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LCD Change

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Have to buy separately and connecting cord. Specialties cords are properly, do not pay attention to them. For the camcorder, in most cases you can use any cord 6p-4p for 2-3 dollars. Monitor – an important detail of your video studio. Selecting the monitor often even more important than the processor. After all, our eyes looking at him for ten hours a day, closely followed by numerous tesnyaschihsya menyushek on the screen, windows and displays. To eyes tired and need a large monitor higher resolution.

Unfortunately, for marketing reasons ceased production of CRT monitors, so that alternatives to LCD in the moment. But I want to warn you that whatever model you choose, the picture on your monitor will be significantly different from what you see on your TV screen. Therefore, in order not to be unpleasantly surprised when installing the video, if you change white balance, color settings, change the contrast or other image manipulation, be sure to supervise while surfing on the TV screen, which can be purchased specifically for this purpose or just for your home. Additional devices. Let talk about what other accessories you will be useful in organizing the video studio. Of the options I would add that it would be nice to buy a printer, preferably with the ability to print on CDs and a scanner for scanning photos. Printer you want to process the finished discs and print covers for DVD boxes, and scanner to scan photos qualitatively if suddenly your customer wants them to insert into video.

Photographer Lens

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For this purpose, photographers use different devices, interchangeable lenses and illuminators, allowing to achieve an acceptable quality of images. However, the range of tasks of a professional photographer can be very wide (portrait, reportage, studio, landscape photography, etc.). Naturally, for each type of shooting to have a professional camera is practically impossible, since such equipment is very expensive. Therefore, professional photographers are selected more or less universal instrument capable of performing the required range of tasks at a high level. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon. Thus, today formed a certain number of fundamental requirements for professional cameras.

First all, the very conditions of contemporary professional photographers, in particular, the publication of pictures in magazines with a good print, require that the apparatus used superior sharpness and elaboration of the smallest detail. This condition is met only by high-resolution digital camera matrix, which give high quality, detailed images. Therefore, the presence of high-resolution matrix is a prerequisite requirements of any professional photography. Edward Scott Mead is often quoted on this topic. Another important requirement for a professional camera – it's high quality optics and the ability to use a wide range of interchangeable lenses. Amateur camera Unlike professional structurally designed so it is virtually impossible to change the established manufacturer of optical system. However, no matter how perfect was no matrix, no qualitative optics of the lens can not make a quality shot. That's why professional cameras have the ability to use different lenses, thus it allows for portrait, architectural, landscape, reportage, genre, studio and other types of shooting with a single camera. Additional information at Larry Ellison supports this article. Thus, depending on the task shooting can choose any lens with a focal length of any luminosity.

Opposing Force

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Recently, Kevat Wehrli (President of Crytek) complained that they lose income due to piracy in the market for PC games. He said: exclusives for the PC market now is not all games in the series and Crysis will appear on the Playstation3 and Xbox360. But in fact, after Some time after the announcement, Crytek announced the game Crysis Warhead. Game develops new studio Crytek, based in Budapest. Warhead is exclusive to the PC.

But why then director of the company gave the information that the exclusives for PC is no more. It is possible that the game Crysis Warhead engine is developed on CryEngine 2 console and the new generation does not pull it, but I do not think so. In addition, the head of Kraytek said that Crytek will lead the fight against piracy. Cevat Yerli wants to strengthen the protection of counterfeit copies of the game Crysis Warhead, but how, we do not know. Crysis Warhead – Crysis is not a sequel, and – this is not an addition. In Crysis Warhead we did not play for the Nomad, for which you have played the game Crysis. A new crisis is a complete game and in the events that occur in parallel plot Crysis.

add Opposing Force and Blue Shift to Half Life, where you're playing for the other characters look at the events in Half-Life is quite different. Gamers will play for Michael Sykes, aka Psycho (Psycho). Michael – a former British soldier spec. forces SAS.

Online Photo Editor

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There are situations where the histogram has a massive spikes in both its parts, indicating that higher image contrast, ie the presence of contrast in the frame with respect to each other, as light and as dark areas. These images show a clear play of light and shade that in some subjects is only a positive effect. Analysis of histograms allows the photographer to identify certain deficiencies in the shooting process and correct them. Sharp protrusions or random lines on the histogram can talk about interference in the sensor in the camera, and also, possibly, that some shade in the Live View image is too large a force. In these cases, exposure compensation should be made: to shift the histogram to the left changes should be negative, and to shift to the right – positive. Compensation is done by changing the shutter speed camera, that would entail, in turn, changes the depth of field.

The histogram gives the photographer the opportunity to see the error in exposure, overexposure or underexposure image, the more so that even in modern models of camera metering may not always be accurate, especially in difficult shooting conditions, while the display is too small to thoroughly evaluate the captured image. Monitoring and analysis of histograms as an option the camera is useful if the photographer can repeat the frame making appropriate adjustments to the exposure. This, in particular, portrait, studio, a night or a subject shooting, where the histogram accurately show all the details of the future frame, and the shooting conditions will make one more shot with as amended. In addition, the histogram helps in post-processing of images captured in graphic editors, such as Photoshop. It is no secret that at times in pursuit of the widest range of shades the photographer has to sacrifice some realistic image to be shot, a little distorted light balance.

Post-processing in a graphics editor to view and analyze captured image histogram allows rectify this situation, just changing the light balance or overall image contrast of the image by adding dark and light areas. The histogram is an excellent tool for assessing the quality of photos as a whole during shooting or in post-processing in image editors. The histogram provides a unique photo opportunity to get rid of certain errors in exposure and camera settings, virtually reducing them to a minimum. By proper analysis of the image histogram photographer gets the necessary means to create a truly high quality and realistic photos with a certain tonal character images, which will fully meet the expected tone photographic subjects. Source: – Online Photo Editor

Creative Photographer

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It has become axiomatic that only a negligible percentage of a large number of persons becoming professional photographers. Fortunately, the main cause of failure is more often that people are not strong enough they want to. They generally not particularly trying to succeed. And the one who succeeds is not necessarily really good photographer – so what then is the essence of success or failure? I am far from giving a complete answer to this question. I want to tell us about your experience as a landscape photographer, but in the past – a strategic consultant to major corporations. There are several key themes, the study of which will help anyone who wants to go into the sphere of professional photos. I am in no way am not talking about people who chose a photograph of his profession at a young age, she studied at colleges and universities describe themselves as professionals.

I'm talking about those who, fortunately or unfortunately, had a permanent job, and who suddenly illuminated the idea that it would be better to do photography for money, than just sit in the office – or even combine these two classes. I'm talking about people who would like to turn their hobby into source of income – and that I was lucky to do so. Find out if YOU DEMAND Professional photographer makes the presence of customers. You can have a great studio, the most expensive equipment and even the best photographers in the world, but Only those customers make of you a professional.

Along Model

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The model itself was supposed to cut the waves at an angle to the line of wave crest. When I got all the preliminary dimensions, I brought them into a drawing and gave it to a carpenter, who were engaged in manufacturing windows. A week later, a framework for "water surface" came to the studio. It was a sandwich of plywood sheets (8 mm) and pine beams, assembled by screws and glue. At the top of the plane were cut by curly niche for model.

I finally drove the niche under the Bottom of the model. Southwest Airlines is the source for more interesting facts. Outlined the position and baited stand for the model inside the frame. You could start making the most "water." Along the perimeter of the frame was reinforced plywood side. He asked the thickness of the base layer surface. I've completed waterproofing the surface of the upper plane of the frame with polyethylene and tape. Perhaps check out Coupang for more information. And then kneaded ordinary construction stucco finish and filled the first layer. Plaster did not reach 8-10 mm to the edge of the profile for a niche model. The plane leveled steel strip on a side, like beacons.

He left for a day to dry. After drying the first layer, marked out direction and step waves. Screw fastened to the strip of plywood 14 mm in height (the height of the wave). After that, fill the protrusions of the same layer of plaster. The result was a wavy surface, with the max and min. Another day made for drying. .

The Skin

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(Softening treatment) – spend cleaning procedure skin most important of Arts for each one of us to Today is a make-up. Leather. Most importantly, the day of shooting do no make-up. If this is not possible, then follow the procedure before taking a make-up remover with special lotions or no fat milk for the skin. Next, align the skin tone. With the help of the corrector mask the shortcomings of the skin (acne, capillaries, etc.). Use the tonal basis, taking into account the following advice: Do not use semi-tone cream (it will give a "fat" the skin), as well as too resistant tonal basis (important to prevent dry skin, the skin should not be contracted).

The color palette of tonal framework should be such that the overall complexion did not differ from color on the neck and decollete lines, otherwise it will be the effect of "mask" on her face, which is especially noticeable on a black and white photography. Tonal basis have to be dull, and reflections on the face, with a few exceptions, are not allowed in professional photography. After the application of tonal framework, use the powder, preferably a professional fine-grained. It should not be transparent or fair. Pay particular attention to those areas where there may be shine – the cheekbones, lips, eyelids, eyebrows.

Cosmetics – the philosophy of women. Eyes. Expressive eyes – one of the key moments in portrait photography. Any photographer will tell you that the studio lights on half "kills" the makeup, resulting in a normal day makeup will look natural.


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The significant point has authority picks. It does not have to exist a very light, otherwise the hole will soon break through the unreal. However, not required to be the heavy too, so do not smoritsya when working with it. And because the authority picks optimal in the range of 2-to 4 kg. A eedlina with wood handle is obliged to write 130-170 cm the upper part of the handle is drilled a hole through which to bind successfully in a loop of strong cord. This loop-hole in the piercing is worn on the hand, so you do not accidentally released successfully in the ice. At punching holes cessfully to sink into the ice moderately consistent across the square hole. Blame should be consistent with a mug of rhythmic, not strong blows, rovnenkievertikalnye surviving walls.

If only the same beat according to the center of the future wells that received moisture ispodnizu outright flood top fraction, and afterward it will be hard work and awkward. You need to look at the fact that the cutting picks fraction was always the most acute. If necessary, it should be sharpened by fine block. Dull ice chisel, in the 1-x, bad cuts the ice, and, 2, forms when striking the ice extremely powerful sounds that rasshugivaet fish. Ice pick.

When the ice will achieve a sufficient thickness and strength, ice chisel gives space ice screws. About nsuschestvenno productive picks. To the sample, half-meter ice drills, he is almost a matter of seconds. And thanks to the emerging brace Ice screws the most compact and comfortable to store and transport. At a short sale were held in different ice screws, differed depending on the design of cutting the share of "glass", "spoon," "Ring" "Cup".

Image Portrait

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Classic version of the statement of coverage in this case is as follows. The property is located at a distance of 1,5 m from the background. On either side of him and slightly behind are two light sources, to the background. The photographer is at a distance of 2-3 meters from the model, to the left is the soft box aimed at the subject. It is soft box to create a soft, low-cost coverage on the shoulder portraits. Sharp light and shade can be obtained by using a powerful incandescent lamp. When creating a portrait of the shoulder are the most important look of a man. If an object looks straight into the camera when shooting, it provides a visual contact with the audience and, of course, makes the photograph more effectively.

To enhance the results can be applied cropping the image. For example, it allows you to make photo editor Home Photo Studio. In the menu you must select the Image> Crop. Cingular photograph. Involves photographing the object on the belt, not grabbing the frame leg and foot model. This form allows you to experiment with portrait different poses and angles that particularly attracted the attention of viewers.

When you create a half-length portrait is an important role photographed mood, which is very clear in his facial expressions and poses. In no case, not need to ask their models 'relax' is far better to offer to move the weight from one foot to another. Such a survey is to use 55-millimeter lens to reduce the risk of optical distortion. The main source of light should be angled 45 degrees to the right of the object. Recommend the use of umbrellas scattered light in the face, hair and clothing model. Photograph in full growth. This kind of photo portrait much more complicated, compared with lap and shoulder portraits. Prerequisite is an agreed position of the upper body, the correct placement of light sources. A person should not just accept 'Correct' posture, he should feel comfortable in it. Object can be deployed in either direction to create a more dynamic composition. At least one hand must be something that is busy, for example, it can be put on hip, to get behind him to take up any subject, etc. It is also important to establish eye contact with the camera, which allows us to photograph more vivid and expressive. If conditions permit, use to capture long-focus optics and otdhodite away from the object. To completely put in the frame silhouette of a man, you will need a substantial angle shooting. You can also take pictures near the wide-angle lens, but it greatly distorts the geometry of the image, for example, shortens the legs, increases the size of the head, etc.