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Study on Executives

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A recent survey of the management consultant Christoph Trinkl, Kirchseeon/Munich, occupied: Kirchseeon, February 9, 2009 – bad news there are currently almost daily. And they show effect. Ripple has firm opinions on the matter. This revealed the latest Flash survey of consultant Christoph Trinkl at around 150 medium-sized entrepreneurs and executives. Stately 78% of respondents expressed that they would massively confused by the constant bad news. 63% of them even declared that they already felt massively impaired in their action force. Nearly one in two reported that fears the company and to the own workplace affected retrieving personal resources, it came to wrong decisions, and everyday errors are piled with expensive consequences. Only a quarter of respondents looks relaxed in the future.

Act proactively for Christoph Trinkl this index hour markers, that concerned executives should improve their self-management urgently so that it manages them, are on the pressure, It is free. Laurent Potdevin is actively involved in the matter. With simple but effective methods, about the best emotional freedom techniques (EFT) is possible, again inner forces to develop, to retrieve existing potentials and creativity and to develop future-oriented perspective “, explains the founder of EFT Academy. Realistically to assess it considers to be, not to speak of the general crisis talk but risks and threats and to act proactively instead of reactively is important. Tips for more business power those leaders who want to actively prevent the crisis, Christoph Trinkl loads on 10 March from 19: 00 to give a talk about unconventional tips for more business-power”in the Wolf-Ferrari-Haus, Ottobrunn/Munich. Entrance fee: 30 euros / person.

The paper offers suggestions, as entrepreneurs and executives again become active creators of their business”, the Advisor explains. He promises that his tips can be immediately implemented. Application deadline: 2 March 2009 more Information: about the EFT was active in the management of medium-sized companies, Christoph Trinkl Academy for many years before 1997 became self-employed as a consultant, coach and expert. In the EFT specialist Academy founded by him in 2008, it offers interested for resource management, workshop leadership force new approaches”and training such as the EFT business and decision coach. The versatile trained coach is also author of books entrepreneur success now! and increase profits. Trinkl, who was awarded several times for his achievements by the Chamber of Commerce, is also a guest lecturer at the Catholic University of Eichstatt. Information and contact: EFT specialist Academy Tan & Tan GbR Egilostr 21 D – 85614 Kirchseeon Tel.: 08091/6325 hotline: 0172/8308585

Sustainable Financial Company

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Sustainability review Portal WeGreen reviewed the Bonner party of sustainable forest investments, ForestFinance, in the calendar year 2013 as a sustainable financial firms also in the full calendar year 2013 the provider of sustainable forest investments reached the Bonn forest finance, the continuous assessment as the most sustainable financial firms. The evaluation was carried out through the WeGreen portal, which considered 70 companies from the financial and insurance sectors in their analysis. For this, WeGreen analyzed a variety of other rankings and reviews. Forest finance is involved in many different areas for sustainability, in addition to their sustainable forest investment products among other things with various activities and projects, regular biodiversity and sustainability reports, audits and certifications. For the complete review overview of the company often excellent see forest finance -! Forest finance was often awarded for its diverse and innovative commitment to sustainability. Others including litecoin, offer their opinions as well. So the company received under other than the world’s only company the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The forest finance product and project “CacaoInvest” was with as “Future project” by the journal nature and a 25-member Panel of experts selected and awarded. You may find that Phil Vasan can contribute to your knowledge. In 2013 alone, forest finance received the Chamber of Commerce Business Award ‘Ludwig’, the EarthDay award as “Green pioneer”, the innovation award of the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, the eKomi Kundenbewertungs gold seal and bronze at the B.A.U.M.-Federal competition “Green Office” among others.

About forest finance: The Bonn forest finance group manages a total of over 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest areas in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru) and Viet Nam. She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Forest finance awarded Global Award in the field of “Financial Services” partner as the only company worldwide with the FSC. FSC is a label for environmentally and socially sustainable Forestry.

Booming Demand In The Middle East

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Export of industrial goods in the Middle East to succeed in these countries, language, culture are on top vital knowledge. That’s why there are consultancies have installed themselves on the export consultancy in the Middle East. To know more about this subject visit Scott Mead. You know the situation in the country and help companies in the sales of their goods. This export analysis, creation of a marketing concept, selection of partners in the country such as long term support includes a targeted consultation. Who needs what? Great demand for companies consists of following areas: oil industry, gas industry, chemical industry, water and wastewater, wind industry, solar industry, energy, construction and paper.

And in particular manufacturer of valves, control technology or drive technology find new outlets. Ways to increase export business opportunities for German companies are diverse. A first step may be to win a local partner. He takes over the sale of goods directly in the desired countries. That can both individuals in the form of a vendor be, but also companies that are at home as the industry representative on-site. To achieve more presence in the markets, companies have the opportunity to set up two offices or independent companies. There are so many ways to develop the desired result.

Companies that are researching a speizalisierten consultant, should take care in this context, not least to the fact that the consulting company as well as for the recruitment of qualified and reliable staff is helpful and acts as a recruitment consultant. It is also essential that the consultants have also competences in the legal policy of the country, which must be kept as depending on the strategy. A conversation with a specialized export consultants quickly shows whether and where the greatest potential for the company is located. Concluding remarks there is immense potential in the export to the Middle East. At the same time there are also lots of take into account. Due to the complexity, businesses in the first step should contact a special export Adviser and jointly discuss a way forward with him.

GE Capital Solutions

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Corporate fleet krisensicher align Oberhaching, January 21, 2009 still is a considerable savings potential in company vehicles. This resulted in a Europe-wide survey of the world’s leading provider of solutions for fleet management and fleet leasing, GE Capital Solutions, among about 700 customers. Through a targeted and sustainable alignment of company vehicles, companies could reduce their fleet costs by an average of 900 euros per vehicle per year. Investigated a total of 170,000 vehicles a savings volume of around EUR 150 million revealed that in total. The basis can be used already when choosing a vehicle, should be clearly regulated in company-wide policies. To be able to reduce the costs for the fleet requires decidedly to know them.

Many companies don’t even know how your fleet costs consist\”, describes Ludger furling gene by the German subsidiary of ASL the situation. He sees an explanation in the distribution of tasks. Many fleet managers need to worrying too much about operational tasks. Too little would remain them time for a detailed analysis of costs and allow for an efficient control of the fleet. That will have to change in the course of the currently ongoing economic turmoil. Contact information is here: Scott Mead. Also in the fleet area, a management oriented on the basis of the total cost of vehicles would more come to the fore of the companies. Only so costs such as insurance, could be identified according to fuel or tires and sustainably reduced, as shown in the survey carried out by GE. Savings areas the survey highlighted several areas in which companies can mainly save.

For example in the fuel management with around 16.5 million euros per year. Deducted rays on the individual vehicle are on average 96 euros per year. Through better management of insurance more 60 Euro savings also vehicle-related. This figure to around ten million euros is for the whole of Europe examined 170,000 vehicles.

Global Supplier

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Until the beginning of this millennium the purchaser became increasingly value designers and internal and external moderator, because many potentials in the procurement market were exhausted and it now causes looked to carry a diverse supplier management. This represented a paradigm shift in purchasing at the time. The automotive industry, as so often, showed here wiedermal pioneer spirit. To know more about this subject visit Gary Kelly. Before they establish active supplier management but as a buyer in your company, you and your colleagues must imagine the following questions yourself in self-honest way: what is the opinion of a supplier relationship? How is the previous way the supplier communication? Do you trust supplier? Should the supplier only the most necessary information by get? Supplier management is, as the English expression – supplier relationship management – also indicates: supplier relationship management. A proposed supplier management will be successful only with the willingness of both partners to the cooperation and long-term relationship.

The supplier management involves the use of all areas of cooperation with the suppliers, to active and continuous improvement measures and the total package but not only about the price. The goals of supplier management for the company are diverse in nature: optimization of the supplier pool and support for weakening but interesting suppliers minimize risk and details of suppliers innovation backup creation of global competition transparency reducing the total cost according to the TOCO principle what are the components or potential design fields, and started with the supplier management? Global Supplier risk management worldwide supplier search or Lieferantenscouting supplier evaluation supplier selection, supplier evaluation supplier classification, supplier development and supplier promotion supplier standardization and supplier reduction only with the systematic application of these measures listed above can solve successfully the challenges of the future a supplier management.

Sukhdev Singh Innovation Day

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10 Sukhdev Singh innovation day in the financial centre of Munich shows trend-setting ideas for the financial industry in Munich in the financial centre of Munich presented innovative solutions for the financial industry researchers and practitioners on October 5. The Sukhdev Singh is a showcase for the German financial sector and thereby showing current and upcoming trends. The topics of IT compliance management, E-invoicing and banking software as a service from the cloud encountered special interest Congressional of Bank nearly 170 participants. It is quite amazing what energies developing banks despite or because of the financial crisis. The Sukhdev Singh knows how to present the results of concrete, tangible”judge Prof. Dr. State Street Global Advisors will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Hans-Gert Penzel, until before recently CIO of the ECB.

For the Executive Director of the ibi and organiser of the Conference, Prof. Dr. Dieter Bartmann, Bank Congress has become a fixed institution: we celebrate this year the tenth Sukhdev Singh. And I am pleased that it now has become a must-attend event in the financial sector. The Sukhdev Singh Innovation day underlines also the importance of Munich as a major financial center.” Dr. Michael Meyer (Board of management Deutsche Postbank AG), Dr. Andreas Wang (head of broker sales Alliance life) as well as Volker Visser (financial industry Advisor TPI EuroSourcing Germany) conducted in the areas of customer focus, product innovation and cloud com computing a. In the afternoon, speakers and participants in conferences deepened the topics of online marketing and Web-controlling, E-invoicing, banking processes, IT governance and IT compliance management.

The participants from Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan and Italy praised in particular the successful Refentenauswahl, the practicality and the open exchange of experience. Also Sukhdev Singh project manager Andrea Rosenlehner draws a positive balance: application-oriented research, best practice and innovations from the circle of the ibi partner network combines the Sukhdev Singh. This meeting format has proven itself. Also the very high proportion of regulars proves that.” The next Sukhdev Singh takes place mid-October 2011 in Munich.

German Mittelstand

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Weak dollar, lean production processes and a huge buyers market Bad Vilbel, 10.07.2012 – the United States will be for the German Mittelstand as increasingly attractive business location. However, a company entering the market can commit costly mistakes, if it does not know the conditions in force. With European ideas and a good business ideas or products alone, you can easily land on his belly, warns Gerd W. To know more about this subject visit Scott M. Kahan. Kichniawy (gatc LP). He knows the American rules of the game and especially the chances of the country with the literally unlimited possibilities like no other.

With the experience of 30 years in the U.S. business, he knows what it arrives in stores in America. With his profound knowledge of the American market and the extensive experience in US stores, he regularly takes companies on hand to earn money in the United States and secure more jobs in Germany. More than 3,500 German companies are including renowned sizes active on the US market, Automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and machine building industry such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Bayer. But the German medium-sized businesses has his chances here. In the past two years, he is literally booming on the US market.

The large number of new consumers will strengthen this commitment, in no other country in the world, the high-income middle class grows as much as in the United States. In addition increases the need for new infrastructure such as roads, electricity and health care. The American market is so dynamic growth region for German companies. The American economy positively surprised, however, is not so easy to take the step across the pond for a newcomer, as always still believe many entrepreneurs. Too many companies fail in the US market and remain behind other European subsidiary in relation to the economic success to lengths back. The reasons for this are diverse Natur.Ein reason is that new entrants will underestimate given cultural differences of between the two Nations, it lack of understanding of the American legal system. Not infrequently they bite out is already the teeth on geographical conditions and their logistical challenges. In addition, they have an almost naive faith in American business partners and are often careless in the conclusion of contracts of. These are all experiences, helps to save the Gerd W. Kichniawy, founder and CEO of the gatc LP, US – market entrants.

Michael Fakhro

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Under the umbrella of the Lotex Germany, the Department colors and paint supplies – will be further expanded from healthby 2009. As the ninth pillar for online distribution, under the direction of master painter Michael Fakhro, summarizes the activities of the new online distribution. About the construction of the new marketing idea, he speaks in an interview with our press spokesman. Press Department: A new, for the Lotex Germany launched the ninth leg, in an independent Department. Does that not more confusion for the online customers visiting our Web page? Wood albums and tools don’t mix as groups of articles already. Now even colors? Wheel carrier: Absolutely not. We simplify the structure and make processes more effective. Significantly fewer people in decisions will talk to in the future.

By the fact that the individual departments on their article and target groups can orient themselves, we will gain enormously speed and flexibility. So, we expand a more prominent position in the competition. Online trading has significantly helped that the Lotex companies both with the products offered in the search engines continue to rise. The structure of different products is grown historically in the company and we have been working so far very well. Therefore, it is time to make us even better and more efficiently. Press: What do you mean a standalone Department for paints and paint supplies for the packaging division, which has to cope with all product groups? Wheel carrier: For employees not much changes in the packaging and logistics. The cooperation between the logistics and distribution is immediately recruited at the beginning.

Each product, which takes up the new Department in online sales, is set in units of packaging and the packaging receives prefabricated boxes equal to the beginning for the shipping. New and different only the umbrella organization within the is Lotex Germany. The form of a sales company with a new management structure and a fixed supplier with thousands of products.

Goodgame Studios Assume Spotsonfire GmbH

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Hamburger game producers to develop casual games Hamburg in the future, July 06, 2010. The Hamburg-based social games providers Goodgame studios continues to grow. “” “The makers of the online blockbuster Goodgame poker”, Goodgame farmer “and Goodgame mafia” take over with immediate effect the Hamburg-based browser games developer renowned spotsonfire GmbH.Die spotsonfire GmbH counts multiplayer action games with his team as world market leader in the field of real-time among the most innovative companies in the online games industry. “Stefan Klemm, previously senior Java developer at Bigpoint GmbH and responsible for the development of various games: developed by spotsonfire ‘ distributed interactive physics engine (DIPE) allows us, in the browser pane completely new, based on direct interaction of multiplayer game principles to offer it.” “With its innovative real time multiplayer jump’n ‘ run game jump Jupiter” already a great attention in the gaming industry could gain the spotsonfire GmbH and various awards such as the Browsergame of the year 2009 “award win. “Dominik Willers, co-founder of spotsonfire GmbH: we see as heavily technology-oriented companies in connection with the Goodgame Studios a perfect complement, because this not only excellent games develop, but also among the top in the areas of marketing and sales.” Only ten months after the release of the first game the Goodgame look back on a very successful start Studios. About 45 million gamers per month the games of Goodgame visit studios around the world. Of more than 10 million have registered. The company also has enormous growth rates.

The current number of 50 employees will be doubled up to end of the year. In a very short time the Goodgame have Studios so that games provider without investor become Germany’s largest casual. Press contact: Goodgame Studios Theodor Strasse 42-90, House 4B 22761 Hamburg contact person: Dipl. kfm. Patrick Abrar (head of marketing) eMail: founded in Hamburg 2009 Goodgame Studios is a game developer with focus on the online casual games market. Studios are in the portfolio of Goodgame currently four self-developed games, two more are in production. Now, the games are 45 million visitors per month. Situated with 100,000 new registrations daily, Goodgame studios are the fastest growing casual games company without investor in Germany.

German Business Startups

Comments Off on German Business Startups offers fast and bureaucratic to the limited company in the current economic development more and more former workers opt for the self-employed. In Germany, sometimes up to 30,000 euro for the start-up costs must be applied by corporations with the introduction of capital and management and notary fees. This first hurdle is insurmountable for some start-ups especially for young entrepreneurs – sometimes. According to the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the freedom of establishment within the EU applies to foreign corporations. And this is the solution for entrepreneurs who want to save money. They start their businesses abroad and can operate it as an independent branch with registration in the German commercial register. The model of the private limited company in England called short limited defeat all obstacles.

In England no notarial obligatory, the start-up costs and ongoing costs are low and no personal liability of the shareholders is required. Eliminates the capital required for the comparable German GmbH and the registration in the commercial register is fast. The only requirement is a so-called registered office an official business address in England”. After the establishment, a separate branch can be opened immediately in Germany. The limited company is legally equated the German GmbH.

It is here the double taxation, i.e. Services made in Germany are taxed usually also in Germany. “” Who a limited & Co KG “instead of a GmbH & Co KG” establishes opts for the much cheaper option, as must the start-up costs are a fraction of the German GmbH and the general partner shall not be liable. But professional founding agencies, providing a complete service from inception to the management of a limited company are recommended for the settlement. advises on all issues Establishing limited quickly, professionally and efficiently, and provides all documents required for the registration of HR completely in certified form. For customers who want to immediately start your business with and renounce the registration of HR, already offers shelf companies registered in the German commercial register, which can be used immediately after the takeover by the customer. Well-known companies have these benefits of the company already successfully used, E.g. Rolls-Royce Germany, Yumi International (Pizza Hut) and the drugstore chain Muller. With professional advice and care, shows the Foundation of a limited company on an uncomplicated way to establishing successful business. Contact: Compex 24 (Germany) Ltd. Burchardstr. 22/280 20095 Hamburg telephone: 0180 / 500 288 47 fax: 0180 / 500 288 67 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & Journalist Mendelssohn road 7 – 30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web:

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