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' Helenistas and studious of the classic Greek makes many commentaries and interpretations on the tragedies of Sfocles, beyond these has many psicanalticos works that approach the myth of dipo&#039 directly; '. However, the spite of that is very known the tragedies of Sfocles around dipo, in this article, will comment the episode of the familiar drama that if extends for three generations: dipo King, dipo in Colona and Antgona. Soon, I will approach only the history of dipo King. History starts when Laio and Jocasta? King and Queen of Tebas? he is warned by an oracle that the dipo baby, son of them, is predestined to kill the proper father. dipo is cripple, tranfers the feet to it with a spear and dully is abandoned, errand for far, in order to be deceased, giving beginning thus to the start of the psychic and physical trauma of a child for whom in contrast they would have to protect it.

Saved of the premature death, dipo then was adopted By Plibo and Mrope, King and Queen of Corinto, being created as legitimate child, it grow having these as its true parents. One determined day somebody counted to it not to be they them its legitimate parents. dipo is consternado and decides to ask for advice to the oracle of Delfos, this says to it that it will kill its proper father and he will be married its mother. Made an impression, dipo to save them, dribbling the prophecy, runs away stops far from them thus abandoning Corinto, directing itself for Tebas. Until one day in crossroads found an old one folloied of five servants. dipo entered in a fight with it and in a gesture of anger and arrogance, it killed the old Laio, its father, and four of its servants. Finally, dipo arrives the Tebas after having become vacant for all Greece.

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