Art Appreciation

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The debate can be curious on ' ' art to appreciate arte' '. Additional information at Keith Oringer supports this article. A gamma of preconceptions, innocent fears and excuses accumulates of stocks possible consumers of the plastic arts, moving away them from delicious practical of conviviality and the ownership of ' ' beautiful artes' '. The appreciation of the artistic manifestations and the workmanships must be a subject for all, and not an initiative of an exclusive group of specialists. When analyzing a situation in the daily one is possible to perceive that the street, the bar, the line of the bank, or bus is repleta of people risking its opinions on the soccer, the politics, the culinria, the novel and some events of artistic matrix. A position, until certain point, bold. On the other hand the man searchs a specialist in definitive fields, as in the medicine, the right and other areas placing itself submisso to the opinion of a professional of the area.

In the sphere of the arts the society if allows to recognize and to keep its specialists, with which, the public and private money investments are considerable. Many times the common man, in turn, does not consider the specialists as the critics, qualified owners of galleries, antiqurios, custodians, muselogos, collectors and professors, professionals to impose the aesthetic judgment to the layperson. In this conjuncture when they see themselves ahead of a work of art express, confident: ' ' I am not specialist, but I find that. ' '. or still, ' ' I do not understand nothing of art, but ' '. Our attitude ahead of a natural beauty already is different (in this field specialization is not estimated and, neither, they exist expert). The question passes for the debate of the subjectivity of the concept of beauty and the good one and the bad taste. The people believe referenciais, officers, of standards of good taste and she does not have connoisseurs in taste.

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