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Repair General Principles

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In accordance with these river boats are subjected to preventative (current, average, and capital) and unplanned (restorative, emergency and supporting warranty) repairs. The volume and frequency of preventative repair (PPR) courts set standards for scientifically valid wear, according to best practices of work crews and the results of systematic monitoring state EMS units and parts during their operation. Current repair produced annually or once in two years. It is performed in mezhnavigatsionny (winter) period. Such repairs should be completed by the opening of navigation. In the current ship repair repair or replace with new individual and wear parts, and produce mainly by adjusting work crews. Shipyards during routine repairs the vessel operates only those works whose production must be factory equipment. Contact information is here: Morris Invest.

On ships with a two-year intervals between the current ship repair in the fall and spring in the year when the current repair is not produce, ship crews and BPA shall fall and spring maintenance of the fleet. In this case, the cost of maintenance should not exceed 60% of the cost of maintenance. Add to your understanding with Facebook. The main type of outage (Repair) is the average repair. Depending on the purpose, power and capacity of vessels average repair shipyards perform in 4-6 years. With good technical condition of the vessel and its machinery average repair can be done and over longer periods.

During the middle of ship repair is carried out: measurement and fault detection of all the details; bore of cylinder bushings or replace them, or replace the piston groove with piston rings and fingers replacement rod bolts and individual cylinder heads, fuel system and bulkhead parts timing, connecting rod bearings and perezalivku individual main bearing; alignment of axes of the cylinders and shafting, and other operations, providing the power plant efficiency and maintaining its operational and technical qualities to the next repair – mean (or capital). As well as current, average ship repair performed in mezhnavigatsionny period. It should be completed by the opening of navigation. Overhaul of the vessel is carried out in 12-16 years of operation after construction. In Depending on the technical condition of the ship and dockyard capacity possible overhaul may be extended by the conclusion of a special technical committee of the shipping companies with representatives of the Inspectorate of the River Register of Russia. Overhaul produce forces and means of shipyards, and its costs should not exceed 40% of the construction cost of the ship. In the capital repair replace all worn parts, machinery and equipment power plant and restore the strength of the hull with the replacement of metal structures. During the middle and major repairs inspect and repair the underwater hull, which court on carts on inclined rails, lowered into the water, pick up on the shore (slip) or injected into the dock. In the capital and average repair is usually performed modernization and conversion (reconstruction) of vessels. By modernizing include work carried out to improve the performance of courts, their technical and economic performance, increase productivity culture or transportation, water protection from pollution, changes in working and living conditions of ship crews and other modernization works to improve working and living conditions crews can be done also with the current repair. Alterations (reconstruction) in order to produce a partial reconstruction of the vessel, for example, changing its destination, the navigation area, type of power plant.

Japanese Style

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Do not forget the extra lighting balcony. This may be a floor lamp, wall sconce or bronze. It all depends on the style of the interior, which is sustained clearance of balcony. A small fountain or decorative composition in the style of a Japanese rock garden, give your balcony absolutely unique look and charm. If you wish to lodge interior did not match the style of the situation the entire apartment, then to separate the loggia of the room, for example, thick curtains.

If the large balcony doors (on all the wall) and glass, the balcony is desirable to make one design style to the room, as if continuing the it. Verandas often are attached to a suburban home or cottage. Very beautiful veranda, if its walls are fully glazed. Also will look stylish veranda with a combination of wood and glass. When space permits, on the veranda can provide a dining table for the whole family, sofa, folding chairs or chaise lounges. For the best porch wicker furniture or folding against the background that will look great Sansevera and Chlorophytum.

Well, if you love contemporary style, multi-colored plastic furniture in combination with bright umbrellas – that's what you need. When making a porch can be used a variety of design decisions: to make it to the Absolutely Africa, in the classical style, to devote any historical era or a modern design. It all depends on your desires, tastes and budget. Patios, as loggias and balconies have become part of residential architecture in Italy during the Renaissance. In those days, the palaces of noble people for safety and security were built like fortresses and were closed. As a result of Architectural building courtyard was obtained, which spent most of the time, people living in the palace. After a while, started to decorate patios gazebos, flowers and sculptures. Then came the install benches and tables, and patios have become a kind of recreation. They are still very popular, especially in countries with warm climates. In all the southern countries, the patio – is not only mandatory component of the home, but part of the culture of this nation. In each country, the patio has its own name. Patio is a sort of lounge and reception in the open air, lined with palm trees, laurel, yucca, citrus, pomegranate, oleander, and of course, numerous varieties of roses. Furniture usually is a different type of deck chairs, rocking chairs, chaise lounges, made of wood, plastic or wicker. Special attention is paid to a patio was cool. The hosts have great pleasure in spending time in comfortable and cool courtyards of their own or with guests. In our band, the courtyards are the privilege of country houses and cottages. They can be used for entertaining and privacy. Patio – a place where you can spend time with family, and you can relax or sunbathe myself. The ideal would be a patio, which Located along the walls of the cottage. It is advisable to plant yard in such species of shrubs and flowers, that he was buried in flowers and greens from early spring until late autumn. And you can create a corner of the eastern garden on the bank of a small an artificial pond to lay out a number of beautiful stones and planted rhododendrons and maples krasnolistny. If you want the patio looked particularly harmonious and beautiful, you can ask for help professional designers.

Rarrisi Meighen

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" Honor of the authorship, is likely to be recognized for a very famous gentleman by the name of Archimedes. Let's begin. Over 250 years before Christ Greek physicist pondered jet principle of movement and even came close to today's decision, suggesting a screw lift the water (the auger in the pipe). Long screw in the tube was rotated human muscle power. The same idea was brought back to life two inventors in 1661 in England. But only with the invention of Watt steam engine in 1765 were achieved tangible results. Then Rarrisi Meighen and created a steam-driven pump for pumping water from the holds of ships with the release of a jet of water through the stern, and for Between 1830 and 1860 only one in England had been issued at least 35 patents for the realization of such devices. The most perfect type of pump was set up in London by Henry Bessemer in 1849.

It was the axial pump with a suction tube to a forward and with two nozzles on the back side. Bessemer even put the fan in front of and behind the screw to straighten the water supply and a jet to compensate for losses caused by the rotation of the water jet. Another design was Alexander Hedyardom proposed in 1852: it had swivel nozzle, which can be directed forward or backward. The pump sucked water through a hole in the bottom of the ship and threw it through the feed. Rotate jet to turn the ship.

Solid Wood Furniture

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This furniture is much lower in cost, but high-tech equipment, material quality and professionalism of our employees allow us to give a lengthy warranty for quality and service life. For many centuries, man has consistently applied the wood, builds warm wood house, creating furniture, utensils and furniture. Solid Wood – an elite element of the decor of your interior. Only furniture precious wood, prepared for a particular unique interior, may play a role and make the final component with nothing dissimilar sophistication and respectability. Wooden furniture and wooden windows are good – this is that surrounds us, that makes us up every day, makes us happy, makes it possible to feel cozy and comfortable. Choosing furniture from natural wood parody (array), you care not only about the beauty and ecology, as is an array of furniture is considered the most beautiful material, but also about their own harmony, because the wood has its own unique energy.

In 2003 there was a profound rethinking of the philosophy of style furniture "Rustic". Was created an unusual range of colors and shades, which brought the company an incredible success. Unusual color ensemble – is the key to holiday every day. Functionality and provide well thought-out in detail harmony and comfort in the house. The beauty of wood, logs, crackling in the stove, wrought iron furniture – country-paradise possible in a city apartment. We manufacture components and interior wood windows, pine, and then subjecting them artificially aged by mechanical means.

'Aging' can be divided into three levels: minimal or shallow, average and maximum. In addition, it is possible to tint the color of manufactured products proposed by customer. Waybill thread with this method of execution is a more accurate compared to the blank thread and looks much luchshe.V this case, slotted thread should be done as clean as possible. Not recommended to remove chamfer on the reverse side detail, since it may give the impression of isolation from the main thread background.


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This is understandable: unlike, say, the drills at the pump is not idle – it just has to start pumping water. Engine The engine is rightly viewed as 'heart' installation. It was his resource defines the term 'life' power: the average time between failures of an electric power is always several times higher than that of the motor. In most cases, the class of plants is determined used engines or, more precisely, its lifespan. In particular, high-quality gasoline engine uptime before the first failure probability is calculated on average 3-5 thousand hours, whereas the simplified cheap motor – just hundreds. Diesel power, usually have the resources is much higher than petrol, its economical fuel consumption, and self-diesel fuel cheaper than gasoline and can be less stringent conditions for storage, but the power collected at the base diesel engine in 1,5-2 times more expensive than similar in power, but collected at the base gasoline engine.

Therefore, the choice in favor of the plant collected in the the base diesel engine rationally do if: – the use of power as the main source of power (at least in cases of prolonged use it) – the use of a homogeneous species fuel (availability of units operating on diesel fuel) – electric power above 10-12 kVA, which power to gasoline engines practically applied. Distinguish high-quality motor on the outside signs are not always easy. If before the mini-power plants are widely used engines with side valves, it is now very often – the overhead, performance, approximately 30% higher.

Instrumental Furniture Tool

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Today is a lot of different furniture, used not only in homes but also in various spheres of activity, such as offices, warehouses and stores in the locker room. Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. There is also a special furniture equipment for the workshops – instrumental furniture. In order to equip the studio will need several types of instrumental furniture. For example, equipment for the home studio, need to start tool cabinet in which to store the entire instrument. Secondly, the need tool trolley – the presence in the studio tool carts eliminate the need to hand carry from one place to the right to work tool. Another is to install some shelves on which you can store your piece, well, or ready-made products.

Shelves are different and need to choose based on what exactly they would be stored, but in general preference is given to shelving racks because they are versatile. And, of course, need to master any job, so the studio will definitely need a workbench. Of course it is a minimum of equipment that is used for the workshop and this minimum can be restricted only in the home studio, and generally making instrumental furniture quite well developed and there are other kinds, such as tables tool, tool racks and shelves for clothes spetsshkafy and much more. Also making the tool more widely developed furniture and because the workshop, working in various fields may require different types of instrumental furniture. Instrumental furniture, as well as any other kind of production of furniture, it is necessary to ensure the rational use of space and facilities to ensure a comfortable and productive work. In addition, once a furniture workshop, then it should be durable, reliable, durable and resistant to mechanical stress and damage, so it is best to furniture used in the workshops, was made of metal. That metal furniture meets all these requirements, to the same metal furniture can be used in rooms with high humidity or high temperature changes, and considering the different conditions, it is a very good quality tool for furniture.