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Today I want to tell you about all types of roofing materials that are used in the construction of houses. High-quality, visually attractive roofing material creates a favorable impression of the overall home whole. Also, the quality of the roof can be a guarantor of peace homeowner. He can not worry about repairs, home furnishings, furniture, appliances. There are 4 basic types of roofing materials. Iron roof to her include: metal and folded roof. Metal – is profiled sheets of galvanized steel with polymer coating. In the Russian market there are several manufacturers of: Belgium, Finland and Russia.

Feedback from grateful customers, a Finnish metal is the best. The main advantages of metal are reliability, ease of installation and affordable price. Because of these qualities became metal very popular in Russia. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the quality of installation significantly affect lifespan. With quality installation service life of metal isostavlyaet about 20 years. Seam roof – this is roofing sheet or rolled steel with polymer coating as well as without.

The name comes from the roof mount. Method of attachment – the connection between the steel sheets with a seam. Seam roof – one of the the most reliable roofing. Term of use depends on materialal, but not less than 20 years. Additional information is available at Gary Kelly . Seam roof is in the same price range as metallocherepitsa.Gibkaya roof is a roofing material on the basis of glass fiber, impregnated with a modified bitumen. At the top of the applied granules, which perform a protective and decorative function. The advantages include reliability, a variety of shapes, ease of installation, the ability to use on the roofs of any complexity. Also affordable price. Flexible roofing roofing market is a favorite Rossii.Naturalnaya roof to include natural ceramic tiles – the oldest roofing material. The manufacturing process consists of four stages: the clay is shaped and then dried in the sun, put a special coating and then baked in an oven at a temperature of about 1000 degrees. Natural roofing is the most exclusive roof. AND One of the most expensive. It includes a wooden shingles, a cane, a green roof. Shingle – a thin wooden plate. Used softwood tree, spruce and pine. Such coverage provides peace and quiet in the house well as isolating the noise. Cane – a beautiful, unusual, but quite difficult to assemble and further exploitation of coverage. Require additional special processing ognebiozaschity. Green roofs – in our time there was such a thing as a "living roof" or a green roof. This means lawns or gardens, even right on the roof of the building. Throughout the world, it becomes very important. For example, Germany passed a law: 40% of newly erected buildings have to be a green roof. This will save the environment. Green roof – it's very nice, better insulation of buildings – in the winter can not penetrate the cold, keeps cool in summer. Green roof is unlimited opportunities for landscaping and improving the appearance of the building.

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