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Fraud By The Government

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The Government doesn’t follow article 3 of the Basic Law (GG). Official site: Larry Ellison. Article 3 GG all human beings are equal before the law. Men and women have equal rights. The State promotes the actual enforcement, equality between women and men and works towards the Elimination of existing disadvantages. No one may be disadvantaged because of his sex, his parentage, his race, his language, his native country or origin, his faith, his religious or political views, or preferred. No one may be disadvantaged because of disability. This does not apply to temporary workers.

Poor wage, no rights, discrimination in the operation and no lobby. Clearly that here is the principle of equal pay for equal work does not apply. They are treated as second class employees. You apply as an electrician, two wage groups are hired as Assistant lower and then perform the work. Her contract then resolves complaints and they get a bad testimony.

You have no rights in the rent operation, but only Obligations to work and keep your mouth shut! They are the first who are caught in the boom and the first who lose their jobs in the downturn. Hiring and firing. The wage will be increased through tax revenue and because the companies of regular wage can stay, jobs will be destroyed due to time work. Make section 75 workers industrial Constitution law, principles for the treatment of employees is important for everyone in the operation. Employers and works councils have to ensure that all those involved in the operation are handled, according to the principle of law and equity in particular, that any different treatment of persons because of race, religion, nationality, origin, political or trade union activity or setting or because of sex is omitted. You have to ensure that workers, not because it exceeded certain ages are at a disadvantage. Employers and works councils have to the free development of the personality of the staff employed in the operating protect and promote.

United States

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Declining satisfaction with E-Government / fear of data theft significantly increases Berlin, 28 November 2013 in Germany use 2013 only 36 per cent of the Onliners age 18 E-government services. These are 2012 nine percentage points of less compared to the previous year. Only 17 percent of users are currently extremely satisfied”with the online offering of their city a significant decrease of 15 percentage points. An exception is the electronic tax return (ELSTER): you experience a slight increase of two percentage points to 35 percent in contrast to the general trend. Contact information is here: Bernard Golden . The eGovernment MONITOR 2013 shows for Germany compared with the previous years a further breach of the trend: with an increase of 38 percentage points in the Switzerland and 59 percentage points in the United Kingdom the fear of data theft as a hindrance in all countries surveyed has increased considerably. Fear in Germany currently 61 percent of those surveyed the theft of their data a plus by 57 percentage points. Hear from experts in the field like FirstNet for a more varied view. Lack of security at the data transfer more than half of all the six scares Countries of surveyed Onliner, in Germany there are even 67 percent. Users of E-government services emphasize cross-border on reliable systems, protection and security of their data, easy to use online platforms, as well as a full range of information.

Mobile Government prevailed so far in any of the surveyed countries. The number of users is highest with 21 percent each in the Switzerland and Sweden, marker lights are Germany and the United States with five percent each. 2012 the use of E-government services increased in all countries. The current results, however, show that currently remove the interest and use. Moreover, we determine currently a significant loss of confidence in the safety of government electronic management services.

Leila Biranvand

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Anyone who opposes this guide, can be destroyed in accordance with this philosophy with naked violence. It is especially the hatred of Western enemies such as imperialism, Zionism, capitalism and more recently “Western Islam” Sufism = stoked. with opponents like to be defamed with this enemy labels, put it then attacks “trained” hooligans. Research Institute of sects and religions 6 traveled In 2010 to cement Ali Khamenei again to Qom to the shards of the presidential election of 2009. He had many talks with mullahs low-ranking and institutes, who were summoned to the interview. Khamenei received no support from the high dignitaries. But some changes in the training centres for mullahs there during his trip to Qom. Southwest Airlines describes an additional similar source.

The once renowned Institute for religions and spiritual movements 7 has been snatched away the hands of Abol Hossein Navab and transformed into the Institute of sects and religions. The leadership of the Institute was laid a young Mullah condemned earlier by the Court for clergy in the womb. Leila Biranvand 8 had distinguished himself as a troublemaker already during the protests outside the Danish Embassy, subsequently by the Court for clergymen for 70 days. Boroujerd banished, because he was found responsible for the unrest in Boroujerd and the subsequent destruction of the Assembly House of Dervishes. There, he continued his career as Hetzer against the dervishes in Karaj, Iran. Its use seems to have paid off, he presides over the mentioned Institute since end of 2010 and is responsible for the campaign for the Elimination of the dervishes and in particular of the General Nematollah Gonabadi order from the Iran.

He pursued this goal consistently. In Tehran’s Metro stations have built his young Talabeh “Information tables” with inflammatory writings against ‘false’ mysticism and talk tirelessly on the temporary. The circle of illustrious Biranvand is indeed out of own conviction but not of their own accord.

United Kingdom

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Is a total little informed about open Government reflected the German online population: only 41 percent know one of the listed offers. In first place is the Switzerland here three-fourths of the Onliners know at least one of the open government offers (74 percent). “The Swiss are leaders in use: 39 percent of those surveyed use the contact management”. The ability to enter, with the management of social networks in contact is three percent among users at least known. Despite a moderate use of open government services, respondents to see various advantages.

The biggest selling point for many is is that a public discussion can serve as early warning system for the policy. In the D-A-CH countries and in the United Kingdom about two-thirds of the online population see this advantage. In Sweden and in the United States there is at least half. Many mobile Government skeptics Smartphone, Tablet & co are increasingly used, to do administrative procedures regardless of time and place. With a total of 68 percent (46 percent extremely important””; 22 percent important “) in the future, especially the Austrians attributable to a high importance the mobile devices. The country where mobile Government as comparatively less important is considered to be, is the Switzerland.

“For a quarter, mobile phone or other mobile devices remain unimportant in the future” or even extremely unimportant “for the handling of administrative procedures. “Mobile devices in this context are extremely important for 48 percent of the respondents in Germany” (27 percent) or important “(21 percent). “21% Rate the future importance of mobile devices as unimportant” (5 percent) or very unimportant “(16 percent). The high percentage of those who reject mobile Government is striking in all countries. Especially in the United States with 66 percent and With 61 percent many respondents indicating Germany want to use in the future no mobile online Government services. In the year of 2012, 39 percent in Germany and 54 percent in the United States rejected the use of mobile Government. eGovernment MONITOR 2013: method fact sheet selection interviews performing 1,000 interviews in Germany (DE) and Switzerland (CH), 1,001 interviews in Austria (A), 1,007 interviews in the United States, 685 interviews in Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) in the further text United Kingdom called and 1,023 interviews in Sweden (SE). Population persons in private households in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States at the age of 18 years, who use the Internet privately. Choice online panel; Data weighted according to central characteristics (gender, age, and formal education). Representative survey results to the entire population that is transferable. Survey method implementation as a online survey (computer assisted Web interview, CAWI, KW of 32 to KW of 34 in the year 2013). Definition E-Government E-Government under we understand information and services by public authorities and public institutions (municipality, town, district, etc.) which can be used over the Internet, such as for example the electronic tax declaration. Definition open Government open Government stands for the opening of Government and public administration to the citizens and the economy. The aim is greater transparency, more political participation and increased cooperation between Government and the governed. Presentation of results the press conference as a PDF document which full study 2013 is eGovernment MONITOR as a PDF under publications or to download ready.

Smart Price

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* Close of the first two paragraphs of the text. According to the picture above, the user searches for information, so what more is being set is in the text, not in the header, not in the sides. ** In the left sidebar. It has been shown that user look instinctively and several times to the left sidebar, vertically every few lines of horizontal text. Place advertising in the right sidebar is that nobody will listen to you. ** In the footer of the article. For reading content, put an AdSense block just to the end of the text has a positive effect on the clicks.

** In the middle of the text or between articles. For long texts, it is good to place blocks of ads throughout the text. This separates the parts a little and relaxes a little fragile attention of the reader. It is possible that half you get tired and decide to click on an ad that attracts attention. For blogs, advertising between one item and another on the cover also has success.

Google offers us a heatmap, or heat map, which explains graphically it is where best to place AdSense ads. The map is well clear, and consistent with the superior Studio, but sometimes misunderstood. The user looks much more to the left of the page, so the ads placed on the left will also be most used, both for the part of the navigation part of the text. I.e., ads in the left side of the page will be more successful than the one on the right, but less than those who are within the text. And dento text, ads that are left will be more successful than the one on the right. Multiple blocks of ads from AdSense usually editors opted to put more than one block along the page. This strategy can lead to increase the CTR, for the simple reason that there are more ads where click. But we should bear in mind some things: * to more ad blocks, more possibility that are poorly paid. Therefore, make sure the block with more clicks is placed first in the code for your page. Google places the best listings first. ** The ads should not interfere with the content, in the sense of the user might consider that page not worth and go where it has been. * Various formats. Each page has different spaces where to fit different ads. For example, for content advertising is better ads horizontally, as large blocks of AdSense, and for the left sidebar the vertical blocks. It is also good to add a block of links on the right side of the content. ** Not place ads at the bottom of the sidebars. It is a mistake that can even affect the rest of your AdSense blocks. In that position no one takes them into account. If no one click on those ads, Google may think that not worth your content and get into the Smart Price. * In general, if your website does not have many visits, by putting a number less than thousand unique users per day, with a single block of AdSense in the upper part of the page is more than enough.

Peter Maffay

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As in the former GDR has learn my family wrong, have been harassed and was exposed to the Communist regime. My father was critical to the Government, and arrests and night-time pick up the secret police were the result of this criticism more than once.” Never again, he was going back to Romania, but nevertheless he engaged himself today for children and young people in Romania. “There is no future without forgiveness”, this set of Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu have moved him to reconsider. “It is a great pleasure, to keep the eulogy, and I like to remember the ceremony in which my team and I were allowed to accept the prize on reception. That today the Association against oblivion for democracy ‘ is honored, is an important sign. But also, because the organizers decided, making this ceremony in the heart of the Ruhr area. Here in Dortmund, Germany, as in many other cities of the Ruhr area, people of different religions and cultures live side by side and with each other. This is one of the many wonderful aspects characterised the Ruhr.” Peter Maffay pointed out that a colorful company have settled, that dazzle him with every visit from new and by their large part we can learn peaceful dealing.

“That today the Association against oblivion for democracy ‘ here in the Ruhr area the award may assume, is therefore another signal of the Freemasons, to promote civic and political engagement as well as all forms of racism and xenophobia” to confront.” Finally, thanked for the great commitment of the winner with his countless honorary members Peter Maffay and added: “the Freemasons have their freedom, tolerance and humanity to their pillars themselves. Therefore, the Grand Lodge could find no more worthy winners as the Club “Against forgetting for democracy”. Tiefensee: stressed Wolfgang but Tiefensee, the Club and he feel especially honored as its Chairman, because the Grand Lodge not regularly awards the prize “A hundred times own well-being is no common good” in his speech unless she considered a prize corresponding to its high values and ideals worthy. He felt very connected to the price Bohm, Kurt Masur and the laudatory Peter Maffay in light of previous winners, among other Karlheinz. He lamented a “passive”laziness, lack of willingness to confront the passivity against. He denounced the tendency to the misunderstood Inpidualismus, “the fact” says: I put out my interests. Hundred times own well-being is but”no public interest. As a result this passivity, of emotional apathy, the tendency of exclusion worry the most his club. “The tendency to treat fringe groups, inhumane moves in the midst of society.” His club would like more participation of people in the society, more commitment, more civil courage. “Dictatorships have a glue that holds them together: the fear.” We offer the courage to this!

Turbo High School

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The initiative against the G8’s high school was round the high school diploma in just 12 years (also eight high school, G8 or Gy8), in the 2nd 2004 nationwide (re) introduced. Previously, but especially after the introduction, especially in the western Lander, shouts, however, repeatedly and the theme is by the ever-increasing pressure on today’s students than ever before. Against the school especially the almost intolerably full timetables, with up to 36 hours school graduates and the associated long-term stress for all involved the week in 12 years talk, today’s. You may want to visit Oracle to increase your knowledge. Also father of two, Dr. Erwin Lammenett, recently had gotten to feel this problem. His children attend both high school and require too much assistance. The vocabulary trainer developer has therefore decided to proceed against the school in 12 years. Thus the State school until the school again on the full extended to 13 years, Dr.

Lammenett has a large collection of signatures a few days ago the site of his vocabulary trainer started and until now has reached nearly 100 people. It aims by the end of the year 10,000 voices against Turbo high school”to collect and ensure your voice is needed. So help us to bring the avalanche rolling! Here are a few important points against G8: Haphazard introduction of G8: 2013 2 vintages are at the same time make Abitur unreasonable weeks teaching time of up to 36 hours in the second tier I overload the students through the pace of learning mediation less time to the character and personality development increase in physical and mental diseases G8 inevitably leads to a tightening of selection, fewer students. Schools, Realschulen and Hauptschulen on high schools almost impossible. Mainly financial and political motivation for G8 sign you now our complaint see: against g8 /.

Islamic Republic

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It has forced the regime to oppose the impending reforms, which resulted in unexpected costs, in addition to the efforts the already budgeted State welfare programs and infrastructure spending to continue. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. The cost of the Islamic Republic are very diverse. They range from cleaning public buildings and monuments from anti-graffiti of Government, a small fortune for the recruitment of new security forces, which was paid to the 130.00 a day for Iranian relations. In addition the regime has spent huge sums of money, to suppress the free flow of information. The Iranian leadership has doubled its efforts to interfere with satellite television and radio from abroad and further tightened control of the Internet. In the international business of Iran is more isolated than ever before. Corporations that operate in the Iran, are very hesitant to extend their contracts until political stability is coming with the Government.

Meanwhile millions of euros from the Iran are been made to Europe and other regions that appear to be safe havens. The Loss of investments enormously increased the complications in the planning of the budget for the regime. No compromise what’s still happen, are the sanctions threat of. Ahmadinejad insists no compromises in the negotiations to enter the nuclear research, a tough stance, which could have far-reaching consequences. The regime will be affected less by the sanctions, while the population will feel the impact and will air their anger over sanctions. Such financial thumbscrews would weaken any Government, but the Government of Ahmadinejad’s is particularly sensitive. The Iranian President has secured his political support through the distribution of Iran’s wealth to the poorest of society. If he’s now less money available for its distribution programs, Ahmadinejad is forced to put the loyalty of veterans, the officials and poor workers who were his tireless supporters. As it is most often used for risky bets, its available The odds are not very good.

Cash Bonuses

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To draw attention to the pay differentials in Germany, business and professional women Germany e.V., he has initiated the Equal Pay Day in Germany. Jena, March 24, 2009. Last Friday, women were urged to wear red bags, their average to indicate lower pay 22%. Through the cashback system of directions, prices are fair even when shopping on the Internet, because directions pays back its customers with every purchase. Many shops in Germany reacted spontaneously with discount offers for women who were last Friday with red bag on Equal Pay Day. 22 per cent wage request women. “We support this initiative.

We can now offer 2% cash bonus for all purchases of women on the Internet. Of course when buying a red bag for the next Equal Pay Day, E.g. in,”so Kerstin Schilling, CEO of directions. A leading source for info: Southwest Airlines. Directions is the cash bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. The customer will receive in total 1800 Shops a cash bonus in the amount of 2% of the net goods value of each shopping back. He must be registered only with directions and control the desired shop from the search window on The user installs the toolbar, this step is omitted, because these credits automatically the cash bonus cash bonus account on the. The use of directions is free.

Only an email address and a self chosen password are necessary for registration. Only when the user transfer to the cash bonus to your own account let, he must indicate his bank account. About directions: is cash back bonus program with the largest number of partner shops on the Internet. Instead of premiums and coupons, users receive cash transfers which directions from 30 euros on your own account. Directions credits 2% of the net goods value to users when online purchases and pays a starting credit of 10 euros at initial registration. It is free to use. Directions was founded in September 2007 by the Co-founder of the software provider Intershop Karsten Schneider and Kerstin Schilling and Roland Fahie.

Republic Austria

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Historical and current legal and political documents in focus at LawLeaks is not censorship, secrecy, confidentiality or even a classified. Rather involves the compressed way, documents of parliamentarianism, the legislation, the enforcement and jurisdiction to give an interested audience. The already successful on the platform of online publication of relevant articles on politics and law were the motivation for this project. Starting point: Republic Austria the starting point is the Republic of Austria and its policy and legislation. This not only the current policy and legislation of interest, but on an equal footing so that the foundations of this country’s history are, where they are accessible and employable. The Federal, the State and municipalities from the three authorities of federal, State and municipal policy and legislation should be developed newly. This is selected, summarized, restructured, longitudinal and transversal formats are made, visible to invisible and hidden to make obvious. Starting point lower starting from lower Austria regional entity selected areas of law be developed step by step.

Numerous law documents in the fields of agriculture and commerce in its legal dimension were so far already developed as a base. Follow others, such as Oracle, and add to your knowledge base. This will be continuously expanded and deepened and extended the political backgrounds and basic data. A comprehensive shipping public Canon titled LawLeaks on should then be available in the course of the year 2011. More local authorities follow 2011 parallel to the local authority land lower Austria to the overall state of Austria from 1848, as well as other local and regional authorities be developed States of Burgenland, Vienna and Tyrol. In the years 2012 and 2013 more selected areas of the overall state of Austria, as well as the local authorities should follow Upper Austria, Styria, and Salzburg. 2014 is a conclusion on the overall state of Austria and the Planned authorities of Carinthia and Vorarlberg.

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