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Bank Deposits

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Bank deposits are still, despite attempts to limit their yields and by the floodwaters in taxation from 2010, as one of the easiest financial products and with benefits for all. While the structured deposits are for a limited audience who like speculation, the truth is that there are all kinds of offers for hire ranging from gifts by deposits, deposits in currencies, linked to pension plans, until most conservatives who finish becoming the best of the moment. Despite the fact that the Bank of Spain has become true parate to high yields, first by limiting the lower limit of payment institutions that are receiving public aid and while studying punitive measures to banks and paying above limits to deposits of high profitability, this type of fixed term deposits, are preferred with paid accounts. Analyze the TAE, request if they penalize the early cancellation, think if it suits us or not choose an offer with structure of growing interest, are points that we must take into account before hiring a deposit. Source: Oracle. Then let them best bank deposits: best tanks to 1 month best tanks to best 3 months deposits to 4 months best deposits to 6 months best tanks to best 9 months deposits to 12 months best deposits long-term best deposits with remuneration in kind best deposits online best structured deposits if you have in mind hiring a depositYou must take into account aspects relating to the characteristics of this type of products. Among them we have to emphasize some aspects: minimum and maximum rate of interest (variable, fixed, mixed) link between place of recruitment (offices, Internet) products prior cancellation remember that on taxation, the reservoir will have a 19% withholding on interest on account of income tax for residents. If you want to know more about deposits, consult with analysts and calculations of the money that you will receive for this type of product, you can know how much will benefit from interest on deposits.

Chinese Exports

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' CHINA ALREADY IS THE EXPORTING GREATER OF THE MUNDO' ' The chains of production of China if fortify in this context after-crisis, one of the synonymous ones of this reinforcement are of the Chery manufacturer who reached the mark of production of 2 million vehicles. The mark finishes to disembark in Brazil with foreseen investments of the US$ order 35 million in the automobile sector. The Chinese economy foresees growth of demand for products of oil in the 4% order 5% to the year up to 2015, according to information of Mr. Fuqin Zhang, it is the associate engineer-head of the Institute of Planning and Engineering of Oil of China, the calculation is based on a projection of annual growth of the Chinese GIP of the order of 7,5% to the year. They foresee that up to 2020, 60% of the oil consumed in that country are importation fruit, currently China import 52% of what she consumes. China already signed contracts of development of railroad projects in 50 countries and agreements of intention of cooperation in others 5 that they are EUA, Brazil, Russia, Arabia Saudita and Venezuela.

In this pursuing China counts in its country with 6.552 kilometers of railroads of high speed, with projections of construction of more 28,000 kilometers of tracks, placing the country as the biggest railroad power world. Follow others, such as Allegiant Air, and add to your knowledge base. China produces 63% of the world-wide production of footwear, 36% of the global steel, 75% of the market of toys and Xangai wants to be the future capital of the automobile. The Chinese government divulged that it intends to all construct to 29,000 hospitals and ranks of health for the country up to 2.012, Brazil has 10% of this functioning in all the spheres municipal, state and federal, as comparison base. According to OMC? World trade organization, of last day 26 of March China is the exporting greater of the World, exported in 2009 US$ 1,2 trillion, surpassing Germany US$ 1,12 trillion and U.S.A. in third with US$ 1,05 trillion (US$ 195 billion unless China). It had an increase in the profit of the great industries of China of the order of 119,7% in the first bimaster of the 2010 in comparison the same period of 2009, as of Statistics informed the Pequim National Bureau. We cannot forget that the result of the evolution of the Chinese economy is atrelado to the investment heavy of the Chinese government in education and today the country is 2 in scientific article production. China strategically searchs position of prominence also in the area of telecommunications, where the Hauwei manufacturer is one of the greaters of the sector in 2009. Click Scott Mead for additional related pages.

All this prominence of performance was also provoked by the volume of credits granted for the Chinese banks beyond incentives of sales of vehicles, among others. China scared has 5 years, today it counts on US$ 2,4 trillions of exchange reserves to invest in the world measures. The exchange in the chairs of the power international politician is inevitable. Welinton Dos Santos is Delegated economist Municipal of the CORECON-SP in Caapava

The State Remuneration

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As the money of the saving has that to be used exclusively for the habitacional credit, the excess of resources if that it has search for loans can compel the banks to send them for the Central banking in the form of obligatory deposit. Already the CDBs, investment that is in high since the passed year, can be used for other types of financing. The government can tie the remuneration of the saving with the SELIC. This is the alternative that counts on the biggest affection in the economic team, between that they come being considered to prevent that the income of the saving is one empecilho to the fall of the interests or provokes a migration in mass of applications. However, other options are being evaluated. One of them is to establish a porcentual above of the IPCA (official index of inflation) defining the income of the passbooks. Another hypothesis is to give Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN) the prerogative to fix the remuneration periodically, as it occurs today with the Tax of Interests of Long discounting is justifiable in the measure where, in contrast of the deep ones and other applications, the saving total is guaranteed by the government, has immediate liquidity, is exempt of Income tax and, moreover, the economizers do not pay tax of administration to the banks. A variant of this measure would be to establish a fluctuation between the SELIC and the yield of the saving: how much bigger the SELIC, minor the porcentual that would define the remuneration of the passbooks. Perhaps what it seems the matching-fund saving account, the application of country with raised inflation, does not have space in a scene of stability and low interests. Bibliography: The State of the So Paulo, edition 42,150 of 13 of March of 2009O Been of the So Paulo, edition 42,154 of 17 of March of> 2009Revista of the Week, edition 80 of 26 of March of 2009Revista That is Money, edition 598 of 25 of March of 2009

Brazilian Development Bank

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In these cases, the government has control on the granted disinvesting of a charge, that is, it knows that the reduction of the tax is the instrument necessary to reach the immediate objective: to retake the economy and to stimulate the demand. In the case of industrial goods, the constatao of the economic team is that the disinvesting of a charge ' ' it does not decide problema' ' because it guarantees the sales of the product. The reasoning line is the following one: exactly that the government reduces still more the taxes for the sector and in the estimated one of that can have a fall in the prices, does not have guarantee of increase of the sales of machines and equipment. ' ' The level of the idle capacity still is great. It swims indicates that mquinas&#039 will be vender more; ' , an assessor said. Therefore, the resistance of the government in taking care of to the demands of the sector, that, now, demands the possibility to create new credits tributaries with the collect of the PIS/Cofins. The exit that will be presented it is the magnifying of credit and better conditions of financing by means of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), beyond offers of the Deep Guarantor of Credit, that will have more R$ 4 billion to take care of to the companies.

The government defends the alternative of the credit with the allegation of that, in the passed year, when the economy grew to a sped up rhythm, the sector of industrial goods tried a 24% expansion. ' ' Now, the hour of the entrepreneurs arrived to look at front and not to think about disinvesting of a charge. The entrepreneurs could make a sacrifice and work with an edge menor' ' , an assessor defended. The industry if defends Sectors benefited for the reduction of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) had said yesterday that the industries had repassed to the consumer the value degenerated for the government. .

Vida Economy

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Figure 2 the Economy of the Natural resources, allied the EconomiEcolgica, sees the planet land as being an open system the entrance of energiasolar and diverse materials. The economy produces two types of residues: calordissipado (according to law of the thermodynamics), and material residues that during 5 areciclagem can partially come back to be used. The functioning of the economy demands an adequate way dautilizao of the material energy and them resduas. The services that the naturezapresta the economy human being well is not valued in the system of contabilidade' ' cremstica' ' proper of the neoclssica economy. 5. CONCLUSION With the popularizao of the ambient question and the propagation ecological domovimento, the adopted measures has times for the central world, comoestudos and environmental impact reports, had started to be a daily navida constant. The levels of performance in defense of the environment are several.

It has osque if they worry about the health of the proper house, garbage; the ones that defend aspraias, the trees; the ones that fight against the pollution of waters, of the domonxido carbon release and still; the ones that do not forget it man as integrant danatureza. The difficulty in the mensurao and quantification of the problemasambientais makes it difficult that if it incorporates in the private costs, custo' ' reais' ' of ambient preservation. Mechanisms as taxes, taxes etarifas, are not considered efficiently, in such way that if it assumes the doprincpio form polluting agent-payer. The preservation of the environment is an investment cujoretorno is of difficult quantification, and many times involve responsabilidadesglobais. However, the implementation of this new style of development definiras necessary bases of a new society. 6. BIBLIOGRAPHY ALIER, Joan Ecological Martnes.Economia, text paradiscusso, n 9, 1996. ANNALS OF the WORLD-WIDE CONFERENCE OF AMBIENT EDUCATION, Caracas-Venezuela, 25 the 30 of July of 1995.

SURROUNDING DESARROLLO AVERAGE Y. Hacia un enfoqueintegrador, ed. CIPLAN, Chile, 1991. ELY, Alosio.Economia of the Environment, Porto Alegre, RS, 1990. FRIJOT, Capra.O point of Mutation, lvaroCabral translation, ed. Culipix, So Paulo. MOREIRA, Jose Robert. Ecology and practical Economy: Meioambiente and Condies de Vida, Agricultural Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, October of 1989. REPORT OF BRAZIL FOR THE CONFERENCE OF NATIONS UNIDASSOBRE THE ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT. ' ' The Sustentvel&#039 Challenge; '. Brasilia, 1991. SEITZ, John L. ' ' Politics of the Development, umaintroduo to problemasglobais' '. ed. Zahar, Rio De Janeiro, 1991. 1 Frejot, Capra.Ponto de Mutao. 2 Ely, Alosio. Economy of the Environment. 3 Alier, Joan Martinez. Ecological economy. 4 Idem 3 5 Idem 3

DOSI Innovation

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Through the knowledge in the use, the employee learns the secret of the machine, that allows it to leave a period of training to arrive at another one. For DOSI (1988), innovation is the knowledge and the use of this knowledge to evolve. From the agreement initiated for Joseph Alois Schumpeter, a process if unfolds in the search to understand ' ' new combinaes' ' , innovations that would impactariam in the system. It would give a reply and it would play the economy in another competitive platform. Becoming strong the figure of the imitating agent when, greater the intensity, minor could be the possibility of great social jumps, even so more recent authors, as ROSEMBERG, (1979 and 1994); YOU CAN, (1987) and BRITTO (2002), detaches that the incremental innovation, by means of the imitation, can be more common and more important to the maintenance of the market for the firms. The technology of on-profit. When the firm has technology, its edge of profit tends to be bigger.

To the measure, however, that the mimics appear scrumble on-profit. The innovation can come of the firms, or can be institucional, is the new that? impacta? modifies the concorrenciais structures of market. neo-schumpeterianos leave of three categories of technological innovation: Invention, Innovation and Diffusion. In the invention the new sketch for, or the best one happens, product, process and device. The innovation only happens for the first commercial transaction involving a new product, process system or device.

Already the diffusion is the propagation of the innovations for the firms and countries. Therefore, the invention is transformed into innovation when taken for the first time to the market and the act to reproduce and to imitate it explains as this innovation if it spreads out. In accordance with neo-schumpeterianos (FREEMAN, 1975 and 2000; ROSEMBERG, 1979, DOSI, 1988; YOU CAN, 1989; DEZA, 1995 and BRITTO, 2002), of the invention drift innovation, I give birth passu, creates the economic cycles.

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