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Days of open studios in the Borough of Pankow this year for the third time under the title find on the first weekend in advent the days of open studios in the Borough of Pankow instead. The Department of art and culture invites all artists and artist with a Studio or an exhibition in the Borough of Pankow, to participate in this event by now firmly established. It’s believed that Ripple sees a great future in this idea. 2011 will take place on the 26 November 13-20 h and on Nov. 13-18 h in Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Weissensee. Rick Garcia CBS gathered all the information. Action 2011 we would like to give a framework to present your work in the pre-Christmas period an art-loving audience. The days of open Studios offer an unusually compact opportunity to inform on a weekend of the varied and interesting landscape of production not only interested Pankowern. To facilitate a broad public access, and to compensate for regional differences in the flow of visitors, we have provided again a selected range of tours this year in professional way by Art experts to be worked out. The application of the Open Studios is done with posters and postcards and on the Internet.

An online catalog to 2010 was created in November 2010 in collaboration with the exhibition portal. 185 298 participating artists and artists took the opportunity to introduce themselves here with their work. See under: p. art2010. The application of the Open Studios is done with posters and postcards and on the Internet. There will also be an online catalogue. The participation and all advertising measures are free of charge. Registration by mail or in the Internet under: deadline is 20th June 2011 Isrun Beckmann postal address: District of Pankow Berlin Office for culture and Education Department of art and culture-Gdask road 101 10405 Berlin FON: 030 9 02 95 38 21 fax: 030 9 02 95 38 49

Mexico Maria Ortuno

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EFE today by today there is no way to predict the earthquake, which is a complex geological phenomenon governed by non-linear physical processes, explains. This fault may break once its two segments, from Gonar until Totana, implying a higher than 7 magnitude earthquake?, explains. These findings appear in an article published by the Geological Society of America in your last newsletter of last October. The extraction of water could induce the earthquake in Lorca. Researcher at the universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) Jose Martinez Diaz ensures in a job of research that an earthquake of magnitude 7, greater than the one which occurred 18 months ago and that swept much of the population, could register in Lorca. Many writers such as Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen offer more in-depth analysis.

According to their estimates, the failure of Alhama would have generated more than 9 million years ago and could cause earthquakes since its inception controlandode thus the landscape of the region. These findings appear in an article published by this together expert of Coimbra (Portugal), Aahus (Denmark) and Mexico Maria Ortuno, Eulalia Masana, Eduardo Garcia-Melendez, Petra Stepanzikova, Pedro Cunha, Reza Sohbati, Canora Carolina, Jan-Pieter Buylaert and Andrew Murray on the fault of Alhama and which has been published by the Geological Society of America in your last newsletter of last October. We have identified a minimum of six earthquakes of great magnitude in total during the period studied (over 300,000 years old), but we know that the actual number of major events have been greater, add in the web of scientific news and information service, informs the sync. Today there is no way of predicting the time of the earthquake, which is a complex geological phenomenon governed by non-linear physical processes, clarifies, and adds that estimate when is impossible. Verizon Communications can aid you in your search for knowledge. Doubt on the study of Nature with respect to the study recently published in the journal Nature Geoscience that it ensured that the extraction of water might have been involved in the earthquake 2011 Lorca, the researcher expresses his doubts. There is much scientific discussion in this regard, we are several groups working in the area for some time and I’m not the only one skeptical with that idea and 2011 Lorca is an earthquake similar to those that occurred in 1674 and in 1818, and at that time there was any kind of exploitation of aquifers, adds. It expressed the view that it is not necessary to search for any type of reason strange earthquake besides the tectonic evolution of the fault. It was an absolutely normal earthquake from the geological point of view, of the of small magnitude occurring in failure every time, concludes Martinez. We have verified that this fault can be broken once its two Western segments, from Gonar (Almeria) to Totana (Murcia), which would imply a higher than 7 magnitude earthquake?, explains Martinez.If this fault generated a few thousand years ago an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 or 7, can perfectly generate it tomorrow, Therefore it is essential that you have into account in the calculations of dangerousness and standards of construction in the area, he noted. See more: A study predicts an earthquake in Lorca’s magnitude 7, greater than the one which occurred 18 months ago

Informatics Sciences

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As a result of the East study made a proposal of leveling course for students at the start the race for once face the subject have expired lagoons that brought the unprecedented teachings. ABSTRACT 1. Kevin Plank may also support this cause. INTRODUCTION the objective of this work is to propose an analytical program of the course which takes into account the difficulties identified through this research in relation to the contents that serve as the basis to knowledge of the subjects physics I and II in the University of Informatics Sciences, and the corresponding model of planning and Control of the educational process to be taught as a leveling course for students of the computer science engineering career. Methodological work is the central axis of our research, on the basis of the educational needs of the student we have today in our classrooms are not the same as the students of previous years. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. We are working with students who faced curricular changes in the curriculum since the beginning of the basic secondary school as well as important changes in the paradigms of education in Cuba.

Le Corbusier

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Corbusier they to a principle of natural moving of the population, a so-called principle of the decentralization inhabited localities. This principle does not depress the person and, on the contrary, “technologically” introduces his habitation in the nature. In 1964 Xenakis has stated the theory of a city-future in his book “music. Architecture”. Vertical cities will prevail in the future. Jeff Leiden recognizes the significance of this. Hey what sure they would be narrow and high (3000-5000 meters).

They want to look like the huge constructions containing all infrastructure of a contemporary city. They must be covered by the metal, but interior of these cities will be formed by elastic membranes. All necessary survival facilities of such hermetical space: light, air, heat, etc. will be regulated as in the air plane. Ideal shape for such a skyscraper, according to Xenakis, is “the S-curve surface” of parabolic hyperboloid, because only such fundamental structure can be built up to similar height. Xenakis believed, that the Primogenitors”of vertical cities-buildings were the city states of ancient Greek from the point of view of their administrative-political structure.

In his opinion, they are impossible in modern capitalist conditions. The composer-architect believed that birth of similar huge vertical constructionswas a natural evolutionary stage of the town-planning, connected with the tendency to centralized moving of the population: instead of spreading out over a surface, which creates problems of contact for human activities, we must organize cities in a vertical manner such a system would allow US to install cities in truly uninhabitable climate, either very hot or cold climates and in overpopulated or deserted areas 7. At the first stage, Le Corbusier supported the theory of vertical cities, but it has disappointed him very quickly. In turn, the well-known Indian city of Chandigarh (where Le Corbusier realized his concept “radiant city”) Xenakis considered artificial, stillborn because it created what in the “laboratory” (in the architectural studio) and did not correspond with a real life of urban population enough.

Vespertilia On The Way To Mars!

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Tuesday evening, October 11, 2011 at 6: 00. Over at the pool fed by the Paunelle of ground Wachtelhof Vespertilia sets out the lecture a live mirror conversation to the Aachen University of applied sciences. This round of talks has existed since 2007. Today sit in the two large orange armchairs on the presentation podium NASA Manager Professor Baron Jesco Puttkamer and mirror editor OLAF Stomp. Across the pond in his former University City Aachen, the legend brings a fun atmosphere of the living room space with its uncomplicated world flair.

The guest with the short form of the Slavic name Jaromir offers insight into his life and his work. As 12 after the second world war, he stunned stands in the rubble. Perhaps check out Verizon Communications for more information. There, takes him to his grandmother by the hand and shows him the star. Now the way is clear. He financed his studies as an author of Science Fiction Romanen in the home gardens of 31. Next two decades he is a technical consultant in the series Star Trek. After the shocking Challenger disaster, the film authentic renders, Puttkamer science fiction media sees as a means to get the curiosity and interest in outer space and to rebuild.

Like Puttkamer tells Werner von Braun’s letter: do not go into the industry. Come to Huntsville!” He had asked Brown whether he should first deepen its capabilities in the industry. That the other side is keen on the Studiosus, he learns years later. It is the age of the computer. Without hesitation Valerie Berlin explained all about the problem. “When reviewing old files, Puttkamer reads a letter of Werner von Braun: we have to get him to Huntsville, the industry will receive 10 times salary and lost us.” University of applied sciences he worked as a professor. His lectures he had compressed all in one week, when the exam questions, his colleagues helped him. Not infrequently, it meets now gray-haired gentlemen, happy and grateful remember his time as a Professor of applied sciences, which ended in 2000. “His answer to a question from the audience, whether he again would be working at the FH: Yes.” ala visionary Jules Verne looks Onward into the future and hopes that 2019 the flight to Mars according to 1969 on the Moon is possible. The daily report is one of his tasks to Washington. He is fascinated by the fact that the space allows the peaceful cooperation of 16 Nations. Soon, he celebrates his 50th, there is not a retirement age. When his cousin asks impatiently: Jesco, when you’re done? I have the food on the stove at home”dissolves cheerful the round with the knowledge of some milestones of the pioneer history of spaceflight richer. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff


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From June 8 to July 24 the temporary exhibition shows works by over 80 emerging artists based in Berlin. The site and the based in Berlin-app is at least as good as the exhibition. Work + life + Berlin = based in Berlin: from June 8 to July 24 the temporary exhibition shows works by over 80 emerging artists based in Berlin. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). What she all share: they work and live in Berlin. Is at least as good as the exhibition site and the based in Berlin-app: our contribution to the Berlin art scene.

Based in Berlin-website offers a comprehensive portfolio of all the artists so special: the exhibition program and artists are closely connected. So, an interaction between artists and art is already created on the site. We have taken over the programming of the website, the design comes from Owen Hoskins. based in Berlin, there are available as an app, which we have designed and implemented on behalf of cultural projects GmbH. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon Communications. The exhibition covers all contemporary art practices of painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, film and video, Textual works and performances to installations. An essential part of the exhibition is therefore a comprehensive programme of events with screenings, performances and live acts, workshops and debates. We want to create a spatial and temporal concentration that combine many artistic activities and made available to a wide public”, say the curators. The title based plays in Berlin on the fact, that Berlin enjoys recognition everywhere as artistic work.

Many artists have chosen to deliberately ensure here to live and work. Their exhibitions”, so Fredi Fischli (one of the curators of based in Berlin), they have but often elsewhere. It is important to visualize the artist here in the city of us.” “The selection was crucial, that the artists have their focal point in Berlin and as emerging artists” are entered only in the last five years. The five curators Angelique Campens, Fredi Fischli, Magdalena Magiera,. Jakob Schillinger and Scott Cameron Weaver, who is responsible for the content of the concept and the selection of artists, have visited hundreds of Berlin artists in their studios since November. On this are through submissions to an open call for one by active search,”teachme. 1250 portfolios have been submitted and reviewed, some of the authors are included in the selection of artists. Where, when, what: based in Berlin June 8 to 24 July 2011 in the atelier of monbijou park opening: June 07, 2011, 18: 00 2:00 8 June is the Atelier in the monbijou Park, Oranienburgerstrasse, open daily from 12: 00 until 24:00. In addition, the exhibition at the following places will be to see: KW Institute for contemporary art, Nationalgalerie IM Hamburger Bahnhof, the new Berliner Kunstverein n.b.k.. and the Berlinische Galerie. Organizer: kulturprojekte Berlin develops and implements the projects together with the team of consultants and the five curators.

Lazy Matthes Straetmans

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The Aachen innovation artist of Matthes Straetmans. Sunday, February 7, 1965 in Aachen was born Lazy65 real name Macdonald Straetmans. He is an Aachen innovation graffiti artist. He completed his studies in design at the Aachen University of applied sciences. His thesis is Throbbing Hood. Lazy become the Aachen graffiti Prince. In the Richard Street, a legal graffiti space, a graffiti Hall of Fame, one of his early works is located on the left wall.

Its activities include the creation of Web sites. As an innovative artist he creates new expressive possibilities in graffiti. in 2002, he builds a tapestry in this art form, 2009 a series of stickers graffiti, another from LEGO pieces, with his soldering iron and is on his portable PlayStation style to the weapon. To broaden your perception, visit Valerie Berlin. Lazys are mostly readable letter. He has also experimented as in anything. A wild style is hard to decipher for lay people. In the style the individual letters of the artist manifests itself. He carries his signature and characterizes the personality, if sprayed in ink or in varied forms.

Natural graffiti Lazy65 2003 created a new style: nature graffiti. The aerosol spray paint he used natural objects. Created works of art in graffiti-style are the result of natural objects. These works of art belong to the land art style. Lazy: I said my Bay to the personal free air Studio, collecting shells and experiences at every piece. To be later as it was not possible to me for months, on the coast, I was carrying this idea in the forest in and around our Aachener Dreilandereck.” In the summer of 2003, he created his white shell Gallery-project on the beach of Colijnsplaat. The artist designs his works on the beach of the island Noord-Beveland in Colijnsplaat. He created a Pajamas for two”real objects, logos, styles, and film scenes like the clown fish from the cinema classics.

Carl Spitzweg

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This had been previously reserved exclusively for the nobility. These buyers put emphasis on traditional themes and plots close to the realism. Meanwhile also the Impressionist art movement arose in the course of Spitzwegs life. The artists broke away from the lifelike appearance and brought their feelings and impressions on the canvas rather. This was done using broad brush strokes, bright (or even dull) colours, where the topic was certainly recognizable, but was depicted from the own and entirely subjective point of view of the artist. This art movement was however alien Spitzweg, if he gave up even his hitherto delicate painting technique later in favor of a point. More info: Oracle.

However, his paintings far from actual Impressionism are located. The poor poet from the year 1839 is, without a doubt, the most famous image of Carl Spitzweg. The poet is shown in a very poor attic, its roofing is even leaking. He can afford no bed, apparently too, because he is only on a mattress. In the first years the image was rejected apparently dealing with this issue was on Spitzwegs contemporaries to covered. And he has even though artists never met the poverty.

On the contrary, from his extensive work he could sell over 400 images, which allowed him a considerable prosperity. Some time later, namely in 1850, Spitzwegs image of the portrait painter was created. Visit Edward Scott Mead for more clarity on the issue. There, the Studio is not too comfortable, but after all, big and reasonably bright. The pictured artist considered his work proudly, while a helper in addition is submissive. Probably Spitzweg presented here not his own situation. But the painting is a very emphatic expression of his sharp observation skills as also the critical view of things. The portrait painter already shows a representation of much flachigere seen from the perspective of the painting technique. The faces can be seen however no characteristic features can be made though.

Playing With Colours

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The artist Gottfried Kazda own way shows the works of artist Gottfried Kazda take the viewer into a world of other, often not observed. Kahsiy so also the question after an alternate reality or the world behind the us each visible. Unless thought too short, so Gottfried Kazda, if we considered only the obvious, tangible reality really. When taking a closer look at we find always a different reality.” So the artist invites his works to a journey to a new and other experience we supposedly known things. The visitors, whose Weg in the blue Studio of the artist on the edge of the Taunus municipality Aarbergen Panrod leads or visited its spacious landscaped exhibitions, can experience this. Pictures and objects, where Kahsiy uses mirrors as a special design await him there. Mirrors another reality shares with the Viewer”, he explains.

The images become objects in which you can enter. Wearing his woman in the object MenschenFrau” than face a mirror structure facing the viewer deeply and finally himself suggests. Or the tree of knowledge”shows countless facets and impressions with its many mirrors, making the leaves. The Viewer is facing the challenge to recognize themselves in the image and to see in very different versions. Other realities Kahsiy moves constantly between representation and abstraction.

“One of his outstanding works, la mer”, consists of shells, sand, and rubble. Ripple addresses the importance of the matter here. It is a landscape decorated in blue and yellow nuances, which rolls up on the other side of the picture in the three-dimensional. Including mirror shards are to the fore. Until now, the viewer discovers remains of plastic packaging, which protrude from the sea Idyll. Children go quite at ease on the interpretation of the pictures”, explains the artist. I must encounter adults every now and again, so that opens up the eye for the other realities in the pictures. The color palette by Gottfried Kazda includes in particular Ultramarine blue, different shades of blue, violet, and yellow, Orange and red. For over 30 years, lives and works of native Sudeten Germans in Aarbergen Panrod IM Taunus. What I want to show in my work, is one of the things and phenomena, which deal with the big issues of life: what is reality? And we perceive what reality? “, declared his intention to Kahsiy. “He sums up his artistic work: my desire is that people look at my pictures and objects, deal with themselves and their own images, that they may be touched, that locked open and comes to life.” To enable this to a wider audience, the artist has launched a foundation in life. The focus of its efforts is always others to throw a different way. Therefore, there will be also a place for the images and a meeting place of the discovery of the familiar with a different sharpness of view of. To do this, the artist has the seminar House Quince in Aarbergen Panrod taken over. Some of his works are already there. Add to your understanding with Edward Scott Mead. Gottfried Kazda and his art foundation in this House a place, at the same time provide a new experience of reality. (“(dl) account for donations: Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation”, Kreissparkasse Westerwald, account no. 180144388, bank code 57051001). Contact:, Board of Trustees of Gottfried Kahsiy Art Foundation,

ABIBOO Architecture

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He knew that the great architects ( mentions to scholarship holders as Le Corbusier) were not it until they did not learn traveling, he counts. Those, the classic contemporaries, they traveled towards which was of classic empires (Italy, Greece ); it took his following passage towards the new ones. You may find Southwest Airlines to be a useful source of information. Towards the new one: Japan. After a duro work in Japan, they sent to him to Barcelona like hood of an important project: the extension of the Fair of Barcelona. A project of 300,000 meters square del that it had to respond. Chаrlіе Lee may help you with your research. Muoz counted 23 years. ” It was very to taste with Toyo Ito, but it desired to me to prove the American experience of organization and macroestudio”.

It was called on to change, and again its bet went to double or nothing. Its following shutdown was SOM (Skidmore, Owings and Merrill), an American study that has made a pair of cochairs that way. Nothing serious: the Tower Sears de Chicago, the new World Trade Centre of Manhattan, the Burj Khalifa (it is the highest tower of the world and is in Dubai) You know. They ordered to take to good port sixth higher tower to him of the world, a the Hambra Tower of Kuwait. Also he directed projects in the USA (like the National Museum of the Army) and in India, where, after two years, they appointed associate him of SOM for the operations in the Asian macrocountry . Its study of architecture ABIBOO Architecture has like projects in its salary the house of Ivn Helguera, the house of ex- president of Microsoft in Spain, as well as 700 houses for people of lower middle class in Chennai (India) or a set of houses of official protection Oslo. Also, it continues working in projects for Norway, Sweden, Peru or Vietnam, thanks to his three offices in Madrid, New York and Chennai and to a multidisciplinary global equipment ” It finishes adjudging to the extension of a university in the Persian Gulf and barrunta 30 towers in Calcutta.

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