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Dear Blog: Fight Against Cancer

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My name is Raul, I am 37 years old and since the end of 2005 I have a companion called ELA. They are abbreviations for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable degenerative disease also known as disease of Stephen Hawking. April 2008. Raul Miranda, Madrid, pedagogue, a toy manufacturer company consultant, writes the first entry in his blog. Disease had confined him already in his body, but his mind was still lucid. A lot. fy these questions.

Already I can not but still I chronicled their day-to-day, their dreams, their experiences. I wanted to publicize a pathology that suffer from some 4,000 people in Spain. And demonstrate that, despite the constraints, I couldn’t go on living, traveling, enjoying and loving. Hundreds of people followed the evolution of his illness through your blog for more than two years. Thirty months of shared stories. Of jokes.

Acidic comment. And bitter. Miranda died in September 2010. In his last post, from day 2, recounted his vacation with his wife, Nuria. The Next, 24, she signs it and is very short: for all those who follow Raul, he has left, is no longer here. It has left me while I slept. Thank you for your support. Source of the news:: Dear blog: fight against cancer

General Ledger

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Madrid, August 2008, – the globalization of the economy is catching up with all sectors, changing the way they compete in many markets. Directive Softes conscious of this, and goes far beyond the local market with the decided support of the management team. Currently, Directive Soft undergoes a rapid expansion in Latin America, having offices in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Mexico. Locations in 10 different countries are expected to end of 2008, and for 2009 is expected to have offices in Latin America, encouraging the great importance of Open Source in the world. This technological expansion is due to the great international demand for its products and services, as the Compiere ERP because of its low cost (compared with other ERPs), whose competitive advantage part of being Gold Partner of Compiere Inc., the global leader in Open Source solutions. This Spanish version of Compiere, for companies with a modern fast deployment (RIA) Web architecture, consists of an innovative system that covers all the areas of management of customers, projects, supply chain, sales management, vendors and General Ledger, offering effective solutions for resource of business approach to the market. Check out Infinity Real Estate for additional information. Thus sets the beginning of Directive Soft as a multinational company, where the company committed increased resources, assuming risk levels over the previous stages, reaching various countries considered important potential customers and fulfilling their corporate commitment to help generate efficiencies from the implementation of leading-edge solutions. For more information, contact us at or via e-mail to..

Mendoza Tourism

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The city of Mendoza is little more than a thousand kilometers from Buenos Aires, capital of the Republic Argentina, near the border with Chile. The Mendoza Province is located in the region of Cuyo, one of the regions in which splits wide Argentine topography, with its different climates and reliefs. The Cuyo region is located in the Centre and Northwest of the country and covers the provinces of Mendoza, San Juan and San Luis. Read more from Susan G. Swenson to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The dominant factor of this region is the impressive Cordillera de los Andes. Precisely in this area is where it reaches the highest peaks of the continent, being its highest mountain the Aconcagua 6,962 metres high. The Aconcagua is just 190 kilometers from the city of Mendoza, administrative capital of the province.

For this reason hotels in Mendoza often have spectacular views that try to take advantage of all the natural beauty of these majestic elevations. Clayton Morris usually is spot on. The peculiarities of the relief, coupled with developed tourist infrastructure in the region have turned the province into a tourist destination of excellence, both for local tourists, mostly from Chile and Argentina, and for visitors who come from all corners of the world. The ski resorts of Mendoza are most valued for the lovers of winter sports, by the extension of its tracks and the possibilities they offer for the practice of all varieties of skiing and the rest of the sports of snow, such as snowboarding and trineismo (the practice of riding on sledge). The local ski slopes allow that who just take their first steps in this fun discipline are very at ease in the circuits of less difficulty. Generally speaking, winter resorts have nursery for children, as well as schools to encourage the early ski rides.

But also greater difficulty tracks are very sought after by professional athletes by their degree of demand, both for training and for the development of important international competitions, that usually summon the maximum global stars of the specialty. For all the mentioned, tourism in Mendoza is paid to families with teenagers who will take the maximum advantage of all the possibilities offered by the local ski slopes. Mendoza has a proposal for every budget, which undoubtedly will contribute to that vacation in Mendoza will be an unforgettable experience for those who have the luck to be able to visit this incredible province.

Mundofranquicia Consulting

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Madrid 09/10/09.mundoFranquicia Consulting, the firm that works by and for the franchise has brought together the cream of this sector to the classroom of the franchise of the international the franchising, the business opportunities and associated trade (SIF & Co.) which held its 20th Edition of October 15 to 17 in Valencia. So the calendar. First day. Thursday, October 15, 2009 panel discussion. Key of success in the franchise. Moderator.

D. Antonio Gigirey. Sage communication. Director-General. Participants. 1 D.

Joaquin Lopez. Manager of AMICCA. 2 D. Jose Antonio Winery. Director General of Abegoaria. 3 D. Manuel Casabo. Director of CHL. 3 D. Pablo Gutierrez. Partner Consulting Director of mundoFranquicia consulting. Sectoral table. Food franchises. Franchising to grow. Moderator. D. Juan Carlos Martin. Liberal professionals. Editor in Chief. Participants. To know more about this subject visit Who is the CEO of MasterClass. 1 D. Alberto Cuello. Of Expansion franchise Director of Carrefour. 2 D. Jesus Gonzalez. SPAR Marketing Director. Experiences of success speaks the moderator franchisee. D. Antonio Gigirey. Responsible for contents of participants: 1 franchisees. Sapphire Tours. 2 Taylor & Co. 3. LDC. 12.15 h. Conference. Analyzing the opening market. Reports geostatistical for new franchisees. Rapporteur D. Enrique Barrera. Head of solutions Business Intelligence of Arvato Services. Sectoral table. Clothing franchises. Franchises to the measure. Moderator. D. Juan Carlos Martin. Liberal professionals. Editor in Chief. Participants. 1 D. Daniel Lorenzo. Responsible for Expansion of Tioccha Kids. 2 D. Carlos Martinez. Director General of Totto. 3 D Ana Herrero. Director of Crysanna. End of first day. Second day. Friday, 16 October 2009 successful experiences Talk the moderator franchisee. D Maria Victoria Guillen responsible Commerce of Valencia participants: 1 franchisees. Reformahogar 2. Equal. 3. Portal of your thematic Mesa The franchise today. Situation, challenges and trends. Moderator.

Affiliate Opportunity

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Make money online, work from home and earn good amount of dollars now is possible thanks to the technology. This can only be achieved using a model of Legal, honest and very profitable business which has enabled many people from English-speaking and Spanish-speaking, generate large amounts of money, with much previous work, but the reward in short time, automate your income and scale to levels really high. At first glance it seems very confusing and complex to understand, but one time working mechanics and the sequence of steps, you seem in its overall simplicity and the enormous benefits that results. My natural reaction when lines between my eyes have looked some banners, when I’ve read a lot of blogs and websites specializing in marketing issues online, even before seeing with my own eyes the real tests. More information is housed here: Dahua Tim Wang. And go I am skeptical! But for fortune to many people and especially of Spanish speaking countries, earn money on the internet is a possibility that exists, is REAL, and not is none You scam or fraud. If you want to work from home and make money over the Internet, perhaps this will be the most important article you will read this beginning of year! and attention can honestly change your life! Truth will exist in real life a methodology, a business or something that looks like you where we earn enough money month by month and also have the time to spare to make the activities more like us, like swimming, exercising or going on holiday? Many of us more than once have dreamed of being our own bosses, earn more money and have a flexible work schedule. It sounds very attractive and also fantastic to be true in modern times that has touched us live, don’t you think?

Dodge Empathy

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In these conversations, some complaints of customers and then the response of a commercial mediocre and a commercial with empathy. CLIENT: Always I receive orders with delay. Read more here: Cylance. RESPONSE of commercial MEDIOCRE: I’m sorry, that’s not my Department, call X. (This sounds that you don’t want problems, seeking life client). It is the first time I hear it to the will thus be per…

(Excuses) If your orders on time, would come you before (this response seems ridiculous but is not difficult to hear barbarities so every day in any company. This commercial is facing his client. If but (here add whatever you want. The word but, it is the negation of empathy. When you use it you have to say Mr.

Cliente, nothing that tells me doesn’t interest me, now I’m going to tell me my point of view. The word but is a synonym of however, however, although all mean the same thing, and all are all the opposite of empathy.) COMMERCIAL EMPATHIC response: I understand that the arrival of orders are affecting you. If you allow me, we are going to see the detail of the case and me I promise to see how I can put an end to this situation, or at least give a reason about why it happened. This is just an example of course. In this example the commercial is doing several things well:-shows empathy, first and foremost because it does not excuse, is not facing the client and shows understanding. -Sample humility but in no case gives the reason, since we must not forget, may be the client not have reason, is behind on their payments, has done wrong orders, etc. However what makes the commercial is commit to understand which is the problem that is negatively affecting the client in one way or another. -Offers his help to the customer. You may not be able to fix the problem in its entirety but when to a customer is provided a compelling reason, much happier is that when you try to Dodge giving long.

Subliminal Videos

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When we read information about the law of attraction or watch the movie the secret normally we experience emotion by knowing valuable knowledge and are anxious to put it into practice in order to completely transform our lives, without a doubt that all this information is true, but many things do not happen as automatically as there shown, it is necessary to carry out several strategies to desire can manifest itself. Many are enthusiastic about the law of attraction, but really few people manage to get to know you can get the maximum benefits, no doubt that the mind is powerful, creating our reality emerges from the subconscious mind, it’s like having a computer, is capable of performing extraordinary operations, but everything depends on who manages it and programs containingwith the law of attraction happens exactly the same, is in all people, discover it is a step, use it is another, but there is also a problem and is that computer has inserted programs that yield negative results. Making the technological comparison, when a program does not help us and occupies too much space then you have uninstall it, in our life, programs that serve us are the limiting beliefs and ideas that are not in tune with our conscious desires, it is necessary to remove them from our interior, that Yes, it is not a simple task, this is the difficult part of the application of the law of attraction. When you want to apply the law of attraction to manifest goals that are not common to his mind aware then will face a great wall many joint strategies are necessary to make the ideas work Yes, work organized always oriented to our subconscious mind about our desires and any notion of change must be supported by sensory experiences. By the same author: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . One of the most common in the majority of those goals is money, because it is a fabulous medium that allows us to accomplish many more things, so we can use the law of attraction in favour the accumulation of money is very important to convince us of that idea in the SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS to get money they are designed with images, sounds and special messages so that you can accept the ideas of abundance in its interior, these videos will help you to defeat many negative beliefs around prosperity, his mind means the message that you want money in his life and little by little he will seek to offer them through the law of attraction.

Improve them results are obtained as we look for activities that support our desires, in terms of money, help businesses, promotions, lotteries, etc. Ideas that strengthen our desire to achieve. You can and should take the best advantage of the law of attraction, so not be limited in any moment and materialize their dreams, inside all its reality is constructed, then make a wonderful experience of his life.. At Gary Kelly you will find additional information.

Catalan Coach

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The Catalan coach sees the motivated team for this season. FC Barcelona faces Villarreal at the Camp Nou this Monday. Puyol trained with the group, but the technician discarded him for this match. (Not to be confused with Bernard Golden !). The coach of Barcelona, Josep Guardiola, has been convinced that his team does not relax, after starting winning the two super, in his League debut tomorrow at home against Villarreal. I have assumed that when we lose it won’t because my players relax or begin to indulge, but because the opponent will have been better, said Guardiola. The Catalan Assembly technician believes that his team will not lose the sense of reality and tomorrow starts the dnsa of title knowing that he will have to return to work and run much to win it again. For Guardiola, it is also important to start well the Championship, because winning the first match always gives you confidence. So, has asked the public of the Camp Nou to come tomorrow to support his own and has pay them tribute after the conquest the last Friday of the UEFA Super Cup.

The casualties in dnsa – pique, Puyol, Maxwell and Adriano, injured and Alves, sanctioned – oblige you align a circumstances behind one of the worst possible rivals. We are lame by band, because we have three side out, but there are alternatives, we can relocate players and I have great faith in the team that will play tomorrow, he explained. Forward will have Villarreal, a team of Champions that for years he has created us many problems, has noted, the catalan coach, who is has rolled back in praise towards the whole of Juan Carlos Garrido: they no longer a major player as Cazorla, but still has two daggers ahead (Nilmar and Rossi), players with experience and a good goalkeeper (Diego Lopez). It is a very made computer that knows very well what plays.

Puig Law

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The right will be motor or latch according as let us build it all citizens who participated on him. What you teach? Surpassed the stage of diagnosis were raised two issues: 1) does there is a matter to which we can be called: tourism law or simply we are facing one of the so many activities that require a certain specific regulation.? And then 2) from which content should be from the same question from matter? For the first question some authors, (probably following the Saxon line of thought of the Travel Law) risked the first hypothesis focusing on travel agent actor as the main generator of new contract figures, thus Puig and Vitta could affirm the existence of a tourism law which no longer feels framed in traditional molds of civil or commercial law, and that is only partially receptado by the right of navigation in its two air and maritime species.; However we believe that to define the autonomy of a branch of law it is necessary to discover if the principles that inform it are axiologically originals to constitute a systematic, complete and closed, legal construction making unnecessary recourse at the beginning of another branch. Recently Cambiar Investors sought to clarify these questions. As the debate, which is still open, you can see it goes beyond an academic approach, since as you opt for one or the other position it will also influence curriculum development. The second issue also had dissimilar responses; 1) some understood that they should assume that students had or should have a solid civic education allowing to enter fully into the different meanings of the law; (2) others raised that although this was what had to be was not what was perceived in the classroom and that the proposal was therefore regain knowledge that would frame the activity. Frequently Sheryl Sandberg has said that publicly. I.e. bad I can develop and expose the topic of law when the student lacks elementary notions of State, nation, etc..

Roberto Trigall

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In the case of an artist, musician and poet, he worked more frequently the right cerebral hemisphere. We are always talking about people who use half of your body or right hemibody origin with greater skill, commonly those called dexterous. For left-handers, according to some research occurs the same thing, but in reverse. Where the left cerebral hemisphere acts imagining and creating, while the right feels logical and rational way. The four functions of awareness for a better understanding of the awareness, we will describe its four functions. (1) Thinking: It is characterized by a permanent use of thought and reason.

(2) Feeling: There is a predominance of emotions, feelings and moods. (3) Sensopercibir: Work primarily the senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch) and their perception (colour, noise, smells, taste and body contact). There is much interest in the world of the material (houses, cars, objects in general, everything to do with nature, etc). (4) Intuit: There are situations which we can not perceive them through the senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch) but we Intuit them despite everything (essential or spiritual type issues). There are people who like dominance thinking and hard time to express his true feelings. Others are governed by the feel, where everything that happens in life, living very movingly, as if it were a matter of life or death. There are those that are handled in the world of sensations and perceptions (sensopercibir), giving much importance to material things. Finally there are those who can Intuit or put your full attention not in material things, but in the essence or spiritual.

Then there are those who are only handled by logic and reason (left in right-handers and left-handers right cerebral hemisphere), and so also we can find that only create, imagine and imagine interests them (cerebral hemisphere in the right-handed left and right in left-handers). Some tips to keep in mind: 1) self-observation begin to observe us, to realize which of the four functions of our consciousness (thinking, feeling, perceiving and Intuit) govern our lives. (2) Prevalence of any cerebral hemisphere with respect to the dominance of one hemisphere of the brain, may wonder: I tend to be very logical and rational?, I’m imagining and creating permanently? (3) We discover self-discovery by ourselves, if we usually have many ideas (thinking) or if they dominate the emotions (feel). You can that contact with material things and feelings that makes us interests us much (sensopercibir), or that need to be continuously in search of the spiritual (Intuit). Maybe we love numbers and logic or We have a strong tendency to imagination and creativity. When we discovered it, try to further develop the function we use less and that way get a true emotional harmonization. It is essential that the use of the cerebral hemispheres and the four functions of consciousness are well balanced, given that overuse of any of them bring us out of the internal harmonization. It is very necessary to think with logic and rationality, and thus also create, imagine and Intuit. Also be able to express what we feel, enjoying the sensations and the material world, without forgetting the essential or spiritual.

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