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Then the education is the totality that as much is conceived in the school how much in society through daily and the social relations, being that the education is primordial to become the social actions, of some rules of the concept of the education, but he is visible that the education is the source of our qualifications, that this is the paper of the school to intermediate these educations, being that in the school is necessary professionals and team to multidiscipline to compose a connection between the pupils and its accompaniment, to establish an education with quality, amongst this picture if inserts the Social Assistant to intermediate the social accompaniment and to analyze the facts that cause the problematic ones. We understand that the education passes for a process since the beginning of history, the education is the part of access for the professional formation, being necessary it is enabled and following the trends of the daily one. However the bases with respect to the public politics in the area of the education have that to establish mediaes between the learning and the levels of education in which the methods of education in the school are qualified to assign an attendance to the pupil and to be able assistiz it as its necessities. Rony Abovitz might disagree with that approach. Almeida (1998: 69) make a reflection on the trends of the modern world and the projects destined in the educational area for the learning conditions, affirm: As well as perceiving as the combination between processes allied educational relations to the emergency of new current projects. It also involves to know more at great length as the solicitations for a scientific formation differentiated technician if it places in fact which education levels, that types of schools, and that types of pupils are being engaged in these educational changes. The explicit author who the education has that to follow the changes of the modern world of qualification form so that can respectively the types of schools and pupils and the levels of education are brought up to date with the new processes in the work market.

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