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The Brazilian reality is very cruel, and to face it such which it really is, is not easy task, the social problems, seems to be multiplied to each day, being the corruption, the unemployment, the violence, the education me the quality, racism and the habitacionais problems, among others, are conflituosos points that guide and at the same time they leave perplexa great part of the Brazilian population, mainly the great population mass that finishes being the most reached, for such factors. Moreover, the number of assaults, homicides, sequestrations, seems to be multiplied to each day, is evident the lack of social politics, that they invest in the population most devoid, therefore if opposite to be in the streets, if great part of the devoid children was studying and in the vacant hours if they occupied with some course of profissionalizao and recreativas activities, such as sport and leisure, with certainty the number of outlaws would be well lesser, lack investment in the citizen in itself. CONCLUSION Ahead of the displayed one, we can perceive that the codes of ethics, inherent at the social service, ahead of all the way covered for the profession until the current days, taking in consideration each historical moment, it is arrived ahead conclusion of although much that already was fact, of the fact, of the history of the construction of the ethical process to date of middle of the decade of 40, until the current days. However, in the confrontation of the consevardorismo and the refusal of its critical, generating the attention in search of a profession that really searchs the agreement of the problematizao of questions politics, economic and social. Findshadow cyrus can aid you in your search for knowledge. Aiming at always a society more joust and igualitria, that will only be reached if all to work together in collective.

Moreover, never we can forget that the man is a social being, therefore, what dumb is not what is produced at one definitive historical moment, but yes, the relations permeiam that it, in our way, the system capitalist if keeps as dominador and intensifier of the relations of being able, optimum way to be followed is of the subjetividades, for the autonomy of the collective citizens. YOU MARK, Ademar.

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