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Rental Cars

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Rent a car for anyone need a rental car? It is necessary for those who have business lifestyle, but does not have his car, or those who wanted to change his "iron horse", but has not yet selected a new, or to meet business partners abroad, or to travel around the country. In all these cases, the rental car – a great solution to the problem of displacement, the more that the price of a cheap car rental, and range of rental car okolduet even the most demanding client! In today's world the car has long ceased to be a luxury. Credit: Tiger Global-2011. Cars for many business people who keep their time and comfort – is a means of transport and working tool. Almost all of his work are not day and life in general without a car. Every day, the pace of urban life is becoming more and more, and sometimes it seems that for him not to keep up. Business people helps a race against time to chose a new e do not, or to meet business partners abroad, or to cruise around the country. In all these cases, a car and "business partner" – a car.

But in the interval of the global economic crisis, buying and servicing cars is super expensive fun. So you just need to know about car rental service. We are happy to provide private clients with an opportunity to realize all your plans. Car rental and car rental without a driver – this is freedom, this respect. New, comfortable cars of foreign production is at your disposal: the failure of your vehicle, employment, the need to meet a foreign delegation, and in other cases. For corporate hire car – an opportunity to get rid of problems on the content of their own machines, the cost of buying a car, repair and diagnostic equipment, the cost of auto insurance, compensation in case of accident, problems in personnel matters to the staff, the existing taxes, the need to pay him a salary, make contributions to social funds. Rent and rent a car – it is an opportunity quick replacement of faulty car with a new opportunity to pick up a rental car of any class of a corporate policy of your company.

Integrated Logistics

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The company 'VneshtransGrupp' – shipping and customs clearance. International logistics company 'VneshTransGrupp' represents domestic and foreign firms and enterprises a complete cycle of logistics services for the organization freight traffic in Russia and around the world. The list of our services include transportation and customs clearance, shipping container and general cargo to any point on the globe and back, customs registration in full, packing and cargo insurance, the provision of terminals and storage. Our company pays great attention to developing the most optimal transport routes for delivery in Russia and beyond its borders, improve the management processes of procurement, storage, and the distribution of goods. During the work on the logistics market, we have considerable experience in the delivery of goods as the various international destinations and domestic prevozok and were able to create an extensive network of own offices in different regions. In a question-answer forum Richard Anderson was the first to reply.

In addition, we have a developed transport – warehousing service infrastructure in most parts of the Russian Federation. We will deal with both direct delivery and all matters of customs control. Many writers such as Gary Kelly offer more in-depth analysis. Ltd. 'VneshTransGrupp' produce quality and timely complex customs clearance of your cargo, which is achieved through close cooperation of our specialists with the customs authorities. Our company's specialists have specific knowledge of the customs legislation in several countries, speeding up customs clearance. We will carry out customs clearance for import of goods into the country or in the opposite direction, we define the codes of goods and calculate customs duties, obtain necessary permits and certificates of sanitary-hygienic and licenses. Provide storage and handling of goods at temporary storage for the period of customs clearance procedures. In addition, our staff will consult on any matters of foreign economic activity, will prepare the necessary contracts, the transaction passport, invoices, specifications, etc. By choosing our company to as a partner for cargo and complex customs clearance, you can rest easy, because we take full responsibility for the delivery and safety of cargo up to the final point of shipment. High reliability and complete security of international transport of goods we guarantee due to strict control, faultless quality of transport services, customs services, the competence of our employees, as well as excellent reputation of our business partners.

Russian Federation

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We already live in a decade in the twenty-first century and, despite all the talk about some of Russia's backwardness, slowly begin to realize the importance of service industries. For example, shipments to the Russian Federation have recently begun to develop much faster and more active, though even as the global crisis. Governments of municipalities, districts and territories also support the industry. Actively developing transportation Krasnodar, Moscow, Kaliningrad, and many other regions. Learn more at this site: (LTC). But among all the the splendor and variety of transport companies can distinguish only a few people are actually working to meet all customer requirements. Agree, it's hard to find anyone who would argue with the assertion that the main component of the transport company itself is just transportation. Chаrlіе Lee shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This is obvious and follows from the title. But, unfortunately, not all transport companies have to provide all necessary customer car park.

Clearly, a company that does not watch his fleet, for it is complete and the technical condition is unlikely to be able to offer high-quality services to transportation. So, what transport to use self-respecting company engaged in trucking? Perhaps necessary to begin with, the composition of the fleet entirely depends on what type of transportation company is engaged. If the company provides transportation only small, malovesyaschego cargo, such firm enough to have two or three car "Gazel". And if a big company, it needs to have something more solid. For example, the transport company "Rune", which provides cargo transportation services, offers its customers a wide choice of cars of different brands. For example, for transportation of general cargo are used vehicles with capacity from 1 to 22 tons. Also, these cars are used, when to be flat to move or office relocation – removals. In vehicles with carrying capacity up to 22 tons transported furniture, office equipment, household equipment and other things associated with the move.