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Urals Parts

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All owners of automobiles Ural know the difficulties encountered when searching for new parts. Suitable for your car's detail are hard to find. Whenever Maurice Gallagher, Jr. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. You can spend a long time to find, but well did not find even in specialty shops and car repair. The second problem is you can sell a forgery under the guise of original parts. There is one problem: small shops can shove instead of a new updated details old, restored externally. Here, Scott Mead expresses very clear opinions on the subject. On the problems you might encounter in the service station for replacement parts so say experts. Specifically, they are not interested in seeing that this spare part lasts a long time. In their interest to you as often as possible treated in their shop.

This way you can become a victim of fraud, because you can put a defective or worn parts that will last a couple of months and you need to re- contact the studio. Yet, there is always a solution. You need to liaise with the proven and reliable company whose activities are related to the sale of spare parts for automobiles Ural. It is firm with a narrow specialization can truly offer high quality branded parts and purchased stock proizvoditelya.Takim way, you'll be confident that your parts have passed strict quality control and guaranteed suitable for your model car. Spare parts Buying Ural Ural proven companies, you protect yourself from fraud and get a warranty on those parts. The advantage of this is that you do not have to go on city in search of the service center if the part fails. The firm sells parts zanimayuschayayasya Urals, will have a very wide range of spare parts and accessories from which you can find what you need it you!

Jaguar XkrS Aston Resting

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Come on, quickly call the best Jaguar? In addition XJ220? Give up? Here it is, in front of you. This new XKR-S without the 'reins'. The usual maximum speed limit XK-R at 250 km / h does not work here. Permitted 280 km / h. That's more in the spirit of Jaguar, than any computer muzzles.

Ah, would remove constraints on all Jaguar! Dreams, dreams … Few owners ever will drive him to the limit. But to realize this possibility nice. 'S' better standard XKR very much that I completely and clearly justifies almost 15,000 euros on top. Kit is excellent.

Yes, many buyers just for the sake of it will agree to a premium! Lowered below the front, side and rear skirts flashy, but beautiful. Are highly complementary in itself a beautiful shape HC. I even asked what kind of car. A rear diffuser with a larger rear spoiler changes poop out of all recognition. Hind wings look more muscular, and special wheels – absolute perfection. Yes, it is Jaguar, which shows the middle finger of Aston Martin. I think every Aston Martin is far from it. Suspension upgrade, too. Running in the Jaguar deal, no doubt, the best people on this side of the Lotus. Over the XKR-S, they did their best. He became much more stringent reaction in the corners – it is better, but somehow miraculously comfortable. If there is a world of GT with the best combination of ride and handling than this XKR-S, I did not go on it. The engine remains the same: 4.2-liter V8 with mechanical supercharging. 416 hp and torque of 560 Nm. Transmission – too old machine ZF. New, more efficient engines are expected this year. Transmission is good, but I would like more control over the machine. As in the XF. Here is a Jaguar should have been done as soon as possible. However, I just pick and choose. The way the car rides, stops and rulitsya, making it the best Jaguar of living. And maybe the best GT. We say: Thanks to a remarkable cosmetic upgrade, and at least welcome refinements chassis it was the best of the current HC Price (in Germany): from 103 80G Dynamics: 0-100 km / h – 5.2 seconds, max speed – 280 km / h Equipment: 4196 cm3, 8 cyl., rear-wheel drive, 416 hp, 560 lb, 1740 kg, 12.3 L/100 km.

Giorgetto Giugiaro

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The brainchild of the largest Italian group Fiat, Grande Punto car was presented at the 2005 Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. Exterior 'Grande Punto' designed by the genius of automotive design – Giorgetto Giugiaro and the famous studio Italdesign. The car impresses with its elegant and stylish dynamic forms of bodywork. From the first days of sales Grande Punto was headed by the European rankings and is present in them so far, although since its launch has been more than four years. In Russia, the Fiat Grande Punto is represented by two engines – 1. 2 and 1. 4 liters. And a capacity of 65 and 77 liters.

C, respectively. The machine is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox or robotized Dualogic, which is essentially automatic. Also on the choice motorists, there are two versions – 3 or 5-door. Three-door looks more sporty and will appeal to a younger generation of buyers, the five-door family will love the people, however, will cost 10 rubles more expensive. An equally important advantage is the Grande Punto a great safety. In the Euro NCAP tests, the car has received the highest rating, gaining 33 points. The machine is equipped with ABS brake distribution efforts, and with airbags double degree of disclosure. Dual-zone climate control system Grande Punto, which can be installed instead of the air conditioner will make the trip more comfortable for both driver and passenger.

It allows you to select the driver and Passenger various temperature conditions. Grande Punto is the biggest vehicle class B (including Opel Corsa, made on the same platform). It is not even close to three passengers in the back seat and a spacious luggage compartment volume of 275 liters accommodate all you need. Additional equipment that can be installed on standard Fiat Grande Punto includes: air conditioning, alloy wheels, fog lights, heated front seats, glass sunroof, and a sound system with support for mp3.

Used Car

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Despite the numerous traffic jams, fumes and other truckers 'problems', man is still trying to get the car as a tribute to his own sense of importance, reliability and respectability. Would be money well … if no or little, then to the bank for a loan. It would seem to be easy, but then immediately appear reefs and rocks, maneuvering between them can take quite a few nerves and energy. In light of recent events in the U.S.

associated with bankruptcy of many influential companies, and the fall of the economy, the Russian banks 'tightened' and giving credits to the population began to pass zhostko … And then there is just the restriction on used cars. So when applying for a loan second-hand cars, keep on hand not less than 40% of its market value. Bankers generally do not give out loan of more than 70% of the total amount required for purchase. And the car will not evaluate the contract of sale, and based on market rates.

In addition, you will be required to insure the acquisition and hull is complete and CTP, and put it on record, amounting to about 10% of the price of the car. The fact that insurance rates for beushnye wheels higher than for new ones. Documents – it is generally a separate song is not always a happy ending … If you persevere and persevere you will have to run around to collect your passport, ID, certificate of employment income in the past six months, but just might need a copy of employment record with the original seal of the personnel department. Also, it is possible to need a registration certificate or divorce decree, copies of credit agreements, contracts and provide information on the debt on these loans. In short, can be better to just pick up and save money and buy a normal car or even a used and not to mess with the banks, because everyone is doing their business … hoard money and all will be.

Ultimately Unit

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Specification is a table containing the full list all the components included in the structure of the considered assembly unit. Directory is built on the principle of assembly units. For each assembly unit is drawing. In figure all the details of the site ranked in order of structural assembly, below is their detailed specification, including, the item number in the figure, the part number on the drawing (details are in ascending numerical order designation), the number of parts per assembly unit code, number of sub-groups (to which the item) and short name details. In the captions are also part number and a short common name for the assembly unit.

Abroad for a long time appreciate the advantages of electronic catalogs of spare parts of cars and now there is a manufacturer of vehicles that would not let go of them. The nomenclature of the electronic catalogs is constantly expanding. Domestic producers also go to them. Now in this directory are working professionals the majority of factories, dealers, suppliers, buyers and sellers of both new and previously released parts. After identification spare parts in their order – one of the most important and difficult challenges facing professionals, repairers and sellers of consultants. Need some time to check each entry order to ensure correctness of its conventional numbers and names while trying to write everything correctly and did not mix, but even the most diligent employee because of monotony of work can reduce alertness and make mistakes. In Ultimately, the customer does not receive the required spare parts or will not that need and do not recover your your car, only to lose time and money.

The seller is probably and most likely forever lose this client. E-catalog system is designed to become your reliable assistant who is not tired and does not make mistakes, keeping in mind all the pages from a directory with selected spare parts. You do not need more than holding a heavy and a thick book, pick a page – they will all be on the screen. But the important notes that will not fit on a sheet of paper, easy to accommodate the huge computer memory.

Garage Doors

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A good garage is different from the bad is not the ability to accommodate a mountain of pickles and potatoes and warm floors, and favorable conditions in its car. Conditions, these consist of a variety of factors, the most significant of which is the availability of suitable garage doors – secure, safe and convenient to use. Automatic Gate Every motorist is not just dreaming about a metal garage, and on capital construction, moreover, preferably built his own home. But until recently, all owners of the garages were one and the same problems – especially related to the imperfection of swing garage doors – then their fill up with snow, the lock will freeze and then crack them someone. What here to speak about favorable conditions for the maintenance of the car when the garage doors open themselves do not always get, but the safety of the garage depends solely on the number of hung on his locks. And to ensure that these and similar problems in some way to solve, and were designed sectional garage doors that go beyond the usual gate swing type almost all respects. What are the sectional garage doors and how they are so different from the usual gate? First of all, from swing gates sectional differ in the way of opening – due to the peculiarities construction of the gates do not open outwards or inwards and upwards – in the premises garage, virtually parallel to the ceiling. Hormann sectional doors are installed on the inside of the garage and are essentially connected to each other by loops section, leaving you open up the rails that are attached to the ceiling or walls of the garage construction.

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