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Recognizing to be more difficult to deal with a child ten, twelve years with fonolgica dislexia of what one of six or seven years. But most of the time the fonolgica dislexia of development is detected at the moment of the alfabetizao, as it is about a specific difficulty of reading that will be reflected later in the writing, the fact to learn with bigger difficulty, the problems with writing and the reading do not have to confuse the absorption of other knowledge that can be transmitted by saw verbal or auditory. Parol evidences disclose that these children are capable to dominate contents programmarians, under the point of view of treatment or of pedagogical accompaniment, they are very important to give it chance to escolarizarem themselves, while they go taking care of of its deficiencies, in contrast of what she happened in the past, when all emphasis was given to the comment of knowledge by means of the writing. Delta airlines is the source for more interesting facts. Sufficiently considerable problem in relation to the dislexia is the quality of education of the public schools, therefore she has the modismo in considering dislxicas all the children who do not obtain to be alfabetizadas before evaluating if the professor is good and the adjusted classroom, if the child well is fed and receiving the stimulatons propitious to learn to read and to write. To classify the difficulties as decurrent of discursiva or fonolgica dislexia is only possible if to occur although the excellent conditions of environment and escolarizao. Therefore, when the quality of education leaves to desire as it occurs in definitive areas of Brazil, is extremely difficult to speak in dislexia. For even more details, read what State Street Global Advisors says on the issue.

Consideraes final Considers if, therefore ahead of you vary expositions on the learning riot, that is although innumerable investments of researchers on determined subject that very if to know still, in the scientific and social way in what he says respect common knowledge, therefore most of the time professors and parents finish ‘ ‘ diagnosticando’ ‘ in maken a mistake way such problem that it involves the psychological one of child and many times its social life, after all many move away themselves from the conviviality with colleagues, looking for to prevent to be reason of tricks. Public politics still fit to prepare the professor so that this obtains to recognize a pupil with such riot, thus being able to assist in the treatment and directing for a qualified professional. Bibliography, had access in 07 of November of 2010. Philip Vasan may not feel the same. , had access in 07 of November of 2010.

Audio Recordings

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In recent years, is a growing trend of learning English through audio recordings. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ron O’Hanley. This method is so popular, as well complement the modern image of a business person who always busy with several things at once, run anywhere, and he did once read textbooks in English or, for example, artistic works of English classics in the original. Besides the fact that play audio in a portable music player on the way to work will save time compared with the reading, the main advantage of audio – the ability to hear foreign speech and improve its perception, and also to remember the correct pronunciation. Due to the ever growing demand in the market of foreign languages appears wide range of different Audiocourses English, including specialized, targeted a certain sphere of activity, as well as a large selection of audiobooks in English. Often these materials are accompanied by textual aids, textbooks, or books. The need for English proficiency for the modern business person causes the development and diversification of the relevant market, which in turn allows for everyone to choose the most appropriate course using audio tapes. Options here are many: the study of English with audiouchebnikov coupled with the performance of exercises, listening to Russian-English educational materials (presentations, vocabulary development, situation, dialogue) or simply audio books in English, allowing to increase the perception of English speech and put the correct pronunciation. However, it should pay attention to the subsidiary nature of such Audiocourses foreign languages.

First, not all ways of learning English through audio are equally effective for everyone – a lot depends on the current level of proficiency, while a necessary condition for effective the course is the availability of baseline. Secondly, it is impossible qualitatively learn English from scratch, based only on recorded material – will still have to pay a certain amount of time textbooks tutoring or courses in language schools. Perfect combination and embodiment of all the advantages of studying English with a tutor and with the help Audiocourses in this case will have classes with the teacher-native speakers of UK, USA etc. We should also mention the popular lately opportunity – so-called system SongWay. She is popular for obvious reasons – language learning becomes a pleasure.

The essence of the system is to learn English or any other language by listening to your favorite foreign songs, based on the lyrics and its translation. This method is ideal for people who love to sing your favorite songs in the road or at home. In conclusion, some useful resources. For those who are willing to learn English by using audio, I want to draw attention to a very useful resource dedicated to foreign languages in which absolutely free to download different books, audio books, special courses and much more. His web address If you do not see my life without music, and not part with mp3-player, then you can interesting resource where you can sign up for SongWay and get to your inbox every morning on foreign songs and lyrics and translation. Address of a resource on the Internet: system SongWay

Making Your Own Letterhead

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Printed on the letterhead of almost all the company documents, and it gives them a unique corporate identity. The top of the page, above the first row is a separate area – a header. On letterhead is usually placed company logo or name. In the footer, which is after the bottom line of text, most point to the contact information – telephone, address and company website. Sometimes when you create letterhead and used the substrate – the background images. To create a letterhead in the program Microsoft Office Word 2007, follow these steps.

1. Go to "Insert", a group of "Header and Footer," and click on "Header". The screen will appear ready-made designs headers and footers. You can choose the style of the header title page – Microsoft Office 2007 All designs intersect each other. Click on any design, and you will see the main text of your document will be lighter, but above the first row will be an area in which you want to enter something. 2.

Once you choose a design, the ribbon will be a new tab – "Designer". C using the tools on this tab, configure headers and footers. For example, under the "Regulations" can set the distance from the fields to the header and footer. 3. To insert a logo footer, click in the "Insert" button "Drawing." A dialog box for opening files. Select where on the computer is stored logo image, and then click "Paste". Logo inserted into the header. 4. In addition to the logo in the header You can insert the date and time of document creation. To do this in the "Paste", click the appropriate button, such as "The date and time." A dialog box where you can choose the date format. Usually, the date inserted into contracts, so that it automatically changed. 5. After editing the header, click on "Go to the footer." You will automatically go to the bottom of the page to draw the lower footer. Here, enter the contact details of the company: telephone, website, e-mail address. 6. Once you have entered in headers and footers necessary information, click on "Close the window headers and footers" on additional tab "Design" and the whole text again becomes available for editing. Headers and footers appear on every page of the form is automatically embedded blocks. Letterhead is ready! Except headers and footers, to create a letterhead is often used substrate is the graphics that are inserted into the document as a background page. Oracle is the source for more interesting facts. Perhaps it will be the logo (of course, if you put the logo in the header, there is no need to duplicate the image, setting it as the background.) To define the substrate, go to "Layout" and click on the "substrate" in the "Page Background". Select from the menu "Adjustable backing." In the dialog box, then click the "Picture". Then click "Select" in the dialog box specify the location you want the picture on the computer "and click click "Paste". More free lessons on my blog site Computer Education Center FreeDom

Successful Employment

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Mankind has always sought to make their lives easier. In order to improve working people invent more and more appliances and devices, such as a wheel, the lever, a mill and other machinery. But the real revolution occurred only when the researchers presented to the world electronic computer or, more simply, a computer. In modern society the computer is an integral part of life. The importance of the computer now felt in almost every sphere of activity. From schoolchildren to directors of organizations – all use the computer.

The importance of computer use in our daily activities led to the need of studying it bases. The computer can be useful not only for work but also for personal purposes. Computer skills required for the device to almost any position. If you own a PC before the user-level thought significant advantage and competitive advantage, now it becomes as a natural requirement as the ability to read and write. Often requires knowledge not only Word and Excel, and more complex programs. For example, you imagine a modern company accountant, who does not know the program 1C Accounting? Or designer without knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw? Not all these programs, you can learn yourself.

If a young man sitting at a child computer, this is a feasible task, the adult and the elderly, it sometimes just impossible. To help both beginners and fairly advanced users called learning centers, specializing in computer courses. In St. Petersburg, are many of them. When choosing courses you should pay attention to the training centers that are longer and therefore have more experience in matters of training in information technology. Also provided further interesting options. For example, assistance in finding employment after graduation rates or the possibility of individual and corporate trainings. Separately, you can select training centers, which not only provide in-depth knowledge in computer technology, but also reinforce their respective international certificate ECDL (European Computer Driving License), also known as ICDL (International Computer Driving License). This document confirms that the holder can "steer" on a set of programs. The certificate ECDL provides a significant advantage in employment, including those abroad, as well as significantly increases the chances of compared to competitors who do not have this certificate. Remember, statistically, certified professionals are 10-20% more than non-certified staff. One of the training centers that qualified provides a multidisciplinary training to work on the PC of course the user to the issue of an international certificate of ECDL, the Institute of Information Technology.

Methodical Development

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This methodological development is made to the textbook 'Rising Star ", A Pre-First Certificate Course, by Luke Prodromou, Macmillan. The manual provides an excellent opportunity to improve knowledge and skills acquired in previous years, and also solves the problem prepare students to pass the use in the English language, as the format of tasks to verify the voice of competence reflects the content and format of the cse. The purpose of the elective course is to help students prepare for and successfully pass the comprehensive state exam. The aim is to raise the level of language competence, to remove the difficulties in performing tasks separate sections. Familiarity with the format of the cse is a necessary condition for passing the exam. Its introduction was influenced by the whole process of teaching foreign languages, as tested productive skills: writing, speaking, use of language (Use Of Language), learning became more focused on the formation of a real communicative competence and to acquire more activity nature. This manual has 15 cycles in eight pages. Each cycle is designed for approximately six hours, hence the textbook offers 90 hours of training.

But, for its part, wanted to add this course to work on forming the ability to use spoken language to deal with communication-oriented tasks, so syllabus appropriate to extend to 7-8 hours. All cycles contain the same sections in the same order, thus allowing the systematic work on all language skills in an organized manner. This means that Each cycle begins with the text, designed to develop skills of reading, followed by a section of grammar and language use.

Global Point

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History of the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation nachinaetsya10 October 1977, when at the Institute of economic management that had existed since 1971, “to improve leadership training for work in the ministries, departments and other bodies of economic management “created a new institution – the Academy of national economy. And in 1992, according to the Russian Government Academy was renamed the Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation. The Academy consists of: 3 branches, 18 faculties and 58 departments (including 14 producing), post-graduate with two areas of activity (2 and 2 economic law specialty), research institutes and centers, academic and research library. September 20, 2010 under Presidential Decree ‘EDUCATION OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICE IN PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ‘by joining the Academy of National Economy under the RF Government of the Russian State Service Academy under the President and the 12 regional academies of public service established unprecedented new institution – the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service at the RF President. Today the Academy – is a fundamentally new and unique in scale educational institution with a unique campus of Moscow and 60 branches in almost all regions of the country. This is the largest educational institution in Russia. Approximately 100 000 students and staff. This multi-level scientific and educational complex, which implements a model of permanent education, in which the program of secondary, higher and secondary vocational education, pre-university and postgraduate training.

Academy the first place: the number of international programs, the number of MBA programs, on the demand for graduates among employers, in the media rankings among economic institutions. Center for Creative Technologies is part of the Faculty “Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences” of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service at the RF President. The center was established under the influence of new economic realities: Modern economics without a major creative component is not competitive. With the decline in raw material component of the economy, increasing the role of creative tools for promoting goods and services on the market. Art is a profitable business. The Centre was established research and educational school-oriented training of managers of creative industry professionals in the field of design, communications and the art business, integrated into the international research on “marketing communications, creative management and art – the business and providing education on the level of the leading schools in the world.

Copywriter – New Business Job

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What is copywriting? Writing – a relatively new naprvlenie the Russian recruitment market. Copywriter – this is a commercial writer who creates texts purely applied purposes for which paid for. Here are a few transcripts profession copywriter, partly explaining the meaning of the word: advertising journalist, writer and business developer of commercial texts. In other words, a copywriter should be able to write any text, using special communication techniques, creativity and technology, written persuasion. The task of the copywriter is to simply and vividly, clearly and concisely convey to the reader features and advantages of the advertised object. It may seem that the literary activity of copywriting has nothing in common, as are the texts only on request. Nevertheless, we are talking about a special area of advertising creativity, where special rules for filing information, logic and order of presentation determines the quality of work and results.

Who can become a copywriter? Today many people, learning about new industries, is proud to declare: "I am going to start soon to earn a living by writing texts and articles. By the way, do not know how much to pay for copywriting? ". As experience shows, all apparent at first glance a simple and easy, it becomes a problem when trying to implementation without the skills and knowledge. Copywriting is necessary and possible to learn, for example, in absentia, the online copywriting school or classroom training courses in your area. This is perhaps the only profession where no age, or deep knowledge in specific subject areas of special significance have not.

St. Petersburg Branch of the Moscow Academy of the labor market, with the September 2009 launch new and unique in their content courses in which everyone can learn the basics of copywriting and business skills of written communication. The program includes a training center, "ART" some thematic courses of various kinds: a general course in "Written communication" professional training course "Basics of Copywriting" and exclusive corporate course "Commercial texts and business letters." What needs to be able commercial writer? By copywriter imposed very stringent requirements, however, everyone can now try their hand at this exciting field. You must be able to express in writing how his and others' ideas words – extremely clear, beautiful and clear. Possession of a perfect rhetoric and oratory, alas, not a commercial writer in handy. The ability to write well honed by long practice, wakes up dormant writing talent, which becomes noticeable after hundreds of written pages. For this reason, very specialized education in copywriting and does not play a big role. Aptitude is determined by the specialist skills to analyze and seek, think outside the box and work with large amounts information. Currently, copywriting demand in almost all areas of business and advertising, but an official profession of copywriter yet. The marketer is, the manager of advertising and PR-specialist is also a – these and many other professions can be obtained at many colleges and universities of the country, but only directly taught copywriting at the School of copywriters as well as daytime and evening courses KNOW "ART" in St. Petersburg. For more information on training programs, time and cost of courses copywriting can be obtained at the center of "ART" by phone 575-62-28 or 572-31-71, as well as on the sites or. Margaret Ivancova

Japan Countries

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As to include if it has constituted the biggest concern of parents, studious professors and, considering that the inclusion alone will be accomplished to occur structural transformations in the educational system. ' ' The inclusive education is an education directed of all toward todos' ' (FIGUEOREDO, P. 37), it was a landmark inside of the education, but if really to want the success of this work, we must really face this as a great challenge, therefore inside of this system in such a way the family how much the professor both depend one on the other, and we know as they happen in many cases that in the end this finishes highly being rewarding. To understand this system of the inclusive education is necessary to understand some aspects compose that it, first must be made the attendance to the carrying students of necessities special in the neighborhood, to take care of and to propitiate to the professors of the regular classroom a support technician, to perceive that the children can learn meetings, having even so objective and different processes, to indicate what it must be established, or that creative forms of performance with the carrying children of deficiency, in which they must be made. This same education always demonstrated to be a strong factor, in the countries that had almost been the zero, countries that total had been destroyed, these investments in the education, had been of total significance, countries as Japan, Germany and Italy, had suffered the horrors from the war. Our country is a privileged state, does not suffer with the war, what we must it is to perfect with the inclusive education. Inside of the inclusive education, we must take in account the factor most important enters the layers of the education, when dealing with pupils special the professor will be with perhaps taken children, exaltadas, imperative, and this professional must be prepared for this type of situation, and the respect I lend will make all difference at these moments.

PCN Text

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TEXT and TEXTUALIDADE In any communicative production are conceived a text, for which some definitions made for studious exist of the language, in order to become more easy the understanding of its concept. However, no matter how hard definitions exist, still they are limited since some of them are not capable to determine with precision the complexity of a text, therefore the same, etimologicamente, becomes related with the weaveeed term and thus both are fruits of the junction of some wires that if they establish connection until forming one all significant one. In sight of the problematic about the text definition, will be adopted the concept established for the PCN? s (1998, p.77): … the text is a concrete lingustica unit (perceivable for the vision or hearing) that it is taken by the users of the language (falante, writer and listener, reader), in a situation of specific communicative interaction, as a unit of sensible and as filling a reconhecvel and recognized communicative function independently of its extension. Of this form, it is perceived that the text does not need to be something extensive since that transmits a message, being able to be effected in way written or verbal in a situation of interaction between an sender and a receiver, that is, must reach of satisfactory form its (s) interlocutor (you are) and above all to constitute a unit semantics. One estimates then, that a literal production will go to occur when to converge the pragmatic and construction elements of direction, such as: The intentions of the producer; the game of mental images that each one of the interlocutors makes of itself, of the other and the other with regard to itself exactly and to the subject of the speech; the space of visual perceptibilidade and common acoustics, in the communication face the face. (COAST VAL, 1991, p.1) Being thus, it is common in some texts to appear definitive elements and in others not, peculiarity this that will be determined by the sociocomunicativa interaction.

Kuban State University

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A scientist with a name in the scientific world knows him as a man with a unique, quite literally, phenomenal abilities. If we were talking about music and musicians, it can be safely be called a man-Orchestra. In some ways it really is. True, in another incarnation. Judge for yourself: the well-known scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, inventor and innovator, author of over 150 scientific publications in domestic and foreign publications, including 3 monographs and 40 patents and invention certificates, of which more than 30 – and put into production in the learning process. Add to this: branch manager at Kuban State University g.Goryachy key, beautiful organizer, and teacher. It should be noted that Vladimir Lavrentiev – not an armchair scientist, theorist, and the real practices. That is why it demanded its original basic research and new research directions., K example, in dielectrometer is the ionization relaxation spectrometry of polymeric materials.

Today, this trend applies not only our region but also in many research institutes in Russia, UK, USA and Korea. Or development of equipment and methods of integrated studies of polymer materials, as well as – electronic element base of modern computer systems and personal computers. Under his leadership of Hot-Key and with his direct participation for the first time in Russia and successfully started the work on the creation of methods and devices for reading and writing computer data, not exposed to explosive loads Radiation and electromagnetic fields, high temperatures and aggressive environments. For this development Mr Putin awarded the 2006 Gold Medal Y1 International Salon of Innovations and Investments. Protected by Russian and international patents in 123 countries around the world, it allows you to move to a new generation of media used not only in computers but also in banking plastic cards, electronic keys, the "black boxes" aero-space technology. His investigations on the predictability of performance insulation of high voltage equipment and instruments developed have been successfully operated on a number of sites Krasnodar Territory and the already warned of several major accidents.

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