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Patio Representation

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One of the possible forms to read the space is by means of the maps, that are the cartographic representation of one determined space. Studious of education/learning of the cartography considers that, for the citizen to be capable to read of critical form the space, is necessary as much that it knows to make the reading of the real space/concrete as that it is capable to make the reading of its representation, the map. It is, also, of common agreement that will have better conditions to read the map that one that it knows to make the map. To draw passages, passages, plants of the classroom, the house, the patio of the school can be the beginning of the work of the pupil with the forms of representation of the space. They are activities that, in a general way, the children of the initial years of the escolarizao carry through, but never is excessively to remember that the interesting one is they make that them supported in the concrete and real data and not imagining/fantasiando.

It wants to say, to try to represent what it exists in fact. Thus, it is not enough to know to read the space. Get all the facts and insights with Scott Mead, another great source of information. It is important also to know to represent it, what it demands definitive rules. To make a map, for simpler than it is, the child will be able to carry through activities of comment and representation. When making one drawing of a place that to it is known exactly very familiar or, it will be making choices and becoming more rigorous its comment. Account of aspects will be able, in this manner, to be given that were not perceived, will be able to raise new hypotheses to explain what it exists, will be able to make critical and until finding solutions for which it seemed impossible to contribute. The capacity of the pupil to make the representation of one definitive space means much more of what to be learning geography: it can be an exercise that will allow the construction of its knowledge stops beyond the reality that is being represented, and stimulates the development of the creativity simply, what, of remaining portion, it he is significant for the proper life and not only to learn.

Ana Teberosky

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The writing ' ' it exerts a true glamour on the true child, and this good before proper it being able to trace signos' ' (MREDIEU, 2006, p.10). The drawing is basic in the life of a child. It stimulates its imagination, creativity, making possible the same one to know the world to its redor. The Studious Emilia Blacksmith in its book ' ' Reflections on alfabetizao' ' it argues the importance of the infantile grafismo for and evolution of the writing and affirms, We know, since Luquet, that to draw is not to reproduce what it is seen, but yes what it is known. If this principle is true for the drawing, with more reason it is for the writing. To write is not to transform what it hears in graphical forms, as well as also reading is not equivalent to reproduce with the mouth what the eye recognizes visually.(BLACKSMITH, 1985, p.55). In this way, in elapsing of each period of training of the infantile drawing, the child it evolves, therefore it is assumen of the representation system. For Blacksmith (1995, p, 20) ' ' the learning of the written language is the construction of a representation system, as well as the drawing, the learning in this approach of a new object of knowledge, that is, the representation of escrita' '.

As it affirms Pillar, So that the child if appropriates of the system of representation of the writing, it she will have that to reconstruct it, differentiating the elements and the proper relations to the system, as well as the nature of the bond she enters the object of knowledge and its representation. You may want to visit Scott Mead New York to increase your knowledge. This I tie can be arbitrary as in the case of the writing, for if being valid signs, or analogical, as in the drawing for using symbols. (PILLAR, 1996, p.32). The research carried through for Emilia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky (1999) directed to the process of alfabetizao and published in the book ' ' Psicognese of the language escrita' ' , it has as question the learning of the reading and writing, where the child passes for levels of development of the writing such as: daily pay-silbico, silbico, alphabetical and alphabetical silbico.

The Individual

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They can, to be acometidos for learning difficulties that can appear in the individuals of soft forms; moderate; serious; deep. When detaching the subject ‘ ‘ difficulty of aprendizagem’ ‘ many confuse this conception with a carelessness in classroom or ‘ spirit bagunceiro’ of the children. But the learning difficulty is treated by many studious theoreticians and as a riot, that can be generated by a series of cognitivos or emotional problems, affecting the individual in any area of the pertaining to school performance. Perhaps check out Larry Ellison for more information. OF (learning difficulties) Almeida (2011) and secondary primary are divided according to and, being classified as the difficulties caused for ‘ ‘ psico-neurological elements established or well esclarecidos’ well; ‘ , that is the calls cerebral disfunes (upheavals of reading, upheavals of the mathematics and the upheaval of the expression of the writing, upheavals of said language, infantile depression, anxiety); OF the secondary ones the biological problems would be those consequences (cerebral injury, cerebral paralysis, epilepsies, auditory deficiency, visual deficiency,). The classification of riot can be affirmed then that or difficulty presents different definitions, that can be summarized of the following form, the riots is problems that they cause neurological comprometimento, being of secondary factor Of, already the difficulties are those that are related the problems of partner-cultural order, being one OF the one of primary classification. To many authors OF the one in the majority of the cases he comes to be identified at a first moment for professors, therefore it is who will go to point the difficulty presented for the individual, many authors affirm that children that they present Of, generally are not motivated and if they demonstrate unsafe carrying through pertaining to school tasks, most of the time judge themselves incapable, generating a frustration feeling. She is necessary to perceive that the children with learning difficulties are not incapable children, only present some difficulty to learn, delay more time to understand commands, to understand, to hear, to assimilate, if to organize, in playful activities systemize.


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The deaf person and the society. Thinking about the society where we live, that one that discriminates since the people with low income until that for some reason they find any type of apparent difficulty or not, imagines then deaf person in this context. The society where we live prioritizes the verbal language, therefore she is this that we use daily, making with that all the people who are part of it if they adjust to this media, independent to have conditions for this or not, finishing for discriminating any another form of communication, is what I see to happen with the language of signals, finishing for being inferiorizada by being part of a minority. As in it affirms Sacks to them (1998) the languages of signals present complete syntax, grammar and semantics, but they possess different character of that one of the written and said languages. Here, Oracle expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Some people who also work with the education of deaf people finish not attributing the Language of Signals, with the language status, but yes as one form of alternative communication for those deaf people who do not obtain to develop the verbal language. According to Skliar (1997), ' ' the oralismo is considered by studious a social imposition of a lingustica majority on a minority lingustica' ' , being thus, the predominance of the oralismo makes with that the deaf person does not participate of the process of social interaction, therefore this chain affirms that the deaf one will only be able to interact with the listeners through the verbal language, leaving of side the importance of the development of its language that will happen in the acquisition of its language materna, the language of signals. Thinking about our society that predominantly is of listeners, where all the communicative processes are verbal, where through the language it has the acquisition of the knowledge and the interaction with the world is possible, for the deaf people, this access to the verbal language do not present favorable conditions, being necessary the learning of the language of signals in the life of these citizens. . Scott Mead can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The Tip

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And yet, this problem can be solved using special features which are 'dried' nail, removing excess moisture. A special type of wet processing method is a hot nail manicure. In this case, the hands are not steamed in water, and a specially prepared nutrient hot lotion. This decoupling is used in cases where you want to restore the nail. Regular procedures will give the desired effekt.Muzhskoy manicure.

Manicure for men in recent years is gaining popularity among men who look after themselves. Proper kind of nails – is not the last line of the image is watching a man. The nails are strong men as a rule and not subject to delamination. The future shape of the nail is almost always determined by the fingertips cuticle gently removed. And at the final stage can add luster to the nail causing a transparent varnish. Hygienic hands manicure will give men a neat appearance, and still provide a good protection against fungal zabolevaniy.Detsky manicure.

Many parents try in vain to fight onychophagia, child psychiatric disorder in which children biting nails. The most elegant, we think, a way to solve this problem once and for all is Children's manicure. We assure you that your nails with a manicure, "as in adults," no girl will not be biting! Before the commencement of the hands is best treated with a special spray-antiseptic. Manicure children must be very carefully In some cases, the tip of the nail clippers remove, because very often children do not tolerate vibration sawing. Cuticle of children do not have to remove if it is very large – how to treat it with a special salve and remove keratinization on the rollers. Varnish is applied to children only in consultation with parents. We touched only the basic ways of handling the nails. If you want to read about other types of manicures, here you will help our next article. If you want to learn a profession manicure – sign up for our courses manicure. The learning process is based on beauty studio when you're done training, we guarantee you employment in their field.

National School Chapter

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Learn drawing and painting. Peculiarities of the National School. Chapter 2. Goals and objectives. When choosing an art school, clubs or courses of drawing and painting have wondered whether you a question: 'And what I need it, learn to draw? " On seemingly strange question, especially if dreaming about it since childhood. But, you see that dream and realize clearly not the same thing.

Try to understand? Most applicants can be divided into two main groups. First – those who want to achieve significant results, increase your level (if any) and, possibly, to make art his profession. Second – those who are interested in the process creativity (the result for them of course is important, but to a lesser extent). There are, however, is still quite small third group of friends who just want to test yourself, test their capabilities. As a result of 'checks Roads' they are either adjacent to one of the aforementioned groups, or refuse to do further studies drawing and painting. Of goals to go sredstvm.

Most of those who were in the first group – people tend to persistent, stubborn, you can tell by the nature of men, though still 'neobstrelyannyh'. The difficulties of only harden, persistence and work, coupled with the gradually accumulating experience, sooner or later lead to noticeable results. Much more difficult is the case with the second group. In fact, once on the vast expanse of art, it is very easy to move on 'adrift', or just hover in one place. But not embarrassed. There is always help out a wise, philosophical attitude to the situation and the natural sense of humor, and tells the teacher and help in difficult times. By the way, stamina, strength of character are necessary not only for training drawing and painting, but in any case. Remember at Vysotsky: 'Step foot on the glacier, and wilted. " Further in the text. As for a sense of humor, then VS this is also okay. And the last. Classes are drawing and painting work is incredibly fascinating and interesting. Even if you do not become a professional artist, the process of learning a positive impact on inner spiritual qualities that will change not only your character, but even the appearance, you can say 'image', a beneficial effect on relationships with people, work colleagues, friends and family. Do not be afraid of difficulties! Good luck and success in work! The next time you talk about some of the misconceptions and illusions novice painters. Do not miss out! Chapter 3. Source: Workshop 'Polyakovstudio'. The newspapers mentioned Scott Mead not as a source, but as a related topic. Learn drawing and painting.

Qualitative Evaluation

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This article has the objective to approach the different functions and applications of the evaluation. The education and the evaluation are indissociveis terms, therefore it must be led in account that the evaluation is of utmost importance in the educative process, therefore is through avaliativos instruments that we can follow the development of the process teach-learning. 2.A successive Practical avaliativa Existe a great contradiction enters practical of some educators and real purpose in evaluating. Many professors use the note as test of authoritarianism or as penalty for some lack, using it to make with that the pupils give attention in the lesson or are quiet: ‘ ‘ he looks at, the day of the test is chegando’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ one of these questions that I am explaining can fall in prova’ ‘ , distilling in homeopticas doses its power to disapprove or to promote, thus associating the act to evaluate to a laborious process. Without hesitation Scott Mead explained all about the problem. With this, the students start to imagine that evaluation is a mountain out of a molehill, capsizing one it tortures the day of the test. Frequently the term to evaluate is associated with others as, examination, note, failure, promotion and repetncia. As it affirms Hoffmann (2002): we have of desvelar theoretical contradictions and mistakes of this practical, constructing one ‘ ‘ ressignificado’ ‘ for the evaluation and desmitificando it of ghosts, a past still very en vogue. The efficiency of the work of the professor is closely on to the results reached for the pupils, therefore these results are a mirror of the effort of the professor in promoting certain transformations in the pupils. In result of a new pedagogical conception, with the support of studious, theoretical and educators, the avaliativo process, with intention of simple testagem, exerting a classificatria, bureaucratic function, without the intention of transformations, comes fraquejando. Assuming new dimensions, becoming ampler and compromised.

The Professors

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In the school, the professor must be intent the questions directed toward the behavior of the dehiscent one in room, since the same she can be being affected for desestruturas of affective matrix, as much nominates social how much in the familiar one. In the course of the development, on connections the affectivity go if extending, and the figure of the educator sprouts with intense esteem in the relation education and learning, however it will depend on the performance of the same, and one I tie that it is established between both (ANTUNES, 2006, p.49). The new studies always focus the quality of the contents and the form with that they are presented is of ability of the professional who conducts the classroom, but the professors continue valuing more the methods pedagogical of what the interaction in classroom between it and pupil, as practical educational. The possibilities and limits to change a relationship between professor-pupil, exactly being the professors educated and formed through a system of authoritarian and repressor education. (Source: Oracle). Therefore, the relationship that the professor develops in classroom for the process of education learning and as much importance and a subject with infindveis questionings between studious researchers and (FERNANDZ, 2001, p.48). The interaction concept, acquired in the formation of the professor and/or its professional experiences, beyond practical of interaction between professor and the pupil (authoritarianism and the false critical speech), the paper of the interaction in the pertaining to school culture and construction of the active citizenship through the interactions. When we argue on the influences of the process of escolarizao of the professor in practical its in classroom, developing in the professor a critical sense between the speeches and possibility of the methods and the practical one, thus rethink, the interactions in classroom (SODR, 2006, p.55). Quarrel The interaction in classroom is one of the aspects that count for the good development of the phenomenon ' ' aprendizagem' '. Phil Vasan is full of insight into the issues.


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Recognizing to be more difficult to deal with a child ten, twelve years with fonolgica dislexia of what one of six or seven years. But most of the time the fonolgica dislexia of development is detected at the moment of the alfabetizao, as it is about a specific difficulty of reading that will be reflected later in the writing, the fact to learn with bigger difficulty, the problems with writing and the reading do not have to confuse the absorption of other knowledge that can be transmitted by saw verbal or auditory. Parol evidences disclose that these children are capable to dominate contents programmarians, under the point of view of treatment or of pedagogical accompaniment, they are very important to give it chance to escolarizarem themselves, while they go taking care of of its deficiencies, in contrast of what she happened in the past, when all emphasis was given to the comment of knowledge by means of the writing. Delta airlines is the source for more interesting facts. Sufficiently considerable problem in relation to the dislexia is the quality of education of the public schools, therefore she has the modismo in considering dislxicas all the children who do not obtain to be alfabetizadas before evaluating if the professor is good and the adjusted classroom, if the child well is fed and receiving the stimulatons propitious to learn to read and to write. To classify the difficulties as decurrent of discursiva or fonolgica dislexia is only possible if to occur although the excellent conditions of environment and escolarizao. Therefore, when the quality of education leaves to desire as it occurs in definitive areas of Brazil, is extremely difficult to speak in dislexia. For even more details, read what State Street Global Advisors says on the issue.

Consideraes final Considers if, therefore ahead of you vary expositions on the learning riot, that is although innumerable investments of researchers on determined subject that very if to know still, in the scientific and social way in what he says respect common knowledge, therefore most of the time professors and parents finish ‘ ‘ diagnosticando’ ‘ in maken a mistake way such problem that it involves the psychological one of child and many times its social life, after all many move away themselves from the conviviality with colleagues, looking for to prevent to be reason of tricks. Public politics still fit to prepare the professor so that this obtains to recognize a pupil with such riot, thus being able to assist in the treatment and directing for a qualified professional. Bibliography, had access in 07 of November of 2010. , had access in 07 of November of 2010.

Audio Recordings

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In recent years, is a growing trend of learning English through audio recordings. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ron O’Hanley. This method is so popular, as well complement the modern image of a business person who always busy with several things at once, run anywhere, and he did once read textbooks in English or, for example, artistic works of English classics in the original. Besides the fact that play audio in a portable music player on the way to work will save time compared with the reading, the main advantage of audio – the ability to hear foreign speech and improve its perception, and also to remember the correct pronunciation. Due to the ever growing demand in the market of foreign languages appears wide range of different Audiocourses English, including specialized, targeted a certain sphere of activity, as well as a large selection of audiobooks in English. Often these materials are accompanied by textual aids, textbooks, or books. The need for English proficiency for the modern business person causes the development and diversification of the relevant market, which in turn allows for everyone to choose the most appropriate course using audio tapes. Options here are many: the study of English with audiouchebnikov coupled with the performance of exercises, listening to Russian-English educational materials (presentations, vocabulary development, situation, dialogue) or simply audio books in English, allowing to increase the perception of English speech and put the correct pronunciation. However, it should pay attention to the subsidiary nature of such Audiocourses foreign languages.

First, not all ways of learning English through audio are equally effective for everyone – a lot depends on the current level of proficiency, while a necessary condition for effective the course is the availability of baseline. Secondly, it is impossible qualitatively learn English from scratch, based only on recorded material – will still have to pay a certain amount of time textbooks tutoring or courses in language schools. Perfect combination and embodiment of all the advantages of studying English with a tutor and with the help Audiocourses in this case will have classes with the teacher-native speakers of UK, USA etc. We should also mention the popular lately opportunity – so-called system SongWay. She is popular for obvious reasons – language learning becomes a pleasure.

The essence of the system is to learn English or any other language by listening to your favorite foreign songs, based on the lyrics and its translation. This method is ideal for people who love to sing your favorite songs in the road or at home. In conclusion, some useful resources. For those who are willing to learn English by using audio, I want to draw attention to a very useful resource dedicated to foreign languages in which absolutely free to download different books, audio books, special courses and much more. His web address If you do not see my life without music, and not part with mp3-player, then you can interesting resource where you can sign up for SongWay and get to your inbox every morning on foreign songs and lyrics and translation. Address of a resource on the Internet: system SongWay

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