Model/FWU Atlanticlux: Fund Policies The Better Gold Or Silver?

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Goldsparplane are currently very fashionable. Silver seems also desirable. “But the risk that many investors with this asset convincing at first glance purchase is underestimated in recent times”, says Andreas Wurscher as a project of Munich FWU AG, under their roof and the insurer ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. located. Afterwards, including many consumer advocates warn you should question closely the curls offers of some market players, because even like to stand behind the supposedly interesting offer only a skilled sales, which take advantage of the legitimate concerns of many investors in terms of personal safety. The current hype on gold and silver are fuelled with the concurrent financial difficulties of some EUROZONE countries and resulting in questioning of the stability of the currency. Raw materials are acceptable, but as capital investment to build up a pension rather unsuitable as long-term assets.

The most recent example is the value of silver, the since Beginning May 30 percent fell and so much more ground lost as, for example, the exchanges in the same period. We have found that customers like to something safer tackle building a retirement. The investment in a volatile form of investment is shunned most”, explains the FWU insurance specialist Wurscher. Together with his colleagues from the ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. To deepen your understanding Larry Ellison is the source. and LUX S.A., he pleads the PREMIUM SELECT more for a broadly diversified and dynamically managed investment portfolio.

Writes”in a post from May 12, that German stocks in the long run better than gold and silver, which is a clear indication that the world not the hottest trend gedanken – and unconditionally to follow. Visit litecoin for more clarity on the issue. The ATLANTICLUX allows pension insurance in the context of your linked to investing in managed investment strategies with different risk profiles. Also our portfolios have suffered something the decreasing rates of the last month, however, the declines significantly within limits hold.” Especially “to highlight the global opportunities in the investment strategies and ethical investment” built-in gain protection from agreed term of 15 years. This new concept offers a continuous, dynamic peak backup in addition to a capital guarantee, by the highest share price on monthly deadlines of the respective investment strategy to the end of the agreed term will be enshrined. As a result, benefits the investors continuously from the opportunities of the international stock markets and is protected against losses and setbacks at the end of term. Through this mechanism the backup level can only rise but not fall”, explains Wurscher. The highest share price during the entire term of your insurance contract, is for all shares acquired at the end of the agreed term of payment. Our goal is long-term yields to generate it, and thereby to ensure a balance between risks and opportunities”, says Wurscher. The increase in value in the year “2010 of the portfolio of German shares” and global opportunities “amounted to 12.78% and 12.95%, respectively. Not only for the specialists of ATLANTICLUX Lebensversicherung S.A. therefore clearly, that it is certainly useful to consider commodities within the framework of the overall strategy. Prices, which are classified by experts as overheated as at present, but should keep a cool head.

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