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Each one of these elements presents a vast economic potential. One of them pillars of the local culture is the musicalidade afro-Bahian, polar region of most attractive of the artistic production in Salvador and one of the main axles of the cultural debate of the city. Through its music, the Bahia all reaches a peak of evidence in the country, at the same time where if it affirms as a musical reference in the American continent. (WARLIKE 2000). The tourism establishes one strong imbricao between culture and market in old ' ' city of the Bahia' ' , owner of a marcante cultural personality. Perhaps therefore the cultural tourism is an exponential source in Salvador. The carnival constitutes the most important cultural manifestation of Salvador, for the mass of human resources and financial that cultural partner of the city all mobilizes in a symbiosis with the organism and for the image that produces for the Bahia, projecting it of form significant in the national and international cultural market. This event that if it unfolds in an ample real and symbolic territory allows a multiplicity of readings.

One of them passes for the agreement of that it became into the main vehicle of massificao of the bahian culture afro of who receives inspiration and, also, religious influence. The numbers presented for the Municipal Company of Tourism (Emtursa) demonstrate the impact produced for this popular party in the economy of the city. Also they demonstrate the degree of the concentration of the income registered in the event (Table 1). Thus, in business-oriented terms of the generation had been put into motion in 2003 4, in the five days of the party, values esteem in R$ 821,4 5 million, correspondents 7% of the Gross domestic product of the city of Salvador for the year in reference. The results produced for the carnival are concentrated in a restricted group of private organizations (carnavalescas companies 35.42%; companies of transport 24.40%; fonogrfica industry and media 16.59%; drinks 7.67%) that they absorb 84.08% of all the generated income.

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