2 In 1: Nanoparticles, Combining Diagnostic And Therapeutic

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In the world of nano completion: invented nanoparticle that combines the diagnostic and therapeutic functions. “We were first able to create a single nanoparticle of the other two: one is made of a semiconductor, and the second – from metal, and we were able to combine them so as to fully preserve the functionality of both, “- says the study’s author, Professor of Bioengineering Siaohu Gao of the University of Washington. The center design nanoparticle is a quantum dot, which is a fluorescent bulb with a diameter of several nanometers of the semiconductor. Since the size of the semiconductor is comparable with the wavelength of visible light, it has a unique feature: with a slight expansion or contraction of passing through it converts the light rays, changing their hue.

This part of the nanoparticles is responsible for scanning the environment and transfer image. It is surrounded by the glittering gold shell – the second part of the mechanism. Its functions include delivery of medications on their surface, removal of arthritic pain and to obtain infrared images. The creators of a universal nanomaterial shared by two surface protective barrier of the organic protein, which insulates the optical and electric fields of the semiconductor and metal, allowing them to operate effectively a distance of just 3 nanometers. Created by Professor Gao tool compares with an egg in which the quantum dot is yolks, protein isolation – proteins and gold nanoparticles framed construction, as the shell. Total diameter nanobot only 15-20 nanometers. At such dimensions, it can easily penetrate into the individual cells of the human body. Another indisputable advantage of the new discoveries of nanomedicine is that the gold coating making it safe for the human body.

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