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Experimental Psychology

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The behavior and its consequences Authors: MLLER, Ana Paula F. BRAGA, Giclia. the BIRTH, Helia ALVES, Juliana. the FRAGA, Maria Jose PINE, Samilis DAYS, Marla C. Imogen Lloyd Webber contributes greatly to this topic. Bacharelada of the course of Psychology of the Unijorge Universities. SUMMARY This article has as objective generality to demonstrate the importance of this experiment that was to visualize empirically, the theoretical basement of the trplice contingency, that is, of the relation between stimulaton, reply and consequence, affecting the behaviors, taking us to also establish it relations with the human behaviors. Method and Result; The experiment was carried through in the laboratory of Experimental Psychology of the College Loved Jorge. For such, a white rat proceeding from the laboratory of Experimental Psychology was used in order to have its behavior studied for pair of students of 2 semester of the nocturnal turn of the course of Psychology.

During all the experiment the rat remained in the interior of the box of Skinner, instrument chosen for the application of the necessary techniques to study. Word-key: Experiment; behavior; extinguishing; reinforcement. INTRODUCTION Through the deductive method, leaving of a generic theory to foresee behaviors of studied citizens, we use ourselves of an experimental research in laboratory, with rats in a box of Skinner. With the carried through experiments, the effect of the conditioning had been observed, through the manipulation of the independent 0 variable (reinforcement and extinguishing) and of the dependent (frequency of the answers), in the behavior of the studied animal. A time that the operative behavior produces consequences in the environment, that also is affected by them, the psychologists need to be apt to perceive how much these consequences tend to keep the behaviors who are socially accepted and to reduce those that are considered inadequate. From there the importance of this experiment, to establish the correlation between the presented behaviors animal and human in the theory with the scientific evidence (practical).

Psychic Pain

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Face psychic pain, to the internal divisions, the traumatismosuniversais and staffs who the life inevitably provokes, the man is capable to decriar a neurosis, a psychosis, a caracterial shield, a sexual perversion, dreams, psychosomatic works of art and illnesses. Credit: David Rogier-2011. Joyce MacDougall (1983) Summary Through the concepts of somatizao and doenapsicossomtica, the author tries to show as the Sandplay or Jogo de Areia, to podeser an instrument of work of great value, being made possible a canal decomunicao and of expression of sensations of this period that is daily pay-verbal, daily pay-symbolic, where the body is used as language. The symbolized symptom nocorpo passes to be symbolized in the box finding a space more healthful deexpresso. * Clinical psychologist. Director of Spreading and Advertising of the ABMP, pupil doCurso of Perfectioning in Medical Psychology – UFMG Introduction According to Yoshiaki Ohki, in the illness> I feel pain, but yes I am pain. Here the distinction between the symbol and the symbolized one does not exist. This wants dizerque all verbal psychic area is not limited to the verbal zone, because all physical assensaes are felt as verbal.

Until the baby to perceive I and not-I, its mind alone> to consegueprover the necessities of the organism and these necessities they are the experinciasmentais of that he was physically lost. For example, if it lost the seio, that is sensible as having lost part of its body, therefore has apercepo of I and not-I here, not yet and from there, all separation to be felt as a pain deamputao. J. Mc Dougall (1987) described that the somatic expression uma attempt of if protecting against the primitive sensations of danger and ameaade death, as well as, communicating this anguish that cannot be symbolized nempensada. This explosion in the body has an act function, of discharge, porcarncia in the psychic elaboration and fails in the simbolizao, which socompensadas for the act-symptom to reduce psychic pain.


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A person who obtains to move with my vanity, reveals involved. To this she says me person that I appeared in the life of it at the moment where it more needed, therefore already was without joy in the life It if it involves with me, and I to the few go yielding my vanity and start to like this today I feel myself very involved with it I arrived to give a kiss to it and now I feel very badly because this was to trair my wife, and know that to speech for it this it will be the end. What vc find of this?Expensive friend, desire what of better he will be able to happen to it. Good day! It is a different situation that you are living, but I do not feel the gravity that you are placing in it. I also find that something is what more than normal what is passing with vocs. The fact is: everybody is subject to what it occurs to its redor. As much you how much its wife.

They are phases and tests that go happening. It is certain that the different one, the new, the distant one always attracts in them and always we evaluate only the point that we do not have and we give much value in this point, what it soon increases our sensation of pleasure when identifying it in another person. To explain I want you better: its wife has innumerable things that you like and admire much, chose it to you to be to its side. With the day the day, we go knowing the points defective and them they go if detaching, the others people admire and ready (already we accustom in them with them). It has a point that you do not want to accept: it does not strengthen itself to have a social life, is of the family, the church and the work.

Magnetic Period Water

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Although the differences, both – religion and magic – accept the man as an accident, therefore the forces extra-human beings who same they admit, would exist independently of the man. is the basic difference between Parapsicologia and religions and/or Ocultismo here: Parapsicologia is a science human being. The man is the center of the paranormal fenomenologia, not being a mere accident and, yes, the responsible one direct for the manifestation of the phenomena. In this context he has many sources of study of the paranormalidade: uses and customs of based old peoples in the antropolgicas and archaeological discoveries; Documents and traditions of the great religions such as the Christianity, the Buddhism, the Brahmanism, etc. and other sources. b) Magnetic period (of 1778 the 1847): The Magnetic Period received this name thanks to a Viennese doctor called Franz Anton Mesmer. It believed to exist a universal fluid that could cure.

In accordance with Mesmer exists ' ' a mutual influence between the celestial bodies, the land and the bodies animados' '. This influence would have as linking agent the universal fluid that would be, in the human, on body to the nerves, in analogous capacity to magnets. For this analogy it is that the fluid of Mesmer was known for Magnetism and from there, also, the name of Magntico.Uma period typical session of Mesmer: the gifts (' ' pacientes' ') around of a basin with water when Mesmer arrived e, with its varinha, ' ' magnetizava' ' the water. The patients, when touching the water magnetized, could enter in state of settles e, many, immediately cured of many males. Part of the community of studious doctors and did not accept the Theory Magnetic of Mesmer what it gave to origin to a series of studies on the Suggestion and the Hipnotismo. Nowadays one knows that a great parcel of males physicists can significantly be improved (e, even though, cured) by the suggestion or psychological conflict resolution.

Regressive Therapy

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REGRESSIVE THERAPY the regression the last lives is an instrument valuable to improve the quality of its current life. It allows one better access to the unconscious one and is a millenarian knowledge, having been very used in the century passed for studious of the hypnosis and reencarnacionistas researchers. For (Godoy, 1990) You are the addition of all its last experiences and this register that each one brings printed matter in itself, rees-echo of healthful form and or pathological in its gift and how much bigger it will be its knowledge and its understanding on these experiences and on as they affect its reactions stop with the people, places and events, more close to knowing itself exactly and of the true freedom you will be. It afima also that the regression therapy has a psicoterapeutico character, not religious and still is being contruida Existem some hypotheses for the Regressive Therapy, some accepted ones, others still needing bigger study, one of them is the reincarnation, that alleges that you already lived some lives and bring of them souvenirs good, but also traumatic and for reviver facts of a remote past it can exactly provide to greater easiness of agreement of itself, better understanding of its forces, weaknesses and objectives. It has a great one I number of authors in the present time who prove the reencarnacionista hypothesis. Between Them, Banerjee, Stevenson and Andrade, Jorge Andrea, Hernane Guimaraes, among others.

Other hypotheses to explain the referring memories ace memories that arise of the unconscious one, are: genetic memory, extra-sensorial, unconscious superperception collective, among others, however these are very generic and fantastic to have scientific value. But these hypotheses in the reality are not very important, therefore the main one is of this work and the release content unconscious of reprogramming made with it, therefore when liberating this content, we liberate ourselves of mooring cables of this past and obtain a reequilibrio for the future. These souvenirs also offer answers for personal problems and problematic relationships and many times are possible to understand to surpass harmful phobias and habits, but mainly to provide high index of cure for serious emotional problems, such as, depression, syndrome of the panic and toc, among others serious emotional problems and that they bring much suffering. The Regressive Technique can be considered a conquest for Psychology, therefore it rescues, it extends, it deepens, it complements, it ratifies and it integrates conceitose techniques adopted for the diverse boardings psychological, between them the psychoanalysis, existencial, psicodrama, cognitiva therapy, regeriana therapy and the mannering therapy. Considering this synthesis, the regressive Therapy, it obtains one better understanding of well express the human being and as the IBRT (l992, p.2) ' ' (…) it defies concepts until then effective and if it shows available to explore with the patients, the possibility of that the origin of its problems is in passed lives, real or simblicas' '. Consulted bibliography: GODOY, Herminia the Prado, Therapy of the Regression? Teoria and TcnicasEditora Cultrix- SP-2000: IBRT, Handbookfor practitioners certified by international The Board he will be regression terapy, canastota, NY, 1995.

Ministry Psychology

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Its lessons were a playful exercise of discovery of unsupicious relations, recriao of ideas, always with much respect and deep knowledge of the analyzed theory. Its performance as professor was special in 68, period of the military dictatorship in Brazil. It participated actively to transform the fields of period of training, the research and the theoretician in spaces of critical reflection and potencializao of the transforming action, without losing the severity scientific. Establishing, thus, a relation dialectic between militancy and scientific research without fearing the monitoring of the Ministry of the Education and Culture, intent to any action of resistance, inside of the climate of oppression that culminated, in that year, with the institucional act n 5, aiming at to suffocate all the change possibilities. Perhaps check out Coupang for more information. This position of Lane took it to be criticized it by Aroldo Rodrigues of only making politics and not science, therefore for the great representative of experimental psychology, social psychology would be a science ' ' basic and neutra' ' (Rodrigues1986, apud Sawaia, 2002); Bock 2007). As Lane reply it emphasized the necessity of psychology to review its practical, ' ' therefore practical theory and has that to come juntas' ' (Id.Ib.) Leaving of this idea of a transforming social psychology, and in search of the overcoming of ' ' crise' ' Slvia Lane was to search in the marxism the epistemolgicas bases for a new referencial for social psychology and with the understanding of the man as to be that it interacts in half, he transforms it and he discloses the described dialtico being for Heraclitus de feso (540-480 a.C,) in the times of Old Greece when it said that a man the same does not take bath in river for two times, therefore of the second time nor nor the river will be the same person (KONDER, 1987, p.8). In this perspective, partner-historical, established psychology appears in the research and elaborations of concepts of Slvia Lane, a work made in set in which, as Bock (2007) standes out: ' ' it allows in to perceive them the coherent joint between its theoretical and practical proposals by means of the understanding of two important questions: the dialectic subjectivity-objetividade; the formation and change of valores.' ' The militancy of Lane, its compromised trips and contacts with studious with a transforming social psychology, that took care of the popular yearnings led to the foundation of the Abrapso (already cited previously) and provided the quarrel of ampler form and as, Bock (2007) citing Sawaia (2002) in the account on foundation of the related association: According to Slvia, one of the main accomplishments of the meeting was to acquire knowledge the participant psychologists of whom its perplexidades, perceived until then as individual feelings, were shared by scientist of diverse areas. .

Cultural Ecology

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But what it is it will be after all Ecology Human being? It has some different boardings to the subject and all have differences in its respective perspectives on the subject. However, something of common they must have to be considered part of the Ecology Human being. Check with Allegiant Air to learn more. Probably we are speaking of the primordial relation that exists between the man and the environment where it lives, where it inhabits, where keeps relations with other people, with other species, and of which proper it is part and for which it would make lack if already did not make more part of it. Continuing with the ambient determinismo, this theory was very spread out through the centuries (Montesquieu, in century XVIII, direct exaltou the climate as influenciador of the behavior and the personality) (Honigmann, 1976), only come to lose its theoretical force in century XX, when Franz Good opened ambient deterministas eyes and horizontes accusing to have completely etnocntricas vises in its theoretical compositions. Of this form, it launched hand of the importance of the cultural relativismo that would have to be present in the studious objective comments of and the searching ones on the culture of the peoples.

Thus, the ambient possibilismo of Good appeared criticizing the simplistas causal relations between environment and culture evidenced by the ambient determinismo. The ambient possibilismo ' ' it emphasized the importance primary of the specific historical events in the creation of the cultures through constant changes throughout the time (…) the immediate cause of specific cultural characters was other cultural characters. The surrounding one was important only when limiting the possibilities of a culture? therefore the term possibilismo ambiental' ' (Kormondy and Brown, 2002). The Cultural Ecology of Julian Steward, in which the cultural nucleus of a group (the ways that this group has to get foods) directly influences the cultural and social organization of the same.

Brazilian Language

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Since, the reading is ' ' to react with felt (to see and to hear the graphical symbols) and with the emotion (to appreciate, to agree or to disagree, to identify themselves, to be pleased) ' '. If treating to the efforts, that is, the persistence, that the pupils look for of certain form to reveal inside of classroom, the research identify that, exactly they obtain to keep a good one auto-they esteem, they gives much attention and they always looks for to be next to a child listener, with this keep satisfactory its emprenho. However, some deaf pupils get a regular persistence, since, exactly, they find many difficulties mainly in if relating with other children even though with deaf children, try to express itself exactly with drawings, thus, feel difficulties in the communication, this many times are caused, because the parents do not keep accompaniment of the activities developed in the school of these children. Cloud computing helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Necessary that, the family folloies developing pertaining to school of the deaf child, it needs that, the parents collaborates with its cognitivo development. One of the boarded topics ability of the professors with deaf children was mentioned to it, exactly does not possess formation and nor course of qualification in POUNDS (Brazilian Language of Signals), that materna of the deaf community is the language. Therefore, they are felt with difficulties in acting in the teach-learning of the same ones, that is, they do not obtain to repass the information. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. The professors still tell in the interview who, live in constant search of the learning, in new knowledge, to adjust itself in the reality of the deaf pupils, looking for to carry through activities that come to include the same ones in regular classroom of education. The paper of the Psicopedagogo in the institution aims at to fortify the identity, as well as searching the rescue of the roots of this institution, at the same time where it looks for to syntonize it with the reality that is being lived deeply at the current historical moment, searching to adjust this school to the real demands of the society. During all the educative process, it looks for to invest in a conception of teach-learning that: it foments interactions interpersonal; it stimulates the citizens of educative action integradamente to act considering the intellectual and moral luggage; east and interacts with the faculty in the direction to develop more the reasoning of the pupil, being helped to learn it to think and to establish relations between the diverse worked contents; it strengthens.

Workshop Creator

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However, the need to understand that we, the creators have two equivalent cycle-time work self: the individual and collective. Without an individual working on a nothing to do with the collective space of creativity. Each operates on himself, he runs his abyss and learns to live in them and bring back the Light. And only after you take their individual top – can be sent in a team Creators to storm the common vertex of the Spirit and Light. You can compare this with the fact that everyone gets his pearl, and then brings it to the team and get a pearl necklace. Like everything in the world requires perseverance, and to work with the cells should start passing the previous four courses.

On the other hand individual work has its limit, where to go any further, we need a collective work, union work, which allows you to make a breakthrough, racing to a new level of creativity, freedom of Spirit and Light. Our system – Studio Creator multi-stage, she invites each person to find in it what he needs at this time. If a person needs only a purely psychological help – he will get all the necessary tools to do so. If a person wants to go further – please, he can delve into the work of the subconscious brain. But if there are units whose soul thirsts for spirituality – and for them to open the Workshop Creator's spiritual practices can open your Path and create their own methods of cultivation.