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Car Mats Mazda

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Mats in the lounge car One of the most valuable accessory that allows you to optimally exploit the machine are rubber floor mats, commonly called. After buying the car immediately bought mats in the car that would protect his friend from iron excess dirt and corrosion. Why are sweeping debris from the vehicle after each trip, if you can buy rugs in the parlor car. Mats in the lounge will be a practical and optimal gift to any motorist. The most common – car rubber mats.

Currently, almost all the automobile and the auto market you can buy mats in the car. As a rule, car Salons immediately offer to buy advanced car mats in the lounge car purchased. Automobile rubber mats and their varieties Excellent protection from sand and dirt inside the car rubber mats grid or cellular mats, often simultaneously included buying nap mats, rubber-based. You can also choose a cheaper, but no less quality, polymer, or plastic mats in the trunk – this will allow small savings. Additional information is available at Faris Ayoub. Winter usually use rubber mats with a high rim. Automakers often produce rubber mats with carpet inserts with logo – it gives out status. Nowadays it is common practice in the automotive, entire industry.

Rubber mats for domestic cars deserve more attention, as always there are various models. Design changes, the form can vary and is very noticeable. On such a case be made universal mats, they are ideally suited to almost any car models. Mats in the truck cabin as quite common, made mats for trucks of all makes and models. Design studios and engineers are constantly developing innovative models of carpets in the car and the most suitable materials. for numerous brands of cars Car Mats Mazda comes as standard for regions with more severe and humid climate, say, Russia, Ukraine, China. Car Mats man used in these machines almost from the time of registration the first samples. Car mat is a car of any class and this is no surprise. Range presented in the recent types and models of strikes. chevrolet mats and scania, as other manufacturers often have a logo, because it underlines the high status and customer care. Some mats toyota, have standard sizes and fit to various models of this car brand. It is very convenient for those motorists who have someone older model cars that are not currently available. Consequently, the seemingly ordinary pad plays an important aesthetic and protective role. Car mats serve a great gift and every day will delight the motorist beautiful salon.

Category Layout Main

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In domestic and foreign practice has developed several criteria for the classification of bulldozers, the main ones being the engine power, towing capacity, towing tractor base class (used only in Russia and CIS countries), weight. Specialists have divided all the machines into three broad categories: mild, moderate and severe. The main criterion for the classification adopted by the power of the engine bulldozer. Given that the power and weight bulldozer bound by certain analytical dependences, such selection criteria can easily be taken as a basis for classification. Proceeding from this to the easy category usually refers bulldozers up to 100 …

130 horsepower, working weighing up to 10 … 11 m (corresponding to drawbar category 1 … 4). Light bulldozers may be used also for work in the unit with another road-building equipment on soils I. .. II categories for moving soil, digging ditches, clearing trails, construction of embankments, trench backfilling, grading, cutting ditches and terraces on the slopes, cleaning and preparation work in construction and agriculture.

Easy Category Layout light bulldozers carried out on the traditional pattern – a front power unit and rear cabins, tracked bypass – an oval shape. In world practice, worked out two main directions in construction light bulldozers – making modifications based on industry-plowing farm tractors and tractors on the basis of industrial use. Plowing, tractors first direction of design, as the easiest to quickly master the production of simple bulldozers without large capital investments. Of the drawbacks of these machines, we note less traction capabilities, understated aggregation characteristics.

Protecting Your Car

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You can safely say that the first car theft in Russia was carried out in 1896 at the Novgorod fair. Then there was the most stolen car of Nicholas ii. This event marked the beginning of this type of business in Russia. Today, it is very profitable business. Sold each year worldwide stolen vehicles by 20 billion dollarov.Sredi hijackers are real professionals, who even mastered the forgery and sale of the car. And this is not young people or drug addicts. Most are young, educated people from 25-35 years. The current level of security and anti-theft is quite high, and the hijackers, willy-nilly to support their "qualifications" on the level.

If you make a list of most stolen cars in Russia, in the first ten will be vw Passat, vaz 2115, VAZ2112. also popular for stealing cars vw Golf and Toyota RAV4, Toyota Avensis and the Camry. These are the machines that are most in demand in the secondary market vehicles. What need to do to protect themselves from theft? Of course, the first thing to put anti-theft system, which consists of: 1.Samogo protective device system that locks the machine, it prevents the movement of his swing. 2. Alarm. This sound or other device that tells the owner of the car trying to hijack and attracts the attention of passers-by. Prices of anti-theft devices are different, depending on many indicators.

Main indicators are as follows: The popularity of the system depends on advertising. Servicing the system. Quality from the manufacturer.

Call A Tow Truck In Moscow And Moscow Region

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Do you have trouble occurred with the car? Need to get a car in service? Rid yourself of more trouble and additional financial cost. Use the services of evacuation, as do hundreds of thousands people around the world. Rope – it's cheap. But as your car will behave "in a tie on a slippery road, plus the 'tube', plus the rudeness of the drivers? And as you, for example, the prospect of hauling on a rope in Moscow, from south to north of the capital, even in warm weather? Evacuation – it's inexpensive. In Russia, the cost of evacuation vehicle in the village ranges from 1600-2000 rubles, and that in cities with a population of one million or more, the provincial rates for Evacuation is much lower. For comparison, in Germany the cost of evacuation vehicle within Berlin will cost you 150-200 dollars. Approximately 30% of the total number of cars are cars with automatic transmission. And if manual transmission on a cable tow while not desirable, but it is possible for short distances, then the owner of the car with automatic transmission, such transportation may fly into a lot of money.

The only correct solution to the this case, when there are problems with the iron horse, is to call a tow truck or vehicle technical assistance. You just pick up the phone, dial the number of companies engaged in the evacuation, and the ip address of its location, quietly waiting for tow truck. The whole problem with the shipment will take the professionals. Responsibility for the safety of your car they are from the loading platform of the car on a tow truck and to of unloading at the destination. Trust proffesionalam. In return you will receive: time savings, peace, confidence, comfort, and most importantly the safety car.


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This has its advantages and disadvantages. The most common myth which is cultivated by those who never had a car with such coverage, or even have never seen him – it's a myth about the dirt. Why then, such people spread the myth that matte finish gets dirty much faster and much harder to clean. In fact, it is absolutely not true. Moreover, the mud is much less visible on the matte finish, due to the lack of contrast with the polished surfaces, it how to "merge" with the body. Likewise, it is believed that matt lacquer very spoiled, and the slightest scratch forever spoil part, because polish it later is impossible. This is partly true, does not really nail polish, seal the scratch is impossible, but the advantage of this varnish is that scratches on it just not visible. Those scratches, which can be seen, are usually the result of a very badly damaged, entailing repair parts with any surface. Matt lacquer longer retains its marketability, it is unusual in the aesthetic quality, and very practical. Caring for a similar paint almost do not need it, as mentioned above, does not require polishing. Scratches on it practically invisible, it is most convenient completion of any airbrushing. However, there are limitations – the effects of mother of pearl and chameleon are not visible through matte lacquer, so some paint and exclusive formulations do not involve the use of such coatings. In the year 2002 were developed by the so-called ceramic paints, lacquers or resistant to scratches. They were first used in the manufacture of mass-produced cars by Mercedes in 2004. These coatings are unique chemical compounds that have not only a singular strength, but also the effect scratches. Upon heating the surface of lacquer is melted, and tiny scratches disappear. High elasticity of the surface of the clear coat is an ideal means by which to withstand adverse environmental conditions. For example, with the impact of gravel on cover the car body, the main force of impact is compensated by strength properties of ceramic paint, which is not the case with conventional varnishes. These coatings form a very durable coating on the surface of the car, which permanently preserves the beauty and luster of a new car. Suffice it to say that the standard these lacquer harbor cars of "premium" class. Despite the immense, seemingly advantage of these compositions, there are drawbacks: This lacquer not subject to local repair. Ie fix a small piece of the surface covered with this paint, it is impossible. In order to repair the traces were not visible, it is necessary to cover the re-varnish the whole piece. In addition, the composition is very poorly polished, if the body of the car still needs polishing, conventional techniques do not like. And at the moment, not all companies engaged in polishing, are able to work with these compounds. And most recently, perhaps the fact that if the car is covered with this composition, then contact the studio airbrush, which applies in the ordinary, even a very high quality lacquer – is meaningless. In the studio, airbrushing RedCroc takes into account all the nuances of working with similar vehicles, and services are provided on the application of such coatings on conventional cars coming down the conveyor and having unprotected surface.

According Index

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ATC can have additional indexing through a dash as two digits – 01, 03, 04, etc., to determine the model or modifications as a transitional or any additional equipment. Table 2 Classification of engines on the working volume KlassRabochy volume l1do 0.752svyshe 0.75do 1.23svyshe 1.2do 2.04svyshe 2.0do 4.05 over 4.0do 7.06svyshe 7.0do 10.07svyshe 10.0do 15.08svyshe 15.0 Prior to the digital index put an abbreviation or code name of the manufacturer. The right to assign numeric index provided sue U.S " With the designation of trailers and semi-first position numeric index indicates: trailer – 8, semitrailer – 9, the second – the type of trailer or indicated in accordance with the type of car (3 – flatbed, 5 – dump, 6 – tank, 7 – van 9 – special). Basic models of automobile engines, their components and parts are denoted by the same normal ten-digit numerical index. The first digit of the index determines the class engine depending on the working volume (Table 2).

Subsequent figures indicate the index number of the basic model, engine, parts and components. Currently, each type of car also receives a number of technical According to the most harmonized All-Russian Classification of production (CCP), the 45th class which allows to expand the description of the modifications of the exchange. In some cis countries for this purpose continues to be used All-Union Classifier. Given the global automotive standards adopted in the un European Economic Commission, cargo vehicles are classified into categories (Table 3). Table 3 Classification freight vehicles by category maximum weight *, ATSN1Do 03.05 ** For transportation gruzovN2Svyshe 3.5 to 12.0 ** 12.0 ** N3Svyshe 01Do 0.75Buksiruemye pbx – pritsepy02Svyshe 0,75 to 3.5Buksiruemye pbx – trailers polupritsepy03Ot 3.5 to 10.0 10.0 *** *** 04Bolee * Special equipment installed in special ats is considered as an equivalent load. ** For tractors designed for towing semi-trailers as a permitted maximum weight considering the amount of the mass of the tractor in running condition and the mass corresponding to the maximum static vertical load exerted by the tractor from the trailer through the fifth wheel device, and also, if necessary, the maximum weight of the cargo truck. *** For semi-trailers coupled with a tractor or trailer with the central axis as the maximum permissible weight of considering the mass corresponding maximum static vertical load on the bearing surface of the axle (s), when the semitrailer or trailer with the central axis attached to the tractor and the maximum load.

Washing a Car

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I think 99% of car owners agree that cars are generally better not to wash. Now if only the air was not so dirty. It soot, ash, chemicals, fumes, exhaust gases. Lac tarnish what we did. And in a practical sense to go on a dirty car is just as unseemly, no, rather the unpleasant, like walking in dirty shoes. Well, if you want to appear in society, to "tanned" auto do is just rude. And manufacturers do not give a miss, for some reason recommend that as soon as possible to remove from the body of pollution, particularly aggressive (salt, traces of insects, oily deposits). A bit of theory.

The essence of the process of washing, both conventional and non-contact, is to separate particulate contaminants from the surface and transfer them to a solution of detergent. After pouring water on the surface of the body are so-called IL-contamination, so firmly mate with lacquer coating that even the water washing facilities under the pressure of more than one hundred atmospheres can not remove them – not enough power. If you wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth – will be cleaner. A soft piece of foam in the field of microcontact surface develops such pressure, which removes particles of dirt, breaking the adhesion. But still the dirt remains. Where mechanical effects can not cope, to cope with chemical surfactants (SAA). But not always surfactants perform its task, and they have to help. If a car to pour water, then car shampoo and rinse, then surely the dirt will remain.

The New Model Mazda 3

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The new model Mazda 3 with the letters mps – did not become more powerful, but not looking at it is even faster. The new under the hood, as in the past four-cylinder turbocharged engine with 2.3-liter disi, with direct injection. Car body second generation has become easier, and the transfer of a six-speed manual gearbox became "longer" due to this maximum speed increased to 10 miles an hour – now the maximum speed reaches 250 kilometers per hour. Hundred kilometers per hour with zero new Mazda 3 mps is gaining half a second faster – for 6,1 seconds. With all of this average fuel economy – is 9.2 liters per hundred kilometers, and it's half a liter less. The new model Mazda 3 has lost the old grille for cooling, horizontal placement of the intercooler, it was necessary to make a hole in the hood. This slot, dual exhaust pipes and a sufficiently large spoiler on fifth door rear door – here main external difference from the ordinary hatchback. As in the previous model, the new building the most stiff suspension, the transmission – reinforced by half and limited-slip differential, brakes – upgraded dvuhdiafragmenny booster. Interior design of the new Mazda 3 mps is different from the old, deep enough seating, "buckets" and the boost pressure sensor on the dashboard of the car.

Car Engines

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Buying a car, any content owner, no doubt, hoped that the iron horse will be his faithful and strong helper in the best case, to select the next. That is, in fact, familiar to us – at least a decade. But it happens that the heart of the steel horse, his engine fails in the current situation where over a shorter period of time. This is understandable, because most import manufacturers are doing the calculation on demand service, greatly differing from those in which the car can get on our highways. In addition, states differ greatly in the quality of the fuel, which can lead to failure.

In different positions the engine, of course, actually go bust, and probably eliminate the mystery of "malaise" motor. But there are also cases more sad: when you change your motor. As an immediate change is an opportunity to consider or engines used in Japan, or new engines but with much longer waiting period of delivery of ordered new engine. And, of course, for much more than a lot of money. Sometimes you can apply to the realtor, if you bought the car in the showroom – and demand replacement under warranty. Of course, if you do all the requirements of this interaction: filled exclusively by the appropriate level of quality petrol (to be shown on the expertise of the engine and fuel system), when put could pass the inspections at the technical autofocus and so on. If at least one of the number of claims was not met, a change of the motor in terms guarantees the conversation will not go into state. Clearly, the optimal solution – is the acquisition of the engine, they say, mother, I mean, for the same model that you already have there.

That is, for the Toyota you want to pick up the contract engines Toyota, for Honda – Honda and so on. This greatly extends the operation of the engine can make it more efficient. It is only necessary to take into account several valuable details. First of all, if you decide to stop the choice on contract engine, carefully approach the problem of selecting a supplier. Be sure to talk with those who have already acquired a similar product from this firm. Since in this enterprise also has businesses that are strive to earn not entirely legal. In the first place, picking up Nissan engines used, try to pay special attention to the cost. And if you check undervalued, well below the market average, be prepared for the fact that the engine can be disposable. Since in this case is no doubt that the machine with which it was removed, or "drowned", or visited in a very severe accident. In general, choosing a second-hand engines, always be careful and cautious. Save wisely.