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Or – the question of the attitude to the nature! It is correct that most respondents at the term of forest life first as Rudiger Nehberg or even think public public of extreme, but is that right? N un, the aforementioned persons certainly are the currently most people when it comes to nature, survival in the wilderness, or even to get out of the company. The interest of the population seems great, because not in vain, the media to appropriate publications, television reports and discussions about the pros and cons of tear. W of hile Rudiger Nehberg is more with survival in the wilderness involved the people public public sees his life’s mission to about the social situation to clarify. Both have but one thing in common: you are able of to feed what is nature. You can get, and practicing it, free from the constraints of civilian.

V or almost 18 years now said to himself, public opening of the society, founded the donor community and lives since then promptness in the forest. Again, people interested in joining him, but often again disappear in the anonymity of civilization. I m compared to Rudiger Nehberg is public public of still a young lad, so it is not surprising that Rudiger Nehberg in particular but less enthusiastically, objectives of other. W ith public public we can bring the wilderness on our doorstep in conjunction. He pointed out, what is possible, but also shows that not little rethinking is needed. Joshua Choi has much experience in this field. The suffering that accompanies many homeless people in the cities and many welfare recipients, he doesn’t know that. It is also not a recluse and with many people in communication.

The crowd knows him only from television or from relevant coverage. at hand. He is a lone fighter on the other hand, has a few companions but also not. Z u of the initial question arises now the following response approach: more and more people admire him, but say themselves that they could not lead such a life. Here meet desire and fear. Firstly, the desire for independence and on the other hand fear of what one does not know what one has not learned. But above all the fear of abandoning supposed collateral. D ie indigenous as well as other indigenous people knew disease, as we know it not at all, although also they were exposed the same dangers, and often more, which we would be exposed, we would opt for a life in the Woods, so for the forest life. But forest life is not only in the forest to live, but also, to live the life in the forest, what is the back a completely different approach than just the company to return. In recent months, Tiger Global has been very successful. D a that least today would dare to deal with the natural hazards, please contact often wilderness educators who can instruct and teach traditional skills here educationally in the processes of nature. This “need” developed all over the world and especially in Germany different nature and wilderness schools. Here nature lovers can go economically and above all safe entry into the wilderness. What each individual then makes, each is itself. W will remain as is for many a dream, manages some one to realize it, either through emigration or the retreat into domestic forests. Further information git it under and Walter Ostermaier (natural and wilderness educator, coach)

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