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Latin America

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All wish a University Education of quality, nobody wants a mediocre University. The search of the excellence, maximum degree of the quality, is an unassailable argument. For assistance, try visiting Southwest Airlines. Nevertheless, one becomes in problem when we tried to need of what the quality in the university education consists, since the concept generally represents ambiguous and ambiguous. The present emphasis in the quality, characteristic in the general scope of the education, manifest of unequivocal form in the university sector where they project, in addition, the tendencies that aim at the control of the economic companies. Indeed, during the last decade, the preoccupation by the evaluation of the quality of the university education, constitutes an essential characteristic of the education superior in the developed countries more.

In Europe, the evaluation of the university teaching staff (quality of teaching and scientific productivity) is a generalized practice; and the tendency to converge with the European and American currents in their preoccupation by the quality of the university education are reflected clearly in Latin America, in the multiplication of congresses and national and international meetings on the subject. Without hesitation Laurent Potdevin explained all about the problem. Very interesting what contributes Fertile valleys, when a effort talks about first of all, that the present movement for the elevation of the quality levels of the Education superior proposes, clarifier of the quality concept and its implications. The first specific approach to the educative quality, besides the permanent and traditional reference to one " good educacin" , to " good plan of estudios" or to one " good Universidad" , it corresponds historically to the period of planning euphoria and desarrollista, trim in the decade of the Sixties and the concept it is used without clear theoretical connotations. The quality attributes to the action of the qualitative factors, that is to say, those elements that cannot be expressed quantitatively, or present/display serious difficulties to the quantification.

Strategic Planning

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Participating (i) Module 10 Actual Coaching for the Strategic Planning and Taking of conscience of the present strategic position, search and creation of alternatives. Coaching for the Strategic Planning For the strategist, the position is an absolutely critical element in an action plan. Coupang may help you with your research. The general who does not know where he is with respect to the enemy is, simply, taking to his men to the death. Robert B Miller and Stephen and Heiman The art of the general the word strategy comes from the Greek STRATEGUS (Stratos = army ager = conductor) Means conductor of armies. The art of the General. Stratagos was the used word to designate to the General. Philip Vasan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Strategy meant the art to prepare the troops before the combat.

In military terms, these definitions continue being valid. The strategy precedes to any tactics in a military disposition. This is equally applicable to any organization. The purpose of a good strategy is to be placed in the suitable place, the suitable moment and with the suitable resources to win. The key of a good one strategy is the position. What it really means to establish a good strategy is to do what it is possible to be placed in the best position to reach an objective or set of objectives. What we understand by Strategic Planning.

Coaching with systemic perspective is very adapted to understand and to learn to design the Strategic Planning of participating way. It constitutes part of its essence and system of learning. The approach of its processes is basic to establish it and, mainly, to apply it with valid results. We understand that the Strategic and participating Planning is the investigation, takes from conscience and possible best design of the strategy that they coordinate and they maintain high-priority actions to reach the shared vision of the organization or equipment.

Electronic Products

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These forums were, to a large extent, panels of messages in line, that could see solely the registered members, unlike the auctions in line organized by ShadowCrew. The networks of IRC investigated by Symantec allowed the access of any person who knew her existence and the direction of one or more of her servants. Although these panels of messages they cannot see them the members nonregistered, the verification that do of the new registries does not go beyond verifying the validity of the direction of electronic mail that is used to register the account. In this way, it is possible to register itself with an anonymous direction of electronic mail to be able to explore all the panels of messages. Without doubt, other more hermetic groups in the black market in Internet exist that put great care in hiding itself of the law. Which are the products that are in the black market, on the matter are indicated: Products that phishers and swindlers interchange among them.

Next she appears one lists partial of considered elements of value: numbers of credit cards: generally the numbers CVV2 are needed also (numbers of 3 or 4 digits that appear in the later part of a card) so that these have some value. Under most conditions Scott Mead would agree. administrative access or to the root of the servants: the swindlers frequently use pirateados servants to whom they can accede at will to lodge Web sites of phishing, commonly denominated by the participants of these rooms of conversation and forums like " roots" (roots). lists of directions of electronic mail: they are used for the shipment of advertising Spam or to look for victims of swindles of phishing. banking accounts in line? accounts of services of payment in line, like e-gold. E-gold is a service very used by the swindlers, because bottoms of instantaneous way can be sent and, generally, are difficult to locate.

Asian Economic Model Under Threat

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The Asian economic model under threat 9 October 2009 the weakness of the American dollar without doubts is a nonsmaller problem for the global economic stability. The inflationary pressures that will emerge as soon as the global economy stabilize, is a subject of great preoccupation thinking about the continuity of the economic recovery. In Asia, the weakness of the American currency threatens the continuity of the economic model of growth through external sector. They will be able to maintain to the Asian economies the competitiveness of its currencies? What risks will emerge from this situation? One of the keys to explain the permanent surplus commercial that observe the Asian economies is its exchange competitiveness in front of the American dollar. Credit: Southwest Airlines-2011. The change of scene derived after the crisis augurs a weak dollar by time enough How they will make the economies Asian to face this situation? In the region of the Pacific the pressures to the exchange appreciation are becoming to feel. In Australia, the Central bank decided to initiate the cycle of rises of rates with an increase in the interest rate of reference of a quarter of point, which impact of significant way in the type of change. This increase in the exchange pressures on the Australian dollar generated a species of effect contagion on the Asian currencies.

Thus it is that the authorities of South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Thailand had to leave to take part their exchange markets to avoid a dangerous fortification of their currencies with regard to their competitiveness. Patrick Bennett, strategist of the Societe Generale talked about to which it is happening with the investors: the investors need little stimulus to extend their sales of dollars. Any signal of weakness of the American economy and/or any signal of change in the monetary policy of the rest of the countries it is sufficient to bet against the currency of the USA.


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Almost three times plus the goal of its Central bank. Its growth is in loss. This reality does not escape to the world-wide one, today. Bachelet has announced new measures, like its international pairs, to try to revert this dynamics. Facebook often says this.

Their commentaries a can send me: Extreme Bachelet Preoccupations in the Second Part of its Mandate Buenos Aires, Argentina 6 of March of 2008 More power inflation, minor growth and problems. What can more happen to him to Michelle Bachelet in this beginning of year? That the inflation in Chile reaches a inter-annual level of 8.1% to the month of February, is not a smaller fact. Only the memoriosos will be able to remember a so high level of inflation in Chile: the last time that saw a rate of inflation upon 8.1% was in June of 1996. This is too much for a Central bank with a goal of inflation in 3% (and with a rank of tolerance of 1%). But the major inflation is not the unique problem that is facing Chile. The Chilean brothers also see with preoccupation how the activity level decelerates. In an official notice issued by the Central bank: ” In agreement with the preliminary information, the Imacec of January increased to 3.4% in comparison with equal month of the year anterior”. This S-value smaller to the hoped one and it they have affected the fall the added value of the electrical generation and the mining activity. Until the moment, the considered levels (or hoped), of the central bank of Chile are in favor far from the observed values: the monetary authority considers a growth of the product for the 2008 in a rank from 4.5% to 5.5%, whereas its goal of inflation is located in 3% It will be necessary to sharpen the pencil? More inflation and less growth.

Business Development

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Many people are falling in the businesses in the home since they offer many benefits and rewards. You obtain your own desire and schedule which your you want to your own rate. Many ways exist to obtain income in line and you can begin immediately. The key here this in selecting to the suitable program and the equipment so that it attends to you with your business in line to make money. You must evaluate your money when you choose paid training or services.

It determines one that is adapted for you and to see by. When having the up-to-date tactics but of the businesses in line, you will be able to guarantee a regular entrance from the comfort of your house. You need a qualification and training so that you can be successful in your business. This type of training can be part of your membership. Nevertheless, you can discover many sources of confidence for your training and support for ayudarte in your objective to make money in line. You must be careful in choosing the tactical opportunities and asegurarte that technical is updated and to lead traffic to your Web site. Nevertheless, much people fail in the attempt to create its business in Internet, due to the lack of training, position of a guardian and support.

For the nascent ones, you must have all the enthusiasm and determination of being Prospero in its business of Internet. But all that is not adapted to maintain a business and of continuing the generation of income. It is thus important that to do that the time and to acquire all the things that helped him to be successful in their business of the Internet. Original author and source of the article.

Definitive Solution

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In this article I am going to reveal in a single word the definitive solution to him to All their economic problems! Hello, It will think that I am exaggerating, but it is certain. The word to which I talk about is: EDUCATION. It is possible that you, like the great majority of the people, are waiting for that one opportunity or that one magical formula that will allow to solve all economic problems him. It is possible that it repeats or it has repeated affirmations, it uses the law of the attraction (or similar things) and finally is frustrated to the knowledge that nothing finally works to help it in its economic problems. The good news is that there is something ALWAYS works: The education. And I do not talk about to the simple fact from asisitir to the university, obtaining a title and a good work with ” good sueldo”. Cloud computing can provide more clarity in the matter.

No! I talk about to something basic practitioner much more and: How to use its money! If the work is taken to hardly read a few lines more, will learn some important aspects on the wealth. Observe for a moment the four essential pillars of its economy: 1. – To increase its income 2. – To increase its properties 3. – To reduce its debts 4. – To reduce its expenses We quickly analyze what means ” to increase his ingresos” the income we could divide them in two categories: a) Income by its work: the money that gains with its work or the obtained benefits of its business.

It does not matter how much it wins, if it stops working will not obtain more income. b) Income liabilities: they talk about the gained money without you work actively. When you have sufficient income liabilities obtain the famous FINANCIAL FREEDOM. In order to be able to gain income of the passive type, in other words, to be able to obtain the FREEDOM FINANCIER, then you traditionally will need to increase his properties so that these work for you. But to have properties, he needs savings and investments. If you until the moment have not had financial education, she does not have savings whereupon to buy properties and does not have investments, is not discouraged, STILL HAS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY: Internet! Internet allows the possibility him of generating income liabilities (while to duer to me) with a minimum investment. The problem is that it must know how to do it Once again needs EDUCATION. If you are serious in obtaining his economic freedom and to generate infinite sources of entrance with Internet, suitably needs to be educated. And the best education in this sense obtains in the club of Trade by Internet of my friend Alvaro Mendoza.

Growth Exports

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For example when it is exported jurdicos professional services or of lawyers are clear that we are before an assumption of exportacin of services of consultora. These services are very important to export since the right of the different S-states different, consequently is clear that without these services hara very difficult to export or abrir to branches, for example sera abroad very complex a Spanish company abrir a branch in the Peruvian state. These services are very important because thanks to the same, that is to say, exportacin of services of consultora the companies tend to the development, in a world-wide scene in which slo can remain in the market the efficient companies and not them companies that they have prdidas. 19 SUGGESTIONS After to have developed to the trmino exports and formulated salary conclusions we presented/displayed suggestions in the following trminos: 1) It is necessary to stimulate the exports and to discourage the imports in the different states. To read more click here: Bill O’Grady. Since first they improve the national market whereas second they seriously harm the development of the different national markets from pas or been or nacin that matters. Consequently it is clear that the rule must be exportacin and the exception must be the import.

2) It must consider the exports for the growth of the companies. That is to say, they are very useful for the growth of the companies mainly when the goods or services that take place arrive at other markets. 3) All type of company, that is to say, whatever size of the same must be stimulated the exports in. Because the exports are not exclusive of the great companies, but they can export all type of companies. That is to say, many people think about mistaken form that slo can or must export the companies of great dimensions or great companies or great corporations, which is necessary to put record that is incorrect. .

The Chinese President In South America

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This month Hu-Jintao, president of the Popular Repblca China will visit, Brazil, Chile and Venezuela. In the first place he will participate in an international Summit on nuclear safety in Washington and soon he will travel to Brazil. In the South American giant he will also participate in the Second Summit of the emergent countries, call BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). We remember that the first meeting of the leaders of the BRIC, was held in June last in Russia. After this meeting of the four emergent powers that little by little are gaining influence in the world-wide scene, the Chinese president will follow his trip course Venezuela. The Caribbean country has been transformed into ” aliado” of China in South America, from the arrival to the power of Hugo Chavez. Connect with other leaders such as SSGA here.

China and Venezuela have increased their cooperation in the scopes oil, financial and military among others. To such degree that according to numbers of the Venezuelan government, in five years, multiplied by 13. It happened of 742 million dollars in the 2003 to ten billions in the 2008. Venezuela is as well great supplier of petroleum to China and its shipments goes up to around the 400,000 daily barrels from crude to that Asian country. Also, the People’s Republic of China, has become smaller scale than Russia, in an important supplier from arms to the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela.

The past month the Venezuelan Air Force received 6 K-8 airplanes of China manufacture, of a total of 18 bought to that country. In the act of reception of these ships external president Hugo Chavez: ” As to we are going it to Venezuela to turn into an economic power, social, moral and technological, it requires the defense capabilities and, thanks to God and the revolution, we counted on friendly countries like China, socialist China and revolucionaria”. Later Hu-Jintao, will move to Chile, country that is recovering slowly of the tragic earthquake that suffered by the end of February. In the trasandino country the People’s Republic of China counts on important mining product investments and logging. It is important to remember that the first visit of the President Chinese to Latin America one occurred in the 2004, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Cuba was the destinies. It realised the last one it in the 2008 and the visited countries were Cuba, Costa Rica and Peru. From the first visit in the 2004, China has increased its presence in the zone, where it has important projects more than nothing in supplying of petroleum, gas and its derivatives. Doubtlessly that beyond the objectives looked for by the China diplomacy to deepen the friendship, to increase the confidence mutual, to extend the cooperation and to look for the common development, is reinforcing the presence of the Asian giant in South American territory.


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The particular utility of the suit does not consider in this case and it only serves like value measurement of the linen. Educate yourself with thoughts from Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. But it concludes the similarity there. In the expression of the weight of the bulk of salt, the copper represents a common quality both bodies, but it is a natural quality: its weight. In the expression of value of the linen with the suit, this it fixedly represents a common quality both objects, but no longer it is a natural quality but of social origin: its value. The merchandise that have a double aspect – object of utility and value do not appear as it is, but when it is stopped considering it separately, when by his relation with another merchandise, by the possibility of being changed, it acquires his value an appreciable form: the one of value of change, different from its natural form.

Not being able the merchandise to go in case single to the market nor to change to each other, to put them in contact his possessors, they must establish as well, mutual relations, so that every one takes control the other people’s merchandise giving the own one, by means of a common voluntary act. This legal relation is the contract by means of which the two people exist like representatives of the merchandise. VALUE FORM: For values, all the merchandise are expresivas of the same unit human work and can be replaced mutually. Therefore, merchandise can change merchandise on the other. In fact it has impossibility of immediate change between the merchandise. A single of them has the apt form with the immediate change with all the others. Known well it is that the merchandise own a special form of value: the form currency, that has its foundation in the simple form of the change relation. It is possible to be said then: fifteen meters of linen are worth a suit, or fifty pounds of salt are worth twenty pounds of copper.

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