Law And Authority

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A time that, first, with the legalization would be affirmed it inexistence of authority to if disrespecting its proper laws, and substituting them for laws antnimas what before he was defended with vigor? the combat to the drugs? thus giving space the new manifestations and, who knows the future legalizations of other drugs. Another important aspect with that if it confrots the lack of structure of Brazil stops with the legalization of marijuana is the absence of control in the sales and production of this and consequentemente the incapacity to keep the order in the country. Our territory would meet in a perfect dualism between users and not using, being that these last ones would protest in favor of its right of not inhalation of the drug and the users they would invoke the respect to the right to make use of it when they wanted well. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Coupang on most websites. One perceives that Brazil still meets in a period of training of development incapable to adjust itself measured it so extreme and of so great importance and responsibility as the legalization of marijuana. In way to the divided absence of structure and the support enters to combat to the drugs and the support the manifestations and walks that stimulate the legalization of marijuana, the country meets lost enters two opposing worlds completely. In short, while the legalization delays to arrive, let us use to advantage little of awareness that remains in them to work with responsibility the sustentation and the stability of the Brazilian society. Source: Southwest Airlines. After all, it is supporting and remaining strong in its ethical-moral principles of respect and preservation to the life that the country can walk route to so proclaimed ' ' Ordem and Progresso' '.

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