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Complementary Law

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From then on, it understands that being fruit of contribution of members of one determined collective, and with intention profcua in to give attendance to necessities group had been given main steps initial so that the first obligatory contributions were started, that due to lived deeply time had diversified names and idealized forms already for the current days, this why the types and characteristics of institutions were others, as well as the authorities and the processes with that if they chose such question to the occasion. The expansion of the populations and the areas under domain of the governor made to appear a variation of the financing modality, being allowed a cooperation of the property of the governor with the work and/or capital of the particular one, fitting to the governor a parcel of the gotten result of this exploration. On the other hand, ahead the commercial expansion and the increase of the populations submitted to the domain of the governing, the States capsize to go up the public expenses exageradamente and had created new prescription modalities from the Power of Empire front to subjects or foreigners who circulated in limits of its territories. Of certain form, among others reasons, the citizen would have to feel proud to pay tax, therefore she is for intermediary of it that the country obtains resources to invest in the public services offered the population.

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