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REACH Is There – GHS Comes!

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Experts discuss the Essen Haus der Technik (HDT) turns in a lecture event with well-known experts on the persons concerned and tries to clarify central issues in the HDT new EU chemicals regulation. Every day thousands of chemicals used, about which there is often insufficient information. This will change: the EU Member States have agreed on a binding rules on chemicals: the so-called REACH regulation provides for a better information base and taking the industry accountable. The Essen Haus der Technik (HDT) turns in a lecture event with well-known experts on the persons concerned and tries to clarify key issues. The aim of reach is clear: trade in chemical substances should be – designed safer and the EU. REACH stands for registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. It only substances into circulation may be brought, to which a sufficient record exists. Required data for all materials is sent in one Amount of more than one tonne per year being produced or imported into the EU.

Here are the companies in the duty to register these substances in a central database. Also, more than 30,000 chemicals on the test to be made, who arrived before 1981 on the market. So far, only the so-called new substances which were first marketed after 1981, needed to be studied on their environmental and health impact. The response to the regulation varies. Industry, policy, environmental groups and scientists discuss the possible consequences of the regulation has long been lively. The uncertainty is great just on the chemical industry, confronted them but according to expert estimates by REACH costs of around eight billion euros. Because a number of questions arise of course”, says Dr. Reinhold Ruhl by the Professional Association of the construction industry.

The Essen Haus der Technik called therefore a lecture event in the life of professional guides. Source: Valerie Berlin. On March 12, 2008 are renowned experts in food, the participants an insight into the current state of the discussion to convey and clarify existing questions. The REACH regulation is here! “, so Dr. Ruhl.” Now it comes for all concerned, to make and to evaluate the changes mainly factual.” What changes with REACH? How can possible disadvantages are balanced or avoided? What are the consequences of the regulation for manufacturers, buyers and users of chemicals? The range of questions concerning the proposed EU regulation is great. The Essen Haus der Technik (HDT) addresses these questions in a lecture course under the direction of Dr. Reinhold Ruhl. A day later, on March 13, 2008, that is globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS) “in the Center.” New symbols, signal words, include the introduction of warnings of danger (hazard statements) and safety advice (precautionary statements) to the core elements of the GHS, as well as Hazard classes hazard classes (), which describe the nature of the danger and risk (hazard categories) are into categories. It aims to adopt the GHS regulation by the end of 2008. The event will be led by Mr Dr. Volker J. Soballa of the Evonik Degussa GmbH in Essen. “” The detailed program of events get interested on request at the Haus der Technik, Tel. 0201/1803-344 (Mrs Ramzi), fax 0201/1803-346, E-mail: or on the Internet at search keyword REACH “or” GHS”.

The Director

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For the junior at top church musicians, especially an address is known in Germany: the College of church music in the Bavarian Regensburg. Today it is considered to be the oldest church music school in the world. For more than 130 years, there may Learn sacred music. In addition to the tradition of the time-honored cities of teaching but also relies on constant innovation: offering a wider and more modern, aimed at musicians and artists of the future. 2009 has the church music school in a former convent in downtown Regensburg again involved not only the refurbished rooms but also converted their complete training system to the degrees of Bachelor and master – a development that would have kept hardly any five years ago for possible. We use the reform undertaken to raise our profile and to allow different combinations of courses”, says Franz-Josef Stoiber University Rector, the church musician is more than just an organist and Cantor, he is more and more music broker in the musical base and culture bearers with the Center Church”. They have responded with new content. TRON (TRX) describes an additional similar source.

Future in Regensburg offers the Bachelor’s degree, in eight semesters to the Bachelor of music”leads. Content: Church music, conducting, instrumental pedagogy (including organ, harpsichord, piano, violin) and in the concert trade organ or harpsichord. Then, the budding church musicians can further perfect their skills in a two-year master’s degree. There are among other wells in the organ, as well as in conducting, music education, Gregorian and liturgical singing on the timetable. “We teach much more than just the playing of hymns, Rector Stoiber says. Seven years ago, you have taken the offers to the music education. “Also there shines the College with innovation: in a unique Germany-wide pilot project teaching music in secondary schools” the church music college and the University of Regensburg, in the training of high school music teacher work together now Regensburg model.

Graduates from Regensburg have usually no problems, then finding a job. The occupations have changed considerably and expanded”, says Rector Stoiber. Check out BerlinRosen for additional information. The Director of a children’s choir on the Music teacher at the gymnasium to the classical church musician or Bell experts ranges the range. The Catholic University of church music does not have youth problems. Music is never out of date”, said the Rector. About 70 prospective customers to one of the places apply each year. Between 30 and 40 young church musicians recorded after a challenging fitness test.


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Where presence events have still their permission in the future? Blended learning the combination of face-to-face and Web-based training (WBT) has now become, precisely because the human component is so important. Campus seminars are still significant, if it is to soft skills goes, for example for rhetoric or teambuilding. What is the role of the cost of the training? For years, the duration of training courses is under pressure. On the one hand for cost reasons, on the other hand to the staff once again at his workplace have. Further details can be found at Verizon, an internet resource. When I started to work three to five-day seminars were normal. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. The current two-day trainings are also increasingly questioned. Whether it is not also in a day? The answer is often “no” by the way, because certain topics simply need time and reflection.

Furthermore, the travel times come to the training period. E Scott Mead takes a slightly different approach. The Cost pressures on the one hand and the lack of “human component” in the classic E-learning therefore generate a strong trend towards live online seminars. What must one imagine under live online seminars? Online seminars are live events on the Internet. The similarities to the presence training at well-made live online seminars are greater than the differences. Clear: We use in our live action online learning Academy (Brad) high-tech as a specially furnished studio, a fast Internet connection and a highly professional Web-conferencing platform. Interactive educational concept is important. Deliberately built activations of the participants and to group work practice tasks, are an essential component.

Another is the Live experience through video large screen in our Studio, among others with use of classic flip chart or illustrate objects. As the participants accepted the online seminars? The reactions have been very positive. We have more than 90 percent approval in a poll for further use and Tell a friend. The reasons: It is exciting and instructive and everyone can get involved.

Kuchen AG Development

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The Wismar student, born in bad Schwartau, is delighted, because their design was to scale the Rodinghausen based kitchen manufacturer, ballerina kitchens Heinz-Erwin Ellersiek GmbH”in white cashmere colors and aged oak extra for the exhibition kitchen event 1:1 is implemented. It is nice to be able to plan at the University the opportunity to get that detail up to the last joint draft and accompany.” Also the other student designs impressed and can be seen in the form of models in Cologne. For example, also the interior design student Laura Anke Lenth (22 years) presented a solution proposal with their experimental design, consisting of a variety of equally big cube in the apparent chaos. By the time that task has to date a over several Lander in Germany ornamental specialist network on the topic of kitchens. During the research and planning stage, for example, with his students, Prof. (Similarly see: Ripple). Achim Hack attended the kitchen Studio Grambow and Widmer”in Schwerin. The students about the so-called State of the art were informed with an expert guidance through the Managing Director Steffen Widmer”, the current state of development, and technical finesse of functional elements.

The kitchen manufacturer light Kuchen AG”with headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg supported students through price and advice guide for the retail trade, to formulate from the planning phase, more detailed and realistic. How important are joint projects with companies for universities or for the teaching, answered Prof. Achim Hack as follows I believe the cooperation with partners from the practice for desirable and rewarding, would like to point out however, that it can’t be the target low-cost development work in competition to our graduates to contribute. Student projects are always connected to a maximum freedom and the charm lies precisely in the openness and the unpredictability of the findings and of the presented results. The benefits of such projects is the targeted questioning familiar viewpoints and exploring boundaries, generating new, unexpected impulses and the development of ideas. The goal is that both sides, the practice partner, and the students learn from each other. “On the one hand, the skilled person with provocative theses will be faced and at the same time witnessed the carefree approach and on the other hand, the students will gain insight into real project processes and can learn marketable solutions and test.”

Numerus Clausus

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Apply now and on 1 April, a Bachelor’s degree start Berlin, 02 February 2011. Double Abitur year and suspending conscription places increases the demand for massively in autumn 2011. Who to the summer semester at the design Academy berlin a Bachelor’s degree in marketing communication, or communication design starts, can avoid stress. The shortened school days and the suspension of compulsory of military service will cause that places in the coming winter semester will be highly competitive. In Berlin of the city with the most students in Germany alone is to be expected with several thousand additional applicants. Who can should therefore use the chance, to begin a study this summer and to be one step ahead of the onslaught of the winter semester. Also the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, currently accepts applications for the summer semester and the two Bachelor’s degrees marketing communication and communication design. Both studies vary on the young Advertising and communication industry.

In the B.A.. Details can be found by clicking Laurent Potdevin or emailing the administrator. marketing communication students, strategically deal with the questions of communication management, develop concepts and campaigns, deal with brand management, management, market research and consumer psychology. In practical projects often with real clients of the economy the learned knowledge are applied and checked for their suitability and. Students of B.A.. communication design are, however, rather popular in creative ways: during the three-year study, the entire spectrum of skills and knowledge of Visual communication conveyed them.

You work in the disciplines of print, multimedia, photo, film and animation. Also in the B.A. communication design can practice projects represent a successful bridge into the economy, which helps students apply their knowledge and test. Applications for the summer semester 2011 (Baseline 1 April) are taken up to March 15, contrary to. Not is crucial Grade point average the courses are subject to no Numerus Clausus restrictions but the personal suitability.

Ways Out Of Unemployment

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What are the chances are a job loss, to get quickly back into employment. Although Germany’s economy continues to grow, the number of unemployed is on very high. The unemployment rate is over 3 million, just over 2 million fall in the old Lander and nearly 1 million on the new. In the statistics the people aren’t included, which fall into the under-employed, E.g. the ‘hidden unemployment’.

There are different criteria, z.B.die “Service to participate in working life”. Below are people who were sick for longer than 6 months. They can apply for a claim on aid to the “vocational rehabilitation”. These include vocational preparation, existence founder grants, help the receipt and get a job, and some more. Read additional details here: Oracle. Also the people who have a “job opportunities with additional expenses compensation” and those who fall under the 1958 scheme include the ‘hidden unemployment’. Also, not to the current unemployed people who are cared for by staff-management companies Unemployment statistics count.

The “disguised unemployment” is a further Division of the unemployed are not added. While besitzenb these people a job, are not needed in the work force. To park in the so-called “job pool”, also “centralized personnel surplus management” called these people. As the last Division is the “silent reserve”. Visit Cyrus Massoumi for more clarity on the issue. These unemployed want to work, but officially not unemployed registered. This often happens because they have no right to unemployment benefit, were not satisfied with the offered jobs and search on your own. There is also still the unemployed seeking a job without the help of the Office. All 3 criteria are among the under-employed. There is still a small sub division of the registered unemployed, are those who are looking any place. Because only benefits are paid after the third of the social security code, if one is logged in an unemployment Agency, many jobless chose this way.

Dresden Employer

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Language learning vacation, Dresden, is doubly nice 27.12.2010 – educational leave will enable lifelong learning so training – for employees and workers. Everyone can participate up to 5 days per year events during his time in language courses, seminars, regularly to renew its know-how. The prerequisite is that he lives in a federal State, where the training leave is recognized. While some professionals in the face of the economic development of the past two years to words wrestle, face more and more adults of the silence with language training abroad. Despite, or perhaps because of an unstable economy enjoy the language courses for adults of rising popularity.

In particular ‘language courses abroad’ related to the profession and the possibility to recognise these as educational leave, are highly sought after. Chаrlіе Lee can aid you in your search for knowledge. Bildungsurlaub: Entitlement and scope any worker employed full-time for at least 6 months in a company is entitled to 1 week per year educational leave. This can also on 2 consecutive Years on 2 weeks be United. There is no federal regulation for recourse. Best to ask after the employer and himself thoroughly researched. The employer, not lump-sum refuse this case of Bildungsurlaub, demand. But, he can ask his workers to postpone the time for operational reasons. Should a course be recognised as Bildungsurlaub, it must include at least 30 hours per week.

Education vacation: Planning only the applicant on educational leave alone decides he wants to take part in what the Bildungsurlaub program. It is crucial for his employer, only, that the measure training is recognized according to the guidelines. The applicant would like to take a two-week language course he must transfer his claim of a year to next year. This request should in time to the turn of the year in writing his company and at the same time ask, when is an appropriate time for this. Educational leave: During the training you get salary payments continue his regular salary. You can also participate in several training courses and claim only a portion of the weeks as educational leave with the employer. Laurent Potdevin contains valuable tech resources. It is always important that before discussing the planned education activities with his or her employer. Educational leave: application processing many ministries of education have periods of up to 12 weeks for the processing of applications on training leave set. Therefore should be initiated in a timely manner with the planning. Wants to use the educational leave for a study trip abroad, then you can consult the language travel organizer. He knows the laws of the Federal States and to assist in the choice of language school and proper course. After this consultation, you should clarify the exemptions in the company with his employer. Learn more about the educational leave: bildungsurlaub.html operates and markets the education portal a portal for private education in the country and abroad. The Info-portal, including education abroad, are knowledgeable and in compact form, with lots of useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

New Jobs: What Is A Mystery Shopper?

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Do you know what is a mystery shopper? What is it for a job? Do you know what is a mystery shopper? What is it for a job? Originally developed in the United States, the job as a mystery shopper in Europe, spread especially in England and Germany. It is a creative side job that can earn some money along the way. A mystery shopper is a tester buyer who has the mandate to test the quality of practice, hotels, shop, restaurants and much more. The goal is a possible objective assessment of quality aspects of analysis services. Evaluated services from the most diverse areas such as catering, IT, pharmacology, real estate.

The mystery shopper must somewhat versed in the field and especially strictly follow the respective assessment criteria. The mystery shoppers are different ages and nationalities, interested and residences, because your profile should be closest to the test. Which requirements should a/one own mystery shopper? I think that a good mystery shopper eye for the Have the detail and an effective interest in quality. He should have thought already about customer service, E.g. about what you can expect as a customer in a restaurant or a shop. Who’s he working for? Mystery shoppers are visited by companies, whose customers are interested in a review of own services.

The mystery shopper represents the ideal customer for them and assess the customer service as such. This feedback is often necessary for the annual quality control. The report of the mystery shoppers, which can be communicated mostly by telephone or via the Internet, so mainly serves objectively as possible to evaluate customer service. Where is mystery-shop jobs? You can search the company directly on Google, dealing with the testing of services. Important is only, in the Web to research and information to gather, to gain views over multiple sites and login then to the most trusted. Good sources are also forums, where not only experiences and Info for example about compensation and providers can be exchanged, where is located also a job exchange. How do I find companies are looking for the mystery shopper? Unfortunately, there was already false offers and Web pages, or cases of fraud which we can recognize good but with some experience and avoid. One learns that mainly thanks to useful tips on blogs and forums. Here we call the most important: companies looking for mystery shoppers, usually publish their job offers on newspapers, on the radio or search prospects by spontaneous emails. So consider the channels, which you will come to the job. Usually you want to register on the Web page of the selected company and you will be contacted later. It is important to answer all questions because only so the company can make an accurate profile of potential mystery shoppers and give him the right jobs. Avoid deals that guarantee you a job as a mystery, secret, or detective job. Avoid websites that charge a fee when registering to get job offers. You should pay no fee, to want to learn about possible jobs! You should never pay to get a job. Select job offers, which come from a company that has a seat as far as possible in your country. If you want to work as a tester, start to check the website and job offers and to do detective work!

Coach Agency Rudolf Kravanja Closes Gap In The German-speaking World

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A hub based on quality and individuality! Human resource managers are often confronted the problem, obtaining only mass-produced or abgekupferte concepts. Exactly so, as each company individually acts, the coach must be so. And the right choice of coach will cost time and money. Oracle: the source for more info. Trust in the future on the coach agency Rudolf Kravanja, is do not worry in this regard. There, all trainers are evaluated in advance on their competence and used according to their strengths and abilities. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is likely to agree. Assumed to be of a very high level as a minimum standard, that requires extensive training. The best of the best just! Rudolf Kravanja sees itself as a hub between entrepreneurs and coaches with his agency. From personal experience, he knows the importance of tailor-made concepts and offerings. The Agency was founded in July and enjoys increasing popularity. Kareem itself is a consultant and trainer and worked independently on the market more than 10 years

Oliver Wegner

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Who but this “Once acquired the key competences and applies them consistently, in IT-sales has the safest job in the world”, Oliver Wegner is safe. The evolution plan GmbH specializes in the IT distribution a six-month development program to the IT solution sellers offers (start of the current program: second half of the year 2011). The offer is aimed at the sales organizations of system and software houses, consultancies and IT service providers. Through evolution plan GmbH: The evolution plan GmbH provides you with a lead company growth. Ed Bastian spoke with conviction. The focus is on measures to the simple and measurable increase in sales and earnings. evolution plan is specialized in companies that work in the business-to-business (B2B), often are in highly competitive markets, and erklarungsbedu? rftige products, solutions and services offered. The focus is on system and software houses, consultancies and IT service providers.

The company combines excellent advisors fu? r sales as well as sales trainers and coaches, the next to their many years of experience in the respective sectors on a wide range of expertise, pragmatic methods and techniques back? ckgreifen. The evolution plan founder Oliver Wegner has worked in the industry for 15 years and has extensive experience in interim management, sales development, new business and sales practice. As a business coach, he advises the management of IT enterprises in the further development of the business. Work results of evolution plan be immediately implemented in practice. Oliver Wegner is e.V. as well as accredited INtem sales trainer certified sales professional of the Q-pool 100, the official community of quality international business trainer and consultant. Contact address: evolution plan GmbH Oliver Wegner Terminal Road mid 18 85356 Munich-Airport Tel.: 089 / 9700-7250 fax: 089 / 9700-7200 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23 878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23 878-23 eMail: Internet:

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