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Car Tuning

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Tuning word comes from the English turning – setting adjustment. Tuning – is to upgrade the car to make it unique, as well as to improve its characteristics. Changes can be as minor, and the cardinal, changed markedly over the appearance and specifications of the vehicle. Moreover, modifications can be subjected to almost all parts of the car, from body paint and upholstery Salon specific materials, ending the suspension and engine modifications. Auto tuning for many years flourished in western Europe and the U.S., but came to Russia recently. However, the number of unique cars on the roads of our country is growing at a tremendous speed. Motorists sometimes spend enormous sums on various improvements to its avtolyubimchika, but it is not surprising, since it is typical for enthusiastic person.

So, first things first, in this article we will talk about current uses and their tuning characteristics. Let's start with a simple – airbrush. The easiest and quickest way to give your car a unique – paint it. Airbrushing – a kind of drawing, in which the airbrush is used as the main tool of the artist as an airbrush spray paint, the artist can easily perform color conversions, it adds a liveliness and naturalness of the pictures. So, if you decide to paint your car – go to the studio airbrushing. Please visit Philip Vasan if you seek more information. There's your car photographed and will inflict on the image thumbnail. Then the car and literally disassemble pomoyut on cogs, removing it, all parts that may interfere with spray pattern.

Ferdinand Porsche

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Ferdinand Porsche was not in vain called one of the most distinguished engineers in the history of the automotive industry. All have long known that he is the creator of "Beetle" – the most massive models in automotive history. But at the same time, Of course, his services are free. Curiously, the great German designer was born September 3, 1875 is not in Germany. Home town of Ferdinand Porsche Maffersdorf then belonged to Austria-Hungary (currently Maffersdorf point located on the territory of the Czech Republic and called Vratislavitse). Young boy with his childhood began to show great enthusiasm for the technical sciences.

Suffice it to note that in the 15 years he built his own generator, capable of covering a house with electric lights. For a small town it was unprecedented luxury. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. His career began Ferdinand Porsche apprentice tinsmith. But all it was obvious that this boy capable of more. In the end, Ferdinand went to Vienna to study at a local technical institute. Simultaneously with his studies, he worked on the production of small electric motors. Soon after, in 1898, Ferdinand arrives at work in the company Lohner, and already in 1900 at the Paris Motor Show was shown an amazing car, ahead of its time – the machine under the name of Lohner-Porsche, which was … electric.

In other words, the Porsche in its 25 years has built the 1 st in the world of hybrid! At the moment, this car is located in the Technical Museum in Vienna. Lohner-Porsche electric car in 1900 became one of the world's first environmentally-friendly vehicles. After that, the career of Ferdinand Porsche began a rapid ascent. In 1906 it claim to the post of Technical Director of Austro-Daimler – in '31 Ferdinand Porsche becomes responsible for the entire range of a major car company. More information about the great kostruktore Ferdinand Porsche and his stories the company is available here.

Garage Doors

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A good garage is different from the bad is not the ability to accommodate a mountain of pickles and potatoes and warm floors, and favorable conditions in its car. Conditions, these consist of a variety of factors, the most significant of which is the availability of suitable garage doors – secure, safe and convenient to use. Automatic Gate Every motorist is not just dreaming about a metal garage, and on capital construction, moreover, preferably built his own home. But until recently, all owners of the garages were one and the same problems – especially related to the imperfection of swing garage doors – then their fill up with snow, the lock will freeze and then crack them someone. What here to speak about favorable conditions for the maintenance of the car when the garage doors open themselves do not always get, but the safety of the garage depends solely on the number of hung on his locks. And to ensure that these and similar problems in some way to solve, and were designed sectional garage doors that go beyond the usual gate swing type almost all respects. What are the sectional garage doors and how they are so different from the usual gate? First of all, from swing gates sectional differ in the way of opening – due to the peculiarities construction of the gates do not open outwards or inwards and upwards – in the premises garage, virtually parallel to the ceiling. Hormann sectional doors are installed on the inside of the garage and are essentially connected to each other by loops section, leaving you open up the rails that are attached to the ceiling or walls of the garage construction.