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Become Indebted

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Often I have listened about the convenience of the debts, exist authors who have created categories of debts in ” good and malas” , there are others proclaim fervent that there is nothing no better than to be become indebted because the devaluation liquefies all commitments, and thus many theories more. In the personnel I consider that debts but investments and debts do not exist themselves, first, in my opinion they are those that you realise through a financial leverage and that to you income generate, second they are those that generates a commitment of payment like counterpart of some service or psychological product that offered physical satisfaction or but that it does not generate income. The debts by immediate autogratificacin are catastrophic and take to the financial slavery, the investments, for example in fixed assets that they give rents are not debts Rep but commitments of payment that are self-financed, however, the root of this type of operations is the saving due to the minimum amount to contribute to accede on a hypothecating credit, that oscillates between 30% and 40%. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mina Nada. It is necessary to get into debt itself for a house? , this subject is long and delicate and he is not the spirit of this post, in another I will develop next one it, but in any case the key of everything is the capacity of payment, the same that does not have to submit to a single entrance or to a fixed entrance then when no longer he is present is not nothing and the inverted thing will be lost. It is necessary to get into debt itself to vacacionar? , nor crazy! , it saves for this aim; it remembers that a debt contracted with credit card paying the minimum takes 30 years in being cancelled. The debts are not good nor bad, are instruments that must be analyzed deeply, of special way in pair; you do not forget that in the measurement that you grow in maturity you will take the things with more calm and will tend to pay cash, that says the theory at least. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr Holtsclaw. If you want to acquire something I recommend to you you project that it and you save for the effect, you do not get into debt yourself in vain.


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The significant point has authority picks. It does not have to exist a very light, otherwise the hole will soon break through the unreal. However, not required to be the heavy too, so do not smoritsya when working with it. And because the authority picks optimal in the range of 2-to 4 kg. A eedlina with wood handle is obliged to write 130-170 cm the upper part of the handle is drilled a hole through which to bind successfully in a loop of strong cord. This loop-hole in the piercing is worn on the hand, so you do not accidentally released successfully in the ice. At punching holes cessfully to sink into the ice moderately consistent across the square hole. Blame should be consistent with a mug of rhythmic, not strong blows, rovnenkievertikalnye surviving walls.

If only the same beat according to the center of the future wells that received moisture ispodnizu outright flood top fraction, and afterward it will be hard work and awkward. You need to look at the fact that the cutting picks fraction was always the most acute. If necessary, it should be sharpened by fine block. Dull ice chisel, in the 1-x, bad cuts the ice, and, 2, forms when striking the ice extremely powerful sounds that rasshugivaet fish. Ice pick.

When the ice will achieve a sufficient thickness and strength, ice chisel gives space ice screws. About nsuschestvenno productive picks. To the sample, half-meter ice drills, he is almost a matter of seconds. And thanks to the emerging brace Ice screws the most compact and comfortable to store and transport. At a short sale were held in different ice screws, differed depending on the design of cutting the share of "glass", "spoon," "Ring" "Cup".