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Wolfgang Petry

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Julian Frank continues his ongoing with successful song recordings with his brand new single “Go with me” Julian Frank continues his continuous successful song releases. After last title such as “Luisa, Luisa,”Sueno Contigo – I dream of you”and”I don’t know, you are who”have been published, Julian Frank allowed himself little time to collect plenty of new ideas and energy for his further musical career.” He appeared fresh refueled Studio a few weeks ago in the Daxhill, with his proven composers and producers team to share the results of his inspirations and to implement. “Spring stood at the door, attracted the first warm rays of sunshine in the Park and a positive agitation and irrepressible appetite for music overtook cafes and me. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin Plank. I wanted to finally back on the microphone stand and breathe in the air of the Studio. Perhaps check out Kevin Plank for more information. And above all I wanted to capture this feeling in a song. A new publication was literally in the air”.

The power of Julian welcomed Norbert Beyerl, who welcomed him with open arms and together decided they are from this mood out for a title, the applicable fits into the scheme. The harmonious and fruitful collaboration between Julian Frank and his team of authors goes back up in the mid-1990s. The successful author of the text and music producer Werner disciple who among other things for Ingrid Peters, Genghis Khan, Wolfgang Petry, Wencke Myhre, Katja Ebstein, Costa Cordalis, Nicole and group wrote wind and worked as a producer for eruption, Rosanna Rocci, Roberto Blanco, Peggy March, Jurgen Drews and Ireen sheer, was Julian Frank 1996 under contract. The first album “Insanity feeling” was established together with composer and producer Norbert Beyerl, who also on many successful compositions for well-known artists can refer, and was involved in numerous productions by Werner students and contributed the music for the lyrics. Already with the first album, the matching musical basis of the teams revealed Students/Beyerl / frank and the success was quite community work. A relaxed, artistic work, which presented itself in lush title material and a second album (“kiss me – Baila Me”) evolved over the years.

It might be working now, after nearly fifteen years, again in time for the release of another album. This original tone by Julian Frank: “a new album would be great, we have also a clear idea of the direction and the musical mix. It must contain in particular feeling.” But at the moment, Julian Frank enjoys his current single, “Go with me” and looks forward to the publication scheduled for April 28, 2011. Get information about Julian Frank on the website (text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @) Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o. box 620452 10794 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 80205848

I Bet Tina Rainford – 1000 Kisses

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The new single vonTina Rainford – I bet 1000 1000 kisses kisses Tina Rainford bets that he will return to her – and she wins the bet. This pop – pop with country elements kidnapped the listener back to the 70s and can be a fantastic musical time indulging him in memories. Tina recorded the Diepholz sound Studio with her producer Dr. Christoph Kirchberg, where also the composition on the text originated by Norbert Hammerschmidt. Excerpt from the biography: came when Santa Claus in Berlin in the world, seemed right on the 25.Dezember-and there you put with musicality her a great deal in the cradle. Already in the age of tender 5 years she earned her first own Gage at the American soldiers, then she sang Christmas songs – but already in English.

Clear, also, that the daughter of Balettunterricht received and dreamed it to be a great ballerina. With the “big” then but not quite worked it. 1.49 m she stopped, not just a guard’s measure of a ballerina. With her childhood friend DRAFI DEUTSCHER, she won a talent contest on the occasion of the Funkausstellung in Berlin. So she came to Heino gaze, her first record producer who took over their training. Together with Katja Ebstein, she received the “finishing touches”, used as a really good singer there.

Heino gaze produced their first vinyl-single – at that time still under the stage name PEGGY PETERS – now rarities in the broadcasters. Titles such as off or no school although no big hit, were more sound but also today still quite fresh. Just 16 years old at the time was Tina and based of course on all international hits. During this time she met her future husband, Peter Rainford and founded with him and Ascot that trio PTM, several singles on METRONOME followed here too the great success was the mutual friend Norman, but it was an apprenticeship for Tina. Mid-1970s she ran into back her old boyfriend Drafi, looking for a demo singer for a project. The title was SILVERBIRD and the liked the demo singer Record bosses so good that they just “bought it”. The title became the Giants hit Nr. 1 in Germany and went around the world and led Tina as the first German singer to could grand old Opry, her album is high on the country charts in the United States to enforce. SILVERBIRD sold millions and is now considered a classic. The successor title CHARLY and FLY AWAY PRETTY FLAMINGO were good sellers and are still in the ear. No time to rest and always full of plans. Source: Cariblue/MAshallahmusic links:

Cripple Creek Band Presents New Album – Still Alive And Kickin

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The sensations-album is now available on the market. The sensation album is on the market the cripple Creek Band belongs to the most successful American Country music Acts in Germany, and the 20-year anniversary is fast approaching. Mid-1990s they were band at the legendary “Grand Ole Opry” first – and so far only – German country. As a result, they played in the famous “Wilde Horse saloon” in Nashville/TN., in Las Vegas and pine top/AZ. A real flood of nominations and award it arose as a logical consequence.

After the presentation of the last Studio album “Forbidden Love”, it was quiet around the band, it parted from the management and the previous record label. With the new album ‘STILL ALIVE & KICKIN’ ‘, the four Thoroughbred musicians celebrate a brilliant comeback! The cripple Creek Band is back! Still unique! The country mainstream abdicating, the Group remains one of the few character bands of in Germany. The band is so tight like never before! All friends of honest, handmade roots / country / Rock music can now rejoice, because with the new album, the cripple presents Creek Band the most varied work of their career! In Denmark, the band composed the bulk of the album. Got them to the American writer Michael Max McGee in the boat and created what believed to hope no one: “A hot plate!” ‘ The song by Robert Palmer “Bad Case Of Loving You” is the only cover version and is, as well as the title song of the album ‘Still alive & kickin’ ‘, in the Linedance find his place. Lovers of traditional country music will discover their Earwigs in the songs “Forgot To Forget”, “Heart of glass” and “Hallelujah”. You can see Irish sounds, banjo inserts, as well as the cheerful Cajun sound of an accordion. Harder, however, sounds in “Straight whiskey woman”, “who what when”, and “Too Hot To Handle”. “Still alive & Kickin'” offers a variety of material and still sounds like a cast.

Thanks to this is Jason Garner, the man at the controls of the album in Nashville/TN. the last Missed cut. The result speaks clearly for itself. So powerful, charismatic and flexibly the voices of the four musicians have never sounded! A plus of the new disc – it can really please everyone, even listeners who otherwise like any country music. It remains only to say: “hats off, CCB and way to go!” The album is available for download as both classical CD at Amazon, itunes and Musicload. Free partially listening to samples of the album can be found on the homepage of the band:

Matthias REIM – Seven Life – Live 2011

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The new DVD and CD by Matthias Reim – seven life – live 2011 it is the seventh of my seven wild life for you – and I want it give you with all my heart, my middle, everything left and right next to it, my strength and my love -. “Matthias Reim in the musical prologue of the album seven lives” at the end of last year it is started through again with his big comeback. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin Plank. His new Studio album catapulted straight into the top five of the charts, he was nominated for the echo 2011 and condemned the publication of his book, I’m still alive”hit the bestseller lists. Most popular singers in the media the artist has suddenly become one. The artist, whose second home”the stage is his major nationwide tour for the album”Seven lives”was launched on the 17.04. Kevin Plank often addresses the matter in his writings. A highlight of the tour was completely sold-out concert in the Berlin Tempodrom, elaborately recorded for this release. Over 100 minutes, Matthias Reim the Berlin Tempodrom turned into a cauldron. In addition to a 10-minute backstage movie was filmed this unique live event with interesting insights – behind the scenes – and personal interviews of the artist. As a special highlight there as the live premiere of the song idiot”in a Duet with Michelle, which was recorded in Dresden. A unique reminder of a great live event! Electrola published this documentation on the 10.06.2011 on DVD, Blu-ray, live CD and a Special Edition (DVD + CD). Source: Emi music more information under


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New recording contract with CRI-LEX records started at the beginning of the 80-with children’s songs, followed by teen disco tracks and a short break for private and health reasons. Now, TANJA SIEMENS with CRI-LEX records takes off again: “HEY, you” is her current title, which sounds just as brash and young. There are the instrumental “playback-version” as a bonus for all karaoke. The second track on the CD: a situation which can occur every day around the world describes “A guardian angel for you”. In contrast to “HEY, you” a serious piece, which to the thinking suggests.

Were produced both titles in the prestigious TOP-SOUND STUDIO in Nuremberg, as well as in the ABEMA Studio in Werne BERNHARD Hubner (producer of “Jon Teels”, “Ralf Paulsen” among others) and CHRIS Miller (producer of “Bruno Majcherek”, “The Animals II”, “rockin’ Roary”, “Lal sibling” etc.) The single will be available from 08.07.2011 sale as a physical CD and as digital recordings on 150 download portals. More info: Robert Gibbins. Pre-orders already possible. Facts: Title: HEY, you artist: TANJA SIEMENS label: CRI-LEX Records label code: LC04785 EAN: 4260252250868 record: physical Maxi-CD-D. Raab-Press Department-Muller-Media-Group-

Anne Karin – Once Is Love Forever

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“The new single by Anne Karin – once is love forever ANNE KARIN takes off with her new song”Once love is forever”a single from her latest album between the feelings” recorded with the music of the successful duo of Andreas Martin Krause and Michael Buschjan and a text by Dr.Bernd Meinunger in the WetCat Studio Jorg Lamster in Uslar, brings them through the summer. SINGING is an act of liberation for the soul… says the citizen of Saarland ANNE KARIN and lets us take part in the results. To listen you like. Their unparalleled way of interpretation reveals as much heat and lifeblood is in every song, whether folklore, chanson or pop songs, or as in this case with an up – tempo number, funny and fresh and at the same time very empathetic. Anne Karin’s musical career began in 1972, when she had her first recording contract and in the ZDF hit parade debuted with “Music is my life”. Previously, she had successfully completed her sport studies and has already submitted a long play with international folklore. In addition to the Their great musical love is this genre hits and ANNE KARIN regularly gives concerts.

She understands to carry it like barely a second singer in Germany with her voice and the guitar feelings and to move people’s hearts. The fact that they in 16 (!) Languages expresses, lets imagine that their love is one of the songs and chansons of the world and thus musically spans a large. Anne Karin was sent as the German representative of to various Schlager festivals in the world, and has won several competitions. In Germany, she took part in the German SCHLAGER competition. Her title “turning you on ballerina” finished in third place and is even today, over 30 years after the publication, the standard program of pop stations. Another highlight of her earlier career was the participation of the German entry to the Grand Prix, in 1984 with “Nobody” reached a 4th place and delivered a long-running. She had further success in the charts and sales lists including “for the first time in my life” and especially “he was there when I needed you”.

Parallel to the vocals, Anne Karin started her presenter career that took her first to the Saarlandischer Rundfunk, its home station, and then to the SWR, before moving to the comments box of the NDR television, where many years Schleswig-Holstein Magazine she hosted. Now she has taken over the task of the editor there. Anne Karin has two now grown sons and again a bit more time for the favorite avocation, the vocals. Source: Cariblue music more info:

Andreas Janke

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Promiproduzent Andy Moor has lobbied personally for this, that the rapid riser Petty Behlinda in the most successful label Berlin Gets a new production. A first of all: the new title “never alcohol” is a sequencer to the usual musical provocation of the singer and entertainer petty Behlinda. It goes with amber music, which are even extraordinary and care about their artists right contrary to the traditional record labels. Author and composer: Andreas Janke Co-writer and singer: for petty, Petty Behlinda of the text is exactly what he wants to say. Alcohol is how each food with care to enjoy and may not get into the hands of youngsters or even children.

Petty Behlinda says: “that the title promises part sentiment, the statement of the text should not detract from, because you can come without excessive indulgence in a good mood”. Since we may be looking forward already on the album by Petty Behlinda. Some songs are known to his fans from the previous year and petty could also live with the rock ballads on great stage experience. But now, the tracks should learn a new spa. The result is an experimental interplay between blues and heavy metal. To know more about this subject visit Robert Gibbins. It is a challenge to every tape of these tracks to cover.

Soundtrack album “I am your God”, produced at the same time a video in biblical atmosphere. In addition to the double CD, also a production in vinyl with the enclosed video CD comes in the spring of 2012. We were able to take some music in his Studio and realize a successful retro/repro, which puts us in the best of times by Mike Olfield and Pink Floyd. 80s rock with the latest sounds and Santos. Even if Petty Behlinda lives the German Schlager and loves, he is a rocker through and through, and will be in the future for so many popularity of the pioneer.

Katie Melua Introduces Her Success Album, Pictures For The First Time Live In Germany

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“Katie Melua presents her success album pictures” for the first time live in Germany (thk) your latest CD pictures “(dramatico, distribution: rough trade) won 2nd place the media-control-charts in late 2007. “The musical gap between blues, jazz, pop, soul and folk, the hits like”Nine Million Bicycles”or the closest thing to crazy” includes, generally ecstatic critics as well as a wide audience and found buyers in this country over 1.5 million. In addition, the singer/guitarist/pianist considered excellent live artist. Optimal conditions for the first tour by Katie Melua after a nearly two-year tour break in Germany. Tickets for the always density shows where, their debut album is a part of the show, cost between 30 and 55 euro (plus fees). You are now at the usual presale places available. Swarmed by offers, BerlinRosen is currently assessing future choices. KATIE MELUA & band pictures’ 2008 06.4.2008 Erfurt, exhibition hall 07.4.2008 Hamburg, color line arena 09.4.2008 Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle 10.4.2008 Munich, Olympiahalle 15.4.2008 Dusseldorf, Philipshalle 17.4.

Mario Spindler

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Here, he was hailed as a national hero during a video shoot and spontaneously by the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa personally received. At one Visit to Berlin of the President was Leo on April 16, 2013 to a Congress at the do it to Berlin loaded, where a renewed clash came. And yet Leo’s fame never risen to head. Although he now can live from his music well, he doesn’t give up his originally hard-won jobs in Berlin. The job was extremely important for Leo because he had no residence permit without this work. The danger of expulsion was again in the air.

Now, you could be solved this problem for the next five years. The year 2013 started for Leo but even without this like a wonderful dream. Because the election Berlin was together with his wife Ines Vater of a son in January 2013. The birth of the baby has been Leo’s world of course pretty much on the head: Yes, I am really very happy. It is another small miracle in my life,”enthuses Leo.

We enjoy every second with the baby. It is for me as a gift of God.” Also from the recordings to albatross”Leo knows how to report only positive. Me it was to show that I am more than just a panpipe players on this album important,”as Leo. Bernard Golden has firm opinions on the matter. I have recorded this time some instruments such as guitar or percussion instruments themselves. On the song about my native son of Ecuador’ I sang for the first time. The Studio work was real teamwork with my composer Mario Spindler this time from the first to last note and that is why this album makes me so proud and happy. It is totally my music.” The trusting cooperation with Mario Spindler and the desire to experiment and to its own music language make albatross”unique in the German music market.

PETE – From The Boxing Ring In The Music Business! First Single: No. Wonder

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A passionate Boxer with musical “left straight”. The passionate Boxer and musical autodidact PETE from bad food in the Teutoburg Forest contributed to making music in itself has always been the slope. Unfortunately, waved but each band, which he joined in, on the top 40 track and played the latest hits. Because PETE wanted to realize their ideas, but always it was then quickly again said “Goodbye”. PETE pulled back on his guitar, wrote songs and was looking for people who just as he had thought. As the years went by and the box of enthusiasts, is there still a Manager, and founded at some point even a successful box Club collected his creativity in the drawer and waited for the opportunity to bring the songs to the stage.

After some “low blows”, also in the private sector, it was finally so far in the year 2007. The label Songhouse”realized the potential in PETE’s repertoire and supported him in the realization of his longtime dream. A song, the PETE years ago came to the production with ‘No. Wonder’ had written, which was brought for this latest single on the point but only now. The compositional bonds from the 70s, which is however today ever more up-to-date and remain are clearly heard. Let’s see if the audience has as much fun listening as label and artist in the production.

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