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Strawberry – Liver Sausage On The Green Week In Berlin

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Everything has an end or two such as the bio-Curry sausages of the 73 Berlin green week. Do you like Strawberry – liver sausage? Or prefer to try the Turkey fillet into the white chocolate coat? With Belgian Aprokosenbier – some like it just sweet. The audience certainly laughed hearty and so was green week, what is the fair: a mix of proven products and unusually creative. Apart from the subject countries and usual appearances of the German Federal States there was the 11 organic trade fair market in the field of nutrition also several imaginative products from controlled biological cultivation. “The motto: veritas in bio” gave the signal: over the times when organic wines only from conviction were drunk.

Many visitors were convinced by the high quality of the organic winegrowers and according to an emnid poll, half of all German wine drinkers had already closed up facing the organic wines. Been wanting during green week, the new strain has incidentally of Bionade Strong”with extra magnesium. Although the strain already in Berliner “Food is sold, is currently a supply bottleneck – but no doubt strong” find the way to the supermarket. Industry giants REWE and Tengelmann plan also vergrosseren their palette of organic food: fried right, delicious savoury biscuits and almost healthy fast food such as low-fat chips and sausage varieties are under discussion. If you are interested in but rather on the initially mentioned Strawberry liver sausage just click at pass.

Cooking Studio Frankfurt

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The Green cooking school in stylish ambience in a 200 square foot loft offers cooking workshop space for Exchange for all those who want to take responsibility for themselves, their health and their environment also in the diet. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ron O’Hanley. The gastronomic visionary Harry millet and his longtime friend Patrik Fuchs have not committed it to the target, to promote veganism, but would like to give all interested parties in this exceptional location as it is enjoyable possible climate – and environment-friendly to Cook! With a wide variety of events, fancy cooking classes, numerous events and active workshops to about to be clarified, how easy it is a the climate through adapted consumption, with fantastic tricks and culinary principles to protect. With this great idea does not in the least to waiver, but vegetable to feed the opportunity, are up to date, in large parts, no fun on the preparation and the sensuality, the cooking on located to reason, having to do without. Free according to the motto that less sometimes so much is more cooking workshop Frankfurt shows simple ways to restrict the own overconsumption to discover culinary, seasonal highlights and to be creative themselves true connoisseurs. What vitamin gentle cooking methods are there? How can I treat my guests with creamy desserts and fancy sauces without animal ingredients? How can I feed my child healthy it still taste him? Where is the relationship between CO2 emissions and farming? What are the latest trends in the kitchens of the world? These are many important questions that will answer the cooking Studio Frankfurt with attention to detail. The spacious loft that equipped with a gorgeous kitchen, a big table, and modern equipment, can be hired for private or commercial events, offers space for unforgettable celebrations, parties and enjoyable moments among friends. No matter whether guests even cooking or with attention to detail Cook would – be catering, flying buffet, brunch, gourmet menus, single kitchen battle, cooking shows or private dining with great wines – everything is possible.

In addition, different chefs will share their knowledge in private atmosphere exciting theme days in workshops and courses. On Friday the 8.1.2010, millet and Patrick Fuchs the birth of this special forum for gourmets with you as a guest to celebrate Harry. For more information, the culinary program for January, impressions of the location and a map, see. Contact: Harry millet cooking Studio Frankfurt Vilbeler Landstrasse 36 House 8a 60386 Frankfurt am main phone 069-78082301

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