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Assassins Creed

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So, it has happened. May 15, 2010 Ubisoft has confirmed the company out of the new part of one of the ten most popular games in the world – Path Assassin – found in its E3 booth footage of the Assassins Sreed Brotherhood. What is new is waiting for the player in the "Brotherhood"? First, it strategic component. At this time, to deal with the company Abstergo Industries (today) and the Order of the Knights Templar (the past) will involve all the rebel forces of Rome. Courtesans, thieves, shopkeepers, doctors and underground – all those who suffer prejudice and government understands that slavery is no truth to join the Brotherhood. Ezio will train them, calling for help to perform particularly complex jobs. Secondly, the multiplayer. Multiplayer mode includes corporate passage of separate missions.

In the story, the multiplayer will be involved such as Assassins, connected to the Animus. Third, new opportunities. Basically – obtained by new inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. Genius friend Ezio further improved hidden blades, has developed a special weapon for the assistants, will finalize the flying machine, and the most interesting – will give the main character parachute. Many new bonuses developers keep a secret, but it is now clear that the new Assassins Creed will be worthy of attention, and certainly will appeal to all who brought pleasure to the passage of Assassins Creed 2. Alas, the company Ubisoft does not make clear what exactly is the game.

This is a continuation of the second part? Or complete the third part. The answer to this question was given by the administrator fan portal, after the presentation of the game at the world exhibition game. Based on the gameplay video, we have slightly modified the engine of the second part – he says. The game features many textures of Italy, already familiar to the player. One would think that issue has been resolved. But! The engine of the second part, too, is nothing like optimized version of the very first game, so that the technical component should not be judged. We will be judged on the plot. E3 trailer shows clearly that we continue to play for Ezio, and again became the scene of Italy. The plot is tied around the old character. Conclusion: The talk about Assassins Creed 3 until early, ACB correct to call the sequel to the second part.

Development Studio

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INTENIUM online multiplayer games Hamburg, increases global revenues in 2010 to 40% / 250 percent increase in sales in the segment tells 01 February 2011 – how the company could the global revenues 2010 increased full-year by more than 40 percent, with the biggest increase was recorded in the fourth quarter. To deepen your understanding Sir Richard Branson is the source. It is particularly gratifying that all divisions contributed to the strong performance. Especially that inspire this INTENIUMs growth online multiplayer, as well as the licensing business with its own products: according to own monthly sales of virtual items, the has surpassed now by playing in the trade and in the download. The product segment of online multiplayer games, including next to also and – as of May 2011 Bonga online include, increased in 2010 by more than 250 percent. In the year 2011, INTENIUM anticipates continued strong rise in sales for the entire company. “Marketing focus will be in particular the following new products: Bonga-online for the segment of online multiplayer games, Wickie II” “” “on Nintendo DS, as well as the sequels of the global TOP 3 hits lost lagoon”, stolen Venus”and the Exorcist”.

INTENIUM INTENIUM GmbH focuses on the core target group of female players and is one of the leading publishers of casual games for the multiplayer, online and PC-in Europe. “” “” The company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany operates worldwide several games platforms – above all plays Germany! “, SCREENSEVEN”, GAME POINT”and ALAMANDI”-as well as successful series such as secret cases “or MYSTIC GAMES”. INTENIUM is provided with own sales activities in UK, France, Benelux and Scandinavia-international. The production of the game takes place in his own Development Studio in Kaliningrad. ( press.

Which Browser Should I Choose Then?

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Free – game of life find you have probably already asked the question browser games! Currently, thousands of different browser games are offered. Different online games different gamers. Now which one is the right for you? The worlds of browser games are very different and unique. Everyone likes something different in the online games. One likes to think logically and strategically is taking another one rather prefers simulations. The gameplay is non-linear.

And there are usually several ways to achieve the goal: thousands of enemies to destroy. To build cities and to act. You should select so the browser game world, which so most tells you to setting”. Setting”- is the description of the browsergame-world, in which everything happens. Conditionally can be subdivided as follows that: real-life with elements from real life historical with historic elements sports elements of a sports fantasy fantastic game world many games and it to make the right choice is not easy. The advantage of the most online games – browser games free of charge.

No fear! Just select a game that you like the most and go! Play free games! If you notice that the game but don’t like it, you can start it at any time a new. To appreciate a game, you have to it one time to have played least. Are simply not afraid to lose a few minutes to register. In most games, registering is quick and easy. A few minutes to register and then losing even a few hours to play, to learn more about the world to the browsergame-, just so you can find the game which can be the game of your life.

Liaisony Plays 1090 – On DELL Inspiron TablePC

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Liaisony had to the play charged and everything worked well. Liaisony had to the play charged and everything worked well. It was the DELL Inspiron NetBook TablePC with multitouch functions and a Liaisony game, here it was taken the HOT version, and off we went. The game started on the Inspiron and the menu reacts like on the desktop computer. The game itself was liquid, the button presented sufficiently large and the die flew through the multitouch features in virtual space. To enter text in the game as the game and the text input fields with the graphical keyboard of the Multitouch system not finished with the keyboard, still are compatible with each other.

Conclusion: It was multitouch display at the beginning of some getting from the big screen to the small TablePC with approximately 10 inches, this one had the game well in hand. It is definitely for – to second, at home or on holiday, awesome. The opinion of the Liaisony Developer: “the Inspiron is a real innovation with future. The restriction on only specific applications in terms of TablePC is finally out the performance, applications and the operating system Windows 7 repealed.” Contact: Liaisony by & responsible: Michael Szonn GbR Hafenstrasse 65 D 27576 Bremerhaven Phone:+49.(0)471.4817754 Web: Szonn, creative production of & responsible: Michael Szonn GbR Hafenstrasse 65 D 27576 Bremerhaven Phone:+49.(0)471.4817754 Web: Szonn, creative production, a small Development Studio from Stuttgart in Bremerhaven is since 1995 for companies in the areas of Web design, game and simulation. This is the focus and specialisation in high-quality development and programming innovative 3D software. In the selection of titles and productions, emphasis is placed especially on high quality, user-friendliness and an optimal price-performance ratio. Learn more about Szonn, creative production, see


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New features, new characters and new languages expand the strategy game of stone leaves his workshop with a huge sledgehammer, the Baker dragging a large bag of flour from the mill in the bakery, citizens go about their day’s work. With the newly update of new and successful Browsergame, Goodgame Studios brings movement into the rapidly growing fortresses of the more than 200,000 players. The new animations, which perfectly blend into the varied and lovingly designed game world, can better keep track of progress and growth of the Lords and his empire. Who wants to go into the fight for the Kingdom, can do this at any time free of charge, do. GOODGAME EMPIRE is also playable in eight other languages, eight new languages with the new version: Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Czech and Turkish to complement the existing versions in German and English. The 41 million registered fans of nine popular social online games from the home of the Hamburger Game producers have the opportunity to try out the latest title without language barriers. At the same time, forums are opened under de/forum/in all the new languages, where can the players exchange ideas and questions to the presenters.

Pillage not enough advanced yet so still. New characters and with them new functions were integrated. The fearsome master can be used to make successful attacks on enemy castles still profitable and create more loot in the own four walls. The dutiful Medica, however, cares with trained hand to soldiers who have been wounded in the defense of the fortress. To increase the chance of survival of their own troops. Worldwide, GOODGAME EMPIRE players struggle to build their first modest estates to the powerful Center of the Kingdom.

To do so, they create a functioning economic system and a strong army in epic battles against other Lords to prove, to take sword brotherhoods or forge alliances. Free online game is characterised by an exciting campaign, numerous side quests and a strategic battle system. Company Description Goodgame Studios is a Hamburg-based game developer of social online games. The company was founded in June 2009 by the brothers of Dr. Christian Wawrzinek (COO) and Dr. Kai Wawrzinek (CEO). In the portfolio of Goodgame studios are currently nine self-developed and family-friendly Flash games that are played by over 70 million people per month in 22 languages worldwide. More employees are searched as reinforcement.

Opposing Force

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Recently, Kevat Wehrli (President of Crytek) complained that they lose income due to piracy in the market for PC games. He said: exclusives for the PC market now is not all games in the series and Crysis will appear on the Playstation3 and Xbox360. But in fact, after Some time after the announcement, Crytek announced the game Crysis Warhead. Game develops new studio Crytek, based in Budapest. Warhead is exclusive to the PC.

But why then director of the company gave the information that the exclusives for PC is no more. It is possible that the game Crysis Warhead engine is developed on CryEngine 2 console and the new generation does not pull it, but I do not think so. In addition, the head of Kraytek said that Crytek will lead the fight against piracy. Cevat Yerli wants to strengthen the protection of counterfeit copies of the game Crysis Warhead, but how, we do not know. Crysis Warhead – Crysis is not a sequel, and – this is not an addition. In Crysis Warhead we did not play for the Nomad, for which you have played the game Crysis. A new crisis is a complete game and in the events that occur in parallel plot Crysis.

add Opposing Force and Blue Shift to Half Life, where you're playing for the other characters look at the events in Half-Life is quite different. Gamers will play for Michael Sykes, aka Psycho (Psycho). Michael – a former British soldier spec. forces SAS.

For Good Games You Have To Pay Free To Play – Not Getting Much Money

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Why free to play games your time is worth and how to find the good title. Why free to play games your time is worth and how to find the good title. I did not what you would call a gaming PC, but are the days where you needed always a current graphic card to play Yes thankfully over. Actually, you need to pay today even more money for the actual game. Thanks to the free to play wave you can gamble because now hundreds of full-fledged games completely free of charge. On the subject, some players shake while with the head, but I find it quite pleasant this trend.

Simply create an account and get started. If then a game really like me, then I can buy cool stuff me for little money, to improve my character or to make the game more interesting, and if the game is boring, then I had to pay any money, at least, to note that. That this area is always interesting is also that many of these free to play coming games now also from the big developers, the else provide for the multi-million bestseller, which otherwise must buy her for money at the store. Recently Oracle sought to clarify these questions. Also free to play no longer are limited to games on online role-playing games. Of course, MMORPGs make famous world like the Warcraft still the majority, but now there is a really wide range of genres, from strategy games (such as command & conquer), shooter (E.g.

blacklight retribution) extends to simulations (E.g. world of warplanes) of all kinds. There something supposed to be for everyone. Of course a wide selection has not only advantages, because with the election comes just often the torment. To you to spare, there fortunately gaming sites, which provide all the information and the choice of the appropriate game facilitate a something. Of course you can simply Google her, but because you will quickly slain by the results. I personally look mostly at. There’s a pretty big list with all major free to play games and if I look Lust was on one of the large purchase games, then I find also information on Corsual. Practically, I also find that you always alike can see a reader review at the Corsual games, with looking at a glance, whether the game is what good or not just.

The Studio

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Great honor for small Studio with the nominations at the German Developer Award 2012 shows that not only the fans of Giana sister: twisted dreams are thrilled, but, which is the Academy of the German Developer Award 2012 composed also the computer game industry professionals. We can not even believe to be nominated in so many categories with other great titles. Especially we look forward to the selection for the best youth game 2012 “to belong. Giana sisters was ever a series for all ages and we have pursued obviously good that with twisted dreams. We are curious to see how the decisions of the jury and the Academy be on the 12.12.2012. For us, the nomination is already”a success, says Andreas Speer, Managing Director of Black Forest games. About Black Forest games Black Forest games was founded in 2012 by the previous management and core team of spellbound Entertainment AG.

The Studio headquartered in Offenburg in the Black Forest is specializing in the production of high-quality computer and video games. A 35-member team of international industry veterans produces games for all platforms. The young company’s flagship is through a successful Kickstarter campaign financed platform n’ run Giana sisters: twisted dreams. The most prestigious award around the German game industry is more on about the German Developer Award of the German Developer Award. It is awarded by the Academy and the jury of the German Developer Award as well as the audience. Decisive criteria are among others new game ideas, technical innovations and playful qualities.

Goodgame Studios

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Hamburg’s new star in the online game sky Hamburg – this Wednesday was sealed the establishment of Goodgame solemnly studios in Germany’s capital city Hamburg in a large house-warming party. Thus a second hamburger company preparing in addition to industry leader Bigpoint, to conquer the fast-growing online Gamingmarkt. Goodgame is committed studios to the target, soon to include Europe’s most successful companies for the development and marketing of casual games. Founder and CEO Nikolai Lucht initially presented the internationally star-studded team of the young company which has developed more than 300 computer games with over 35 years of experience in the gaming industry. Those who have successfully planned the founding projects and accompanied was his Special thanks. For the numerous guests, Lucht also had a big surprise in the luggage. In his opening speech he indicated that the first game of the Hamburg game forge this month to publish and a wide audience to make them accessible. “It is now to play our great experience. First game of Goodgame studios for the German-speaking market it will lead to a slew of other free casual games from our home. Also, we design currently concrete plans for an imminent international market launch.” The Internet portal of Goodgame Studios is can be found at.

Olliver Heins Manager

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The Hamburg-based game developer occupied important positions Goodgame has made in growth from 100 to 250 employees Studios great strides, by experienced professionals for key key positions were obtained. Latest access is Bettina Korb as head of community management. She brings many years of experience in the gaming industry, most recently worked as content & Community Manager at dtp entertainment. “With Bettina Korb we got an excellent head of Department in the boat. Characterised by their distinct communicative skills and will ensure that our players and fans offer an even better service and thus a complete game experience to get “, so CEO Dr. Kai Wawrzinek. The position of senior product manager has been filled by Olliver Heins (former producer and project lead at Bigpoint).

In addition Sirko back Hall stand out (formerly game designer at ticking bomb games) and Benjamin Plass (as product manager at games) also as a product manager responsible. “We’re thrilled three such” new professionals who could prove on other large projects, to be able to welcome in one fell swoop in our company. I’m sure our current team promote the products from Goodgame studios in a very short time through the further development of the recent successful titles and new projects and take on a whole new level”, says Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, COO of Goodgame Studios. The Technical Department of the Flash developer has a new lead in Dirk Kohler, who also comes from Bigpoint. CTO Stefan KLEMM is pleased about the reinforcement: “Dirk Kohler brings all the experience, that make up a winning lead. He is not only technologically very savvy, but has also the ability to convey this knowledge to others, and the talent to take forward an already highly motivated team”. The human resources department could reward for the successful work even with new employees.

Inken Petersen (previously human resources officer of GreyLogix GmbH) and Melanie Adam (last Account manager at the Hays AG) extend the team head of Human Resource Hendrik Mainka: “both bring much expertise in staff development and recruitment. You will from now our cooperations with universities expand and strengthen our recruiting team.” In addition, new employees in the areas of business development, country management, quality assurance, community management, balancing, data analysis, as well as Java, PHP and Flash programming could be set. Still is in all departments unabated for personal gain, especially for experienced forces continue to many senior positions are open. Total Goodgame has to offer more than 100 vacancies Studios: abroad/company description Goodgame Studios is a Hamburg-based game developer of social online games. The company was founded in June 2009 by the brothers of Dr. Christian Wawrzinek (COO) and Dr. Kai Wawrzinek (CEO). In the portfolio of Goodgame studios are currently nine self-developed and family-friendly Flash games, which are played by over 70 million people per month in 22 languages worldwide. More employees are searched as reinforcement.

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