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In synthesis, according to Plato, I love what he lacks to me or that I value, that is, I have the trend to look for in the other what we do not possess – or that we have in part – and that, a time obtaining, in the complete one and in we feel them satisfied with loved ours. What it has the loved one that in the complete one according to Plato? Intelligence and character that are above of the physical attributes. what in Schopenhauer says to them? Its explanation is less complex, more very controversial. According to Schopenhauer, the love is the one sexual impulse based in the Will of the Nature to perpetuate the species, that is, the love is a representation of the Will of inherent life the species human being. The other animals, saved homana species, do not need similar setimentos to the love to come close themselves to its partners and to procreate, but the men need one impurrozinho of what Schopenhauer flame of present Will in the nature and that she is manifest in the species human being. The love is entido as a cunning that is usofroda for the Will for the men to multiply, therefore, if from they hung from the proper man to be come close to the opposing sex to procreate the species would be threatened of extinso due to the egoism. But this affirmation does not justify the fact of the love to cause as much torment; of the desire caused for the passion, and not to establish the criterion for such desire; does not justify the fact of the atribuida illusion something that is transcendente to our will? the manifest Will in the nature and that I conducted all the species – as autoconservao. However, in the measure where we get passionate in them, it affirms Schopenhauer, us we desire to the qualities gifts in the opposing sex in which they will be part of our future one creates; moreover, we will not go to desire those that cannot in giving fruits to them and also we will not desire those that in will give fruits to them in which they will not correpondero with the espectativas of beauty and vivacity. .

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