Sustainable Development

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Intent to the effect in special in the developing countries, Lamy ' ' it arrived to cite the presidents of Brazil and the United States, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva and Barack Obama, that have detached the necessity to resist the domestic pressures for protectionistic measures and to keep the open economy to the competition externa.' ' (GLOBE ON LINE, 2009) Another reason for antagonisms is that it continues growing the awareness of the society, green express through ONGs ambientalistas, political parties, conscientious citizens, politicians and entrepreneurs, ambiently responsible companies social and. Positionings based on the preservacionista awareness defend the common interest to keep, whole number the Environment and the beings livings creature in the planet, healthful and sustainable. In the way of this business, defending specifically interests it Environment, the implications can be interpreted in function of the impacts on ecosystems. The globalization can be, promptly, as positive for defenders of the Environment who act in the awareness and mobilization of the society, for its capacity to transpose borders. Radio, Televiso and Internet, for example, are half of great reach basic for the Social Communication compromissada with the promotion of the responsibility (individual, collective, governmental or enterprise), powerful to acquire knowledge and to mobilize the society, to spread out orientaes that were not learned in the school nor in house, to divulge preservation campaigns, to spread the reaproximao of the people to the Environment.

the last one reason is dobradinha precision and urgency in making the transistion for the Sustainable Development. The defense of the Sustainable Development, based in the question of deep of the implications of the foreign commerce on the Environment, justifies antagonistic positionings to the model of effective development. The effect are negative or positive according to perspective of reach of the Sustainable Development, that is, in the measure where the foreign commerce practises its aiding as global norm. .

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