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There are situations where the histogram has a massive spikes in both its parts, indicating that higher image contrast, ie the presence of contrast in the frame with respect to each other, as light and as dark areas. These images show a clear play of light and shade that in some subjects is only a positive effect. Analysis of histograms allows the photographer to identify certain deficiencies in the shooting process and correct them. Sharp protrusions or random lines on the histogram can talk about interference in the sensor in the camera, and also, possibly, that some shade in the Live View image is too large a force. In these cases, exposure compensation should be made: to shift the histogram to the left changes should be negative, and to shift to the right – positive. Compensation is done by changing the shutter speed camera, that would entail, in turn, changes the depth of field.

The histogram gives the photographer the opportunity to see the error in exposure, overexposure or underexposure image, the more so that even in modern models of camera metering may not always be accurate, especially in difficult shooting conditions, while the display is too small to thoroughly evaluate the captured image. Monitoring and analysis of histograms as an option the camera is useful if the photographer can repeat the frame making appropriate adjustments to the exposure. This, in particular, portrait, studio, a night or a subject shooting, where the histogram accurately show all the details of the future frame, and the shooting conditions will make one more shot with as amended. In addition, the histogram helps in post-processing of images captured in graphic editors, such as Photoshop. It is no secret that at times in pursuit of the widest range of shades the photographer has to sacrifice some realistic image to be shot, a little distorted light balance.

Post-processing in a graphics editor to view and analyze captured image histogram allows rectify this situation, just changing the light balance or overall image contrast of the image by adding dark and light areas. The histogram is an excellent tool for assessing the quality of photos as a whole during shooting or in post-processing in image editors. The histogram provides a unique photo opportunity to get rid of certain errors in exposure and camera settings, virtually reducing them to a minimum. By proper analysis of the image histogram photographer gets the necessary means to create a truly high quality and realistic photos with a certain tonal character images, which will fully meet the expected tone photographic subjects. Source: – Online Photo Editor

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