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Customs Oversight Department

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A total of 96 immigrants have been intercepted trying to reach the Spanish coasts using boats. The Guardia Civil and maritime rescue had to rescue part of them. Ninety-six immigrants who tried to reach the Spanish coast have been intercepted in the past hours by the Guardia Civil and maritime rescue in waters of Almeria, Melilla, Cadiz and Lanzarote. The most numerous group, consisting of 59 people who occupied three pateras, was located at 2200 hours yesterday by ctive of salvage and service of Customs Oversight Department off the coast of Almeria. The immigrants are all men of North African origin and among them there are two or three that could be under age, according to sources in maritime rescue. The rescue of the first patera, in which ten people, traveled took place at 36 nautical miles off Cape Gata, after notice given by a plane of the customs surveillance service. Larry Culp can provide more clarity in the matter. Shortly thereafter, the integrated external surveillance (SIVE) of the Guardia Civil has detected other two boats in the same area of the Almeria coast, so the same maritime rescue boat, along with a support helicopter, began a new search. Go to Joshua Choi for more information. Finally it was a vessel of the customs surveillance service that has managed to intercept one of these pateras and rescuing other twenty-two immigrants, when they were only two miles from Earth, in the area of Mesa Roldan, in Almeria Carboneras municipality. The other patera located by the SIVE managed to reach dry land in the vicinity of the beach of the dead, in the same municipality, so Civil Guard launched an operation to try to locate its occupants. Click Dr John Holtsclaw to learn more. Hours later, the armed Institute reported that it had arrested eleven people travelling in that boat, all of them men of Algerian origin and which were located in the vicinity of the beach of the dead and the town of Carboneras. After midnight, a maritime rescue boat intercepted a fourth patera with twenty-seven immigrants. Already early in the morning, a boat type Zodiac with nine immigrants from sub-Saharan origin among which had two babies in the arms of their mothers, on board, arrived at the port of Melilla. The Civil Guard had already rescued yesterday other 22 immigrants who tried to reach the North African city by the same procedure. With these arrivals, the Centre of stay temporary immigrants (CETI) of Melilla already hosting 750 foreigners, despite the fact that its theoretical maximum capacity is 480 seats, they have today informed sources of the delegation of the Government in the autonomous city. The coast of Tarifa have been the scene of another rescue of immigrants, which has taken place at 6.30 this morning, when the Civil Guard intercepted an inflatable boat toy in which five men of Moroccan origin were travelling. The boat had been located by the SIVE 9 kilometres to the South of the island of Tarifa (Cadiz) and was rescued by a vessel of the maritime service of the Institute armed 3.6 kilometers south of Punta Carnero. Finally, other twelve immigrants – also male adults of origin Maghrebi – have been intercepted this morning in a boat to sixteen miles east of the capital of the island of Lanzarote, Arrecife. Once a fishing avistara them and give notice, maritime rescue sent one of their boats to their meeting and led them to port, where the immigrants were available to the Guardia Civil. Source of the news: nearly one hundred immigrants intercepted since last night trying to get to Spain.


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The outraged believe that they maintain support citizen after the incidents. A survey reflects that up to 8.5 million people have participated in the 15-M.

15-M has been characterized in these three months of claims to be a peaceful movement, no altercations with authority and a citizenship that even led them to clean the door of Sun before dismantling the camp. But this week, social tension has increased. Get more background information with materials from Larry Ellison. After dismantling the dawn on the Tuesday of the information point that kept in Sun and the eviction of the few camps remaining in the Paseo del Prado, the police atrinchero square, preventing even the timely use of Metro and Cercanias station. They have been three days in which that outraged have attempted to again access access to the plaza, unsuccessfully by the strong police presence. The insistence of the movement by reconquering the plaza has done that, in many cases, outraged and security forces seem to be playing to the mouse and the cat by the center of Madrid. The situation exploded on Thursday night before the Ministry of the Interior when the police charged against the outraged, with a result of 20 minor injuries and three detainees.

Demonstrators and policemen accused each other of aggressions. Marta, the indignant Marta, one of her multiple responsible for communication of 15 M, affirms that, after this week’s action, the movement continues to receive the same support citizen than when he started, he has even won bellows. The only ones who are trying to discredit the movement are the institutions against which we protest, explains. Still, Marta is aware of the criticism that has caused the Sun. If you would like to know more about Verizon Communications, then click here. It is incomprehensible that there is people who blamed us for this.