Washing a Car

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I think 99% of car owners agree that cars are generally better not to wash. Now if only the air was not so dirty. It soot, ash, chemicals, fumes, exhaust gases. Lac tarnish what we did. And in a practical sense to go on a dirty car is just as unseemly, no, rather the unpleasant, like walking in dirty shoes. Well, if you want to appear in society, to "tanned" auto do is just rude. And manufacturers do not give a miss, for some reason recommend that as soon as possible to remove from the body of pollution, particularly aggressive (salt, traces of insects, oily deposits). A bit of theory.

The essence of the process of washing, both conventional and non-contact, is to separate particulate contaminants from the surface and transfer them to a solution of detergent. After pouring water on the surface of the body are so-called IL-contamination, so firmly mate with lacquer coating that even the water washing facilities under the pressure of more than one hundred atmospheres can not remove them – not enough power. If you wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth – will be cleaner. A soft piece of foam in the field of microcontact surface develops such pressure, which removes particles of dirt, breaking the adhesion. But still the dirt remains. Where mechanical effects can not cope, to cope with chemical surfactants (SAA). But not always surfactants perform its task, and they have to help. If a car to pour water, then car shampoo and rinse, then surely the dirt will remain.

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