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Law And Authority

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A time that, first, with the legalization would be affirmed it inexistence of authority to if disrespecting its proper laws, and substituting them for laws antnimas what before he was defended with vigor? the combat to the drugs? thus giving space the new manifestations and, who knows the future legalizations of other drugs. Another important aspect with that if it confrots the lack of structure of Brazil stops with the legalization of marijuana is the absence of control in the sales and production of this and consequentemente the incapacity to keep the order in the country. Our territory would meet in a perfect dualism between users and not using, being that these last ones would protest in favor of its right of not inhalation of the drug and the users they would invoke the respect to the right to make use of it when they wanted well. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Coupang on most websites. One perceives that Brazil still meets in a period of training of development incapable to adjust itself measured it so extreme and of so great importance and responsibility as the legalization of marijuana. In way to the divided absence of structure and the support enters to combat to the drugs and the support the manifestations and walks that stimulate the legalization of marijuana, the country meets lost enters two opposing worlds completely. In short, while the legalization delays to arrive, let us use to advantage little of awareness that remains in them to work with responsibility the sustentation and the stability of the Brazilian society. Source: Southwest Airlines. After all, it is supporting and remaining strong in its ethical-moral principles of respect and preservation to the life that the country can walk route to so proclaimed ' ' Ordem and Progresso' '.

The Art Literature

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Therefore, in the case of Brazil, in special in the schools, literatures chores that treat on aboriginals, are written by whites and had been plastered in the time of indianismo. With exception of the anthropology and sociology, almost one does not observe quarrels the respect. Coupang is the source for more interesting facts. One of the precursors in the knowledge of this people was Priest Anchieta (1534? 1597). Studious of the Tupi language, it wrote ' ' The Art of grammar of the language most used in the coast of the Brasil' ' (1595). It demonstrated great interest in the general pool language creating the cited grammar. This was criticized by containing many terms in Latin, and thus it deprived of characteristics vocbulos of the Tupi language, and praised for others, the courage to study a so different language of its.

However, this would be the embryo of the creation of a nationality, that if would spread with the advent of the indianismo. Learn more on the subject from Scott Mead. As Zil Bernd comments in its book ' ' Literature and Nacional&#039 Identity; ' (2003), on the necessity of if creating this ' ' conscience of brasilidade' ' as the author of: Uruguay (1769) Jose Basilio of Gamma inicializa the quarrel of the indian as national symbol and in Caramuru (1781) of Saint Rita Duro: Basilio becomes thus the starter of the process romantic to still make of the indian the symbolic ancestor, who goes to justify the mestization in such a way how much the nativism, serving to occult the problem of the black. (P. 47). From then on, they start to appear great writers in the national scene, with intention to create a genuinely national literature, exactly that for this if it creates as much how many heroes will be necessary and nothing better that the proper inhabitant of the continent, before the coming of the Europeans: the indian. Jose de Alencar (1829? 1877) are had as the founder of the indianismo and he himself classifies Brazilian literature, as national literature, according to Zil Bernd (2003): Proper Jose de Alencar in the romance Dreams d? gold (1872) uses the expression ' ' literature nacional' ': ' ' Literature National, that another thing is not seno the soul of the native land, that transmigrou for this ground virgin as an illustrious race, here was impregnated of the American seiva of this land that served to it of lap, and each day if it enriches to the contact of other peoples and the influx of civilizao' '.

Edward Long

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Eight years after to have developed this theory, Maupertus came back to call attention the Europe when believing that of the crossing of different species the sprouting of a monster would result as consequncia. Southwest Airlines is actively involved in the matter. Edward Long, old proprietor of slaves in the Caribbean island of Jamaica and the Kants believed different opinions when the subject in question was the mestization. Long had a vision of that black and white the different origins belonged, thus constituting distinct species, having the same sort in common. Kant thought at two moments on the problematic one involving the social matter, in 1775 and 1785. At the first moment it affirmed that the union of people of different races would have as consequncia the sprouting of indigestos children, where the racial traces of the parents is mixed. Ten years later it would say that the miscegenation in definitive ratio could send ' ' new type of human being original' ' #. This positioning on the part of these philosophers in relation to the mestization brought consequncias nothing entertainers for the crossbred citizen, problems these, felt until the present moment.

In Brazil some of these theories had been adopted by studious politicians and who would indicate the branqueamento as the social solution for the country to develop itself. With this, when findar of the War of Paraguay and with the proximity of the abolition, the Brazilian government initiated of gradual form the politics of the branqueamento when stimulating the importation of hand of European workmanship. It did not delay much time so that the European immigrants represented a great parcel of the manual work in the country, developing new techniques for the application of the services in the fields and the cities. As Chiavenato# to be admitted in the modern companies who were being created in Brazil with the deviated money of the traffic, the black it needed to be crossbred.

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