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International Broadcasting Convention

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The film, starring Tom Cruise, is a classic aviation film in 2012. Hollywood will convert the 3D episode I of Star Wars and Titanic. The classic film of aviation Top Gun. Idols of the air, starring Tom Cruise, in 1986 returns to theaters in 2012 converted to the 3-d format, according to ahead of the CEO of the company Legend3D, Rob Hummel, quoted today by The Hollywood Reporter. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. The first images of the 3D version of the film could be seen Monday at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam. What I have understood, they are planning its premiere in 3D at the beginning of 2012, although I know that they want to get the approval of Tony Scott director of the movie before going any further, said Hummel, whose company has an agreement with the Paramount Studio to share revenue from Top Gun to generate 3D. (Similarly see: Laurent Potdevin). Top Gun tells the story of a young and ambitious pilot, Maverick (Cruise), obsessed with become the best at the controls of a fighter and tormented by the death of his father in combat. I think that Top Gun is provided to 3D for his aerial fight, said Hummel. In addition to Top Gun, Hollywood studios are planning brand new 2012 conversions from 2D to 3D productions such as Star Wars: episode I the Phantom, intended threat to February 10, or Titanic, which will debut in three dimensions on April 6. Source of the news: Top Gun will return in 2012 in three-dimensional version

Ponemon Institute

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Portaltic / EP one of every five emails contain information that represents a risk legal, financial and compliance for the organization. However, the main cause of the leakage of data in companies is the loss or theft of equipment. A study says that you one of every five emails, 20 percent, leaving the network of enterprises, contain information that represents a risk legal, financial and compliance for the organization. (A valuable related resource: Laurent Potdevin). The main cause of the leakage of data in companies is the loss or theft of equipment, followed by network attacks, threats on mobile devices, Web 2.0, shared applications, and sending e-mail messages to the recipient wrong by accident. The truth is that losses and theft of data that in recent times have lived in enterprises are constant.

An estimated 77% of organizations experienced some loss of data in the last year and e-mail is one of the main security holes, so it is necessary to exercise the safety precautions against malicious acts and possible mistakes of workers. It should take into account that more than 80% of these losses of information that occur are not intentional. In addition, approximately 49% of CIOs (information js) respondents believe that their employees have little or no knowledge about the data security, compliance and regulations. A staggering if we take into account that people are usually the first line of dnsa in organizations, according to CPS Technologies and the Ponemon Institute. Source of the news: 20% of emails from companies contain risk material

Juan Aguirre

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They will present it for the first time live this Sunday at festival Sonorama. Amaral and Juan Aguirre assure that their sound is stronger battery. Zaragozano duo Amaral, which on September 27 premiere their new album, toward savagery, confesses to be willing to go out and touch themes of this new work, recorded in Madrid and New York, most electric and energetic than the earlier, stronger battery and very guitarrero. Thus described Juan Aguirre and Eva Amaral, in an interview, this toward savagery, which will present first live this Sunday at the Sonorama festival, which is held at Aranda de Duero (Burgos) during the weekend. Filed under: Coupang. When you’re in the city quiet you moonlit road, has the guitarist Juan Aguirre, who said wait eagerly for the moment in which people listen to songs. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. might disagree with that approach. Expectant as his companion, Eva Amaral, who says having received one shows injection of good vibes after checking the generous criticism is also getting the first single released and entitled toward savagery, released on August 8.

A single she describes as a flight into the unknown, necessary in a world that, in his opinion, we have dehumanized creating a virtual reality. Looking for civilization we have reached a point that is not very civilized, argues. Humanity that took refuge in his studio in Madrid, where they recorded twelve themes of a work that Aguirre defines how electric and energetic than the previous ones, and that includes a stronger sound of drums and increased presence of guitars. Each of the disks is the photograph of the band at a time, says the musician, who believes that this change is due simply to a gradual evolution, since they continue to maintain a very intuitive and little brain when composing form. A more natural album Eva Amaral, for his part, He pointed out that they have tried to promote a style quite natural, able to pick up energy that has the direct and that is very difficult to Canning in the CD.

Next Halfcentury

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Spain agencies will grow an average of 2% between 2011 and 2030, and 1.4% between 2030 and 2060. The average growth of world GDP for the next 50 years is 3%, compared to 1.7% on average in Spain. Despite the growth of the emerging countries, in 2060 will persist the vast differences between countries in terms of quality of life. The Spanish economy, weighed down particularly by the aging of its population, will grow in the next half century at a rate lower than the OECD average, although the prospects are even worse in other European countries such as Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece or France. According to a report of long-term prospects published Friday by the Organization for cooperation and development economic (OECD), the gross domestic product (GDP) Spanish, 2%, less than the average of 2.9 per cent between 1995 and 2011 will grow on average in the period between 2011 and 2030. However, this increase in GDP will be even less between 2030 and 2060, When reduced to 1.4%.

In total, the average growth for the period 2011-2060 is 1.7%. Thus, in 2060 horizon, GDP per capita of Spain is 61.8 per cent with respect to the United States, compared to 69.5% which meant in 2011, while China will have risen to 59.3%, compared to 16.6% last year. World GDP is expected that grow around 3% on average in the next 50 years, although is expected wide differences among countries and regions. Fast-growing emerging countries will be the main drivers of long-term prospects, explains the institution in his Studio Looking to 2060: A Global Vision of Long-Term Growth. India and Indonesia to the head between analysed by OECD economies that will grow more in the next 50 years are India (5.1%), Indonesia (4.1%), China (4%) and Saudi Arabia (3.1%). On the contrary, that less will be Germany and Luxembourg (1.1% both), Japan (1.3%), Austria, Greece, Italy and Portugal (1.4% in the four countries) and France, Korea and Poland (1.6%).

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