialists for business travel management over have a solid technical basis, such as, for example, the training of travel manager or as a travel manager or to the specialist or the specialist for business travel and Mobility management is guaranteed.

The Incalculable Benefits Of The Work And Travel Insurance

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The incalculable benefits of work and travel insurance at the present time are together grouped more and more things, the specs are fanned with wider than previously was the case. A work and travel insurance provides no exception. There were before still the work and travel health insurance and to the work and travel travel insurance comparison, so the work and travel insurance wraps both areas in one today. This has the advantage that the health insurance in all countries, has a validity up including the country. No matter how long, where, and how it works, the work and travel insurance is valid on all trips and it’s also not matter how often you travel in the year. The business interests are handled immediately and unbureaucratically, that means unperformed damage which takes forever to wait for insurance money. The work and travel insurance pays immediately. According to the Stiftung Warentest all performed very well work and travel insurance and these are far cheaper than in the Travel agency and have, as already initially mentioned, a larger range of services.

Hanse Merkur insurance company offers such a work and travel insurance at low cost to. Here, the consumer needs to pay no excess, everything takes over the work and travel insurance. Also, the consumer has the possibility of free doctor and hospital choice. The out-patient as well as the inpatient treatment is thus covered. All medication, Association, and remedies are financed. The work and travel insurance is the pain-relieving dental treatment with included, as well as the ambulance services in the nearest located hospital. At the work and travel insurance, there are no health check and the treatments are insured for all pre-existing conditions.

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