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Model/FWU Atlanticlux: Fund Policies The Better Gold Or Silver?

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Goldsparplane are currently very fashionable. Silver seems also desirable. “But the risk that many investors with this asset convincing at first glance purchase is underestimated in recent times”, says Andreas Wurscher as a project of Munich FWU AG, under their roof and the insurer ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. located. Afterwards, including many consumer advocates warn you should question closely the curls offers of some market players, because even like to stand behind the supposedly interesting offer only a skilled sales, which take advantage of the legitimate concerns of many investors in terms of personal safety. The current hype on gold and silver are fuelled with the concurrent financial difficulties of some EUROZONE countries and resulting in questioning of the stability of the currency. Raw materials are acceptable, but as capital investment to build up a pension rather unsuitable as long-term assets.

The most recent example is the value of silver, the since Beginning May 30 percent fell and so much more ground lost as, for example, the exchanges in the same period. We have found that customers like to something safer tackle building a retirement. The investment in a volatile form of investment is shunned most”, explains the FWU insurance specialist Wurscher. Together with his colleagues from the ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. and LUX S.A., he pleads the PREMIUM SELECT more for a broadly diversified and dynamically managed investment portfolio.

Writes”in a post from May 12, that German stocks in the long run better than gold and silver, which is a clear indication that the world not the hottest trend gedanken – and unconditionally to follow. Visit litecoin for more clarity on the issue. The ATLANTICLUX allows pension insurance in the context of your linked to investing in managed investment strategies with different risk profiles. Also our portfolios have suffered something the decreasing rates of the last month, however, the declines significantly within limits hold.” Especially “to highlight the global opportunities in the investment strategies and ethical investment” built-in gain protection from agreed term of 15 years. This new concept offers a continuous, dynamic peak backup in addition to a capital guarantee, by the highest share price on monthly deadlines of the respective investment strategy to the end of the agreed term will be enshrined. As a result, benefits the investors continuously from the opportunities of the international stock markets and is protected against losses and setbacks at the end of term. Through this mechanism the backup level can only rise but not fall”, explains Wurscher. The highest share price during the entire term of your insurance contract, is for all shares acquired at the end of the agreed term of payment. Our goal is long-term yields to generate it, and thereby to ensure a balance between risks and opportunities”, says Wurscher. The increase in value in the year “2010 of the portfolio of German shares” and global opportunities “amounted to 12.78% and 12.95%, respectively. Not only for the specialists of ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. therefore clearly, that it is certainly useful to consider commodities within the framework of the overall strategy. Prices, which are classified by experts as overheated as at present, but should keep a cool head.

Metal Church Heavy Metal

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In 1980, Kurt Vanderhoof assembled a team of 'Metal Church', became known by the nickname of his apartment in San Francisco, where he and his friends worshiped heavy metal. The group, in addition it includes: Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich) – drums, Mick Murphy (Mick Murphy) – vocals, Craig Wells (Craig Wells) – guitar, Duke Errikson (Duke Erricson) – bass. Soon, Lars Ulrich moved to Los Angeles and became one of the founders of the group Metallica, and his place was filled with shock Errington Kirk (Kirk Arrington). Nothing special guys do not able to do, and Kurt returned to his native Aberdeen. There, in 1981 organized the project Vanderhoof 'Shrapnel', which included his high school friends Kirk Arrington (drums), Mike Murphy (vocals) and Craig Wells (guitar). Completed the formation of each team of Kirk, bassist Duke Erikson. Murphy also soon escaped from the 'Shrapnel' and amassed a gang of 'Rogues Gallery', and the microphone went to his friend Craig, David Wayne.

During the formation of a group engaged in the execution of the main metal covers and performed where necessary: in the local bars, at school parties and even weddings. The group sang too heavy and fast for its time the music on the text of the concept falls under the category of 'black metal'. Musicians sifted through several names and finally settled in 1983 by Metal Church. President of Metal Blade noticed a group and incorporated their song Merciless Onslaught a collection of Metal Massacre 1" – from that moment began a rapid ascent to Olympus Metal Church of heavy rock.

As Be Happy And Prosperity

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You would like be happy?, how to reach prosperity? wondered the people; then our lives we pause for a minute and think about the things we did and that consequences are that we are paying for not having done what we should do in his time; Maybe is going through your mind not have you declared your love for that woman who steals your sleep or that man to who love to sneak or maybe business that ever wanted to do and did not, quite possibly felt fear of failure or also fracasaste in any endeavor you had but that doesn’t mean you’re a loserbecause you have just learned something very valuable that it will serve you throughout your life and you alcanzaras prosperity from all points of view. Do human beings are the most impressive creation with a unique design that exists in this and land, we have innate gifts very within ourselves to achieve our prosperity and we are able to achieve all the things that we propose in place at the minute and the hour in which we want to and you ever wonder? If you would like be happy? you would like to become a millionaire? How to do it rich? If you would like to have the woman of my dreams?

You would like to have my dream home?, because I have great news and tell you that if you can do it since the only thing that separates us from our objectives is a bright and fabulous idea to achieve what you have as a goal we have to take into account that there are principles to achieve our prosperity in all areas of our lives and as one undertakes the following will occur: Strange and wonderful things with a constant regularity you happen when you change your life and begin to live in harmony with the laws of the universe. Our job as humans is to first of all be honest with ourselves and measure which we grasp and understand how it works that the puzzle of life then everything will change in our favor and the universe confabulara and conspirara so that we can achieve our prosperity and the goal we have set. And finally I leave you with this with a thought: the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by changing the attitudes of their minds..

Temporary Construction Fencing

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Is a set of fences, and each of them can often depend on people's lives. For example, handrails on stairs, an observation deck or fence mounted on the roof in order to be able to protect people from falling during roof repairs. In general, sometimes for only a fence and rescues people from death, especially if it is extremely inconsiderate. Any fence, for example, building a fence is needed to isolate the territory in which can access only certain people and at a certain time or vice versa, do not give people intentionally or accidentally leave the territory. Thus, barriers imposed by the people around their homes, are additional protection against unwanted visitors. Learn more at this site: Capital One.

Simultaneously, the fences that are installed near kindergartens, do not allow the children themselves to go beyond the territory of the kindergarten. It is worth noting that the material that used for making fences and fences is very different. For example, a fence, which put some of the houses could be laid of brick, can also be made of wood, iron, or other material, here everything depends on the finances of the owners of the house. Temporary fences is that, for example, set around a construction site or on the sidewalks during the repair of mostly metal. Also, temporary metal fences are often used at concerts, especially those where the audience watch the concert standing up. In recent years, there are many companies engaged in manufacturing building fences and fences, but when buying fences need to be careful, because manufacturers often want to save money and use for the production of substandard materials, but the lower price is not always the case.

Bank Deposits

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Bank deposits are still, despite attempts to limit their yields and by the floodwaters in taxation from 2010, as one of the easiest financial products and with benefits for all. While the structured deposits are for a limited audience who like speculation, the truth is that there are all kinds of offers for hire ranging from gifts by deposits, deposits in currencies, linked to pension plans, until most conservatives who finish becoming the best of the moment. Despite the fact that the Bank of Spain has become true parate to high yields, first by limiting the lower limit of payment institutions that are receiving public aid and while studying punitive measures to banks and paying above limits to deposits of high profitability, this type of fixed term deposits, are preferred with paid accounts. Analyze the TAE, request if they penalize the early cancellation, think if it suits us or not choose an offer with structure of growing interest, are points that we must take into account before hiring a deposit. Source: Oracle. Then let them best bank deposits: best tanks to 1 month best tanks to best 3 months deposits to 4 months best deposits to 6 months best tanks to best 9 months deposits to 12 months best deposits long-term best deposits with remuneration in kind best deposits online best structured deposits if you have in mind hiring a depositYou must take into account aspects relating to the characteristics of this type of products. Among them we have to emphasize some aspects: minimum and maximum rate of interest (variable, fixed, mixed) link between place of recruitment (offices, Internet) products prior cancellation remember that on taxation, the reservoir will have a 19% withholding on interest on account of income tax for residents. If you want to know more about deposits, consult with analysts and calculations of the money that you will receive for this type of product, you can know how much will benefit from interest on deposits.

Saving With The Mind: How To Reduce The Cost Of Supplies

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Perhaps now is difficult, rather impossible to find Chelyabinsk, which would not be worried about the global financial crisis and its consequences. Oracle can aid you in your search for knowledge. Each head of the company thought about reducing costs and maximize savings on everything: rented space, communications, supplies, equipment and its maintenance. This article focuses on the savings on the cartridges for laser printers and MFPs. Printers (mostly printer and mfp – All-three in one: copier, printer, scanner) has become one of the essential working tools for each office. And those firms that print a lot and often have to change cartridges almost every two weeks. There is this pleasure is not cheap, depending on the type and model of printer, from 1200 to 10000r. For many – it's a secret that printer manufacturers do not receive basic income from direct sales of printers, from the sale of consumables, making very high margins on cartridges. Often the printer is sold at a lower price, and cartridges for laser printers in the price can reach up to 60% of the cost of the printer.

What if You need a lot and continuously print, with print quality requirements are not critical (may be changing color printing, etc.), and the crisis dictates its own terms, leading to cut costs? In this case, we recommend You refill cartridges for your printer and mfp. Moreover, rational, if you have two or more cartridges for each printer that will happen until the first refill cartridge – the second printing. If you are typing is not so much, and 2-3 days without a printer at the time of filling is not critical for you, then you can do one cartridge for the printer. .

Travel Books In Tax Law

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Only proper travel books are accepted on operational vehicles used privately, the private share of use must be taxed. The amount of private car usage will either lump sum determined according to the so-called 1% rule or with the help of a travel book. A logbook can be used to determined the exact amount of the expenses attributable to the private trips. The exact costs for the privately used cars must a fixed and be proven by documents. On the other hand, the professional trips, trips between home and operation and the private trips from a properly-run logbook must arise.

A logbook must be formally correct a logbook can be carried by hand or electronically. Electronic records meet the formal requirements for a proper logbook only if subsequent changes of data technically excluded are documented in their range in the file and be disclosed. An Excel spreadsheet does not do justice to these requirements. A logbook must be content properly a logbook must be done continuously and in real time, the best daily. Even if the ratio of private and business use is consistent, it is not enough to carry a logbook for a representative period of time.

A properly-run logbook must include the following entries for each business trip: date of trip mileage at the beginning and at the end of each operational/business prompted ride; a curve in the last digit to a “0” would be damaging. Destination, purpose of trip and sought after business partner; Detours are to record. Some of this information is waived, unless the professional reason seems already plausible driving. At the same clientele, recording reaches the customer number of the sought-after business partner (customer directory is to add the logbook). Distances given are sufficient for private trips without that in particular the Itinerary and trip purpose are given. For journeys between home and operating each meets a corresponding short note in the logbook. Also professional secrecy a logbook must be properly also doctors, lawyers, pharmacists who are subject to an obligation of professional secrecy, shall record the name and address of the patient or client in the logbook. But providing “Client or patient visit” as a purpose of the trip is sufficient here, name and address of the visited clients or patients by the professional secrecy in a directory separately to leading from the logbook recorded. Not every mistake is damaging smaller defects remain without consequences, if the information in the logbook as a whole is plausible. So the missing registration of a trip to the gas station and two differences between the distances given in the workshop and in the logbook as a minor were classified. Missing entries for five trips, the ride book, however, was rejected. A precise boundary, off a logbook in spite of proven shortcomings yet to acknowledge is how many errors does not exist however. Is discarded the logbook, the private use is 1% after finding scheme or the private usage share is estimated, if the vehicle is not operationally used more than 50%. Torsten Bogausch Schmidt & Partner GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft branch Weisswasser Tel.: 03576/2839-0 fax: 03576 / 283930 Internet: sp white water email:

Sustainable Financial Company

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Sustainability review Portal WeGreen reviewed the Bonner party of sustainable forest investments, ForestFinance, in the calendar year 2013 as a sustainable financial firms also in the full calendar year 2013 the provider of sustainable forest investments reached the Bonn forest finance, the continuous assessment as the most sustainable financial firms. The evaluation was carried out through the WeGreen portal, which considered 70 companies from the financial and insurance sectors in their analysis. For this, WeGreen analyzed a variety of other rankings and reviews. Forest finance is involved in many different areas for sustainability, in addition to their sustainable forest investment products among other things with various activities and projects, regular biodiversity and sustainability reports, audits and certifications. For the complete review overview of the company often excellent see forest finance -! Forest finance was often awarded for its diverse and innovative commitment to sustainability. Others including litecoin, offer their opinions as well. So the company received under other than the world’s only company the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The forest finance product and project “CacaoInvest” was with as “Future project” by the journal nature and a 25-member Panel of experts selected and awarded. In 2013 alone, forest finance received the Chamber of Commerce Business Award ‘Ludwig’, the EarthDay award as “Green pioneer”, the innovation award of the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, the eKomi Kundenbewertungs gold seal and bronze at the B.A.U.M.-Federal competition “Green Office” among others.

About forest finance: The Bonn forest finance group manages a total of over 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest areas in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru) and Viet Nam. She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Forest finance awarded Global Award in the field of “Financial Services” partner as the only company worldwide with the FSC. FSC is a label for environmentally and socially sustainable Forestry.

Value of Work

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Therefore, the value is the work of the producers materialized in the merchandise. This value, Express in currency, calls price. 4. The capitalist exploration The capitalist exploration is refined and masked form of exploration. If it is truth that in the escravista exploration the chains and fetters coerce the production, and that in the feudal production the exploration is clear, with the basic land and means of production feudal belonging you, in the capitalism it is different and worse. We saw that in the societies daily pay-capitalists the work force was not merchandise.

In the capitalism he is. In all the societies occur work processes, but the valuation is a specific process of the capitalism 10. Object of sales and purchase, and as such detainer of value of use and exchange, the work force, in this last case, is changed by one another determined value. For reproduziz it, the man requires attendance to its vital necessities: to consume foods, to use clothes and footwear, to remain themselves. Of this form, the VALUE OF the FORCE OF WORK is equal to the value of the ways of subsistence that they allow the life to the worker. After buying the work force, the capitalist enters into an alliance it the means of production that she possesss. In the mines, plants and industrial companies, the work force is used in the creation of diverse values of exchange (merchandises) 11, with the capitalist interested in the profit, gotten for the creation of a bigger value that the invested capital. However, in the process of creation of new values, the papers of the force of work and the means of production are different. That one creates a value whereas these cannot create it. The value of the means of production (machines and equipment, for example) moves in the process of work of the laborers to the value of the produced merchandises, in the measure where the means of production if spend.

Ferdinand Porsche

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Ferdinand Porsche was not in vain called one of the most distinguished engineers in the history of the automotive industry. All have long known that he is the creator of "Beetle" – the most massive models in automotive history. But at the same time, Of course, his services are free. Curiously, the great German designer was born September 3, 1875 is not in Germany. Home town of Ferdinand Porsche Maffersdorf then belonged to Austria-Hungary (currently Maffersdorf point located on the territory of the Czech Republic and called Vratislavitse). Young boy with his childhood began to show great enthusiasm for the technical sciences.

Suffice it to note that in the 15 years he built his own generator, capable of covering a house with electric lights. For a small town it was unprecedented luxury. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. His career began Ferdinand Porsche apprentice tinsmith. But all it was obvious that this boy capable of more. In the end, Ferdinand went to Vienna to study at a local technical institute. Simultaneously with his studies, he worked on the production of small electric motors. Soon after, in 1898, Ferdinand arrives at work in the company Lohner, and already in 1900 at the Paris Motor Show was shown an amazing car, ahead of its time – the machine under the name of Lohner-Porsche, which was … electric.

In other words, the Porsche in its 25 years has built the 1 st in the world of hybrid! At the moment, this car is located in the Technical Museum in Vienna. Lohner-Porsche electric car in 1900 became one of the world's first environmentally-friendly vehicles. After that, the career of Ferdinand Porsche began a rapid ascent. In 1906 it claim to the post of Technical Director of Austro-Daimler – in '31 Ferdinand Porsche becomes responsible for the entire range of a major car company. More information about the great kostruktore Ferdinand Porsche and his stories the company is available here.