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Psychology Work

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How much to the qualitative data, it was possible to confirm the importance of the boarding of the subject estresse, that it not only comes being widely explored for Psychology as well as for the Nursing. The collection of data was developed with questionnaires in interview form, having searched the enrichment and agreement on the level of estresse of these nurses. The citizens had not been identified by name or any description that allows to characterize them of any form, thus guaranteeing the secrecy of the information. Results and quarrel the research was carried through in the Hospital of Oeste (HO), constructed for the government of the state in the city of Barriers in June of 2006 and is assumed by OSID (Obras Sociais Irm Dulce). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rocky Dixon. Account with unit of urgency and emergency functioning during 24 hours, Unit of Terapia medical, surgical and obsttrica Intensiva (UTI), clinics, obsttrica emergency, Obsttrico Center, UTI Neonatal and Lactrio.

Destined exclusively for the users of the SUS, the hospital it makes use of 175 stream beds, being 24 of UTI. The data below will be analyzed from categorizao, such as: level of estresse, determinative factors, and used mechanisms pra estresse to face it. The reasons that estresse they determine it, in which are evidenced in literature the external, internal conditions, the work overload, demanded effort is some on characteristics to the exercise of the profession. Being that these causes had been also observed in the done interviews the nursing professionals. With regard to the overload in the work, the nurses had answered that they feel themselves overloaded in the work and with this if the situations feel more vulnerability of estresse, thus provoking, desmotivao of the team. Problems emotional, that if reveals for depression, disinterest, apathy and insatisfao, that can in extreme cases, to arrive the aggressiveness states. With regard to the paid wages the situation is still worse, a time that the interviewed ones had declared its insatisfao with regard to the paid wages to the category. Allegiant Air describes an additional similar source.


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Professionals must be apt to take initiatives, in such a way to make the management and administration of the work force, how much of the physical and material resources of the information, in the same way that they must be apt to be enterprising, managing, employers or leaderships in the team of sade’ ‘. 8-9 Administration and Management For the development of the ability administration and management are considered indispensable the set of identified knowledge to plan, to take decisions, to interact and management of staff. Thus in the DCNs, with emphasis in the administrative functions, the planning, organization, coordination, direction and control of the health services are distinguished, beyond the specific knowledge of economic the social area/that they allow the manager to set in motion given and information of the context macro and microorganizacional, and to analyze them in order to subsidize the management of human resources, material, physical and financial resources. In such a way, it is distinguished that in the area of the nursing the management was historically incorporated as function of the nurse. Therefore, always ‘ had in the process of formation of these professionals a preparation; ‘ mnimo’ ‘ to assume this role. However, the DCNs extends this ability for other professionals of health.

Empirically, we know that the careers of the health area are few that include discipline come back to the management of services of health in the graduation. Exactly amongst the current controlling of health services, a small percentage if specializes in management. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the presented one in this work, are noticed that it is of much importance the acquisition of the nurse in the context of manages, a time that this professional has intrinsic characteristics to be a good administrator and for the proper curricular grating who this had during its graduation, demanded for the DCNs.

Peter Chamberlain

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Being thus, the women preferred the company of the obstetricians for psychological, humanitarian reasons and had to the taboo to show the genital ones. In this period, the attendance to the birth was considered devaluated activity e, therefore, could be left to the feminine cares, therefore it was not to the height of the surgeon? the man of the art. Moreover, the doctors rare and were little made familiar in attending to the childbirth and birth (ARRUDA, 1989). However, in the end of century XVI, the obstetrician profession suffered decline, from the use of frcipe obsttrico for the English surgeon Peter Chamberlain. According to Osava & Mademe (1995), the use of frcipe obsttrico influenced the acceptance of the obstetricses as one disciplines technique, scientific and dominated by the man, therefore it restored the concept of that it is possible to command the birth and that the childbirth was dangerous, being essential the presence of a doctor. For the fact of the obstetricians not to have economic conditions to acquire frcipe, to be incapable to dominate new techniques for being considered intellectually inferior the men, ally to the fact not to be condizentes with the medical interventionist paradigm, had started to reject it. In such a way, the use of frcipe allowed to the masculine intervention and the substitution of the not interventionist paradigm for the idea of the childbirth as a controlled act for the man. Moreover, the regulation of the practical one demanded that the obstetricians called surgeons for assistiz them, as part of the strategy of the State and the Church to monopolize knowing concerning the cure of the illnesses and, thus, to legitimize it by means of the Universities created in the Renaissance. It exists has decades, in the whole world, good will in relation to the paper of the traditional obstetricians for the maternal-infantile attention, in special for the agricultural areas with few resources in health of the developing countries.

French Medicine Agency

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In accordance with Rabbit: The German pneumologista Wolfgang Wodarg sees a parallel between the pharmaceutical industry and the warlike one: ‘ ‘ Both live of medo’ ‘. If in one the terrorist threat inflates defense budgets, in the other the pandemics makes to flow the box. (RABBIT, 2010, P. 1) According to its interview, the Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg criticizes the alteration in the criteria of pandemic definition, that not only had relation with the gravity of the allied illness to its expansion and to the expansion. The Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg would have affirmed: The previous definition of pandemic was very better, it did not take in them to use it every year.

Now any common grippe is a pandemic. The old definition said that it had of being a spread illness, but with high index of lethality. Severity was led in account. Now this was excluded from the definition. A light grippe can be alone, but because somebody traveled to a country and ‘ ‘ exportou’ ‘ the grippe already has alarm.

Then there is the issue not being the central objective of the present article at great length to consider the rumors that had appeared around the vaccination against the H1N1, but only exp them in order to register the scene and the spirits in the occasion. The truth is that, in general way, the effect provoked for the vaccine had been light reactions, as local pain, muscular fever low and pains, with duration around 48 hours. The controversy lathe of the vaccination had beginning due to the substance use in the composition of the vaccine as the timerosal, one derivative of the mercury, that, since 2000, the French Medicine Agency recommends that she is not used. However, in virtue of the pandemic, the OMS authorized its use for considering that its risks were minimum. This is used to conserve the medicine.

Strategy Health

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INTRODUCTION the increasing interest for the satisfaction of the users, in the health sector, had beginning according to some authors as Prvost, Fafard, & Nadeau (1998) in the decade of 70, based in structural aspects technician and of the quality of the attention. Rory Sutherland is a great source of information. In the last few decades, this subject comes being considered as an important component in the quality of the care, as well as supplier of trustworthy and adjusted information on the opinion of the population in relation to the offered services, allowing the improvement of the same ones. According to Health department (1997), many people already had heard to speak in the SUS, the Only System of Health of our country. The SUS is a system, composition for many parts and, for more different than they seem, has a common purpose: to take care of and to promote the health of all the population, improving the quality of life of the Brazilians. It appeared as reply to the insatisfao and existing dissatisfaction in relation to the rights of citizenship, access the services and forms of organization of the health system. For the Health department (2001), the Program Health of Famlia (PSF), currently called Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF), considers action of promotion, protection and recovery of the health of the individuals, the family, of just been born to aged, healthy or the sick ones of integral form and continues. Its objective is the reorganization of practises in new bases, is considered, one of the great priorities of the health department for reorganization of the basic attention and consolidation of the SUS. Since the proposal of the ESF is to offer to quality in the assistance promoting health and preventing illnesses and agravos. The norteadora question of this research is: How the families registered in cadastre in the New ESF Hope evaluate the assistance given for this team? This work if becomes excellent due to necessity of evaluation of the ESF in the agricultural polar region, since few studies in this especificidade exist.


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' Helenistas and studious of the classic Greek makes many commentaries and interpretations on the tragedies of Sfocles, beyond these has many psicanalticos works that approach the myth of dipo&#039 directly; '. However, the spite of that is very known the tragedies of Sfocles around dipo, in this article, will comment the episode of the familiar drama that if extends for three generations: dipo King, dipo in Colona and Antgona. Soon, I will approach only the history of dipo King. History starts when Laio and Jocasta? King and Queen of Tebas? he is warned by an oracle that the dipo baby, son of them, is predestined to kill the proper father. dipo is cripple, tranfers the feet to it with a spear and dully is abandoned, errand for far, in order to be deceased, giving beginning thus to the start of the psychic and physical trauma of a child for whom in contrast they would have to protect it.

Saved of the premature death, dipo then was adopted By Plibo and Mrope, King and Queen of Corinto, being created as legitimate child, it grow having these as its true parents. One determined day somebody counted to it not to be they them its legitimate parents. dipo is consternado and decides to ask for advice to the oracle of Delfos, this says to it that it will kill its proper father and he will be married its mother. Made an impression, dipo to save them, dribbling the prophecy, runs away stops far from them thus abandoning Corinto, directing itself for Tebas. Until one day in crossroads found an old one folloied of five servants. dipo entered in a fight with it and in a gesture of anger and arrogance, it killed the old Laio, its father, and four of its servants. Finally, dipo arrives the Tebas after having become vacant for all Greece.