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Which are: to make of the most powerful knowledge of the affection (therefore, to consider it as an affection); to deny the free will; to deny the final teleologia and causes; to deny the moral order of the world; to deny the disinterest; to deny the evil. Each one of these item instigates in them, while studious of philosophy, doubly: they are the base of a bold thought, that if opposes to the philosophical tradition of the form most radical, establishing the philosophical interest for the imanncia; e, point that elapses of the first one, for the fact of capsizes more two distant philosophers between itself in two centuries, and still more us, and however to constitute philosophical proposals that in they are, nowadays, extremely current and that they continue being of vanguard. After all, still more of what new points of doctrine, Spinoza and Nietzsche inaugurate new ways to think and of filosofar. Both filosofaram against its time, for a time for coming. Symbol of ousadia and courage. With thoughts that had exceeded interdicted borders of the intellectual knowledge of our time, thus it is the philosophy of Spinoza, in relation to the theological power and politician.

It examined the nature human being and its imaginary one, unmasked as the fear passions and hope are passions established in the doubt. It affirmed that any human being is subject to they. Thus, they they are changedded into powerful tools for sustentation of a sufficiently specific power: the superstition. It says in its workmanship ' ' tica' ' that the fear and the hope are the passions established in the doubt that any human being can have in relation its future, However it is for the ignorance, that if the human one is taken to wander between the fear and the hope. But in such a way one how much the other is fruits of the unfamiliarity.

Value of Work

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Therefore, the value is the work of the producers materialized in the merchandise. This value, Express in currency, calls price. 4. The capitalist exploration The capitalist exploration is refined and masked form of exploration. If it is truth that in the escravista exploration the chains and fetters coerce the production, and that in the feudal production the exploration is clear, with the basic land and means of production feudal belonging you, in the capitalism it is different and worse. We saw that in the societies daily pay-capitalists the work force was not merchandise.

In the capitalism he is. In all the societies occur work processes, but the valuation is a specific process of the capitalism 10. Object of sales and purchase, and as such detainer of value of use and exchange, the work force, in this last case, is changed by one another determined value. For reproduziz it, the man requires attendance to its vital necessities: to consume foods, to use clothes and footwear, to remain themselves. The newspapers mentioned Philip Vasan not as a source, but as a related topic. Of this form, the VALUE OF the FORCE OF WORK is equal to the value of the ways of subsistence that they allow the life to the worker. After buying the work force, the capitalist enters into an alliance it the means of production that she possesss. In the mines, plants and industrial companies, the work force is used in the creation of diverse values of exchange (merchandises) 11, with the capitalist interested in the profit, gotten for the creation of a bigger value that the invested capital. However, in the process of creation of new values, the papers of the force of work and the means of production are different. That one creates a value whereas these cannot create it. The value of the means of production (machines and equipment, for example) moves in the process of work of the laborers to the value of the produced merchandises, in the measure where the means of production if spend.

Imitating the Rich

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Laziness is our favorite. You’ve been drifting, which ceased to sink in the water! I was here recently politely asked To be happy I need to earn more money, can tell where, how, etc Smiles Of course we can say that happiness – a state of mind, etc. and rightly so. And it is precisely for this purpose I made this site. But such things are quite clear to all of us in our real life.

And that’s why I want to insert a few words which relates to this issue to become clear where, how, etc. At first tiny test. Give your definition of a rich man. Who is he? If you still have to answer this question, then know you – not a lazy person, you – other! Let me help you a bit! Give the answers of those that are most often found. Choose what you like. Bill O’Grady: the source for more info. So, rich people – is: 1. Thief 2.

Bandit 3. Shameless 4. Goat 5. Rascal 6. Smart 7. Genius 8. Lucky 9. Lucky 10. Good for you can continue on their own – to the extent of its corruption! So, the answers: 1. Thief. You called him a thief What hrenovato from what he had you to himself snatched, and left nothing to you? Similarly, a thief! 2. Bandit. It tells you in cowardice, my dear! Cowardice, before working inside of you whine surreptitiously from under the bed 3. Shameless. That’s right, he is completely shameless

Workshop Creator

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However, the need to understand that we, the creators have two equivalent cycle-time work self: the individual and collective. Without an individual working on a nothing to do with the collective space of creativity. Each operates on himself, he runs his abyss and learns to live in them and bring back the Light. And only after you take their individual top – can be sent in a team Creators to storm the common vertex of the Spirit and Light. You can compare this with the fact that everyone gets his pearl, and then brings it to the team and get a pearl necklace. Like everything in the world requires perseverance, and to work with the cells should start passing the previous four courses.

On the other hand individual work has its limit, where to go any further, we need a collective work, union work, which allows you to make a breakthrough, racing to a new level of creativity, freedom of Spirit and Light. Our system – Studio Creator multi-stage, she invites each person to find in it what he needs at this time. If a person needs only a purely psychological help – he will get all the necessary tools to do so. If a person wants to go further – please, he can delve into the work of the subconscious brain. But if there are units whose soul thirsts for spirituality – and for them to open the Workshop Creator's spiritual practices can open your Path and create their own methods of cultivation.


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In the romance a creative reminiscncia only occurs, that reaches its object and transforms. The subject one only can exceed the dualism of the interioridade and of the exterioridade when its life perceives the unit of all. Benjamim differentiates thus romance and narrative. In the romance: the direction of the life, in the narrative: the moral of history. – these two words of order distinguish between itself, the romance of the narrative.

Allowing in them to understand completely different the historical statute of one and another form. With effect in a narrative the question: What it happened later? Fully it is justified. The romance in contrast, cannot give a step beyond that limit where writing in the inferior of the page, the word end, the reader to reflect the direction invites of life. Benjamim comments a differentiation between the reader and listener. The first one is in company of the author. In the two cases, as it is a solitary. The romance is significant for describing an other people’s destination pedagogically, but because a destination this other people’s destination, thanks to flame consumes that it, can give the heat to us that we do not find in our destination. Benjamim affirms that the great narrator has its roots in the people.

Mainly in the artisan layers. Its narratives if estratificam development stratus in accordance with urban technician and. The great narrators have easiness to move themselves want for top or low. The first narrator is of story of fairies, this story wise person to give good advice, when he was difficult to get and to offer an aid in emergency case. According to Benjamim, Leskov, had a great affinity with stories of fairies. It interpreted the ressureio less as a transfigurao that I eat a development. In a similar direction to the story of fairies. This interpretation of Orgenes is the bedding of the narrative.

Information Communication

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Globalization of the Communication is fruit of conquests of commercial interests of international corporations, that acted according to interests occidental politicians and military, predominantly American. This process produced a new form of domination, for the medias, the Symbolic Domination and Ideological, where, through the invasion them values, treated for the medias, the culture articuladamente is assimilated, and the cultural structure that occupied the land previously is restrained. This Cultural Imperialism was studied and projected by American studies North of the decade of 1920, Mass Communication Research. According to Shiller, cited for Thompson, the American ideology North grew in function of the evolution of the domain American North in the period Postwar period; when the traditional colonial empires (French, British, dutch, Spanish and Portuguese), had entered in decline. The new imperial regimen, the American, if bases on the domination economic, result of the power of the main international economic corporations, and the domination of the developed systems of Communication.

A System of total commercial Communication that if inserted in the majority of the countries of Third World. The studies of Communication of the American School North have as characteristic vertebrais the empiricistas orientaes and the quantitative dimensions, that had as objective to project formulas for one better communication. They have, as also objective, to understand as the communicative processes function to optimize its results, in such a way, becoming manipulable the communication and its effect on receives who it. The studies American North divide the process of Communication as a process of: transmission of a message, using a signal, for a source, through a canal, to the one destination; being able to be intervened by a noise. The objective of these studies is to define the amount of information to be to transmit through a mechanical canal, preventing the possible distortions to occur in this process. The Theory of the Information, one of the main theories of the School, developed for Claude E.

The Flies

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The part that is not only incased can badly be said in this tragic mosaic, therefore while its characteristics are colored? critical plurality -, of the people-mass they are painted in black person and white: unilateral indoctrination. Why these people thus remain? For mere maintenance of the status quo? Why of the skill that if finds it is very good? Why they hate science, a time that is fanatic? Some questionings if join to this corporativista theater that, had to its complex characteristics, remains difficult to be answered or same without answers, exactly for the critical spirit. In the truth, the effective critical reply only the critical individual search, a time that the fanatic corporativistas elaborate its frivolous rotulaes and are only waiting for one said confirmation that, in case that it does not happen, still thus does not abandon it, but are waiting e, in the lesser chance, will play in the face of the part: ' ' It only saw! Here it is the test! ' '. Resentment and hatred always become feelings gifts in this disastrous theater that consecrates the flies and innumerable sanitary aterros (corporativismos) and excludes the catadores of garbage (those that, of some form, tries to find something of good or usable in way to the garbage). Exactly for said ' ' arrogncia' ' of the catadores of garbage, to separate the good one of bad, they will detestaro it to the flies and be, return and stocking, making the rounds to play its depraved eggs e, thus, to knock down the catadores. But, the catador is the part that is not incased, and the fly, a letter is of the baralho-critical. An obvious example of critical of the part to the corporativista hypocrisy is this: said ' ' cowboys' ' , that they do not know to mount in a horse, they represent a vulgarization of the spirit of the man of the field, understood here while a citizen that knows to mount in horse, to take off milk of cow, etc.

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