LCD Change

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Have to buy separately and connecting cord. Specialties cords are properly, do not pay attention to them. For the camcorder, in most cases you can use any cord 6p-4p for 2-3 dollars. Monitor – an important detail of your video studio. Selecting the monitor often even more important than the processor. After all, our eyes looking at him for ten hours a day, closely followed by numerous tesnyaschihsya menyushek on the screen, windows and displays. To eyes tired and need a large monitor higher resolution.

Unfortunately, for marketing reasons ceased production of CRT monitors, so that alternatives to LCD in the moment. But I want to warn you that whatever model you choose, the picture on your monitor will be significantly different from what you see on your TV screen. Therefore, in order not to be unpleasantly surprised when installing the video, if you change white balance, color settings, change the contrast or other image manipulation, be sure to supervise while surfing on the TV screen, which can be purchased specifically for this purpose or just for your home. Additional devices. Let talk about what other accessories you will be useful in organizing the video studio. Of the options I would add that it would be nice to buy a printer, preferably with the ability to print on CDs and a scanner for scanning photos. Printer you want to process the finished discs and print covers for DVD boxes, and scanner to scan photos qualitatively if suddenly your customer wants them to insert into video.

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