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When The Earth Quakes

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About convergence and divergence, and the wrath of the gods if the Earth trembles, as in Haiti and Chile, people of the violence of nature are least vulnerable. Their homes are destroyed, and all of a sudden they are nothing. The news portal reported, how it comes to this devastating natural disasters and whether people can protect. Formerly, people believed that earthquakes are an expression of the anger of the gods. In today’s modern world the phenomenon has been studied so far, that at least the cause is known: the theory of plate tectonics is that friction is created by the movements of the plates and thus cause the devastating Earth tremors. Sheryl Sandberg addresses the importance of the matter here.

However, you can predict the quake not like hurricanes or volcanic eruptions. So the people in the affected areas can not really prepare the natural disaster. Science explains that there are two different plate movements of Earth’s crust. Propel in divergence zones the plates by ascending rock material from the Earth’s interior Apart. They are moving together, called convergence zones. A special case is for example the San Andreas fault in San Francisco. Here, two plates move past each other.

The movement of millions of tons of rocks of course is not smooth. Time and again there will be tensions, which will eventually discharge in the form of smaller or larger earthquake. Especially at the edges of the Pacific Ocean, the Earth’s crust is extremely uneasy. More information: ../wenn-die-krusten-reiben-knallt-s/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Top Dog School Informed

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Expert tips: Dog and car – a chapter for itself a dog prefer is where his man is, even if it must be in the car. The experienced coach nationwide active top dog school describe what you must remember if you want to drive with your beloved four-legged friends together in the car on vacation. Finally, that fine your animal – looking and especially that hear in the traffic is: “Warning, on the highway a dog on the road runs!” Dog and car don’t really fit together, so should try to make your stay as pleasant as possible for the dog in the rolling vehicle. Notably, that the animals in the “mobile kennel” need plenty of fresh air and space. A possible large air volume in relation to the size of your dog and a cool, safe refuge is dog-friendly. On long journeys of the dog should sit up and stretch. To the calculation that the car should have at least inside, measure the absolute height of the dog and a few inches add air.

Because extra oxygen creates sufficient volume of air and of which a dog needs a lot more than the man. Heat build-up are a mortal danger for your dog in the car. Therefore as steep built-in window areas (especially in the trunk area) are taken into account and the hike of the Solstice during the parking period must be observed! At a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the Interior of a car heats up after a short time up to 70 degrees! Installing sunblinds at the rear and preferably on the side Windows creates an improvement of the situation in any case. Air conditioning is fine while driving but, good but unfortunately nothing more, if the engine is turned off and you park the car. Air conditioning prevents fogging of the window surfaces even while driving.

State Jewelry

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Especially from the Undercoat of dog and cat, as well as their hair the artist is unique with a creative relationship to the individual animal that deals diploma designer and artist Beate Kuczera preferably with what it calls animal art. An art which is the animal and nature at the Center. It works that find creative expressions for the individuality of each living being about the Visual representation also occur. Beate Kuczera from the Undercoat of dogs and cats, as well as their hair created the probably most unusual pieces of jewelry, accessories, and felt objects, which exist at all. Clients are amazed by the unique, because these works of art which are designed including the fashionable aspects according to individual requirements, are not only an attractive ornamental. Support of the unique draw joy from this nice-looking and comprehensible made close to the animal. Also they, considering the thing turns out that hair, art and emotions often brought together. Although it also goes to the hair of the people. In humans, the hairstyle can be a sort of mirror of personality. Everyone is worrying about the State of his scalp, when it comes to application photos and interviews. Hair is also expression of an epoch or society membership. Consider the Kurzhaarfrisur of women, which caused uproar in den1920er years the brushes of the punk hairstyles, the mushroom of the Beatles, the Elvis quiff or the bobbed. Who remembers the 6Os and 70s fashion will know that hair can be also a sign of political protest. In the musical hair legend in scene. Hair can fulfill even practical purposes. The inhabitants of the island of Taquile in Titicaca Lake weave belt made of human hair. They are worn to ceremonies and even at work. Because of the stiff woven belt supports the back. In the fight against the consequences of the oil spill be protracted since the spring of 2010, in the Gulf of Mexico, a U.S. environmental organization gathered handful Canine, a cat and alpaca hair. Hair absorbs fat in a natural way. Pressed in nylon beads it should filter spilled oil out of the sea water on the Gulf Coast. There is also a connection between hair and emotions hair and emotions. Today like there lovers, representing his or her beloved, by a lock, close imagine. This emotional transfer at the time of the Biedermeier era was particularly pronounced. At that time, jewelry was made from human hair. Because it was believed that hair be soul something like a container for them. And so kept with hair, encased in fine form, the memory of love won people. Similarly, with the hair and the wool of dogs and cats. As pets, they are the people per se, especially close. Whether these animals represent your own political views, in every animal lover will have experience. Sure is, Harari the dogs not remodel while their fur, thus something to be expressed, particularly cultivated or maintained to work. Here express themselves more the notions of masters and mistresses, which to seek the professional advice in dog and cat Salon. But: The outerwear of house pets has an aesthetics, which itself already acts from himself. Animal hair reflects attractiveness like the hair of people and is an expression of mental and physical health. Everyone finds it nice when his dog or cat fur shines. The animal looks nice, it’s fine. One wants to touch it, stroke, snuggle on it. Expressive power of natural material with fashion United here Beate Kuczera attaches with its animal wool jewelry unique. Their aesthetic effect results from a chord of different facets, which brings together with their eye for inherent characteristics of materials. I use a property of the material, which generally is underestimated. Until the single fiber, the animal fur patterns, colours and tactile texture is so unique, as comparable usually expected to it the human fingerprint. Not only the wool and hair various breeds differ. Even wool and hair each individual animal is different. It will feel or detect with the eye when about the colours in the light change. Also, jewellery cat wool is much softer and more delicate than jewelry dog wool. So the artist and diploma designer deploys the expressiveness of the natural material itself and combined it with conventional items of jewellery such as pearls, porcelain beads, seed beads and takes silver and jewellery wire as well as leather and rubber band as a backing material. Here freedom opens up already, to enter the type and fashionable tastes of the respective carrier or on the occasion to which the object should be taken. But Beate Kuczera goes one step further than the conventional jewelry designers: the essential effect is that special touch, almost like the bouquet of the wine. I work out this note from the properties of the respective wool or of the hair itself. Beate Kuczera shows how fashionable and at the same time individually tuned so animal wool jewelry unique can be most Example of a key fob from the wool of a Harlequin poodle. Here the visual impression is characterised by contrasts of black and white wool. Overall, purchaser of the unique are excited because these works of art are not only an attractive ornamental. Support of the unique draw joy from nearby nice-looking and made comprehensible to the animal, explains the artist. Who has the jewelry pieces, also note: natural, lightweight and soft Undercoat is an integral part of the design, which characterized jewellery generally. The peculiarity of the jewellery is also with the buttons and feel he spuren bar. Processing and application possibilities primarily for the jewelry manufacturing uses the dense Undercoat hair – or Huskies Beate Kuczera. Some short hair dogs have also dense Undercoat. But dog owners of dogs that have no undercoat, can get out of the hair of their favorite jewelry. This is the dog’s hair in colored Felted wool is incorporated. By this Andersfarbigkeit, for example, of black hair in bright felt, the dog’s hair is clearly visible, explained Beate Kuczera. Wet felting the raw material is washed carefully, thus also the smell disappears. Especially the wool from long-haired cats like Persian and Norwegian lends itself well to cats. Whether the material originated by dog or cat the way of processing and application possibilities are limited only by the artistic imagination and equal in both cases. Basically, many practical things can be make like Keychain, mobile phone cases, handbags, slippers, gloves, silk-felt scarves and felt objects such as brooches and hair accessories in addition to jewelry. I wear Alwin even jewelry and a scarf, soft as cashmere, wool my Eurasiers. His wool gave me the idea of the jewellery from dog and cat wool, when I experimented it to combine different materials and to work in silk, which tells Artist, lives in the Studio except for the Eurasians Alwin still hangover Kelsey, a Norwegian Forest Cat. So far, there are more Colliers or necklaces, bracelets and earrings, appointed mostly by female customers. Male dog and cat owner prefer practical accessories such as key chains, Beate Kuczera reported. Because all jewelry pieces and felt objects are individually made, Beate Kuczera pleased about a call or an email, to discuss the appropriate execution as a first step. Then it is enough the collected wool, easy or send the hair in an envelope addressed to the artist. After about two weeks, it comes back in the desired shape. The uniques suitable also as gift.

Plants Shipping In Germany

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The first rays of the Sun can awaken the German gardens. Plant traders hardly come afterwards with plants shipping. Almost all Germany today the Hungaroring risen upwards. Outside, hears and sees you hustle and bustle of garden friends. The time of gardening begins. But where should you buy the appropriate plants.

Many vendors abound on the market and advertise with prices and promotions. The dispatch of plants in Germany has risen in recent years and the providers hope to new record sales. Finally, spring is here. Spring has drawn many in Germany today under the spell. Schalgartig have filled Cafes and parks.

But not only here to see drive keen. Vigorously worked also in the gardens. But what plants can insert it and where do you get you here. Since a couple of days, many discounters offer plants at a low price and the plants shipping is running online dealer on hochturen. The plant dealers expect a new sales record this year. They also want a piece of the get hold of rising sales in E-Commerce and advertise with lowest prices, great selection and service. So is recruited by some providers even with an Anwachs – and flowering guarantee. Others offer a wide range of exotic plants such as, for example, Rosa Bannanen. The right choice of plants and plant shops is difficult. There are many forums and websites offer help by hobby gardeners. You usually very quickly to help out with his own experience and integrate new members quickly and gladly. But the plant stores themselves often offer a large lexicon of plants with assistance. Here you will receive tips of houseplants through hedges to pond plants to the pour, plant and the right choice of course.